What is the MSC and why is certified sustainable seafood important?

What is the MSC and why is certified sustainable seafood important?

People have relied on the oceans as a source
of food and for their livelihoods for thousands of years. As technology has advanced we have been capable
of fishing more intensively. So looking after the oceans and the resources they provide
is more important now than ever before. If the oceans are to be healthy, productive
and full of fish in the future, we have to fish sustainably. Sustainable fishing reduces environmental
impacts, leaves more fish in the sea and harms fewer marine animals. Sustainable fisheries have good management
practices. The Marine Stewardship Council standard allows
fisheries to show that they are well managed, and that they fish in a sustainable way. The MSC uses its blue ecolabel to identify
seafood that has come from sustainable fisheries certified to its standard. The Ecolabel is already displayed on tens
of thousands of products in over one hundred countries around the world. Consumers who want to play their part in maintaining
and improving the health of the oceans can look for and choose seafood with the distinctive
blue MSC Ecolabel. It is vital that we safeguard the oceans resources
and protect people’s livelihoods for the future. To do this we need to work together.

5 thoughts on “What is the MSC and why is certified sustainable seafood important?”

  1. That model is flawed as the fishery is only accurate as it is managed. Flawed data and coverups is what the MSC is really about. And a nice label businesses can buy.

  2. Yeah no kidding MSC and their best friend sodium tripolyphosate , add more weight to the fish and get you daily dose of a neurotoxin

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