What Does Sushi Taste Like in Aveiro, Portugal? — Travel, Eat, Repeat

What Does Sushi Taste Like in Aveiro, Portugal? — Travel, Eat, Repeat

– This is Aveiro. It’s a small city off the
west coast of Portugal and it’s distinguished by its canals and colorful boats that ride along them. I’m so excited to explore
this city and its beaches and all the food it has to offer. I think we should start with brunch. This little brunch spot
is called Doce Infusão. It’s a little teashop and you can get breakfast basically all day. – [Johnny] Henry what
do you want to drink? – Chocolate milk. – This is like a pineapple,
ham and cheese panini and it is seriously like a Hawaiian pizza which means it’s delicious. They have what they call their
green toast, which is just a cream cheese spread,
arugula, cherry tomatoes walnuts and then a
balsamic drizzle across it. And we’ll see. – [Johnny] That’s nice. – Really yummy. It tastes more like a goat cheese spread. Had to get another pineapple,
cheese and ham toast because…it’s delicious. That’s all I have to say. – [Johnny] We didn’t hear that, you had a bunch of food in your mouth. – That’s all I have to say. It’s not the best breakfast
I’ve had in the world but the paninis they do super, super well and it’s also very approachable so if you just need like a quick bite and you wanna be in a
gorgeous spot in town it’s a no-brainer. The tea was exceptional,
and they also have a lot of like gluten-free,
vegan, vegetarian options so that’s also something to know. Several locals told me
that while in Aveiro I have to try the ovos moles. They’re basically little desserts that are sometimes made
out of communion wafers with a sweet egg interior, and they’re made into the shapes of like sea creatures, sea
shells, sea…sea things so we’re gonna try ’em. They said get a dozen and
bring ’em to the beach so I’m thinking that’s a good idea. Is it open? – It’s supposed to be open. Oh, look. – Please ring the bell, thank you. Oh it’s so loud! – Yeah, that’s the point. – I’m not gonna do it again, one’s enough. – Alright. Oh hello! – [Shopkeeper] Boa tarde. – [Johnny] Yeah some
tasters would be good. Ah, okay okay, we’ll do a box. – Let’s do a box, so fun. Let’s do ten, ten is perfect. Thank you. – Mmmmm – [Johnny] Do you like that
cookie, or is it gross? – Gross. – Ollie’s still really, really
mad about the ovos moles so, exactly what you would expect with them being made with communion wafers the texture on the outside is like kind of soft and chewy and then the inside is very sweet like a sweet, sweet, sweet custard. I wasn’t all about the texture and I feel like the
interior was just so sweet it was a little overwhelming, but the operation there was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Ringing the bell, going in,
that one-on-one service. We’re headed to the beach and I’m thinking that should improve Oliver’s mood. (sighs) You never know with that kid. Just a ten minute drive
outside of downtown Aveiro is Costa Nova, a beach and promenade most known for its
candy-striped painted homes that were inspired by Moliceiros, Aveiro’s colorful boats
that line the canals. But the stripes aren’t the
only shining star visually, there’s tons of mosaic
designs on the homes, it’s just stunning. – To try the tripas, so let’s get that do you think with chocolate, or Nutella? – [Johnny] Yeah, chocolate. – Kit Kat?! – So beautiful! Okay, that was just the
most beautiful process I’ve ever seen. Most importantly, it comes out piping hot. Look at that. This is a dessert I can get behind. First of all, you can get Snickers, Twix, Mars bars, Kit Kats inside. It also has kind of a salty…the dough is definitely sweet but not too sweet. The texture is to die for. This is so good. It’s like between a crepe and a pancake. A little undercooked but
like in the best way. Ohh yes – [Johnny] Beach treats man. (Ollie laughs) – We made it to the beach and thankfully Oliver’s mood has improved. The beach is gorgeous and
expansive, the waves are massive it’s boardwalk-accessible
which is super nice and the parking was easy as can be. The kids are happy, the parents are happy, all the people are happy. Once we finish up here, we’re
gonna go home and change and then we’re gonna take a
step away from traditional Portuguese cuisine and do a little sushi. A lot of locals told me that the best sushi in
Portugal is here in Aveiro and I’m ready to try it. Fresh-caught seafood, sushi, yes! We’re all dressed and
showered and ready for dinner. We’re a little early for our reservations so we’re gonna take a
stroll through the city and maybe stop at a playground
for the kids to play at. – Alright, let’s see how
the Portuguese do sushi. – Okay I have to try this
Subenshi Tempura Mochi – [Johnny] So, I’ll do a miso. – Four miso. – This is Subenshi. It’s a fusion sushi restaurant in Aveiro. Some of the best miso I’ve ever had and I’m not exaggerating. Those are not traditional they’re basically fried mochi balls with mozzarella, salmon and Japanese mayo. How do I do it? You can’t have any. – [Johnny] Wait what? – Sorry. Okay we have the traditional platter, the fusion platter, like
five specialty rolls. – [Waitress] Moliciero. – [Iz] Strawberry, mango, and salmon. – [Johnny] You like it? – Yes. Salmon and almond. I need one more. You are gonna love that one. – Mmmmmm, whoa! – I know A little chile on top of the tuna. – [Johnny] Isn’t that
spot on with the chile? – Mmm that’s good tuna. – I can get behind the
swordfish, that was really good. But it’ll never compare to my true love. Pepper jelly, and then it’s
coated in some sort of herb. Definitely good, probably
won’t have another one. Pepper jelly was kinda
sweet, little two sweet. – So good, I just can’t get
past the whole crunchy egg thing I get kinda like halted at
every crunch then realize they’re eggs. Anyone with me? Am I alone in this? Can I get over it? Tell me. This city is lovely, it’s
beautiful and colorful and fun. It’s accessible, especially with kids and the food was really really good. We’re headed up the coast tomorrow so don’t miss next week’s episode. (traffic sounds)

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  1. Thank you all for watching and for all of the kind comments! This series was a blast to produce, and I'm so excited to share it–if you're headed to Portugal, make sure Aveiro is on your list!

  2. What a treat to see sushi make the menu. Yes, indigenous food is the way to go but, every now and then take the path least traveled. Fresh seafood, different culture making food from a different culture. A mix of the old and new what a wonderful video! (BTW Iz I can really tell that both you and your husband have received a lot of sun from all of your outdoor adventures)

  3. Omg, she nibbles a bite of sushi then grabs plate "you can't have any". Lol, must have been delicious. LMFAO. Gonna start following.

  4. Ugh, white people.

    1. Hold and use the ohashi properly.
    2. Don't wave around with the ohashi.
    3. Treat the utensils with respect.

  5. Ohhhhh Aveiro!!!!!!!!!!! I remember stopping by and we didn't regret it. So colorful and cool vibes. To go to the beaches did you take the ferry????

    Iz, why you have your glasses always tilted??? So funny!!!!

  6. Great series Iz – keep making vids! You've given me plenty of inspiration and ideas for visiting Portugal – there was no way I would've considered Aviero without watching this great vid !



  7. My 5 yrs old son is very picky about food. Tobiko sushi is the only sushi he eats. He loves it because the fish eggs are crunchy.

  8. we just went to Portugal for our honeymoon and your videos are making us reminisce 🙂
    btw – my wife loves your necklace, where is it from?

  9. (Feel sorry for you, missed out on) -> https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g580251-d4346326-Reviews-Canastra_Do_Fidalgo-Ilhavo_Aveiro_District_Northern_Portugal.html

  10. Aveiro is cool but not the best place ro eat sushi and btw that was brazilian fusion sushi. There is no tuna and salmon in Aveiro coast. We have tuna in Açores. Best sushi restaurants are in Lisbon.

  11. Fun fact, there is an interesting connection between Portugal and Japan that can be found in Japanese food. Tempura was based off a Portuguese fried green bean recipe brought to Japan by 3 lost Portuguese sailors in 1500's.

  12. I always thought I’d love that job, but I’m a lifetime member of the clean plate club. I fear I would need to buy an extra seat for the way home.

  13. @Iz thanks great video! I first discovered Aveiro on instagram and have always wanted to go! So nice to see more of the city.
    I wanted to ask: my brother is going to have his second child and I want to buy them a buggy. What's the one you used? it looked great, would you recommend it? thks!!! MH

  14. Amazing vlog. Lovely family and the commentary is really light and fun.


  15. Beautiful family! I am glad that you liked Aveiro and I will try not to be offended by your dislike of "ovos moles" 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM…

  16. Wow, such amazing food, it alone looks worth a trip to Portugal! The beach always seems to be a winner with the kids? Love your sunglasses, btw!

  17. The brunch and sushi are ok but you completly missed the traditional Aveiro region dishes: eel stew; Regueifa; Roast Veal; Bairrada piglet; Ilhavo bread; Stew of Petinga; streak with picapau sauce; Mussel kebabs; marinated eel; lampantana ram; Lamb or goat chanfana; chouriço with rapini or rojões. See, a lot to try.

  18. My God! Are you skipping one of the best cities in Portugal???? Coimbra has the best pastery in the intire country, PASTEL DE LORVÃO!!!!
    Also has my grandmothers, I've traveled the intire country and haven't found better cooks!

  19. 3:06 In Costa Nova the houses are painted in stripes so that fishermen can more easily identify their homes since in this region the fogs are very frequent.

  20. Aveiro pronounced Ah Vay Ru, soft R on the Ru.

    Sorry for all the corrections on all the videos.

    It's just that Portugal is often misrepresented and underrepresented so I just want to show you all the proper ways to say things.

  21. You had brunch and sushi for meals, basically what you'd get back home. As a portuguese guy I'd never eat that, totally missed the point, sorry. Our cuisine is so much more guys. Oh and ovos moles are just great!

  22. Let's see how the Portuguese do sushi, clip moves on to a bunch of Asian guys in a kitchen I really liked all your Portugal videos tho, very well done very enjoyable to watch

  23. Marukame Udon (sometimes it also goes by "Marugame Udon" ) is possibly the most authentic casual Japanese eatery to hit any city outside of Japan. The self service/cafeteria-style format requiring customers to bus their own tables after eating the very reasonably priced food are all indicative of a traditional fast-casual eating experience one might find in a Japanese city. So come spend a minute to check out this fantastic eatery with me in Honolulu (there are a few here). There is also an outlet in LA.
    Link: https://youtu.be/LSHLaBtj-dY

  24. Iz, ovos moles always with coffee, great combination. The coffee cuts the sweetness. Thank you for promoting Portugal.

  25. Iz you are such a natural in front of the camera, brilliant information, so relaxed, you make everything look fun.

  26. Нормально ешь, не закрывай рот рукой, ёпта. И очки для видео сними!

  27. where do you get your kid's overalls? They are so adorable and comfy looking I have an 18-month-old boy and he'd look so cute in overalls like that.

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