We Tried The Viral KFC Rice Cooker Recipe | Eatbook Cooks | EP 11

We Tried The Viral KFC Rice Cooker Recipe | Eatbook Cooks | EP 11

Eh guys! So I’ve been looking at this KFC Chicken Rice rice cooker recipe that went viral on Facebook. So it sounds like a lazy recipe that’s perfect for a lazy girl like me. But I don’t wanna offend Suphon by ruining his kitchen, so let’s ask Suphon for help. Eh Suphon! What you want? Ya I think it’s quite popular on Facebook and Twitter right? Chiara: Eh shall we try today? Today ah? Okay. Chiara: Okay let’s go to the kitchen. Okay so I printed the recipe by Jeff Leung because his Facebook post is the one that went viral. It had 10k shares and it’s in English. Most of them are in Japanese. So very funny, the way he said it, is like a diary. He said: Chiara: Well that’s us Suphon. We’re gonna cook…
Suphon: Yeah let’s do it, let’s try. Buy some KFC. Original recipe, not crispy, though I always get crispy. Seep some saffron that your friend stole from culinary school in chicken broth. Well, we don’t have any friends in culinary school, and I think saffron is expensive also. Yeah and it’s not in everybody’s kitchen so let’s replace it with something else. Japanese short grain rice. Splashes of fish sauce. I don’t really like the fish sauce so much. Yeah it gets a little bit too fishy sometimes. Jeff Leung has you covered. He says, “Don’t like fish sauce? Use soy sauce. Don’t like that either? Add whatever the hell you want.” It’s going in your mouth, not his. Okay so we’re now at the KFC outlet that’s closer to our office. Do we have a game plan? Just get Original chicken actually. That’s all? Oh wait we also need to get thigh or drumstick. Sometimes they give the breast meat right, then it sort of like dries out a bit too much. Okay let’s go, let’s go. Okay so we’re here at the wet market now, and we’re gonna get some bok choy because it’s closest to something you’ll find at a chicken rice stall. And to replace the saffron, we’re gonna use some ginger because I think the rice is gonna be a bit oily, when you put fried food over there, so ginger helps to cut through the oiliness. Okay we’re back from grocery shopping and here are our ingredients. Right, we’re gonna start off with two pieces of KFC Original flavour chicken, one cup of short grain rice, and one cup of chicken stock. Followed by a tablespoon of light soy sauce, a knob of ginger, and three heads of bok choy. Okay! Yes let’s start by washing the rice. Simple, just put water, shh shh shh, and pour here right? Not exactly. So actually this rice is short grain rice but we decided to be a bit more budget, we bought the American one, which is around 50% cheaper than the Japanese type. But I think the main difference actually is that it is grown on dry fields, so we need to put a bit more liquid as compared to the wet Japanese rice type. Oh my goodness, I thought you only measure with your palm or like your finger. That’s if you wanna get really good rice. It’s very important to always keep stirring, until the water is as murky as possible, then you gotta rinse and repeat for around 4 to 5 times. 4 to 5?? My mother’s gonna scold you leh, she’ll say So usually we have to soak it for an hour, but because we don’t have much time, so what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna put a bit more chicken stock to it sort of to compensate. Okay, now that we have everything set up we’re gonna add the ingredients into the bowl. First up, we’re gonna add a cup of chicken stock. Because you’re cooking chicken rice, so you don’t use water, you use chicken stock for that flavour. And then not forgetting our little knob of ginger. Because saffron is a bit expensive, but ginger is affordable and at the same time it gives a lot of flavour as well and it somehow reminds us a bit of Hainanese chicken rice type of flavour. Next up we’re gonna add a tablespoon of light soy sauce. Okay and we’re done! Wait ah we need to put pepper into this. Pepper? Yeah pepper. A bit of pepper always helps. And then give it a stir. Beautiful. Yup, and I think we are all done. No we are not done! Don’t forget the star of the show, the KFC original fried chicken. Mmmm. Actually looks good ah, smells good ah. Yeah. Can I take some? No… [laughs] Can I have the kiap kiap (tongs) please? [laughs] so guai (obedient) leh. First time. IS IT??? [Laughs] Okay. Okay maybe we should put it nicely ah. Okay yes sir yes sir. Put it nicely… Okay now that everything is in the bowl, let’s pop it into the rice cooker. Let’s go. And as our friend Jeff Leung said, Hit ‘Cook’! *cute rice cooker song* What we’re gonna do in the meantime is actually gonna blanch the bok choy. ‘Cause we’re a bit atas, we are Eatbook, we have to have a cooking element to this dish. So let’s put it one side. Okay so for the bok choy, what we have set up over here is a pot of boiling water, three heads of bok choy, and a bowl of ice. Why? The ice is actually to give an iced shock to the vegetables so that they stay nice and green, and super crunchy. So now we’re gonna put the vegetable inside the boiling water for maybe around two minutes, when the vegetable looks a bit green? It already looks green in colour. No, it needs to have a bit of that nice, cooked vegetable colour. The dark green. Yes. Now that it looks super green, we’re gonna toss it inside the ice bath to stop the cooking process so that it wouldn’t be overcooked. And it stays nice and super crunchy and this is the right doneness that we want. But are we gonna serve them cold vegetables? How about we add some warm oyster sauce on top. I think can work ah. I wanna do it. Oh my gosh, first time Suphon agree with me eh. Yeah cause the vegetables, we just cook it with a bit of salt, so it might not have a lot of flavour. So maybe oyster sauce will give it some flavour. Yeah, good idea. Is it? Yuck, get away! Are y’all ready? Ooooooh Just by looking at the skin itself you can see it’s all wrinkled up like a little old man. I feel like for the rice, looks-wise, we got it on point, as it looks like the shade of you fan (oily rice) and then it doesn’t look clumpy at all It looks fluffy and when I dig in with a spoon, it will just fluff around. Smell-wise? I think the ginger sort of takes over most of the profile. Alright, so we gotta take out the ginger now And it doesn’t end here okay, you still have to debone the chicken. It actually smells pretty nice, it has the KFC Original chicken smell. Can smell not, Chiara? Yeah can smell eh. It does smell like KFC. Actually as you debone the chicken right, the colour of the entire dish looks better because of the chicken skin. Eh nice eh, the chicken. I think because they really gave us thigh and drumstick that’s why the chicken is really flavourful and tender. Alright, so now that we debone the chicken already what we’re gonna do now is fluff the rice gets a bit more volume and everything is all nicely mixed up together. Are y’all excited?? YES! OoooooOOoo So when I’m scooping right, I’m aiming for a good ratio of rice, chicken and also the skin. MmmmMMMm Wah this is actually really quite addictive like the more you eat, the more you want it. I would say that it’s not 10/10, but it definitely passes. And I feel like the ginger knob that we added in right, is a smart move because it tastes less greasy. Even though I wouldn’t say this is anything close to authentic but it tastes more towards the real chicken rice chicken rice. Not bad! My goodness. With a bit of oyster sauce… Ew! Wow thanks for waiting! Okay let’s go. Just tastes like vegetables. But I feel like it goes well with the chicken rice. It sort of like makes it not so greasy, there’s a light touch to it right. So I feel like this recipe is predominantly a Japanese style of recipe but I feel like you can totally make it Singaporean style by adding something. Chilli!!! Oh my goodness. So this is your typical sweet and spicy ginger garlic chilli. Mmm… Nice eh! I would totally do this again. Okay jie (Chiara’s sister) I think we have to buy a rice cooker for our house now. Nothing nothing. Come, come, come. Please try. Not a lot but remember ah give your honest comments. But I try ah. It’s a bit like glutinous rice. The taste is very Chinese-y… Okay Cindy, what if I told you right, all we did was buy KFC chicken and put it with rice in the rice cooker. That’s all? That’s all, yeah, that’s all. Nothing else? Y’all never add anything else? I will try this at home!! Thanks for your very nice comments, I think it’s better if we let the office try. Have you ever heard of the viral KFC chicken rice rice cooker recipe? No… Please tell me. You just dump the KFC and then you put the rice right and then you put chicken stock inside. Yesssss correct! Y’all made it yourselves ah? Of course! Who cooked? Why is that question coming up again? Why? If it’s you a bit more dangerous ah. Smells very Chinese. It’s like your mother make you some rice at home. I love the vegetables which obviously didn’t go into the rice cooker right. Chiara: Yeah never never. It doesn’t taste like KFC. Tastes like a very angmoh chicken rice. It’s a very…finesse-y taste to it. Maybe because the spices from the chicken rub. Wah nice sia. Got the KFC taste la, the chicken taste. Just that the rice a bit nua nua (soft), but still got the taste, the taste quite good. Walau eh tastes very Chinese sia. ‘Cause I think it has a strong ginger taste. Ya so all I taste is like braised chicken, ginger, but it’s nice! I’ve seen a lot of rice cooker recipes online but I never really bothered to try. Because when they put everything inside it looks very unappetising. Just like, uhh maybe not. But if this one is like guaranteed not bad right, then I’ll try. I think y’all can sell this for $7.50 and people will buy. Okay I will sell it to you for $7.50 next week and you buy okay? I already have it here already. You don’t sell me, I sell you back ah. I would buy it eh. You would buy it? For $7.50? Just now Mandon said he’ll buy it for $7.50. $7.50 expensive sia! Okay la, $7.50 maybe I will buy, maybe. So there you have it! Well we tried the trend so you don’t have to try, and the office people tried and I think the reviews not bad ah. Yeah I think it really reminds them of at least a familiar flavour. We put our personal touch to it, we added ginger and the chilli works super well for me. It tasted like Hainanese chicken rice. So instead of being a Japanese style chicken rice, it’s more like a Singaporean style of chicken rice. Try it at home man. It’s very easy, simple to do, doesn’t cost much also. Oh my gosh you know what this is good for? When you have leftover KFC chicken from parties. Oh yeah that’s the best. Yeah! Because stale chicken is not appetising right, just dump it in the rice cooker with light soy sauce, the ginger, the chicken stock, and you have this! And also, what I love about our Eatbook Cooks series, guys, is when people start tagging us on IG. Yeah that’s the best. It feels so nice whenever you guys send us pictures, you know, you show the food y’all make. It really makes our day. Yeah so if you’re also trying this recipe for yourself, don’t forget to tag us on IG at @eatbooksg and then we’ll go through and like ‘Awww’. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Cooks. If you like this video, don’t forget to check out our other videos over there. And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye!!!! It’s finger lickin’ gooood.

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  1. I'm not a KFC fan, but that seems like a disservice to the crunchy skin. Also, I don't think it's a recipe for the lazy lol. If you're lazy, you will stop at "I'll buy chicken from KFC".

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