100 thoughts on “Women Eat Like Zendaya For A Day”

  1. I don't know why people hate vegetables. I also eat meat but it's always with vegetables. I hate seeing people not eating their food and whine about the kind of food when they already signed up for it. They should have just take this as a challenge 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Just because you're a vegetarian, doesn't mean your healthy. I've known quite a few vegetarians that look like they were dying.

  3. After looking at this video, buzzfeed should have done a retake with different members of staff. These two clearly are close minded when it comes to food and that level of complaining was unnecessary.

  4. the question is how much of each meal does Zendaya eat before she has to go do something… Unless she has a superhuman metabolism I don't see how she can eat all of that and stay so thin

  5. Destinee: i’m on a health kick
    also destinee: only liked the taco bell gordita crunch out of all the delicious meals with vegetables in them

  6. Why even agree to eat the meals if you have a problem with vegetables, a problem with eggs, why didn't they just pick people who aren't gonna be drama queens about food. I'm sure at least two other people wouldn't have complained so much. Jfc.

  7. Looks like they ate all the food during the work day. It was probably just in the span of a few hours, rather than the course of a whole day. Also, Zendaya is very young and probably eats more because of that and probably is really busy, including workouts and gets hungrier. Also, as someone pointed out with the lack of meat, she probably has to eat more because of that.

  8. I don’t think they realize that Zendaya has a high metabolism. She needs to eat a lot more food than most people. As someone who also has a high metabolism I can tell you that I’d definitely still be hungry after all of that.

  9. Y’all didn’t get closer to Zendaya cuz y’all weren’t open to what she ate. Plus If y’all like her how do you not know she’s vegetarian? So much complaining over a vegetables which are delicious!

  10. This video reminds me of my aunt

    Constantly on a diet to try and loose weight but refuses/whines when she has to eat any veggies.

  11. She is so annoying like omg finally meat it’s been like 4 hours since you last ate meat like are you an meat addict orrrrrr okurrr

  12. Man, people just have different opinions. That day's meals looked amazing to me. Well, minus the Taco Bell. I like Taco Bell alright, but give me veggie curry or a veggie omelette anyday!

  13. Should really be titled “two women complaining for 8 minutes and 47 seconds for trying Zendaya’s postmates orders.”

  14. I thought they were Zendaya fans Zendaya has been a vegetarian since shake it up I thought this was common knowledge

  15. I’m sorry but when you do these videos please have people that don’t complain, it just puts viewers off of the video and ruins the whole watching experience, to a point where we don’t want to watch anymore

  16. I'm not a vegetarian, but all of this looks delicious. I'd be 500lbs if I ate like that every day but I'd be happy.
    Yall complaining about veggies is a little sad, like why as a grown woman can you not just stfu and eat the veggies without whining about it.
    Also, I always "make it meatless" at taco bell, the meat is too salty and the beans make it way more filling. especially the cheesy gordita, it's a favorite but it's basically a triple priced taco.

  17. I think people pretend not to like things because they think it makes them more interesting and unique. Doesn’t though. Not at all.

  18. Y’all gotta leave them alone. If you don’t like a certain type of food, it isn’t a problem to complain about it. It’s literally the same as asking to take out pickles out of a burger. I mean, it’s a little annoying to complain about something so little but at least they aren’t going like “Oh my god, why are there veggies in my burgers! I hate veggies. I’m gonna die” but they are actually trying to eat. Y’all people on the internet just got to let people live life how they want to.

    I respect your opinions, but how would you feel if you didn’t like a food and then people started complaining about it and shaming you for being “picky”. At least they know they were acting a little picky with the vegetables at the end.

  19. I'm confused. This just looked as if there were feeded every 10 minutes!! Might as well just do a mukbang with whatever she eats…

  20. Damn all of this food is great and i'm vegetarian and can vouch for the amount of times Zendaya eats because in order to get the amount of protein needed you need to eat a lot of veggies.

  21. I’m not a vegetarian but I’d have loved to try those meals !! Also not hating on destinee but I’m genuinely interested in what she eats. Because even if she eats meat, she said she’s on a health kick. And if she also cuts the carbs, what possibly can she eat with the meat if not vegetables?

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