You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Tree / Milk / Spoon / Sky

You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Tree / Milk / Spoon / Sky

hello the in the the the and they always i act made product are ass and hiring harm again with one thousand five
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are very good job service they’ll carry mister bill roger
they’ve never met each other and who does not support differently to meet fantasy to identify two hundred dollars
it’s a common write something into the everyday dale fain there are a ego tripping alphabetically and i_b_m_
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twenty-one uh… unique i think that we don’t know
if you have been doing road years earlier on a hundred by the time i
got the okay we are there other after anyone ever thank you for fulfillment only including
puerto vallarta on the uh… amount of the poem info filled with no i
don’t have his money paradigm you know i have started uh… you outline of lakeville part had uh… many thousand groucho ways of approaching the world-renowned
i’ve uh… under the circles you had a job now they’ll i have a part time job now within our power point
directories classified or just any other paul well for you know the car broker to find this is it better than
the classified uh… i’m natalie allen hotmail yahaan pat character cut my character however exactly half an hour all you
know just eleven a classified dot com are now on our from send it to you’re seeing right here the lebanese
works well uh… eddie eddie experiences
affect if i have arrived ah… uh… have them little bit of uh… something i thought it was both a talk
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example a like a good weekend and weekend i think that got killed you’ve got a new standard can identify
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that that in fact-finding pathetic that more than thirty feet either i talked a lot more death holding
your breath from here out along with the fit fear them in office take many movie apart upside down can you drive with
israel with the accha lag after two hundred and
ninety i admire you very much like a lot of
time to go to a movie public radio in the barber proclaim that
missing for example what demand and having a great day for the american yet the dead calculate the lemon
throughout that period well congratulations the there kobe advance we’re going to meet the goes dont lower
than any other wanna know what de last october we had a lot on a hill who’s
been a higher than any other woman with a cannibal amendment record there and protected
from she climbed a mountain in china now we’re going to get a woman who’s
never done anything we can close with a season right now dot rather than a
devastating experience talking to you through knology how much money you can
when you wanna play back to life now we’ve got to offer the
hundred-dollar you try to increase your bankrolled by
entering for crack you understand that okay now you can select the capital of
the farm country probably right about one hundred now a
hundred dollars when you are a you are the ones are i wanted the capital of ethiopia and forgot about that it’s about it
right out of hahahaha and side january we are a courageous point here
too now you have how much two hundred two
hundred out about a year ago online out of the capital of the venezuela characterized as a writer and under
ninety dollars in complete time sarajevo the capital
romania regret brokerage has arrived at the hamburg seventy dollars now returning to their car if you like every other cup independent
seventy dollars a lot of the capital of panama hedimo all brothers dollars shot panama
haiti robert power hank or there are three audience selected when anderson partners mr patrick coming in so political inflate the meat educated white and about a hundred
dollars at the common right obviously every day granison well you know if i like that our audio
grand twenty nine twenty nine one oh you’re a pretty good for twenty nine daratea thought that you have a husband all networks or what was your husband of
twenty correct i think nation he where the job dfm crane operator cocktail you’re alive on crane operator cleaning human beaming with pride in the room no are on a an electric overhead restraint you operate on the claim while we picked up the matter na like that seems doubtful we think that different graduation course registration ut dolly
and arriving on another while higher recruited kidnapping children no i think who want to do that with the clinic
raymond danger shopping channel runs on the ground infant that off the
ground in the pain and that the air pick stuff up on top of that antonio developing hasn’t got a comment
to somebody’s beloved ball at never dot anything with the main
thing either tap tap tap with the bell every and then she picked up up more than you walk drive down that
request and our trade with iran and iraq iraq to
afghanistan then thought about them here pat cunningham goodbye manner in waiting for you let me know if women i thought i was talking in washington hanging in the record program
implementation young man and if you don’t like a ride on a train and showing
brain-dead quality of background for the people i worked on what you do with it logo showroom cooperative sporting goods store a mobile phone miracle fiber in the story of a boiler pyramidal this
true that uh… phone bill candidate for the uh… that’s a fairly normal job for a
young man specially if he had no desire to be twenty-nine a prodigy had become a
ball of fire that you could try standing in line at the british ap bac dark i went down to two oh nine a_m_ eastern people down the aficionados and uh… on that the mother is on the prime minister and from then society like that walnut what happened in russia that david
broder of our without parathyroid the role for the world them wondered about huh alive in the book flights in mexico city
and never understood why they cut out the vote that could do it for dinner so it’s no more than please do reasonable plausible voters done well this is after the code address of costa uh… yeah reality depends a lot on the
kill enormity killed when the first brothers uh… has a pretty good for you know let’s listen listen listen came for a couple of days well do not will probably be in the air progress is that if he does it certainly
will only get into your computers sensationally interest material in that
maasai very dependent on the whole pleaded with viewers with film about characterize for a couple isn’t armor make it evaluate johnnie cochran an expert experience after the economic play a
better life in the race for the one thousand five
hundred dollars the first couple want four hundred forty dollars of the secret
word history you collected thoughts and if you are to
be good for you sporting goods store not a lot of
questions why the harder it is nawa one individual anyone in i’m gonna stop relatively in calcutta by a fetish at all in one of
the park what do you call excellent thirty had hired by he attracts one hundred fifty dollars hydrophone accessory caught a time for a second
track if and if a minute fifty-eight seconds one of the event myob ravana i have two hundred ten dollars out there he went in and out and let me know would open the door right now let me anywhere seventeen what damage right track is
located in the miami area cinemas something that uh… from the online now i guess lost out here to tell you now have one
hundred five dollars came out of it occurred eighteen thirties eighty dollars much thought at olympic champion pat
mccormick famous well looked so terrible for other
purposes i think swimming and diving interesting ass higher and went very unusual for you know usually as you remember we have just two people
on the team uh… for these people sort of go together all four of them so
lovely to be a shameless put them up solo permanent armament leela removal of
large please permit me groucho marx side driveway antibiotic ass card something something you’re you’re
repeating every every the dedicated preparatory phase somebody mind tell me what’s going on
here speak up somebody we compared it to me three and ninety three if you’re identify your program amelia married him you mentioned on the end user and time
and i don’t think i made to leave retriever finally won a game and i will lengthen my mom and i don’t
think i had no idea well a lot patch on leaving cut an honorarium from and harmony afferent
twenty small package missouri parties with them and i were raised
there lower living in between unreliable angry at him no one really knows how well wishers sister mailer eight fifty nine anion hello neil diamond and kicked in and i’m hemorrhaging alone maybe our men are rather here and
all the eleven fifty nine how long have you been married
billionaire we’ve been married thirty five years weekend double prevent rejection a double cartwright
and hannah well you know when you have to look
exactly like india doing a great marker vaccination the distinguishing yes i have of operation speaking she doesn and the web we didn’t get the okay and that you have a party no and armory
here now panettiere on denied for your program arm amount but i a north palm won’t matter
marionette remain your whole life down the fire an area of my classes may become the
worked out anchorman hack and i have not had an anxious for our government and the reelected you about whether the frame
have if we’d be in the death of california
involved greenhouse no everything that i can examine and the something about the way you let them women reno i mean you know i’m envious roll-on roll-off fragile and i don’t
know i mean the p_l_o_ colin powell one twenty f_ lee bailey had informed
bank account or i_r_a_ separately had been one family car writing about number that you know that
the other pretty common head however give it a habit that would
be confusing wouldn’t nobody who was running the dope now they are say that brian spice of
life in addition to being at the end of the
weekly now laminer rahman don’t you i think it’s a correct
me if a man after all the hearing her parents albion but having their own bath and follow-up cartridges they collected your brother on mall by one of our lives shady only to mary
just in a private it for a particular rather pathetic for a family to the contrary but i would have a player director live
your armor-plated came gambling at the friend repetitive while
for the arctic recipe ineptitude rancher electoral be represent all of you yet the truth can remain at the
ambassador problem of adventures one girl one boy you know wynonna favourably pato or the brains
out of the road well developed a proactive i don’t i think you’re at home anymore
you know that they’re relying on they don’t overreact to think of the
argument of the in the next twenty years here how much money okay the right one thousand five hundred
dollars the first couple of still leading with
four hundred forty dollars he was elected and i don’t think that i
have an article i think for the holidays and your partner filament uh… between all right what do you want to stop
standpoint that he ought to have to run it but they have the money the heart of the
question school whom the god of all of us rather than a month ago abner seabright
unified the chinese to catch fish but there are about cardinal part of the name of the glove messy play
unified the chinese to catch fish dogmatic on again is that comrade c l_ i_ n_ o_ r_ a n_ a man block after hundred you still have to be
docked off the coast guard salary on a local other than a million chronic pain at
northern parts of the united states that is that we had lacking cry non-believers comden bruni bruni all right i have a loan arafat referred to you now have twenty
five dollars i’ll keep plugging away at outfit alright late on a double original sentences uh… maribeth another name for this
product code stuff dalmatian dalmatian is right five dollars uh… you know banking what is the name of the top american
animals’ protection of the bony plate obama some of them have migrated as far north
as the magistrate armadillo arm at a lower price haha thank you cried grachev careful about five hundred dollars effecting second to
decide on a single answer but when you think half in favor of the audience company out of the famous criminal
investigation agency agreement for a thousand five hundred dollars
whether the frame of criminal investigative part of the famous criminal
investigation agency a prayer hahahahahaha par para p have on hand unit of the battleground uh… fairly quickly soccer is right ass here we got the idea of our but character handed out uh… amount to declare throughout
florida pornographers academic cover-up aren’t going back and
i’m forty dollars hard dark-haired shot at the heart rogue
davila dala fleck your are you going to spread over two
thousand dollars reply yeah i would like to go to paris and the ferry medvid at allan duke power and indirect and the mediterranean you know i think that that that i think
that hot everywhere thousand dollars your mama
inc a down and i’m very happy and dot what about your develop all impact our
contract propagated profit backpack and try to get a good and private
privatized free from man of with private record what however program there r the and the the ladies and gentlemen the secret word
tonight is no emo ireto cave really bureau but your
whole life it’s not all going to be a little while
ago resigned roger martin is in new york
manulife become a grocery rivers and rent driver molly wool and he really was
who won the alway anybody and i’m for a cup of coffee or
let me talk to mom magill well here i am again with fifteen
hundred dollars for one of our problems and i do i found a man whose face the
drive for a couple of ought to be married groucho they were selected by
our studio audience just before we went on the here we are miss marie fordham and has
been a ratio is a groucho marx welcome for the desoto
planted there was youngsters and one of you says the secret way when
two hundred dollars in cash instantly the common was something you will find
around the house for teams that harrier sure things are good way a primary uh… sailors are anybody’s on ecstasy why did you leave your home town well was it a good move when you left wasn’t so i’m not really bored from
another went to my question and was it a good mood do i made a mistake and i left my home town that made a mistake i would have had a
wave because d so you’re doing and what they have them do now that’s very nice what kind of what you do it all machines from reagan american or saudi arabia you’re going over there over the they
referred worth over them how did you meet through the mail well i’m in the face greatly right begin never had another with movement yet just took him as a last resort part
one like u if you have any other girls in the interim between the plays great
in arabia that d with them was lying around the that he accept you immediately if you
look up enough courage to propose yeah yet as we head out of a service remembers that was sent to the big love scenery he kicked me dancing to various racism well he didn’t ask me to mary and he
asked me if i want to go to the radius the denied do politely around about proposal
and i ever heard remember strengthens memorandum of
understanding or a beer did what is there about a roman cause you to
fall in love with it his timing personality people if you give me half of your president houston grand edward all the things i have a nice fellow man nobody like about marie why your sister says to you yet defense team don’t let them argue with them you know he’s leading edge of your you know there’s nothing about the cause
of this tickling that everybody larry which reverberated influenza cordoned with a gun at a long
way to arabian you know if you want d well your aunt my curiosity and
americans like you to let you know did you where could you tell us a small joke we’re on the list welcome with some of the while we were both spoke with a group of
ralston one for you and i like that that is sort of thing you ever marine
that they had halcam phil gramm feels bad bounty rises more okay im gonna follow plan a girl’s
basketball team lines on tuesday with any preliminary beyond are you going to be the genocidal
ideally your money the steps out with another
gal again new india or just sittin’ home all alone waking later the office you know watching the television matches police he had a unified wrote the
wrestling matches with a beautiful day the comparables in was impossible k we don’t have to know what is in the and beginning to sound like vines amount
briefing at the television set suppose harry’s waking lady or the palladium is
harry dancing with a pretty brown what would you do right market to him and to explain dream g bernie one thing that puzzles me what
are you doing at the palladium like d what about very nice kids and inasmuch
as houston we met in just one minute you don’t have a chance to make fifteen
hundred dollars yes tomorrow is a great day at all the
subtle limit bidders a brilliant new desoto is now on display
and bug right limit goes on display for the first time tomorrow but great you’ll plymouth is a
sensational new hybrid value and the low-priced field what you’ll be the judge then climb into wouldn’t get the feel of
this car put up hills improved racket unit that topless test you know and is for value you’ll find there’s a
good looking royal writing car is packed with bad and ready to prove it ignition key starting improved air
pillow ride in the courtroom stops of safeguard hydraulic brakes the lively power of a high compression
engine and many other features explosive with a great newell plan naal more than ever when it does the car that likes to be
compared for beautiful new styling for raleigh
comfort for easy riding and wonderful handling for dollar for dollar value so meet your new opal ima the american
beauty tommorrow idea based on all plymouth dealers pro but they have a couple young says about
the demanded on it yet that is not a plymouth fifteen hundred dollar question
famine explain the road each of our three couples as twenty
dollars it as much about twenty or they want me
to poor question a couple learned the most money get the
chance of the fifteen hundred dollar to start off with a question of the end of
the show our other two couples are in the waiting
room on stage so they don’t know what’s happening out here illegality a
heightened at a twenty dollar you selected initials of organizations as
your category is that right fusion place putting up twenty dollar
hum a g_ one arrest five thousand on educational
organization to the initials p_t_a_ stand youthful that’s right and it is
associated with honorary doctor twenty five dollars
ideas when you are you have twenty five dollars into the twenty five units right what government body disney three-week energy commission where you
were just wonderful climbing on documentary five dollars did
you think what you got thirty five hundred on a try fifteen dollars per one informative
organization to the initials on the enhanced and poor instead land mines international news day an r twenty dollars while i do not have
twenty dollars asia lessons to be the other couples how much of a twenty-one
of tryna what labor organization to the initial
c_i_o_ stand congressional industrial organization that’s cause enough
congress of industrial organization this club wide banks and a lot from the start of my
material as i don’t think authority at you still might get the chance of the
big question broad shoulders garage the secret word
is still milk protonics couple will say it just before we went on the air our
studio audience like the house mover mister arab wilson and his partner of
the house life this is pat johnson and here we are fox made groucho marx
bugging me about your life and i wanted to say the state of lady
when two hundred dollars in cash instantly it’s a common why something you’ll find
around the house cosmo going around the house friday this is the johnson a and that you had a housewives events dad
delaware you promises jensen i couldn’t go into colorado you must be that was mormon mahalo road on the big board fittings and and wilson is in resentment was that
he wouldn’t have been a bit you’re not a bad name is that it had a
relative a neighbor admiral either relegated to a do you
know utica forty the left materia have the better off
p_r_ you know one of one of the house moody a move housing you more houses pulled out of it player from ad volcanic utexas forces that united oceans nor what is
the biggest there has been in your profession as it has made me well going over for down the hill you know it breaking loose you know and get away and what are you doing the break which it’s been a worthy of fingers in
areas in your eyes wide what happens to the occupants that remove a house to the district attempt
by the side of the road in the normal wardrobe though they can deliver on in
the house for the more we now have my husband is
tillman uh… taken right along you don’t feel
the water do you might have right out of time in the
lobby the biltmore hotel a while you’ve been moving house forty years can you can you move any building yes did you move the empire state where a m
chicago recorded one put away and you could move the empire state building
chica one for the winter when these you know it’s a new yorker windy well i suppose many unusual things happen you know that
lawyer if you look at your member of the
outstanding can relate and no more than i got moved our own house on the petted by the movie ripping house on the
wrong lock not exactly the wrong wanted you’ve got
the wrong help american removed a lot of iran and he that it did
offer for the man thought the without already but you know the empire state building
in chicago people under the way in the even though it’s in cleveland well i think the landline or mobile
homes will be no i didn’t want to get a chance to play a better life for fifteen
hundred dollars you’re on your twenty dollars more than
the other companies you get a chance to debate is not open the question later bannerman’s onstage remind our listeners
how much the price couple one the couple about to be married one forty dollars here we go with the online that you
twenty dollars use like the freemen’s dogs your categories that right lazy place questia twenty dollars how
much do you wanna bet in talk right up candlelight okay what’s the name of the famous
colleague other stars in motion pictures and i’m sorry the answers lassie ten dollars how much of it and i was
really tried what’s the name abandoned edwardsville but i’m sorry if they wanted me to them only vacation in a life they’re not part of a grudge over you
only have five dollars in his youth that question how much of a five minute drive what’s the name of mickey mouse is done don’t they have any dogs in denver third
dog’s name is put out they don’t have to holler grown well no
i don’t know how to two dollars on mechanical ology dot dr wondering one down within a aim of the late president roosevelt’s of the unlike president roosevelt into
the sky that’s been the papers i’m sorry it’s now i’m going to give you one more chance to
make some money is not going to be there mister wiesenthal think on on on how
place who is buried in grant’s tomb grade terrible and banks and a lot from the start of limit
there was not will be on the following a was going on in the chance at the one thousand five hundred on this
order from a question george was waiting at this point their
young couple who had won forty dollars embassy code word is still milk just before we went on the air we
weren’t looking to our studio audience for the parents of the most children and here come the mother of a father who
were chosen mr mrs meri indy star a meat groucho marx welcome youngsters for that is not open
the daily a and if you think it’s a good way to one
hundred boston cancer instantly it’s a common way something a fine around the
house mr mrs marrying the story marry in which
one it is now i thought you were demanding d how does eleven o’clock a d has the story l your place name is is
you know that i that’s right well away from seller uh… they could still california about
hundred miles north of here marrying my daughter eleven i’m a standard how’d you meet in the inside other went alanna memorable lenny will hide this night no said would you share your relatively
innocent schiller and for what last week on the evidence and the along any of his remarry twenty eight years refined looking couple the story for independent and you too fans of the largest with them residues you mean you only get you have a lot of
standard they haven’t you comment on why start labeling didn’t there’s no question about the family
which is the question why you are out there than from missus dari army times and even among twenty times luck the is this really through twenty years
younger than me drill is too friday nothing’s happened the last few
seconds and down home and this is story might have if it
was on would now be off to you remarkable woman clearly popsicle and when you see a lot of kids are on your
house so how do you know out there on your life i remember breakthroughs hehe inadequate everything if you give us a names could derail a
month for emea start with the twins jim usually in gary and she really really alarming that
status four sets of twins refused to accept those bill clinton is
the fact that next please the only other solvable if which include
you salon thoughtful thank god for the children up to twenty-seven too three years old have you ever thought of adopting a new
job d johnnie pop with a fluke if you go
around passing out cigars well used to stuff but about his while you bet i can
sound do without me bob that’s the understatement of your paul
bunyan there if you can’t remember all the names how
do you know who to call when you want something level boiler do and you frightening travel in the right
in the one what kind of living quarters you have
the hotel bakersfield not only have to eight years in the field usual reason and you have a cop in the hallway
directing traffic but was always income tax deductions and
how do you make out around march fifteenth bob and that they didn’t come through for
the use what here ewan monroe mi about eight years do united defeat when he came do you do it in ships well it’s easier the budget known by everything wholesale would thing eyes that breakfast at five o’clock will
need your work was off to work in the into your personal id and i had some homes when we get to vote seven o’clock at
night many what your grocery bill amount to every
week place in the course well it was two hundred dollars a week for the families having lunch on sunday
whether jordan earley final with futile didn’t want to in thanksgiving day you will we had uh… two thirty p_m_ turkeys we had twenty four was a roast chicken we had a gallon image dictators and
uh… fourteen point implies them it useful six many replies realize celebs and ahmadi use that to pick the redwood liat meaning for me is the father of twenty
kids that you had any any unusual unforgettable experience a level at the unusual experiences we were living in sacramento continuing into the hospital in the board
neighbor’s car because i was broken down himself a who negativism of that for the first
approach uh… mamatha pay-t_v_ up what filled the cars opinion one baby was born and says well they have no get to the
hospital for at so that there are millions whisperer who will get the other
integrated mamatha thingy the pilot that’s why the crime since nineteen b
one interpretive thereafter what about you
mister story have you had an unusual experience will when jerry was born what number was it when he was number twelve i remember that very clear probably now the hospital and i went
home early was uh… lived there with the total cost measles uh… photo you never realize that night when you’re
on the day was raining and you have the umbrella that they all this was going to
have well well well well do well i don’t think you missus dari never
carry an umbrella when it’s raining here ally it’s it’s really been inspiring
having you to hit an item is the story throughout every right to be the
brothers mother in the country night on a play that is not open again
you bet your life if you beat her mother took up would you get a crack at the
fifteen hundred dollar question i can tell you how much they want to
george’s onstage remind our listeners the young engaged couple is still ahead
with forty dollars every dollar celebrating that you twenty
dollars you selected nicely around your categories that right and that’s a subject you are not making
a lot of black twenty dollars and how much you want to try full conference that was three below cuba logging contracts packed onto a particular party that they
don’t have any going for fifteen hundred dollars tonight how much of a thirty minute drive if
twenty five who was asleep under the haystack when
he should’ve been tending sheep commando uh… insisting that it was a little boy
below very easy get confused you know i have five dollars lawyer all
the way down to five dollars it very clear to me if i don’t know but
you know that five hours who picked up at of pick up after your primary antibodies right delaware governor of ten dollars alright
now you got ten dollars each elections to be the other couples come into the
turning on a bit alright who fell down the hill and broke
his crown jack is right and they’ve lined up with twenty dollars and that means the younger gobbled up
the death of the beast on top of fifteen hundred dollar question throw you got to see if you believe it you got to drive it to appreciate yes that’s the new old plymouth but great meal plan if it’s packed with
value unready to prove it brought this to yourself two morrow had
to be subtle plymouth theater let your dealer arrange a demonstration
dr them compare comparable value in this great new car
with that and other leading low priced car who got a little beauty and style the
easy riding and wonderful handling the right engineering that makes it the low
priced car most likely price car checked the prompt convenience of
plymouth ignition key starting the flashing getaway power of a high
compression engine the soft velvets stops of safeguard
hydraulic brakes the protection of safe here and wheels
and many other explosive plymouth feature jack can compare full duty for power for room for writing
comfort not all more than ever but part of the
likes to be compare see this break we’ll plymouth the
american beauty i could be subtle plymouth dealers two morrow and while you’re there not missing millbrook endure this auto
was well a car that’s truly newell with new features from bumper-to-bumper applying his father’s ever borman named
this total learn why your de soto plymouth beer is
so proud of the two super because he has on display bug right newell plymouth ammo brilliant you know desoto and here we are in trouble already for
the subtle plymouth fifteen hundred dollar question groucho all right here we go for one thousand
five hundred dollars rally vba fifteen seconds to decide on one
single answer between you something kathleen please no assistance in the
audience frederick addresses by probably was a
famous fresco he’s best known work and well-known
along with what about though these great way board about the home delivery delivery is right had tried u_n_ one thousand five hundred
dollars are the right answer what he wanted to let all that money mcdougal
recruitment a why i never the may but congratulations from the more than three
thousand disorder pyramid a lesson coast-to-coast girlfriend who lives with her john
godown reduction transcribing hollywood directed by bob lawmen granny smith there was a party review bahir ought to do it again next
wednesday night it is time for the groucho marx show what y’all wreck your life resemble more than three thousand subtle
but dealers of america and remember altogether seldes although ourselves elwin dole rake off book products of the chrysler
corporation i don’t forget next week’s big question
will be worth one thousand dollars well it’s almost time for the bing
crosby shown tonight i understand it guess dot will be an incomparable
comedian of you bet your life asked me about your mom theo again a few minutes folks and
remember as they still observe a goddess although klamath realize there’s a couple of things they’ve
become ongoing upon c l_ y_ dr not alive dot this is market signing off more than
three thousand is sort of interference from coast to coast leading gentleman the secret word
tonight is will as the doubles and three and a here hope that your are you babies i don’t limit their lawyers of
america resent groucho marx in euro but your line but not a grocery store those
in transcribe from hollywood and area of the line v only dr oversight mining gentleman can back in a while here i am again in one
thousand dollars for one of our couples and i judge found a man who gets what
lag at just before lonely our studio audience like the bonds are preventable and an account and here they are mr alan lemon and
bouncer bill graham sleep roger mudd talking generally about your life and
one of you said that this out of them it’s a good way when two hundred dollars
instantly it’s a common way something a fine around the house mister though that we’re still gravesend europe answered
and pencil yes right away from bill and uh… within his social the
churchill downs in lexington kentucky you immediately threw stones around the bookkeeper alan and lemon zest and i’m
just going to book kiya gritty unity in our ability and analytical your
bookkeepers data right no that’s not right either i’m an accountant the united nations i’ll call you cos i donot client i was in third family account
there what do you do as an accountant or make income tax returns are for
people giving general advice on their financial
statements and all that their books people logically ability and put deteriorated on come running them and
they that way you from both the i was born with a stone’s throw out the
fulton fish market in new york but but you up on the other her fish montana thrive handed down on that you found around
then we put errol smith was born around them with me
colored red what’s the most common bookkeeping error
you find any elected missile and i would say transposition value at the same on that let me ask all of those towns where you
live on one i mean transposition of figures that is
uh… writing sixteen thousand four hundred eighty nine dollars and twelve
cents a sixteen thousand four hundred ninety eight dollars and twenty one
cents transporting the figures in sequence while i was still a long time ago and uh… jadi bounced on the uh… it leti where do you like i liked that one group eight thirty
three thousand feet and uh… waters rose land route it is a funny sexy dance hall in the
united states note i keep getting into patent related faqs event of a wilson so mad at you often you have a moment
spent a lot of every night happened under well i’d be very happy to they strap in the air on the ice but by what you do it the rose land rover
miss today’s and the manager of the elevator operator the policemen under union and it would be a dozen one
in eight hours at night but should you figure that you know valuable
at this time attorney thank each actor how many gals uh… like a kid and some
korean between seventy five hundred was a pretty loose figures evidence but you know you handle figures do it on
june and yes sir the figures you handled on liat ticket
info on i wouldn’t say that you don’t have that is that you know i run across cases of simple
fraud uh… you had a good way to skin away a lot of
her might they well you at the figures are expense
account is getting out and one later after last weekend at the widows figures one or how do you catch a crap like that glorious users logic for example if a guy’s submitted an
expense accounts of showing that he was in the sahara desert sand uh… that he entertained some people
nightclub there for about one eighty seven fifty or they’re not allowed in
the senate as you know that i dont you mean is without knowing that she did
in the senate and unit with a lot of spanish gannett family does anything exciting and i
happen to an accountant well uh… something exciting aveda me
once i got into a airplane conducting five wouldn’t packing cases it looked as if
they might have been paying tens of billions and actually had one million
dollars in cold hard american cash that you did you have a gunman yes i did i was in there every other
dispersing ulcer and a forty-five streptomycin and you have anything else that disaster budget buster fowler’s wife things in that at least at
where you know absentee ballots are ya job is anything
unusual event happened all of the big deal i miss you charge for an insecure in
substance imminent why your dance is only a minute alone but we can get the people who want to
get more dancing but the family should be answered dot com if after ten overs attitudinal estimates
and i would like a propeller diablo none of these people pop ingested and
for one minute though some committee members at all night after night dolly
to advance the freedoms and one night in a free man although they talk about the ones that
don’t answer only learned about uh… general subjects a not uh… what do you think how do you know what i’m saying how many parts do you have to stop in an
item that uh… since i’ve been merlot land for the last
twenty years is that i had a fight in the place worried about the allen slamming the relatively long time we had to close on
sundays above the blood out of the seller but you know if you don’t have to remember
what they they were the old blood there by eight to make an extremely
interesting couple and there were happy to have you with us tonight about six
but something is not just one minute you’re going to try for the desoto
climate of thousand dollar question just a week ago all that assault on the
pillars of america embargoes go brilliant you know there’s so little of finest gardens on obama may induce
social it’s a completely new models from
bumper-to-bumper well it’s beautiful new front grill is
wider array here is the cause of this trial for comfort as well as building every details and the saw those rear
window which was made bigger on lower to provide greater visibility food smartly
styled newell steering wheel from its bigger softer federal action
breaks through its beautiful new offenders the
permit easier changing of tires here truly is a new car in every sense of the
word a car bringing you which is of line but
your family will blow stuff though many months to come economy of operation that your
pocketbook will appreciate drive this great notice although just
once annual will do it as thousands already
have george’s subtle plymouth deal arranged
to have you drive it at your convenience allah save a buck even a bomb so what is
the chance of a thousand dollars sentiment on the road to be a better
life each about three couples has twenty
dollars because much of that what is a warning
to four questions a couple that i was the most money gets a chance of the
desoto plymouth thousand dollar question at the end of the show our other two couples are in the waiting
room off stage so that i was happening out here illegality a heightened at a
twenty dollars you selected famous based in united states history you know
category she is your first question yet twenty dollars how much we have been three dollars delgado is that it isn’t all that there
are a structured he said make it intends that okay with
you in a moment what happened on october twelfth
fourteen ninety-two columbus discovered america deal said
right on the ballot great scott bakula thirty dollars nambiar going for a thousand dollars
night how much of the if they don’t believe that not only that little aniket fifteen uh… mega twenty dollars alone right
now what happened on december there seven
for nineteen forty one list of the lobby outside cut fifty dollars lime you got that
these magazines that that question how much of the fifty eight on a couple
uh… levitate there this time we’ll plunge in
little uh… thirty five dollars dole in about thirty five dollars okay
happened what happened september second nineteen forty-five what you think it is leverage a daily weather yes i do know that right happy five dollars much of the u_s_ has to be
the other copper how much of the eighty five with yours decisively seventy five dollars far reaching event happen on october
twenty fourth nineteen twenty nine the french plot hundred and sixty dollars thanks and good luck from the the son of
man that there was not on runaway you still might be high tonight and get a
crack at the big question raj all the secret word is still spool
and know that you are fragile x_ couples say still just before we went on the air our
studio audience selected a cairo office doctor theodore dale and his partner of
the house like this is a little process and here they are parts meet raj all mine i’ve woken k they’re welcome to you
about your life and one of his devastated when he was
not a valid instantly it’s a common write something a fine around the house uh… profit as in the house friday that uh… daily is affirming that’s
correct but i mean this is a swiss verein well it’s leftover piccadilly i had some leftover piccadilly doughnut and is in my name on the main leftover
piccadilly in english way back to families names piccadilly uses left
though way away from that freedom of the californian and this is still a thousand v play from soon constant your manny against what is your husband
ofer levy delinking rejecting out outage image of a my mother wendy perrin you mother with a bio a hammer twenty-five proofreading piggy suddenly didn’t understand who had a son mohammed now patiently waiting and that’s how you name ’em now you know and i think an end i want to get inside and made out when the entire and i
started a half a million respond to him i didn home but my son keith geiger at that meeting
at a very nice car and thought well i could ask you to keep the dog because
they believe they have a new car equipment taking silicon because a woman puppy is correct well we got home leading at the
department insist that you can’t adagio histogram only dot the cardinality into a home defense
beginning economy in the dog they welcomed i think i think about it
because of the family two months or influence at a place to put the darkness dot plot fml imagine one question what happened
to this place on the image you’re going after i know how that they would let any
livestock in atlanta cracked filled out the comment on it you’ve got a hammer madonna had okay nightmare captured kids to houston you know anyone can and cannot valued
medicare all right you know that the lid on it again john dot how did you meet your life did you
ever having an effect on well but i have a uh… was she going around the same
foot pedal your appetite what happens well she admits that the students that
are typically here delhi piccadilly at piccadilly one nine now anyway agnes duties at the foot clinics of new
york in my wife was a patient and uh… accused him to determine the
net vindicate appreciate all you qualify
that out and i a m i suggest is that uh… being as you
have so much trouble if you read only footnotes and no one and i know that uh… had option at this
time adjusting her feet is that right maybe that’s the way it should be most
flowers they bloom within the desperation initially examiner feet because they’re most places that they had not made up
you know what you’re getting into ipsilateral most romantic story now pussycat animal karanam productive but on the hot but how did you uh… how did you have now become a car out
this way with a forty a class in school doubt uh… sagar but the side to this profession
mileage were cooling out i’m not going to go to become a
dentist’s office become successful home state wider so many people have put on them e modest respect each other and very few parents will take a trouble ticket
children to fantasy examined financing to be sent children have for travel what
kind of figure treated any kind any kind of three we should come out of my house my piano
getting pigeon toed plus the chief reason if people come to
your office the speaker yes the silly question yes sir electrical properties sooner or later i
put my foot in the morning any people have trouble with their dogs
is that at this rate and you take care that uh… chooses than actually you’re a veterinarian without a doubt in your life that you
have molecular well client that claims connie cronin a value are now you’re next right on
condit one of the most common to for them well most families say would be here
until end malayalam rainstorm in alabama player allow my mom and titles of palestine that no one does
kissing on a he had to fight disease either way dot my life but uh… had
quite a bit this morning could you suggest anything that might help political workers well hikes in the state of my friends
are quiet high-tech here in atlanta but he made a very interesting and
instructed team and we enjoyed having you in are you going to have a chance to
make money and other foot dot you’re gonna play about your life well you gotta do it on your twenty
dollars in the more than the other couples you get a chance of a disorder
plymouth i was not a question later on diamonds offstage remind our listeners
how much the first couple of the accountant and the ballroom bouncer
one hundred sixty dollars hitting on excel item that you tell me
about you selected ballgames ballgames bill w he got twenty dollars on june the
track talk right up in the panel cause over three hundred people
listening and well i don’t want citizenship a ball
game play though surely know islands is right thirty dollars rajani alley here is my
dad but he doesn’t have any going for a thousand dollars nine on how much of the
petty virus whereas the arms ball game miami florida miami as well hotmail closely but i doubt that the age
of that question how much of a fifteen minute ride faded out what city official and east-west
gameplay surfaces and princess card declining dollar aapki dollars all right
here standing right ahead now is your last chance to be the other couples
homogeneity of onerous talk up talk right up into the microphone he wants to basic he
once about sixty how much do you wanna bet mind and i think that uh… holy okay if you want to go on going for eighty dollars one island city is the pineapple bo qua and uh… colorado dry thanks and good luck from the the son of
one of the others in our face only a year and i was going on the chance of a
thousand dollar question george with itself off well not only the heads up a
lot of money for himself off the first couples have one hundred sixty
dollar-billion anek anek then econnect well that’s what they don’t tell me that
and i can get on and i thought we got to the subtle
plymouth secret where it is still spoon stayed until we have a surprise for your
on final couple is an are at war brought her husband and
here we are mr and mrs white sox game beat raja locks welcome for the supplement
daily youngsters if you say the city where he went on our dollars in cash and
certainly it’s a common way something a fine around the house missus uh… was asking uh… u_n_ irish
pride has asked the u_n_ of another day my
vision and they got and that it has yet killer
has a fine thing that we have to have you here with us here than anything as my bro mhm you don’t don’t get me when i come from and also don’t talk that way where i
come from i must admit my brother little rusty that’s not an irish doing sunday dot the
hot tamale and joel at july saskia what sort of like you didn’t you and mechanical sparked aircraft nakia but part of our new york times and q
wanting if you want me alone only that’s correct and what part of our new from the
phyllis aspect of it along since you’ve been in belfast yankees you have no discernible rohypnol we don’t have the same way mistaken in the south than i along a given an irish blood red color we were married ethically after seeking
peace day in nineteen forty five you have any lavish mails at home line judge o’neill and uh… along a given
any argument but uh… what we’re doing and i’d be a allows an aircraft mechanics unlocking united when you according to the southern
island ah… where did where did you take a job well we went for an occasional wall show once well now that you know married couples
will you take enough to accept i think that’s a look at one time covered area bankers general employment play it again i did you manage ozone
sneak out as i want an answer who is still go for the occasional often
shown through blackboard failure nara dungeons cabi party in that did you know there
are many nice irish box where you engaged to finish stealing an island that has done getting
dangerous goes into their own twenty three twenty four instantly haha along to the gauge was
usually less thank you for you takes four years for avoiding any of the
clinton obviously on a drive invaders over there all they have found that information is
that the driving so the kids and get married have you ever kiss the blarney stone
phillips militants in the senate the surgeon at a kiss the blarney stone
would you tell me how old you are are you sure you have a guest of honor only let you know some thirty-five that was already think i am in the know
flattered standby forty but are you sure nobody’s done on time and if you were a pinball machine right now
you’d like that incentive tell you that you look uh… the more
practical how are you thinking once they are going on i’m going on penicillin from my own till i scrape it off
al-mahdi jokes play with my pretty close yes fourteen
fifty x ninety f about her this is an inspiring having you here
tonight a ringo bras we sell so they say site on a plate of the sort of limited
and you bet your life if you’d be out of the two couples to get a crack at the
house not a question i can tell you how much they want the
judges are states remind our listeners the first two couples are tied with a
hundred sixty dollars each illegality eisenberg you twenty dollars
you selected capitalism stated your category that correct all right you got twenty dollars on
which you’re going to try ten spotted the capital city of colorado gender denver is correct don’t know why with thirty dollars
garage on money line for about another some night how much of that that even a drug
thought right up to you know pointed out what is the capital city of nebraska lincolnescott act finding out fifteen dollars all right
you got fifty dollars is it that question how much of the fifty donna
risk forty dollars a lot of the capital city
of virginia richmond rich man is right all right now i have my eighty dollars
flag is only on you got ninety dollars how would you want to try trading you try it out what is the capital city of new york albany why dot dot hundred and seventy dollars and that means that the irish couple dep
attempted to distort all protocol the it’s near old its beautifully neil it’s packed with value line writing a
book yes that’s the p_o_w_ aplomb now i’ll more than ever the car that
likes to be compare giveth the toughest test you can think
of opulent proofread let your desoto plymouth either arrange
a demonstration ride tomorrow then compare comparable value in this beautifully
neil plymouth without an other leading low priced car check the convenience of plymouth
ignition key stalking the lively power by compression engine velvet stops of safeguard hydraulic
brakes the protection of safety real wheels and
many other explosive plymouth features yes jack and compare mobility for room for writing comfort naal more than ever the milk limit is the car but likes to be compared but products packwood value and ready to
approve this beautiful new plymouth the american
beauty is on display at all authorized this out all put out feelers and here’s the irish rob reiner husband
all the details of the sum up with a thousand dollar question grachev alright
here we got two thousand dollars ready i’ll give you fifteen seconds to decide
on one single answer between yourself and kathleen please no help me on the star spangled banner was written in
eighteen fourteen became unofficial national anthem in nineteen thirty one before the star spangled banner was
written what song was considered the national anthem of the united states it backward hahaha okay what’s the n_c_r_ to decided
upon procurements i know i’m sorry i’m sorry the correct
answers hale columbia so that means the big question next week
will be like one thousand five hundred dollars when you watch the big money but
you one hundred seventy dollars in the quiz congratulations and thanks to both of
you the old record sandra dowd like pendrive
in hollywood directed by bob marlon brando as men visit by a great deal be sure to tune in again next wednesday
night it is time for the grotto march all of your work your life presentable more than three thousand
result one of the owners of america i remember all the others who sells a
subtle also so plentiful throwaway cardboard products of the chrysler
deliberating and upper deck next week’s request will be worth
fifteen hundred dollars well it’s time for being caught dot be sure to see on this although
women canton there’s a couple of a national safety
council it’s good to be on time but it’s better to be saved george from inside
all the more than three thousand is out of the bill is from coast to coast ladies and gentlemen the secret word
tonight is sky-high and skate why to read a the old back to you all are you davidson-oboe dailies of america resent
groucho marx and you’re all that your life the comedy groceries widows and
transcribe from hollywood adhering is the laundry elaine i know that i have no that a redhead ago
or that may not come out i go out there i am again but one
thousand five hundred dollars a lot of our couples and i judge feminist lysa
drive for just before we went on the air we asked if they were young people
president lied to get married someday our studio audience elected ms frankie
cost the lead-off and policemen bob selma manila are boggs meet groucho marx
welcome kits whether to set up in the daylights and i want to be says it’s a good way
demands on our dollars in cash it’s a common way something you see everyday
and they said as stiletto and sad frank crigler differently yes right away from frankie advice i
learned that the nephew in los angles anemia low bond somewhere along with an
welimdone metal and i know that i remember unicef healthy you wrote for the dodgers a wholly different twenty-five young the
kind of thing and for the policemen misters salman bob sanders uh… of you on twenty seven goutam reopen idea was one of my experience to through some of the one i like to be audio whitefish came a new upon it makes it well i was more like streamline folks
from fishing trip and uh… jerome and on fishing line and uh… what what do you do for a
living there librarians what kind of a library nine public
librarian what’s the difference between public librarian the private life uh… rugby me books in it supplied bruising another private library i think they
ought to be suppressed libraries are usually corporation
breaking up a respected clientele but noticing everybody public
library hosting of the private life where you know i was thinking that an
elderly man in the smoking jacket sitting there with a knife in his bed here on that night generate as far as there always have
never knives in event yeah yeah yeah not married and no i’m
not married that bob why why aren’t you mary themselves into would you like it many times sunday and planned to be the same this is an important meaning honest and that’s really a life that you have you ever thought of
including uh… frankie hearing your point just gotta go team the cop engines pleasure drexel on internship and this cast of that i would tell you i
think it is showplace were not given this and what
kind of a cop out come up with a sampson here on probation wiser well you and your probation until until
you prove yourself two years three the superior officers endure and that constantly has room in
the concentration do you mean you correctly coupons offers a protector watches out
every minute lessons every minute why u admiring of seven the clothing store across the street approach arriving a
banker miscast the lead out what do you think
of a man who’s had cracked under observation does rampaging people i think he’s finished i maybe wrong but it seems to me that
you more than casually interested in frankie here castro phone numbers a little bit better uh… already have the groomsmen dave thank you know i’m not gonna lie so
i think i always done truly does he really have your phone and
just going to put logic at all finkelstein’s product training these young policemen
did not manages a librarian and now sir did you write a book i cannot place tonight for the he knows
that it may lead and chile become all interested friends
i’m eventually we’ll spend a lot of time
together now just one minute the two of you a
play about july for the desoto plymouth fifteen hundred dollar question dr ugly subtle before you decide all across the country prospective car
owners are doing just that they’re throwing to the beauty in
performance of his new movie soto or here is a car with not just a few
little features but one that is really a new model from bumper-to-bumper start at the front of his car and feast
your eyes on the subtle as brown you’ll fall with front grill all beautiful grill the gives the car
with the power tie compression engine so justly deserved look at those newly style rear fenders
and see how they had sweet and grace for the entire appearance of the car look through that rear window which is larger and also have been lowered to make the
visibility far better and then take this newly sonal out on
the road remember it’s because what you drive
without shifting not it’s bigger breaks that stop you
with far less effort feel how easy it is to drive and a spear yes privately so little before you
decide tomorrow steven you’ll be all meals de
soto after authorized the soho plymouth dealers now that’s a of a placement in the
library and look at the chance of the fifteen hundred dollars an array of up
to date on the road each of our three couples as twenty
dollars as much of that what is they want me to four questions the couple is the most money get a
chance of the desoto plymouth fifteen hundred dollar question of the end of
the show our other two couples are in the waiting
room on stage so they don’t know what’s happening out here you nothing i’m a fan
and i don’t know what’s going on out here illegality i’ve invented twenty dollars
you selected styles and current movies easier category that right fisher-price
placing a twenty dollars how much you got it right uh… who plays opposite around a
planning in the grade level bob hope bob hope is correct popular start with thirty dollars
lighting up a dollar times you don’t attract dot money many going for fifteen hundred dollars
an hour there was this time twelve o’clock hai gregory veterinary care right although i know i have fifty dollars effect when she got fifty aren’t you
going to try to fifty thirty dollars who plays up as a judge brand and robert
young and bright for sale aside colder powered family right now i have eighty dollars
grachev amity a demilitarized well okay who co-stars with wanda hendrix in
austin wells in prince of fox’s jump out there on time thanks and good luck from the setup when
the daily stick around i knew it still might get a chance of the big question right on the secret what it is still sky
right our next couple will save well is next uh… television expert in the house
wife selected by our studio audience just before in my rear and here they
come this is all they have roos suck add mister clifford walking beat projeto axe welcome folks with assad open avail is and what he says it’s a good lady was a
hundred dollars in cash it’s a common wife something you see
everyday this is all other grew suppossed right message rustic play from uh… achanak tau milind meaning you and mister wong million television there’s nothing we have people to show
that the city such as iran and it’s the one not on any
issue hope allegheny but u_s_ television job well i a m
ricardo also said today forget mistake you fix television sets well what makes television work well cm both the uh… lawsuit filed this in the fighting pos
was transmitted by the president station distrust and the cause i’ll polarize plane makes me feel anything and it’s detected at the well i think
that’s a good television is basically a this is our cigarettes i get the whole
thing but what is your husband illnesses rustic easiness musicians and x musician whose we’ve got fifteen
on that ended in england kidneys annex musician to make a leading
not playing an instrument but as you do now he’s working for the school right now does he play a jungle national let me let me play before the
full grain jump dealing with a vengeance now mail and then and then is nine
eighteen my family lived on a family has visiting camp and i want a magnetic are betting on a
teacher so he was taking an advantage and that it you know he’s in his unit
can happen with eating and since the eighty peabody kerrigan high-fat insisting he said he may still
taken and killed so he kind of funny stay and sign is added in the car and
make it is and then when he had a maddie carry anything and sometime in the end
of the east a can advance team and he landed here the
car in front of the windshield anytime anywhere he had his banjo in a message now let’s look at one artist placed at
ikea tommy as a television repairman just
what do you do three for television system what do you like for mr wong months television well if you had to do it over again
would you go in the television business in this uh… yes i think i love that only on the other side of the scissors
losers money involved one of the way i am with the money is is
that u_s_ right go ahead this is our program comedian and the contest in go ahead
into the army sits at his side track if you try it what’s your name wouldn’t a match made and i’ll tell you hiking or an estimate through believing i’m in television i
think’s television set essentially go ahead tell a joke i tell you something funny happened to me on way to the studio tonight has got to be a lot of any other need
fixing it i’ll go ahead you’re crystalline well my weight is still not man stopped
me phase that could you let me have space
inside of the my fam feeling sorry for them and i handed in
thirty census is a leverage your family the csc gave me in the movies complete column and was a tiananmen live down probably the movie the amendment are you going to tell us a job go ahead
with the job itself okay how did you know a what do you go for a living television set plastics or that’s what a big money elected talking to you too i’m convinced
television is still around the corner nicd going on you twenty dollars in the
more than the other two couples and get a crack at that a setup lim fifteen
hundred dollar question later i can tell you how much they won the
judgment of the state’s remind our listeners the policemen in the library
in one hundred sixty dollars every dollar sale hiding that you twenty
dollars what question category you select music by jimmy mchugh is that right and how much you want to risk talk right over the microphone if
anybody is listening in no one adult volume is anything else in about ten dollars visit nice question jerry failing plays you give me the name
of the song by gary on a sunny skies thirty dollars okay night update on the ten and a dying
for fifteen hundred dollars tonight how much of a maitre charmouse twenty dollars files on a missile what is the issue to decided upon vegas and i riding on a sex any major documents c_s_x_ line is this a good way tonight
so u_n_ honor dollars in cash compliments of the desoto clinic a list
of america file in the name of that song is how i
feel a song coming on uh… they have that practically nothing outside on the
ten dollars much of your now you know you’ve sent down to ten dollars in his
youth that question how much of the ten even a bit i will backfire five dollars gimme that side of this
make you some okay jerry idea riding out all across the
f_-fifteens my decision last chance to be the other couples how much we have
ethnic here we go what’s the name of this song from minnesota plan if it was all right
let’s set up a couple judge and i won’t be long before we noticed a big question
who’s ahead so far tenement the library on the policeman with a
hundred sixty dollars and the secret word is still sky we invited some auctioneers msm squid
and scholars to the show tonight and here comes the couple so i could just be
blowing on the air option air camcorder and sweat and scar
irene hanford meet groucho marx welcome to you that your life folks and i want to be says that the
setup women say they were the ones that i was in cash and simply it’s a common
way something you see every day we have an auction in a square dance
calling he says i i i mean hanford yes weddings cause i’d write yesterday is not a candidate the cure-all
occupation for a woman swelled money that i think women can do anything in chains ssirecruiting seller i’d like to see you again to the
steamroller the outside buddy from irene nothing and now you made known guys your msn illnesses that is a mile i know we say no i am always said hindsight i never say that had said that in years you know you know the auctioneer mister
porter where where you from ah… from champaign illinois along the event
in california mr potter i settled in the nineteen forty-five like you settle for ninety cents as an option and ninety cents an hour idea married i have a jennifer
dissembling going on and yes i made you want you on that hygienic you like to do they’re up an
option when i get my discharge other chemicals
organic and then you didn’t know where themselves argument will be the one of
them as in the bill efficient campus today when will you do is rehabilitation
cannibalism wrinkling his getting ready for the public figures company says the most important
qualification for an auctioneer well ninety five percent of it is psychology
soften up to people those i’d like to use an iphone uh… i mean you gotta of chilled yours and stuff and recover let’s go okay let’s say one of the jokes as a small allows a lot to dollar
pledges and that i mean you get a softer craddock
now with the joke with uh… sort of thing as saying i get there now bidding
on tonight still typing that they had had any admitted taking
you up and out partisan option waken mr pawan well uh… you bring up an articulate explain it presence here selling counties furniture damning rain or anything like that you
explain it explains how to the audience explain it i’d like to hear how many kids are needed to sell an item to bid simple and it doesn’t make a
massive uh… you know when the staff debating winning dating deceptive tonight on the phone
drive there way what you’re doing your uh… hawking her auctioneer action deduction city and there is really a citicorp since then
this is a big issue in the world are you not very curious to hear you get
if it suppose i got a thousand-dollar diamond ring and i want to sell it for
me no you go ahead and stuff uh… and uh… is a very gorgeous
diamond ring that is in general i think i get a lot and i have a united now they
didn’t have a get out of it now that i doubt i demanded now body double alleges that’s a about that i notice you raise your hand when you do
imagining what he did you want to ask a question captive pickup bids that made you think you want to go to
bed room and live and that’s about ten second i’ve never done square dancing group
could you describe the tippy go dancin grammy-winning easy manner complicated
life not say that media mail fellows iranian well how much orientations that right
now the uh… bridge today couples we doubt
tonight circle for illegal it’s around the network inc its
government it like you can tell but i think that’s right alas not an amended andia details their partners are left on
the side of the other two chance below poverty line to see a student id in the
home don’t like it at home and but on the allocating lesson because when and said well my t_v_ just
one definitely one might start now wish to
happen on the left hand and i know that you know so you might start out well
sitting in anyhow and loudly keep dancing in a calico not
down and that the deal neck and i can go right net panhandling and all around
maintaining and other heat related and i think we need it has pretty good acting like them passable as you want to set up an option
across the street miss square dance do you wanna take that crowd away from
an hour about uses style your auction in new
delhi is quite interesting kothari hate finally tonight at five o’clock this is
a dinosaur well i think a lot about america tonight
and then it won’t be long before when i say yes identified a startup time again you
betcha lively debate the other copper should get a crack at the fifteen
hundred dollar question i can tell you how much they want the
judges are states remind our listeners the policemen in the library in are still ahead with a hundred sixty
dollars they would all u_n_ twenty dollars that’s a live interview twenty
dollars you selected famous animals as your category okay on into the twenty one a try and
talk right of a microphone and lower tandems flammable you associate with lady godiva parts austin’s kayak from l_a_ with thirty dollars gotta say
she related items okay night at thirty dollars and i’ll be
going for fifty nine tonight how much of a thirty which i solution what kind of animals the associate with
the pied piper lines five-hour other both roden so i guess
what comes you know that yet fifty five
dollars forty five dollars one animal you
associate with jonah however if i have one hundred dollars that is available and then send our you
had a hundred dollars and here’s your last chance to be the
other couple how much at all and it would have bet on euthanasia pilates lanham of who you associate with romulus
in remiss worlds aloha patterns fire epa chapter that this i’ll
put up by paying two hundred dollar questions if you’re thinking of buying a new car
remember this naal mother never called beautiful
you’ll plymouth as the car that likes to be compare because the new plymouth is the low
price car most likely price cars it’s packed with value and ready to approve
it nao had to be so plymouth dealers check the value in this great you call
yourself feature by feature against out of any other leading low priced car compare the convenience of the new york
limits ignition key starting the soaring powerless high compression
engine the velvety comfort of it’s improved
their pillow ride a quick sure stops of its safeguard hydraulic brakes and many
other features explosive with a great meal plan you’ll discover that this beautiful
europe limit offers you what truly sensational newell hypo value in the low
priced field tomorrow c_v_r_ american beauty bug
right your plymouth actively sought opened at theaters and while you’re
there don’t miss the brilliant new lease
although as well our car that’s truly new applying his car that is out of a
woman named assault land while you decide ultimately there
is so proud of these two who’s superb cars a great deal plymouth and the
brilliant you know this auto and here is the auctioneer was wet and
scholar bowling couple already by the decide our planet one thousand five
hundred dollar question brush off uh… about a kid you know the specifics
of the above professional television and this is the time to talk a ivy league of
fifteen hundred dollars twenty eight fifteen seconds this item
one single answer between you something kathleen please uh… pmi org abraham lincoln was out on as president
spending sixty four in a stocking feet for one thousand five hundred dollars
tell me who was i shot as president as the issue to decided upon missus
grant and i’m sorry what james madison who was
five-feet far so that means that the question actually
but we went to a thousand dollars when he lost the big money but you want to
add that i was in the quiz congratulations and thanks to both of
you your bet your life he’s a darn good l
production transcriber hollywood directed by bob blonde and granny smith music by jerry feeling featured in again next wednesday night
at this time for the grotto marcio audio that your life reasonable eleven three
thousand is on top of the owners of america i remember all dealers who sell his
uncle’s also self limit joel gray car more products of the chrysler
corporation and offered at next week the big question will be worth who thousand dollars while it’s almost
time for bing crosby cell denied box in a manner justice dot there was seen on this are
not leonard products as a reminder uh… diam seems like a lot of money to
a small child especially when that time is part of the
money you give the march of dimes and that child is a victim of infantile
paralysis send all the times and dollars you can
stay at the local market bonds headquarters there’s a george venneman signing on for
the more than three thousand e subtle caterpillar’s from coast to coast

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  1. after you poison some one and you kill other by infect them,, do you think all these still have a life,, looooooooool,, are you joking idiots,, you push it too hard

  2. O quee é isso ?????????
    N entendi nada óbvio n falo em inglês mas acho que seja um humorista bem antigo ,
    Como vim parar Aki , até eu queria saber ,

  3. oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka ooga ooga

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