100 thoughts on “Wagyu Beef A5 Steak | CRAZY Buffet at Shangri la Tainan, Taiwan (2/2)”

  1. Hey Guys thanks for watching the last day of our AMAZING stay at the Shangri-la! For a full rundown on what we ate check the BLOG- http://www.chopsticktravel.com/2017/06/29/what-to-eat-in-tainan-taiwan-five-star-dining-at-the-shangri-la-tainan/
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  2. I enjoy these videos and all but why has no one said anything about the treatment of the Lobster, it might be food but it's a living being first and nothing deserves to die that way. If you're going to eat it at least kill it humanely. I felt sick watching it be hacked apart slowly. I don't mean this as an insult or anything, I'm sure it tasted amazing but still really terrible to see an animal treated in this manner.

  3. Just curious – you seem to get a lot of decent hotel stays in your travels, do you get deals from them for reviews of their food, or are you just better off financially than i imagined a teacher of English would be? Not having a go, just genuinely curious.. most folks i know doing travel/food vlogs are much more budget than this! x

  4. The soft piece of cheese you ate at breakfast looked like brie cheese, it has cream added to make it extra creamy. I don't think that piece of steak you ate was truly A5, maybe not even A4. Wagyu beef especially the A5 is known for its marbling, it's very fatty with lots of marbling all over to the point where it almost looks white when raw. It should only be served grilled and almost rare which means thick cut, at least 2" thick, so that the inside can be rare while the outside gets the charcoal grill flavor. It's too easy to overcook when thin cut, which is why your steak looked more like a medium, i.e. overcooked. Asian chefs still don't really know how to make real steaks or hamburgers.

  5. Your videos are awesome i love them ? Are you planning on vlogging for future trips to nearby countries ?

  6. Wohoo thats actually A5 Wagyu Beef from New Zealand, Australia do not have the right climate, too tropical, NZ has the best grass fed Wagyu, just saying cos I used to work at the main Wagyu station here, nothing as good as Wagyu and others from Japan..vGreat video. FYI The Japanese started looking elsewhere to protect there Wagyu after Fukushima, chose our country, I was woeking there when it all happened.

  7. Is that Costco Steak Seasoning at 14:37? Really? If I wanted a steak with Costco Seasoning I could just get it from Costco myself. I guess I was expecting too much. Gordon would be furious if he sees how they prepare the steak in such a nice hotel.

  8. Hey Luke keep up the great work man, I love your videos. I dunno but I just can't get enough of quality food vloggers videos, I love'm all ! Don't mind the negative commenters Luke, they are just brainless drama queens that just wants an audience. Friggin' morons. Anyway, I look forward to your next video 🙂

  9. It's not shank it's lamb chops
    It's not picking duck it's perk perk duck
    It's not a crab leg it's a crab claw
    Hope you get it right next time buddy otherwise nice video.

  10. I live in Tainan and I go to this place to eat only once a year which is at my birthday, because the DOB is the % off the bill haha yeah this year is going to be 42% off!!!

  11. I love all the tainan street food you shown , the japanese trip is super nice. This vid is super boring.

  12. I like buffet meals anytime..we tend to over eaten but enjoy it every time we have buffets…nice buffets video.

  13. some how I got recommendation for your vlog I jst watched it man I fell in love with ur vlog they r so good n interesting
    I immediately subscribed to ur channel and hve been watching ur video since 5 hrs.
    man I got addiction to ur videos.
    u r such a sweet cute humble n Frank type of guy. good luck for ur future videos.
    love from India…. 😍 😇 😊

  14. Love it! I've been to that Confucius temple a few times. So beautiful and peaceful. I'm coming to Taiwan in November, will you still be around?

  15. Your video is amazing ! I want to be at the Shangri la Tainan, Taiwan so much after watching your tour. Your video is driving my tastebuds insane !!! Shangri la Tainan, Taiwan is so beautiful. Loved your elevator descend. Thank you so much for sharing What a super delish tour !!!! 😄

  16. prefer more footage of how the foods r prep and cooked , silent devouring and fast comments on the foods after will make many more viewers hit the *Liked, stay original, y be the same when u can be different from other food vloggers?

  17. I love how u take the time to teach us a lottle bit of the history in the towns. thank you for your videos! huge fan from Phoenix, Arizona U.S A

  18. lol hahahhaha love his double reaction every time he eats something… first few chews, he closes his eyes and goes hmmmm. then opens eyes wide and does a short hmm!!

  19. I've been watching your videos for a few weeks now. I just have one question. How the heck are you staying so skinny?

  20. I believe the cheese you were eating is Brie Cheese! Very soft texture and absolutely creamy.
    Cheers from Toronto~!

  21. It look very good bread fast you got every thinks you eat look very good living it up so beautiful dishes you got can not believe what. I can see you both eating. It is fab, enjoy while you can very good video thank you for sharing love it .

  22. I like you videos. I been watching it now for over 2 hrs. What you ate isnt the real a5 wagyu. Just to let you know. The marbling on it is not where close to a5. I have been to japan and ate the real deal. IT 90% white from fat marbling/ pale. What was on your video just looked like wagyu. a2. But I dont know how they rate the beef in aust… but still enjoyed your videos.. Keep it up.

  23. I am pretty upset that you both, are endorsing the catching of barely there "1 lb {Boston}" lobsters. You guys are Marine Biologists! You know these are not legal. "sigh" Glad it was good for *you*.

  24. Look very good food plenty of food you always got and enjoy them all very good video love your beautiful holiday you both go thanks , 30–11–18.

  25. Yes, I do enjoy these types of videos. It's nice to cover street food and restaurant food. Also, I enjoy your selection of music. So many put loud ugly music on their videos, where you can't enjoy them. So 👍 up.

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