What’s Your Favourite Food | GCN Asks The Pros

What’s Your Favourite Food | GCN Asks The Pros

– Just to the right of me, your left, I’ve got a whole heap of riders who are probably doing their
best to try and avoid me, but don’t worry, I’m going to go in there and find out exactly what their
favorite pre-race meal is, and also, what’s their
favorite food in general? So let’s go and do just that. (upbeat music) Right, what’s your favorite
food to eat before racing? – Uh, favorite food is
pizza but I can’t eat pizza every night before the race, so normally, simple one, pasta with a little bit of tomato and probably bit of fish. – Oh, favorite pre-race meal’s
not a good pre-race meal. (laughter) Full breakfast, but not very often you can have that before a race. So I’ll go with porridge. – So a full breakfast, what’s
that, sausage, beans, egg, tomato, everything basically,
everything that’s bad for you. – Everything that’s good for
a hangover and bad for a race. – Perfect. The Flying Mullet. – It’s really boring, but
rice with eggs and oil. Just very easy to digest, and really fast carbohydrates to race on. – And what’s your favorite meal if it’s not to do with bike racing? – Spare-ribs. – Nice. – Favorite meal is just, keep
it simple, you know, like two eggs with a lot of rice, and then a bit of olive
oil and Parmigiano. – Okay, and what about your favorite food, if you’re not racing? – My favorite food is kind of
um, it’s typical for my home, it’s like mashed potatoes
with a lot of cheese, from my hometown in
Auvergne, and you mix it up together, and so it’s kind of heavy, but it’s very good off-season. – What’s that called? I think I’ve had it. – Yeah, it’s Tartiflette. – Yeah Tartiflette, yeah it’s nice that. It’s not very healthy,
it’s a lot of cheese. – No no, yeah yeah. – Favorite, it’s not really
my favorite but like oatmeal and then omelets with some
toast and that’s about it, it’s not my favorite but
that’s what I need to eat. – What’s your favorite? – I’m a Belgian, so french
fries is my favorite. – And maybe a beer as well? – Yeah, at home. – It’s always pasta,
it’s always been pasta, I’ve always been upset
when teams have tried to make the race gluten
free, I’m just a pasta fiend. – And what about your
favorite meal, in general? – Oh, it’s my Mom’s Ossobuco. – What is that? – You don’t know Ossobuco? – No. – Man, do some research. – There we are, back to
the cookery book for me. – Pasta, I think, yeah. – And what about when it’s not a race day, what’s your favorite food? – I like really carbos in general, but fruit also, mostly
healthy food I like, I think it’s part of the job
and it’ part of my lifestyle. – So no frites for you? – It’s actually already quite
long time ago that I had some. – Oh yeah? – Yeah, yeah, I think I live
now three years in Merelbeke and it was actually
funny because last year I had one guy who was riding next to me, and he say “ah tell me the best
french fries shop, Laurens.” And I say “(bleeps) I’m
sorry, but I cannot tell you.” Because, yeah, I think it’s
already two, three years ago that I had some french fries, so, yeah, I love it, but now you
talk about it, okay, when I’m back I need to take some. – When it comes to food, what do you like to eat before a race? – Mostly simply things
that digest quite fast, especially in the heat here down under I just eat white bread, cup of tea, really light stuff actually. – And what about when
you’re not going to go out for a bike ride,
what’s your favorite food? – Um, out here, when I don’t have a race, like avocado, smashed avocado
or something like this. – No frites? You’re from Belgium, I thought that fries would be all right, but. – Yeah fries are doable,
but mostly I don’t take them in preparation to the classics now. – No.
– No. – For me, if I have the
resources, I’ll make, I’ll get a mixing bowl,
I’ll put oats in there, I’ll put a whole bunch of dates in there or use coconut milk, and I’ll blend it up, I’ll put it in the fridge,
and have overnight oats in the morning, and it’s super nice. – And what’s your favorite
food, outside of that? – Outside of that, that’s a good question. You got me on the spot. Favorite. – Um, I reckon it’s old school pasta. – What’s your favorite food
when you’re not at a race? – Big fan of the Japanese cuisine, so would always go for sushi. – I love raw cakes, I’ve got
an addiction for raw cakes. This is terrible, ’cause they’re like 700 calories per 100g almost,
they’re made from cashew nuts or some type of, you know what I mean? And they use coconut
oil to make them solid or they use cacao butter
which is even, you know, it’s pure fat, but I have a little addiction to these things. – I do like an omelet,
yeah, get some protein and it’s tasty as well. – And what’s your favorite
food outside of racing? – I’m going to say pizza. – It’s a fine choice. What would you put on the topping? – No pineapple.
– I was going to ask you that. – No, no pineapple. I love cheese, I mean, I’m
dutch, you got to love cheese. – Edam, gouda, all this? – Yeah yeah, exactly, yeah,
old Amsterdam’s nice too, I don’t know if that works on a pizza but it’s a great cheese. – What’s your favorite
food to eat before a race? – Bacon. – Bacon? – Yeah. – I didn’t expect that. – What’s your favorite food
when you’re not racing? – Maybe sushi, I’ll eat anything though. – Um, (sighs) used to, that’s changed, now I just see it as fuel, so anything that’s going to
make me go faster unfortunately which is a terribly dull answer. Used to be, back in the
Trek Livestrong days we’d have like we would get
burritos, rice burritos, which were a great time, that’s
about as good as it’s got, now it’s generally rice, an omelet, or pasta and chicken,
something quite dull. – What’s your favorite food
though, outside of all this? – Yeah, chocolate, Cadbury’s
when I’m in the U.K. Whittakers when I’m in New Zealand, packet of McCoys salt and vinegar crisps. But you can sometimes get a dodgy packet, so it has to be a good packet, you know. And just a solid burger and chips. – I was hoping there’d be
a meal in there somewhere, not just junk food, well it’s kind of junk food though, init? – It’s all junk food, but I think anyone that says otherwise is lying. – We’ve had some liars so far. – I’m going to be boring and
just say porridge, sorry. – That’s all right, boring,
at least your being honest. And what’s your favorite food though, if you’re not on the bike? – That’s a tough one, I
do like a lot of food. Probably, yeah probably say
Mexican food is just good, I mean there’s a lot of
food in that category, but all of it does it for
me, good flavors and that. – So that’s your death-row meal basically? – Yeah yeah, definitely, some
nachos or something, you know. – Before a race, it’s
simple, porridge really, it’s good breakfast,
maybe an omelet as well, yeah, like porridge, get a few nuts, bit of honey in there, perfect. – Mix it up a bit. What’s your favorite food
to have outside of a race? – Well, if we’re trying
to be good, really good tuna steak on the barbie, love doing that, got a barbie on the balcony
at ours, at home, so. – I quite often see actually on Instagram you having a barbecue. What was that chicken, you used to go to a chicken place,
what was that called? Roosters. – Roosters, that’s it,
that’s pulled out your head. You’re going back there till
I was still in Southampton, but I love, my girlfriend
now, Abby, is always still ripping for me,
because she hates the smell, of you know when you
marinade the Nando’s chicken? So I’m always doing
like piri piri marinade and letting it waft around
the house and in barbecue, and she hates the smell of it,
and I do it every other day. – There we are, some of
the pros favorite foods. I’ve got to say, I was more
surprised that the Belgians didn’t like fries, and also
a burrito before a race? That would repeat on you a little bit. Let us know though, what is
your favorite pre-race meal to have down there in the
comment section below, and why not chuck in too
what your favorite food is. Get involved in that comment section. Also remember to check out the GCN shop at shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com, we’ve got loads for you
to check out over there, and now for two more great videos, how about clicking just down
here, and just down here. Nice and sunny today,
can’t beat it down under.

100 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Food | GCN Asks The Pros”

  1. I would love to know if a current pro could ride with or race against some cycling legend who would it be.

  2. White bread from whatever small local bakery, peanut butter, banana. Add some Weetbix and milk if it’s gonna be a long day.

  3. https://www.google.com/search?q=binging+with+babish+osso+buco&oq=binging+with+babish+osso&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l2.6318j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  4. Pre race-chocolate porridge with banana then maybe a flapjack 1hour before the race
    Not before a race-enchiladas,pizza or an ice cream Sunday

  5. I don't race, but before my longer rides, I like a bowl of oatmeal with a couple squares of dark chocolate melted into it, and two scrambled eggs. 🚴

  6. It depends on how you want to go with the race, no?! They are pro. Kiel was the funniest: bacon. It has proteins, fats, calories, carbs (from the beer), love it!

  7. I am absolutely loving all these interviews from Jon. He's a natural! Though I have to laugh at some of the riders who barely have 3 words to say.

  8. And the conclusion of this video is never accept a cyclist to make you and interesting meal. I will go for some Mexican food though .

  9. can't speak to pro-level race, but I can say that Taco Bell is NOT best before a workout…should be obvious, but sadly learned the hard (or soft) way…

  10. I never thought of having rice with eggs. I have 1 egg white with toast and when I'm not pedaling I got to have some pizza, DiGiorno's pepperoni

  11. Jon comes into his stride for interviews and the Tech show, and GCN moved him?! Something seems odd about whomever controls GCN.

  12. Osso Buco is great I make it 4 or 5 times a year. This past year I have been trying traditional Korean recipes. I am addicted to Kimchi, so much so I make my own.

  13. Favourite pre ride meal is steel cut oats, blueberries, and almonds. Favourite regular meal is a pizza with sourdough crust, olive oil, chorizo, red pepper, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, olives, mixture of gruyere and parmesano.

  14. GCN please make a compilation of all the "hhmmm" "ahhhhhhhh" ummmm" "uhhhh" sounds the pros make in this video 🤣🤣it would be hilarious xD

  15. I don't race…. sportive is about as hard as it gets but pre ride i like 2 smashed banana's with a splash of warm water, then 50g oats heated dry in a pan with 75g blueberries till they just colour the oats. Pour it into the smashed banana's and mix with a bit if cinnamon or ginger. If being naughty a drizzle of organic honey.

    Favourite non ride food – good old cod & chips with mushy peas from the chip shop and a couple of slices of heavily buttered bread to make a chip sandwich.

  16. I hope anyone noticed this comment could give me a new carbon roadbike for my birthday gift this year…just a 2000 dollars roadbike….pleaseee…i just can't afford it but i want one

  17. Pre ride food porridge with honey and banana or pasta favourite off bike food is stir fry noodles or a Sunday roast

  18. A burrito makes perfect sense to me. Rice and the tortilla for some carbs, eggs and beans for protein, fresh salsa for some veggies and taste. Man, now I want a burrito. Do I have to ride afterward though?

  19. Does anyone know what they mean when they just say ‘pasta’? Is it just plain and simple pasta? I’m curious if they embellish it or not…otherwise it must suck. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. Favorite pre-race/ride food is oatmeal with raisins. Favorite meal outside of racing/riding: barbecue, specifically burnt ends .

  21. What??? You don't know osso buco? Do your research… Ouch, unseasoned reporter will soon learn his culinary classics. Fun stuff to watch, and yes the winner is the good old boring pasta… Habits die hard.

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