Why No One Should Dim a Phone Screen

Why No One Should Dim a Phone Screen

Even though cell phones have dramatically
changed since the 90s, loads of myths surrounding them are still the same! The more megapixels the phone’s camera has,
the better images you get; the dimmer the screen is, the better it’s for your eyes;
overnight charging harms the battery, smartphones can float! Nah, I made that one up. Smartphone myths are numerous and persistent. So let’s pop some of these dubious bubbles,
shall we? 1. Cell phones can start a fire at a gas station. No one will argue that petroleum gas is highly
flammable and can be started by a spark. This spark can come from a lighter, matches,
or static electricity – but not your smartphone. The only way the device can start a fire is
if it has a defective battery (which is pretty much unlikely). There’s no evidence of something like that
ever happening. Why cell phones are banned at gas stations
is probably because they can and do distract drivers from the task at hand. And being careless and inattentive while fueling
your car can lead to serious accidents. 2. Charging a smartphone overnight damages the
device. There is a valid reason why your cell phone
is called “smart.” Thanks to the built-in protection, it knows
when it’s supposed to stop charging. And if a decade ago overcharging could indeed
damage the battery, you don’t need to worry about such an outcome these days. 3. If you’ve dropped your smartphone in water,
put it in rice. Many people believe that the moisture-loving
grains will absorb water out of all the nooks and crannies of their soaked phone. But here’s the problem: rice doesn’t soak
up just any liquid that happens to be nearby. To absorb water, rice grains have to be in
direct contact with it. Even worse, when rice starch gets mixed with
liquid, it produces a paste that can gum up your smartphone’s delicate electronics. Experiments showed that after 48 hours, rice
still managed to absorb only 13% of the moisture out of the phones. By the time the devices got completely dry,
corrosion had already damaged their fragile electronic insides. So about the best you can get here is Smartphone
Sushi, but I can’t imagine it tasting very good! 4. Your phone can cook an egg. This myth became popular after a viral Internet
article – lots of people believed that radio waves a cell phone emits were so powerful
that you could boil an egg by placing it between two devices. Well, bad news for the lovers of unconventional
cooking methods. The amount of radiation a cell phone emits
is so small that you would need 7,000 smartphones to boil an egg – and even this number is very
approximate since nobody has checked it yet. 5. A smartphone can demagnetize your credit cards. “Never keep your phone together with your
credit card!” – you’ve probably heard this recommendation, and not once. Your gadget does have a magnetic field, but
it’s so weak that it won’t affect your bank cards in any way. A fridge magnet, on the other hand, might
cause your credit card to stop working! 6. Magnets can delete data from your smartphone. If it’s the most powerful magnet on Earth,
probably. Also, if you keep your info on floppy disks
and tapes. A modern-day smartphone? Impossible. Magnets can do no permanent damage to your
phone. There are even several tiny magnets inside
your smartphone used for specific functions. Modern phones have solid-state drives that
don’t need magnetism for storing data. What a magnet CAN do is interfere with your
phone’s compass. You may say, “Ok, I don’t need it anyway!” But then your navigation apps, like GPS and
all kinds of maps, won’t be able to determine your position, and game applications won’t
understand your phone’s orientation. 7. Let your phone’s battery drain completely
before recharging. One of the worst things you can do to your
phone’s battery is to keep draining it. Every lithium-ion battery has a certain number
of charge cycles (which is running the battery from 100 to 0%). Modern phone batteries have about 400 to 500
cycles. And if you let your battery drain every day,
your phone won’t last longer than a year and a half. Some experts recommend draining your phone’s
battery completely only if your device quits working at 20% charge. Then emptying the battery might help you recalibrate
its level sensor. 8. The more megapixels your camera has, the better
photos you’ll get. Most people are sure that the number of megapixels
is the best indicator of how good your pictures are gonna be. What they don’t know is that not the number
of megapixels but their quality plays the main role here. A 12-megapixel camera can be way better than
a 16-megapixel one. High-quality pixels are also larger, and fewer
of them have to be crammed into a single picture. 9. 4G uses more data than 3G. Since the 4G connection is faster, most people
believe that it uses more data. But whatever connection you use, 5 MB of data
is still 5 MB of data. With 4G, you’ll just need less time to download
it. The only reason why 4G eats your Internet
package too soon is that your downloads are faster, and you use more data in a shorter
period of time. 10. The dimmer the screen is, the better. After all, it saves your battery, and that’s
a good thing, right? Well, your optician will disagree. If your smartphone’s screen is too dim, you’ll
have to strain your eyes. And even though it’s unlikely to lead to any
permanent damage, you’ll get headaches and tired eyes. If your screen brightness is higher than 50%,
though, you should keep it down a bit. An over-bright screen can cause lots of short-term
eye issues, from irritation to dry eyes and strain. 11. Better specifications mean better performance. While buying a brand-new phone, you expect
to enjoy fast speed, long battery life, and other perks. But in reality, even if a phone has great
specs on paper, its performance may be not so satisfying, depending on its application
compatibility, build quality, and other factors. 12. Smartphones emit harmful radiation. Modern cell phones give off electromagnetic
waves. The same waves make your radio work. The EM radiation frequency your smartphone
emits is completely safe for you. This fact has been proven by thousands of
published articles, placing the topic of phone radiation among the most researched. 13. If you make a call while your phone is charging,
it may catch fire. There have been several cases when devices
started burning, but it happened because of low-quality batteries, suspicious second-hand
chargers, and dubious charging methods (for example, trying to charge a phone from too-high-voltage
lines). If you have original batteries and chargers
(in the way they should be used), you can use a charging phone in any way you want,
including making calls. It’ll just take longer for the phone to charge,
that’s all. 14. The larger your phone’s battery capacity is,
the longer it will serve. The battery life mostly depends on how much
power your device consumes. That’s why if you have two smartphones with
the same battery capacity, the one with more efficient electronics and screen will last
longer on a single charge. How you use your phone also influences battery
life. Playing games, taking photos, using social
media drains your battery a mile a minute. 15. Close background apps to boost your phone’s
performance. At first sight, it sounds very logical – the
more apps your phone’s running, the more battery it’s burning. But in reality, both Android and iOS can multitask,
and background apps aren’t running, they’re just ready for a fast re-launch and don’t
consume a lot of energy. By closing background applications, you waste
more battery because your phone has to spend more resources on opening an app than on re-launching
it. 16. Using incognito mode will protect your privacy. Privacy issues are on the rise these days. It makes more and more people use the private
or incognito mode while browsing the Internet to keep their personal information safe. It’s believed to be a secure way to protect
your data. The private mode does prevent your browser
from storing your cookies, passwords, and other information. But it doesn’t equal an encrypted connection,
and other people, for example, Internet service providers, can see your browsing history. Plus, no incognito mode will protect your
device from malware. For that, you need an antivirus. Finally, if you like my Smartphone Sushi idea,
tell me all about your recipes in the comments! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
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on the Bright Side of life!

100 thoughts on “Why No One Should Dim a Phone Screen”

  1. can you please stop reapeting over the things you say,every video on phones you upload its the same things but the videos are helpful tho

  2. ok bright side i’m not healthy but i have been playing my ipad full brightness no glasses on for 17 hours every day for 5 years and … have i gone blind?? no so that’s a lie no body gets blind by doing it.

  3. It's funny that he tells you about charging your phone while making a call.. It will not damage or burning your phone.. But he didn't tell you about the damages caused from radiaton to your ear & brain . Ah ha! =p

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  5. Bright side " it's a myth that charging your phone overnight damages the battery."
    Remembers several brightside videos saying " don't charge your phone overnight, it damages the battery and shortens it's life."

  6. Uh? Mine is dimmed all the time. I thpught the blue light from the screen was bad for your eyes 🤔
    I am confused now

  7. 2:22 My phone got soaked once, I did the rice method and it turned the phone on long enough (about 10 minutes) for me to hook it up to my laptop and save all my data. After that, it broke (before water-resistant iPhones) but at least I didn't lose anything!

  8. 1:13 a guy crashed into some petrol station and starts raving inside the burning car, then it says "Some Minutes Later" or something then its him getting arrested while in the background it says "Suspect is armed" REALLY ARMED?

  9. Use silica gel bags to get the water out of your water resistant smartphones, so that the speaker doesn’t sound bad. The water doesn’t enter the internals but it remains for a long time in speaker grill sometimes damaging it

  10. Hi bright side.
    i would like to see a video of which is better Android or IOS
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  11. 6:04 I know it says to dim your screen in the title then in the vid it says not to but go to 6:04 and there’s a small reason why not to.

  12. so how do you find out the quality of your pixels your phone has? compare with your friends phone on # of pixels and actual photos or??

  13. High quality pixels and aperture size actually affects the photo quality 🤔
    Aperture size decides how much light is supposed to fill out your pictures.
    So a 16mp camera with a 2.2 aperture would be worse than 12mp camera with a 1.8 aperture. So don't get fooled by big numbers check aperture size as well! DSLRs have better apertures even if you buy a 16mp one so photos come out beautifully sharp!

  14. I don't agree with the 3th one because my smartphone once I had dropped it in water bucket and it was not working but as I had capped it in air tight container of rice and silica gel (given with shoes ) after 2 to 3 weeks later It had came to life my smartphone but on display it was having some water droplet visible buy after a month i had all cleared. And my smartphone was working properly.

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  17. Number 3 is true, i dropped my phone in the toilet and i took the battery and chip and put my phone in rice for 12 hour and it worked and it's been a year and my phone still works like New

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