Virginia Madsen on Dune – Food Poisoning

Virginia Madsen on Dune – Food Poisoning

…and I’d got really sick,
I was in Mexico City and… Was that where it was shot? Yes, in the studios there,
in Churubusco Studios and I had some bad food I thought it was good idea
have sushi in Mexico City. Where else would you go for sushi? And I got insanely,
insanely violently ill, and so I’m in my dressing room
and I had that enormous costume and I just could
not stop vomiting and I mean everything
basically was happening and so I just said do
whatever you can do and the producer said do whatever
you can do, just get her on her feet and so I remember these… I think they were doctors I don’t know, some medical looking
Mexican men with you know lab coats came in with hypodermic needles
and I got four different and I was like what, what, ahhhh and I got like 4 different injections
of I don’t even know what it was. So it stopped me from puking but I don’t
know what else it might have done to my DNA but basically I still couldn’t get up
but the violence was over and they just sort of stuck
a barstool up under that enormous sort of Elizabethan
costume that I had and so I was just sitting there like
this, like the princes of the universe and I just didn’t move and
I was all sweating a lot and it was awful,
it was just awful. Welcome to the big top. Yeah, and I was like I was
so proud of myself, I was like the show must go on
and I’ll do anything to… *mimics vomiting sound* but I wasn’t late for work
was not late for work. Did not miss a day,
that is exceptional Did not miss a day.

11 thoughts on “Virginia Madsen on Dune – Food Poisoning”

  1. You would have never known to watch her. FOUR hypos of an unknown drug… then they propped her up like a mannequin! Welcome to Mexico and a DeLaurentis production, young lady. If you survive, you'll be ready for anything!

  2. Back in those days they really only had compazine and reglan so you're probably got a little bit of both compazine.

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