What is the Candida Diet? [CC]

What is the Candida Diet? [CC]

Hi, Lovelies. As I explained in my last video *bing!* Um, I am going on the Candida diet in an attempt to hopefully cure my digestive issues and also my chronic fatigue which I would very much like gone Currently, I would say that my energy levels are maybe a three or four Also I can’t put any starches into my stomach so fingers crossed by the New Year, I would be maybe Eight or nine. I’m not ,sort of, expecting to be a Paralympian, but I’m planning on one day being a mother and I need energy for that How can I do that with just three good hours of energy a day? I mean I can’t so What is the Candida diet? it’s a way of fighting back a Candida overgrowth, what is candidate? Another excellent question! It’s a yeast that lives inside your guts. There’s a balance of good bacteria and then the bad bacteria but various different things can stop the good Bacteria which allows the bad ones to *whaaa* Also bad Bacteria is there for a reason It does help with your digestion and breaking stuff down Picture a T-Rex Something like Mr.. Burns Also, when my arms didn’t work for that year and a half and they were all completely paralysed I had to hold them like this. No, picture something else scary hey, yeah, okay the student loans company come back and they want all of In one go you gotta pay it all back right now. On to the diet! So week one *bell* that means four days of just vegetable broth and then three days of some lovely steamed vegetables. Only. Steamed.Vegetables. And the one thing you can drink is water. That’s it. Slight issue, since I currently live on diet coke Haah.Hah.Heh.HUH. Don’t judge me. I know it is quite awful. It’s awful. I hated fizzy drinks when I was child But then I got ill and my doctor told me that it was quite a good way to get some energy and keep going. Also, diet Coke is amazing at stopping you from feeling sick it just works wonders on Nausea, so I have drunk a lot of it. (in my life) I should have bought shirts (?). Also I don’t really absorb my food Due to Candida. So I don’t get that kind of energy boost so we then start Reintroducing other foods that are allowed on diet There are a lot of things that are not left most of these things I can’t currently eat anyway, so That’s fine. I’m pretty happy with that I’m sure that other people would find that really really hard. Please, if you’re kind of finding this really interesting like oh Maybe I’ve got that please go and see your doctor Don’t just listen to me. I have a film degree. Not a medical one. Alright, I could tell you anything you like about old films but… Not about your own body. So things to avoid: Sugars Now,that’s the kind of refined powdered kind – maybe agave honey molasses chocolate sweets fruit juices Oh, alcohol! No alcohol. No,no,no.But I can’t drink anyway so… Grains and glutenus foods: Bread,pasta, Oats, rice, corn,spealt,buckwheat I’m just doing the same grain thing here because I don’t know what Buckwheat or why–oh, Popcorn! Next thing root vegetables. If it grows into the ground it’s a no on the counter to diet peas Beans anything that kind of falls into those categories when it comes to meat. It’s the kind of processed Pork you’re not allowed any pork. Drinks:That’s tea, or coffee sweet soft drinks fizzy drinks Energy drinks, there’s no dairy.No cheese No cream no whey products fruit dried fruit canned fruit fresh fruit. In terms of fruit I Currently can’t eat fresh stuff the sweet stuff, but I do love berries But the foods that I currently do eat But won’t be able to on this special new diet include fish. All. FIsh. with the exceptions of Wild Salmon and Sardines, but everything including shellfish How am I supposed to live without prawns? Absolute madness other things not allowed on the counter diet that I currently eat includes soy products also no chickpeas cuz I love when you go to an Indian restaurant and Make if you have an onion Bhaji I can’t eat loads of them, but that is the only Buttered fried product I can currently eat three months I mean–No diet coke? I mean I might just like Could evem die without diet coke which probably is a slight indication of how addicted I am also Nuts Cashews peanuts and pistachios, but other types of nuts Mushrooms I love mushrooms. I mean I can eat mushrooms. Maybe three times a day No condiments, so that’s no Vinegars even Except the Apple Cider vinegar. What the hell am I going to eat? Genuinely what am I going to eat? Join me on this journey and and tune in next time to see if what I have in fact worked out what I can eat Because there’s got to be something.

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  1. I noticed that going onto a low carb high fat lifestyle was helpful for my digestive issues, viz gastritis and IBS. The coconut oil seems to be quite good for my gut because I don't have those symptoms anymore. Good luck with your programme.

  2. why don't you just take caffeine pills!!! instead of drinking a lot of diet coke and mineral water for the fizz.

  3. You stated in an earlier video that diet Coke helps keep your veins open, thus preventing you from passing out as much. How did you get around this?

  4. I'd suggest looking into vegan options, like I regularly make myself a grilled cheese with gluten free bread and vegan cheese slices. I'm not sure how it is in the UK but gluten free bread here is really hit or miss…The best thing we learned was when you find some bread you like buy a bunch and freeze it. Also I'm not vegan but there's more options that way now like gluten and lactose free pizzas and cheesecake (my weakness). Look up Daiya brand if your looking for ootions.

  5. Since I was 3-ish until I was 14 to 15-ish I drank only 2-4 2liters of soda and 2 school cartons of chocolate milk bc….. I have no idea why the world let me do that. I think it was me subconsciously compensating for my clinical depression and subsequent chronic fatigue. The only thing that screwed me over was prediabetes due to a genetic issue with production and use of insulin, and the obvious dehydration. So I can definitely feel you on stopping soda or any bubbly sweet drink.

  6. sardines and herring are actually the best fish to eat. They are so low on the food chain that you don't risk the same problems with other fish like mercury or plastic toxins bio-accumulating.

  7. Did you find your energy and ability to fight off illness improved after the diet? I saw a massive immediate change in my energy and immune system after having to go on the Candida diet but my digestive system is still healing after a decade.

  8. I showed one of your videos to the LGBT club at my school and they though you where amazing and I do to! You are such a happy and enthusiastic person to have all of these disabilities. Also go you for having a wife!!!

  9. Hello, I absolutely love your channel, you are amazing! I am 16 years old and I have Celiac disease, which means that my body don't processes gluten. I was only diagnosted 3 years ago and I was sick all of the time, it was hard first but now things are getting better ( and aldo I am from Brasil, so I apologise if I wrote anything wrong) 😃

  10. Keep us up to date on this diet as I need to be doing it also. Massive outbreaks of candida when I eat sugar and bread. So love your videos, I am even considering some feminine pyjamas instead of a T shirt.

  11. Diet coke is amazing for when your sick. It affects me different and makes me go to sleep cause of my ADD. So caffeine also helps me sleep when insomia wont go away.

  12. Hi Jessica, this is EXACTLY the diet we, as in me and most of my on-line friends since I have no life! lol's, HAVE to be on. One difference, most of us will have to do this for THE REST OF OUR LIVES! Arghhhhhhh. No, not easy, but doable. Go to most websites and type in the Lyme Disease diet and you can find many creative….and even some really quick and easy, recipes. I think there's even a group of "Lymies or Lyme Warriors" as we call ourselvds, on Facebook and a bunch also make videos for Facebook. Hope this helps! With Love, from Grannie Annie from Maine, U.S.

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