what happens when it was killed and what happens when you eat that flesh please listen our flesh as a capacity to store the memory all our memories are stored recorded in our flesh you can call it as different names you can call it as a muscle bone marrow bone different names you can give but it is stored in our body in that you can give a deeper inner names brain heart liver kidney different names of the organs but the ultimate truth I wanted to present all of you memories gets stored in our flesh in our body that is why certain memories when they are rekindled in you certain organs in your body gets immediately affected I can give the example if you become upset start feeling depressed immediately your stomach will be attacked you will have stomach upset because the depression attacks the navel Center in sanskrit we have a word money porridge a chakra the energy center situated in the navel so each emotion each memory heals our kills makes our brakes certain part of your body your emotions and your body is very closely connected because your memories are recorded in your body when an animal is killed the animal is not going to be blessing all of us in the world when it is dying naturally it is going to express so much of hatred fear anger unfulfilled desire for life yet deep incompletion when it is dying it is going to release such powerful incompletion into its muscle memory into its bio-memory into its body please understand it carries yes subtle but very powerful poisonous toxins because every time you are affected you are attacked by the emotions like fear anger anxiety powerlessness incompletion you know the amount of adrenaline happens in your life amount of the toxic chemicals spreads in your body when you are raging with anger you know what happens to you a system when you are agitated you know what happens to your system please understand the same thing exactly happens to the animal which is getting killed for various reasons so the animal is not going to die in the space of completion blessing all of us and the whole world know it is going to die leaving so much of incompletion into its body please understand when you eat that body what are you eating poisonous toxic chemicals the flesh filled with so much of negative ideas flesh filled with so much of negative memories so much of incompletions so the basic truth when you eat food filled with so much of incomplete bio-memory incomplete bio energy the incomplete memories what is going to happen to our muscle-memory and bio-memory to our body please understand your muscle-memory our bio-memory is going to be created only out of what you eat the subtlest part of your food becomes your muscle-memory subtlest part of your food becomes your bio-memory if the subtlest part of your food is associated with so much of fear anxiety unfulfilled desire for life in completion then what kind of bio-memory muscle memory it is going to create in your body you have to decide you can visualize sometimes people ask me then how come people who eat non-vegetarian seems to be leading a so-called normal life who said who said they are eating normal life please understand look at the depression ratio look at the people suffering with the depression and the countries suffering with highest crime rates you can directly connect the both to their diet there are tons and tons of researches research papers available in the internet you can study tons and tons of social surveys available in the Internet you can study you need to understand see the non-vegetarian food based society and vegetarian food based society see the crime rate and their depression then you will understand the question itself is wrong please understand vegetarian all the surveys true vegetarians are happier than meat-eaters and all the surveys prove vegetarians are more nonviolent in their thinking and feeling and in their actions than meat-eaters study in nutrition journal finds vegetarians have lower incidence of depression anxiety and other mood problems than they are meat-eating neighbors so you need to know you become what you need in sanskrit we have a beautiful verse by one of the great saint sage adi shankara purifying your food purifies your memory when your memory is purified your consciousness is purified when the consciousness is purified all the blessings of life is showered on you please listen you become what you eat based on what you eat your body is created your bio-memory is created your bioenergy is created so if you add continuously food filled with incompletion fear depression anxiety then what are you going to experience constantly inside you only that so when you see a non-veg food in your plate be very clear you are taking plate full of depression plate full of fear plate full of anxiety plate full of chemicals and toxins released during the fear when the animal is being terrorized and plate full of incompletions look this understanding and then decide should you eat this or not let you all achieve experience live express radiate share and explode in eternal bliss nithyananda dhyanapeetam nithyananda nagar of mysuru bidadi Bengaluru phone zero eight zero two seven two seven double nine double nine www.mechkia.mccafferty.com


  1. Christians and Muslims celebrate their important festivals with meat but not the religions in India like Hindus Jains Buddhists and Sikhs …… This is difference between abrahamic religions and dharmic religions

  2. very true, although much aggression anger violence, psychosisetc are largely induced by modern medicine check out; making a killing; the untold story of psychotropic drugging

  3. We can't get away from the karma of killing living beings. All the memories of the animals are stored in their muscles, including the terror of being killed. Thank You for this awareness, Swamiji.

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