What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

“Swiggy!” “Swiggy?” “Swiggy!” “Who’s Swiggy?” “Who’s Swiggy?!” “Yes, sir… me.” “Don’t you want your license? Come!” The story of this gentleman, who shirked upon hearing his own name… …Started 23 years ago. “Bring him for his vaccination next week.
What have you named him?” “His name is Swiggy.” “Swiggy?” Yes, he was named Swiggy. “Swiggy!” The bubble first burst when he saw his name in writing. The harder you blow on a wound, the more it burns. In 2000, when a girl tried to befriend him… “Hi! My name is Swati.” “What’s your name?” …It was like someone touched a raw nerve. “I’ll just come back.” He changed schools… “Sonal!” “Present miss!” “Swapnil!” “Present!” “Swiggy!” “Swiggy?” “Hey, speak up!” …But how could he change his name? At a score of 99, when someone called out
to him from behind… “We need just one run, Swiggy!” …His wicket fell. “Oh man!” And when called up-front… “Swiggy.” “Hello, ma’am.”
…His face fell. “Yes, ma’am. Your name?” “Sarita.” “Thank you.” “Nice name, ma’am.” “Thanks.” Like you, our Swiggy delivery partners, too,
have nice names. So, next time, don’t call them
“Swiggy” “Sameer.” “Yes, ma’am.” “Thank you!” Call them by their name.

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  1. Same applies to online shopping delivery people.. They are not amazon ,flipkart snapdeal etc etc.. Please ask their name. And call them by their name

  2. The swiggy deliver boys are mad. They are uneducated. Today the swiggy delivery boy called me 5 times for a delivery and I said something because he was audible. The order of Ray 140*
    And I gave him, 500. He said he doesn't have change . I gave him 540 rupees so he could have me 400, back. He raised me as a fake customer. And applied rather 75 rupess to my account. Can you believe. People please don't order anything from swiggy.

  3. https://youtu.be/zC0Xi031b5c

    First pay your delivery agents properly and then air these kind of advertisement. Shame on you guys

  4. #WhatsInAName lol, guys give them name badges to put on their uniform. That big yellow swiggy popping out of black t-shirt makes no sense after this ad. How did he know the future that there will be an app and he should be practiced to be ashamed of his name. Don't be so sensitive it is okay to laugh at such things instead of making videos with a fancy voiceover to add to the intensity. The world is already intense don't add to it. Deliver food, not messages. And get this character some self respect too. lol

  5. Deal. Oye aaj se koi SWIGGY nahi bolega…… Ha koi bhi SWIGGY bloe ga hi nahi. Abe SWIGGY . nahi bolna.😁😉. …… Nice ad yaar. Really nice.


  7. nice video.lekin ap log itna soch te inlogo ke liya?toh ek kam karo ad pe paisa barbad na karo.unlogoko ek acha sa jacekt de do wintr pe.but uspe apna branding na karo. t shirt pe bhi branding na karo… ek name plate lagado bas…..hum log ek kadam age aye unko khudke nam se bulaye…ab company kaya age ayega? aur sab se pehele sare delivery boy k mobile pe ye wala video pucho.kolkata pe 6delivery boy k sath ye ad leke bat kiya..lekin koi iske bare me janta hi nahi….

  8. Good add…… I liked that swiggy company cares about its employees……. Rather than that please available swiggy in firozabad also…..

  9. 🔴🔴 உஷார்!

    ஆன்லைன் சாப்பாடா? இனி கவனம் தேவை!

    Watch:- https://youtu.be/CRc6timQbVE

    நாம் ஆர்டர் செய்யும் சாப்பாட்டின் நிலை!!!

  10. #Swiggy & other Online Food Delivery services etc. Delivery guy eats the food & packs it back. Hope companies STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY. Customers BEWARE.


  11. Nice thinking. Swiggy is the fastest food delivery company in Kolkata.No other food delivery company as fast as Swiggy ..We respect Swiggy delivery boy..called them their original name…Love you SWIGGY..

  12. are bhai kyu ad dikhate ho har videos k beech me. ab chahe kuch bhi ho jaye kabhi swiggy se khana nai mangaunga.. le lo apna

  13. Bhai koi jaan bhujkar nahi krta hai. Practical hai and comfortable rhta hai. Abhi jb tak aadat nahi pdegi chnge ki. Phle brands ka nam hi chalta tha executive ka nhi isliye. But ab time badal raha hai me bhi puri koshish karunga. hamesha. But ek baat, unki pahchan aur jarurat swigy ya unke employer brand se hi hai sab logo ko, unhe jis reason se phli bar janenge usi se jodenge. Log mobile me number bhi ese hi save karte hain

  14. Its really a good pr commercial from swiggy yes that delivery boys also have self respect they do the good work of feeding our hunger.

  15. Sir good food vijayanagaram dist salur lo kuda open chestharu ani waiting chesthunnamu salur all peoples exlent food i am waiting appudu khana vasthundi ani waiting chesthunnamu

  16. Fuck off stop with these ads on YouTube
    I don't even eat outside food!!!
    These ads r irritating!!! U should ask for ads based on one's eco chamber

  17. Wow such a sweet and respectful video
    Loved it
    Infact loved every advertisement of yours

    Great work and great services

  18. After watching this ad months back i try my best to call them by there name.. Infact ola and uber driver too…

  19. What the fuck was this? As a customer what's wrong in addressing you by your company name. They don't need to call you by your name and as a matter of fact you'll be busy and it doesn't matter. It seemed like you're running out of content. You suck!

  20. Amazon guy comes, we say Amazon
    If Pizza Hut guy comes, we say pizza Hut
    If flipkart guy comes, we say flipkart
    If swiggy comes, we say swiggy

    I don't see anything g wrong in it

    It's just an emotional commercial

    But liked the attempt to make a difference

  21. very very bad services providing swiggy , Stay away from swiggy , Stop and ban services in india , don't play with customer health , medical emergency i have been waiting from last 14 hours not yet received my order .

  22. everything is good but when you pay online and some reason you cancel the order swiggy take your money and didn't refund same thing happened with me ( order no 35128564221 [email protected]) never trust swiggy again

  23. I'm tired of sight ad…Swiggy is not available in my area..why are you sending me messages and showing ads in most of YouTube videos. First provide the service then show us ads

  24. Ye kya hai ye swiggy ke fevour mai hai ya against kya frk padta hai hame koi rista nahi bana na hme swiggy se order kr ke delivar boy ghar deta hai vo harbaar alag alag hota hai sirf swiggy name change nahi hota so ye bohot rubbish plot hai swiggy keh kr bulaya thats very proud think i guess

  25. #swiggy
    Sir if you are not able to operate in Delhi then please shut it down and have some break on hills, pathetic & awful service. please don't be sorry about that. Happen 3 to 4 times. Just waste my time and money. On mission #uninstallswiggy
    Order: #39890940170

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