ZELDA vs RED DEAD 2, but explained with food

ZELDA vs RED DEAD 2, but explained with food

Red Dead Redemption 2 VS Zelda: Breath of the Wild is fascinating to me. Because on the surface, both games are all about this HUGE open world, right? But in practice, they feel completely different to play. And I think that this can be explained with food. The combat in Red Dead and Zelda is like making a taco. The awesome thing about tacos is that you can put almost anything into them. You can put in meats, and cheeses, and veggies and peppers and salsas and sauces and have it taste delicious. So there’s infinite combinations and it’s all up to how you, the chef, wants to craft your meal. Zelda’s combat is just like a taco, because you have almost unlimited mechanics you can utilize, like swords, bows, boomerangs, bombs, magnesis, stasis, shields, stealth, surfing, physics, you can kill a Lynel with a minecart, (laughter) You can make a metal catapult, put a bomb on top Drop a boulder on the other side and detonate it remotely Red Dead 2 also has these unlimited possibilities. You have guns, fist fighting, stealth. Lassos dynamite fire throwing weapons You can kill people off a horse. You can kill people on a horse. You can kill people with a horse So both of these games have a taco inspired combat system and that every fight they say ok, We’ve given you infinite possible Combinations and now cook this however you want, but from here, there is a critical difference in these two games as combat Zelda does have unlimited ways that you could fight enemies, but it heavily limits the resources you have at any given time so it’s like you go over to Zelda’s house to make some tacos and King Hyrule says all Right link, you’re the chef here. Go ahead and cook tacos with anything in my fridge and you say oh hell yeah I know the perfect recipe for steak tacos, let’s do this and you open up his refrigerator and there’s like no food in here there’s only two peppers bunch of lettuce some chicken a Squash for some reason and suddenly your plan to make your best steak tacos is ruined because Zelda has almost none of your favorite ingredients But then this magical thing happens you try making something new right? You say? Okay? Well, I wouldn’t normally do this I’m not a big fan of these ingredients But since I’m being forced to let’s try throwing in some of this lettuce and some chicken I’ve never tried this salsa before let’s see if this works Peppers, some of the seasoning and before you know it you’ve made a new taco recipe that you never would have cooked Otherwise all because you had Limited food and you had to get creative So in the combat They give you limited ingredients and you have to get creative. The insane thing that they added into this game Is that weapons just break after a few hits and arrows are super rare. Shooting monsters is the most powerful fighting tactic but you can’t just shoot arrows all the time because you hardly have any. You can’t just use your strongest weapons every fight, because they break. So Zelda gives you hardly any of the good stuff and you’re forced to Instead utilize those weaker combat tools that you wouldn’t otherwise You have to try using boxes or rolling boulders down a hill or knocking monsters off a cliff or setting grass on fire to get an aerial attack or floating a bomb barrel up in the air and then Blowing it up before they see you. This scarcity is exactly what makes Zelda’s combat So engaging you’re given infinite possibilities but heavily limited resources just like when you cook dinner with only what’s left in your fridge Zelda gives you a Handful of weird new ingredients every single fight and then forces you to cook a solution that you never would have experienced otherwise. But in red Dead’s combat They give you unlimited resources to work with. So it’s like you go over to red Dead’s house to make tacos and Dutch opens up his fridge and There is a mountain of food in here like anything you could want and you go: “Oh hell Yeah!” Now we can make my best steak tacos and having all this food is amazing right because now you can use the best taco ingredients every single meal You never even have to try using those crappy ones over there But it also means you never have a reason to try something new, right? Like why would you? You have all the best ingredients, there’s no reason to use anything else So in red Dead’s combat they give you unlimited ingredients to cook with, because the strongest tactic in the game by far is to shoot people and you have Unlimited bullets, you can buy all the guns and bullets you want in town or a camp You’re never really short on money after the first missions and enemies drop tons of bullets anyways And while guns are definitely very very fun at first, this abundance eventually makes things feel pretty repetitive You have no incentive to ever use those weaker mechanics Like lassos or stealth or Dynamite’s because it is strictly better to just shoot that guy with a gun Aim assist makes this worse because it literally sets up the shot for you and then they just keep making the guns and bullets more Powerful as the game goes on and so you just keep shooting people It’s like if you cooked tacos every day But the steak keeps tasting better and better every day while all the other ingredients tastes worse Well, then you’re just gonna keep making steak tacos every day And so 30 hours later after you’ve cooked your 200th steak taco, you eventually say to Red Dead Look, this was really delicious at first, but honestly I’m getting bored of making the same steak tacos with this same spoon over and over I want to cook a new recipe man. And Dutch goes: “Whoa! Your spoon is in poor condition. You’ve got to use some spoon oil to maintain that.” And you go: “Okay, that’s cool that I have to maintain my spoon, but that doesn’t really change anything. I feel like you’re focusing on the wrong thing here. I really just want to cook with different ingredients.” and Dutch says: “Well, you just unlocked a double-barrelled spoon!” You’re like: “Look, I really don’t need a more powerful spoon. I just want to cook something new.” “Alright Alright, but what if I add: Spoon Eye?” *pew* *pew* *PEW* *PEW* “No, please stop improving my spoon.” Again the shooting is really fun at first and getting double-barreled guns or Deadeye is cool but after a hundred shootouts You really just want to fight in new ways like actually have to use stealth or lassos or dynamite or fist fighting But there’s never a reason to. The game actually discourages you from experimenting because if you die you Permanently lose a bunch of money and respawn really far away. “Hey, what are you doing over here? Where are my steak tacos?” “I was just trying to make a new taco recipe. I thought it could be fun.” “Well that tastes shitty So I’m gonna steal money from your wallet.” “Yeah, that makes sense.” And it’s a bummer because they did build the ingredients for interesting combat into the game Like if they had made bullets really rare Then you would actually have to use different tools and make hard decisions every fight But instead the combat gets increasingly repetitive as you shoot out your 500 steak taco and no amount of spoon oil could lube up my frustration. Now story is where Red Dead totally makes up for the combat, because red Dead’s writing is legitimately so good that it makes you care more about your digital horse than you do about your real-life dog. Arthur and Dutch are probably My two favorite characters in any video game and the depth of the gang members is incredible I won’t spoil anything, but the story alone makes this game worth playing a hundred percent My only minor issue is that the open world and the storyline often feel like they’re two separate games that have very little crossover It’s sort of like you have the open world restaurant right here And this is where you cook up your own meal and do whatever you want But then right next door is the story line restaurant where Rockstar is serving you a story pre-made that you just sit back and enjoy. And then you kind of bounce back and forth between these during the game and it can Be kind of jarring when you’re roaming the open world and then you start a mission and Rockstar rips the tacos out of your mouth And feeds you their pre-cooked story line This really isn’t a huge deal since both restaurants taste amazing But it does feel like they could have brought more of that open-world feeling into their storyline missions rather than having them feel so distinct Whereas Zelda really doesn’t try to make a story. Like Zelda story is pretty forgettable And I say that because I literally forgot it. You’re rescuing Zelda and there’s something about discovering powers But the game just doesn’t really emphasize that and instead King Hyrule goes: “Yo Link! Check out this big freaking kitchen I made you. Look at all these crazy taco ingredients.” And you go: “Okay, but real quick Where did all these ingredients come from? Where is this kitchen? Why is that parrot in here?” And Hyrule goes: “Don’t worry about it, bro. Just have fun making tacos.” “Do you want me to like save your daughter?” “Look Zelda is trapped in a 100-year Hell’s Kitchen cook-off with Ganon Ramsay, but she’ll be fine. Now get out of here You little rascal go bake an apple or something.” So Hyrule sends you off into his kitchen with almost no direction and then just bails. And during your adventures You’ll meet the man Gorons and Azure Onions and the Guru Toes and the Doritos and the Yiga But there’s not a ton of character development, right? They basically say save Princess Zelda melon from Ganon Ramsay, but no rush and then from there you’re free to cook Whatever tacos you want. There’s nothing wrong with Zelda’s approach they just chose to focus primarily on other things, but at the end of the day Red Dead provides a substantially deeper storyline and characters Versus what you get in Zelda. The music in both Zelda and Red Dead 2 is gorgeous, but it’s very subtle You’re often just left with the sounds of nature. And then there’s this haunting melody that kicks in right when you discover something beautiful It’s kind of like the open world is this huge delicious cake and the music is just a dash of whipped cream on top It’s delicately placed. It’s just enough to be noticeable, but not enough to overpower the cakes flavor Whereas other games are like: (Super mario oddysey Jump up super star) Red Dead’s graphics is like watching a fast-food commercial on TV like you see an ad for a Whopper or something, and it looks amazing and you go: “Holy sh*t!” I gotta get one of those but then you go actually buy one in real life and it looks like a deflated testicle It’s not even close to how good it looked on TV. This is my problem with Red Dead’s graphics I legitimately played this game and went oh my god These are the most beautiful graphics. I have ever seen like I forgot how incredible nature can be Red Dead you’ve reminded me of how gorgeous our planet is, you know I’m gonna go outside and experience the world and then you go outside and you remember that earth is fucking ugly real life looks Last-gen compared to Red Dead – even when I go to a legitimately beautiful place after playing Red Dead 2 Even when i go to a legitimately beautiful place after playing red dead I’m like, yeah, this river is pretty cool But it could really use a lens flare. Zelda’s graphics don’t have this problem at all because they aren’t realistic. They’re stylized and sulfated So I look at it and I go oh my god, that is gorgeous But I’m not comparing it to real life in my head. So it stays separate from actual nature I realized that this is the dumbest review of graphics ever But I’m just desperately asking Rockstar to stop making such incredibly beautiful graphics because you’re ruining earth for me lastly I want to talk about the element of surprise. Have you ever been really hungry at night? And so you decide you’re gonna go look for a late-night snack in your kitchen But you just don’t really remember what food you have in your kitchen And so you just start rummaging around right? And you’re looking through the cupboards and go: “Okay. I got some granola. Meh, some crackers Meh, I’ve got a squash obviously got a whopper for some reason. Oh, wait, is that a Toblerone? I didn’t know I had a Toblerone in here. I love Toblerone That’s awesome! That feeling of discovering some delicious food in your pantry totally by surprise Magically makes that food taste amazing, right? It’s just like when someone brings Donuts into the office or a bakery is giving out free samples. Good food Tastes better when you didn’t expect to get it This is exactly the same experience of playing breath of the wild when you start the game They don’t tell you where anything is and you just got to go look for stuff yourself It’s like showing up the Hyrule’s house for dinner and the King says: “Yo, sorry. I’m really busy I got a bake the shit out of this Apple, but just go look around my kitchen and you’ll find something to eat.” And you say: “Uhh… Where? Dude this is a huge kitchen, I don’t know where anything is.” And Hyrule yells back: “Sorry, busy!” And King Hyrule just bails and so you start playing the game and you just have to explore on your own because Hyrule didn’t Tell you anything and pretty soon you start finding exciting things all over the world, like shrines and stables and fairy fountains But now every single discovery is totally unexpected and it gives you that same joy as when you find your unexpected favorite food in your kitchen. Every inch of this world has that joy of surprise all because Hyrule gave you no information about what was in here in the first place. And best of all the coolest parts of the game are only Experienced if you go out and find them like the time I was wandering through a frozen mountain I noticed this dinky little path followed it for five minutes and eventually found a hidden shrine leading into this Incredible flying chase sequence and I won’t spoil the actual footage But this was one of my all-time favorite gaming moments because I had no clue It was about to happen or how I found my two favorite villages in the game way after I had beaten the main story I had no clue they existed. The total lack of guidance is precisely what makes this world So exciting to explore. Hyrule never says: “Hey Doug! Go to this spot right now.” he just Sits back and keeps baking apples and setting off the fire sprinkler. Red Dead 2 has an equally massive and detailed open-world But they also have a mission system and this dramatically changes exploration It’s like you go over to Red Dead’s house for dinner. And you say: “Dude, you wouldn’t believe this I was at Hyrule’s place for dinner last night and he forced me to go through his kitchen and find food all by myself with no direction.” And Dutch says: “My god that is uncivilized.” And you’re like: “Well Their civilization was literally destroyed.” And Dutch says: “Look, I’m gonna make you find food to eat But I put a big freakin label on all the cabinets so that you know where to find everything.” Then you go: “Oh, well that’s convenient. Thank you.” so Red Dead put these big labels all over their map called mission icons and these basically tell you: “Hey, You can find something exciting at this Specific location. In many ways giving the player this information is really fantastic, because now you can quickly go to the specific Content that you want. You don’t have to go Aimlessly wandering around to find something exciting like you sometimes have to at Zelda but there’s a trade-off here Right? Because the game is telling you: “Hey, if you go to this spot, you’ll find a Toblerone.” It loses that element of surprise Even if the mission itself tastes amazing, because you were told that it would be there in the first place and the missions Themselves don’t give you any freedom. So you can’t really discover new things there now with that said there are a ridiculous number of little things that you can discover around the map like Landmarks or random encounters and these give the world a real sense of life and vibrance But the problem is that none of my random encounters turned into huge memorable moments They’re just these fun little appetizers and the best moments are specifically saved for missions So it’s interesting because Red Dead’s world is probably more detailed and varied than Zelda’s and that is saying something But by taking the most exciting parts and locking them into missions and labeling them for you It removes a lot of the magic of exploring the world I never had that feeling that I did in Zelda that something Incredible might be right around the corner if I go looking for it because if there was something incredible the game had already told me About it whereas Zelda is real magic only happens because nothing is labeled because you’re just wandering through the wilderness Opening cupboards and finding some old chocolate. With all that said, let me just gush for a sec I love both of these games These are easily two of my all-time favorites and it’s a little like comparing your two favorite restaurants, right? You might want to eat at one versus the other depending on your particular mood but they’re both a thousand times better than a fucking whopper. But in general, if you’re fine following someone else’s recipe to make a Delicious meal then head to red Dead’s kitchen and if you want to make your own Tacos with zero guidance and cook up some totally unique beautiful mess than Hyrule kitchen is the place for you But the fact that both games took the same open world genre and cooked up Completely different experiences is worth celebrating to me. And that’s why I’m proud to present both Red Dead and Zelda with my highest possible honors three michelin whoppers Hey just want to quickly say thank you so much for watching and holy crap Thank you for all the support on the channel recently Like I’m just blown away that people are enjoying all these dumb videos But I’m really grateful and I’m gonna keep working on as many more as I possibly can. Right now I’m kind of planning on putting out a mix of the food videos and the gaming challenges coming up So let me know if you have any requests or suggestions. You’re the best. Love you (That Laugh though)

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  1. this took waaaay too long and I have no clue if this is any good, my bad. But anyways! I'm thinking I want to try mixing up gaming challenges and more food videos going forward (maybe alternate back and forth?), so let me know if you have any thoughts! <3

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    “Weapons just BREAK”

    Me: (Laughs in easy Lynel farming and pay to play master sword)

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    me: why dont you just turn it of then
    normies: impossible

  4. What!? The shoot outs never get boring because you can get overloaded with enemy’s and make plans to survive with out use just guns, like bombs. I know this for sure. Plus the bounty system makes the game not just guns blazing. Just saying my opinion I love the vid btw!

  5. This is a brilliant video for dumb people for smart people. A video for dummies for smart people. It's a good video.

  6. I love this video, but I’ve been surprised with a lot in rdr2 that wasn’t on the map and that I’ve completely just stumbled on. Like the cabin full of people with the ufo that comes at night, the vampire in San Denis, or the cave with the statues ext.

  7. I mean technically BOTW has a really rich backstory. It's just that like the rest of the game, you have to search and piece it together yourself. Like watching Zeltik's Zelda lore vids, I found out why Fort Hateno had so many dead guardians in front of it, and why Akkala Fortress is positioned as it is. I mean we can just see BOTW at the surface level, but there's actually a lot of depth for those who purposely want to look for it.

  8. Hmmm… Still not sure 100% why you would compare RDR2 and Zelda other than both of them having horses and pretty sights.

  9. If ypu said that to Dutch he'd go "Why this lack of faith son? We just need more money"

    Also love that he's a mango.

  10. If you want the best RDR2 experience: 1) Do all the Story Missions with Arthur 2) Do everything else after the story is over. Never break the flow of the storyline. Ever. You won't regret it. Brilliant story.

  11. in red dead you have but there's a mission that gets activated by a guy with a camera in the middle of the forest, good look finding that

    Also if you're here to see which game is best: neither is, red dead is realistic and zelda is not. Make your own choice, they're both great.

  12. Trust me turning off the mini map and wondering around aimlessly to try and find a mission is worse than sticking your feet in a box of thumbtacks

  13. Completely ignored hunting. That was like my favorite part of the games as I had to figure out how the pelt system worked on my own. By far one of the best parts of RDR2

  14. Red dead 2 was the first game to have better graphics than real life! Red dead 2 is my favorite game that I ever played

  15. Regarding your criticisms of the two storylines, I think the actual difference there is that Red Dead is written to better suit a Passive Audience, while BOTW is for an Active Audience. Now, neither of these are better are worse, despite the generally negative connotations of the word "passive". It's more that members of the first group prefer a game with a complete, fully fleshed story prepared for them to experience to be able to engage their interest properly. This is what Red Dead is exceptionally good at, with it's strong characters and arcs and plot, and is also probably why the open world doesn't seem to connect as well. Plot is linear, but open-world games aren't, so sticking solely to the Passive Audience-type of storytelling means that the open world is left lacking that same feeling of story and development.
    Meanwhile, the second group enjoys big story gaps and questions not fully explained, mixed with more environmental storytelling, from which they can create their own interpretations and fill in all the gaps themselves rather than having it be all given to them, becoming "active" participants in making the plot. This is what BOTW was made for, with a few set plot points and a limited set of memories to collect to provide some development to characters and the like, but full of a LOT of empty space between these, where you have to imagine for yourself what else would have happened, and the backstories, and how these characters were. It also suits an open world very well, with that sense of directionlessness making sense within the plot, and plenty of environmental storytelling to keep the plot grounded in the world. The first time I played it and stepped out into the Great Plateau, I was hit by a sense of emptiness and sadness from a lost civilization, and the scarce remainder of humanity just clinging on and trying to survive. Without knowing the plot yet, I already knew it just by how the designers made it feel. On the other hand, BOTWs character development really suffers for this, especially. None of the NPCs alive during the game get developed at all really do you don't really care about them whatsoever, and all that already minimal info about the actually important and somewhat developed characters from the past are given only in the memories, which are incredibly easy to miss and very difficult to find.
    The two groups often don't see eye to eye, and this is why you'll always fine criticisms for really good games. The Passive group often dislikes games geared towards the Active group, finding them annoyingly vague and unengaging. They may see the Active group as "over-interpreting" things. On the other hand, the Active group may dislike games geared to the Passive group, and find them boring without any freedom to draw their own conclusions or make their own choices in creating a story. They may feel these games are "railroading" the plot, and wish for more space to think. Again, there's nothing wrong with either of these groups or mindsets, so long as you're not attacking anyone over their different views and preferences. In conclusion, for a game to appeal to both audiences, it needs to balance the different elements they each enjoy, and integrate them cleanly together.

  16. It pains me a little bit when I see food used for something other than eating… while at the same, I'm entertained + educated, and feeling hungry. Your video is not dumb either, it's freaking brilliant. Explaining it with food the way you did made things I never considered clear as spring water as to why I find both games endearing, but also flawed and different. I'll certainly be taking your method into consideration for comparing games in the future.

  17. That ginger rat bastard who had relations with another mans wife in RDR2 was an absolute unit. I threw him off a building multiple times and he survived it. I tried it at least 30 times. I threw him down stairs, off buildings, at other ledges on closer buildings but he wouldnt die.

  18. Earth isn't ugly, and honestly, that was a retarded thing to say. 🙄 Human settlements are often ugly, sure. So get out of the city. Go someplace remote where other people don't visit. Find your own secret spot. Actually travel. Earth is still beautiful, you just have to work A LOT harder to see it now. Don't just play videogames, then complain that the planet isn't as pretty as Red Dead. Ugh.

  19. I bed to differ though with the discovery in RDR2 I found myself actually stressing out about missing out on encounters and side missions and that weren’t specifically marked. This forced me to explore a lot and make sure I’d covered everything in RDR2 because not nearly everything was marked.

  20. and the Witcher 3 is if you took the best elements of these games and combined them, like if you ordered a nice juicy steak from rdr 2 and then Zelda let you customize and prepare your dessert and sides…

  21. I played both and honestly I forgot BOTW existed. RDR2 never got me bored while BOTW did at times.

  22. Great concept! Although, with the "limited resource" metaphor of Zelda that really only applies to the very beginning of the game.

  23. And then there's just Skyrim where you keep up the same dual wielding power attacks and executions for 90 levels and it never gets old

  24. The reason that breath of the wild doesn't tell you much about who these people are is because there are tonnes of zelda games that link to the story

  25. Hell ye, though I have a thing for stealth, which makes me use a lot of other mechanics to get through rdr2. Basically making things harder for myself fyi.

    Bandit camp I can kill and steal from without losing karma? Dynamite, a rabid horse running past turning their attention away or a lasso to get that pesky riding one off their horse for easier killing. Tomahawks, throwing knives, bow or stabby stabby to kill everyone off without them even knowing a thing is so satisfying in basically any game.

    Stealth is also neccessary in some quests to get the best "grade" and working towards my platinum n 100% it becomes more fun.

    Just shooting is too easy, but turning off auto aim I realize I actually am terirble at aiming and I need to get more used to the controllers, so trying to gradually lower it is now my main goal except 100% and platinum.

    BOTW feeds into my in-game hoarding ways, I can't find a time good enough to use my best weapons so I keep using that rock, stick, basic bow ect over and over again so the taco thing works but I keep using the worst of the ingredients in the fridge, without fail, every single time while the shiny juicy salmon, the juciest steak, the
    homemade guacamole and greek yoghurt stay in the fridge where I can observe, touch, try on, smell and marvel over them instead of one day making the goddamn best greek salmon and steak taco in the entire world.

    Because of this the combat is level for me in both games, without my stealth obsession and hoarding tendencies I'd prefer BOTW's fighting every single day of the year.

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