Vegetarian Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe | Cook With Us | Well+Good

Vegetarian Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe | Cook With Us | Well+Good

– Be honest, yo, I’ve been
judged in front of millions and millions of people
before in my lifetime and I can take it. (upbeat music) – Hey there, I’m Jessie,
and while most days I’m the Food and Health
Editor at Well + Good, today I’m hosting our
new show, Cook with Us, where we’re inviting some of our favorite healthy chefs to cook with
us, and so I’m joined here today by Dale, tell me a
little bit about yourself. – So I am the Chef and Partner
at Goosefeather restaurant located in Tarrytown, New York. I am a new father and I am– – Congratulations. – Thank you very much,
I’m partners with my wife in our restaurant group
called Food Crush Hospitality. – That’s really exciting. Well I’m so glad that you’re here today because obviously you’re a chef, you cook all the time, you’re great at it, which is great because
we have a little bit of a challenge for you today. – Bring it on. – So the challenge is making a full meal vegetarian fried rice in under 30 minutes. (slide whistle) And then we also want you
to do it without rice. – So the veggie fried
rice, totally doable, protein, got it, it’s the time restraint you’re putting on this
that is the curve ball in this entire situation. Typically chopping and mincing and dicing and slicing and cleaning vegetables, that’s like 15 minutes of your prep time, so that’s really the hardest part, but I’ve got a few hacks
that I use at home, and one of the things I do
is buy frozen vegetables. They’re so easy and convenient. – Yeah, for sure – And then two, it’s using
really nice salad bars as your mise en place. – Oh, interesting.
– Yeah, they have– – Because it’s all precut
like in the salad bar. – They did all the work for you. As much integrity I have
in my cooking at home, any minute you can save
to get food on a plate to get to either you or your family, it’s like so valuable. – Okay, so for our challenge today, how are you gonna pull this off? – So the first thing
you need to do for this is assemble the sauce. – All right, what do we
need to do for the sauce? – We have tamari, and this is the base, this is where you’re
gonna get all your salt, your umami, the real– – And this is the gluten-free
soy sauce, correct? – Yes, this is the foundation
of the entire fried rice. So we have soy, rice wine vinegar which I love you know, the
bright acidity to this dish, I think it really keeps
everything interesting on your palette, right,
and with the sesame oil, it’s not a cooking oil,
it’s a flavoring agent, so this has a very low
smoke point, so not using too much just to make
sure that it has a flavor but doesn’t kinda get
acrid and burnt on you. So here’s your sauce. – That’s it, those three
things made our sauce? – Three things made our sauce. – I’m very impressed. – So what’s next is if
you can grab me that bowl and two of those eggs. When I first started making fried rice, my chef was like all fried
rices start with scrambled eggs. So one of my secrets to this too is adding a little oil into your eggs. – [Jessie] Okay, just like
kind of a regular neutral? – Neutral, a neutral oil works best. High temperature neutral oil so something that has that really high smoke point. We have a little bit of
knife work left to do. The aromatics of scallions,
and what I like to do is just cut the whites
into rondelles like this, so everything kind of
here has the same size and then we’ll have the same cooking time, so that’s very important. – And it’ll all cook evenly too. – Yes, so then right about
when I get to the greens, ’cause they cook in such
a short amount of time, I cut them into about one-inch lengths. – Ah, so here we have all
of our pre-prepped veggies. So walk me through kind of like what we’re gonna be putting
into the rice today. – Starting at the bottom corner here are all the aromatics, right? Onion, green scallions, I have kimchi, underneath this is ginger and garlic, this is what’s gonna
flavor the entire thing. So with these aromatics, this is kind of the non-negotiable in this. I mean you might not want
kimchi but ginger, garlic, onions–
– You’d be wrong, though. – Hey, I know, it’d be so bad. Everything else is just
what do you like to eat and or what do you have in the fridge that you gotta get rid of? – Oh, I always have that
problem, like constantly. – So this stuff always is
there, and then everything else you can kinda supplement. If you don’t like, if you
don’t have bean sprouts or radishes, that’s fine. – [Jessie] And then
we’ve got mushrooms here. – [Dale] Shiitake mushrooms, we’ve got shredded Brussels sprouts. – [Jessie] And then what’s
the greens over here? – [Dale] The greens are Chinese broccoli. – [Jessie] Oh, yum. – For me it feels healthy. – Absolutely, between this
and the nutrition aspects, like you’ve already got like
pretty high points right now. We haven’t even really started. (laughs) And I see that there’s
some peppers chilling out over here, what do we
want to do with those? – So we’re gonna mince those Thai chilis. This is one of those things
that’s very optional, depending on how much you like heat and how much you can handle. – Some like it hot. – Yeah, and some don’t, at all. If you like heat but you
don’t want to be biting into it, another thing to do here is just kinda smash it and then
add it into the pan, and people can fish it out if they don’t want to bite into it.
– The wimps. – Yeah, wimps. – So it looks like we’ve got a mix of riced cauliflower and broccoli. You can really easily find
that pre-packaged, right? – Oh, 100%, I mean I didn’t
spend time cutting that, that’s for sure. – Okay, so we’ve got all
of our stuff pre-prepped, ready to go, so what do we do next? – So next, we have to get a pan hot. I recommend a cast iron pan over a wok. – Oh, interesting. – Even if you have a wok at home. Woks are meant to be underneath like a couple hundred thousand BTU. – Oh, okay, so like
super, super, super hot. – Most kitchens don’t
have that fire power. This is requiring something that stays hot and gets a little bit of
that what they call wok hei, which means the breath of
a wok, so it kinda means like that carbon that comes off the wok, and that’s the flavor of real traditional stir fried Chinese cooking. So next if you could pass me that oil. – [Jessie] And this is that
same neutral oil as before – Correct.
– That we used with the eggs. – Correct.
– Awesome. – And what I do is, it
seems like a lot of oil but what you realize is that this is gonna be full of vegetables and
this is gonna carry the heat, so we’re gonna get the eggs in. – [Jessie] That is a hot pan. – This is gonna happen
really, really quickly, the scrambled eggs, but
you wanna get the eggs all around the pan, so
it kind of like helps that not stick, can
you grab me a new bowl? – Yep, here you go.
– Great, thank you. – That was like a 10-second egg, that was so fast, you were not joking. – I’ll take a little bit
more oil and then it’s just all the kiddies in the pool. – And do you have an
order of preference first? – When your pan is this hot. – It doesn’t really matter. – It doesn’t really
matter, so we’re starting with aromatics but as
soon as the aromatics I can smell the intensity of the kimchi and the scallions and the
onions which is really gonna be three-seconds,
– Then you just add it. – You start throwing everything in. – Okay. – [Dale] I’m gonna start with some onion. – [Jessie] Okay. – Scallions, we’re gonna
go with all this now. – Yum, oh this smells so good! Whoa, that is a hot pan, hot pan. – Like I said, immediately you can smell the aroma off this,
right, so we’re gonna do breakfast radishes, Chinese broccoli, and I like with this Chinese broccoli that the stem and the leaves kinda cook at two different
temperatures ’cause the stem will always stay a little crunchy. – A little crunchier,
yeah, so then it gives you some extra texture in there too. – The protein of the dish,
– The mushrooms – Is the Shiitake mushrooms, and then the bean sprouts. I like when the bean sprouts are wilted as opposed to kind of like
really, really crunchy, I think they have, they get
sweeter as they cook down a little bit, the Thai chilis. – [Jessie] Do we want to
do those guys over here? – [Dale] Yep, and we’re gonna
do some Brussels sprouts. – [Jessie] Yum. – So you’ll see that right
now, it’s totally releasing some water, you can see it coming up now. – Yeah. – And then we’re gonna add
our broccoli cauliflower, it’s just the main part
of this dish, right? – Yeah. – [Dale] And then give this
some turns, toss and turns. – [Jessie] There are so many
vegetables going on here and I feel like everyone would
get all the brownie points for eating this. – Oh for sure. Could you do me a favor
and grab me a little bit more of that oil? Great.
– That? – Yeah, so oil, the oil
is gonna kind of make all the flavors kind of
really combine and sing. – And especially certain
vitamins are fat soluble as opposed to water
soluble so it’s always good to pair a vegetable with a fat. – And you can even tell
that the volume of this has kind off decreased, right? – Yeah, it started like it was so full. – [Dale] Yeah, mounded up,
you know, you can already see that this is almost done, the radishes are trying to become a
little bit more translucent, you can smell the heat of the chili. – Yeah, the smell, I wish
there was like smell-ovision on this camera because
it smells so good, oh. – Do you get docked for
messiness on this challenge? – No.
– Okay, good (laughs). – So here’s our sauce from before, if you could hand me those scrambled eggs that we had from earlier, now’s the time for these to go back in. – Ooh, that sizzle. And so now you’re kind of like
breaking up the egg as well. – Yeah, the egg, it’s broken up into here. – [Jessie] Oh. – Done.
– Mic drop. – What’s good also about cast iron pan is like if we’re gonna do
something like a garnish afterwords, like we’re gonna
put an egg on top of this? – (gasps) We’re gonna put more eggs? – Put more eggs in it.
– Love it. – What’s fried rice without
a fried egg on top of it? – A sad fried rice, that’s bad. – Yeah, my wife would
be like how dare you. (laughs) – [Jessie] Here you go, and
this could just kind of like chill off the heat, which is nice? – This is done, so we’re
just gonna get this pan with a little bit of oil. – [Jessie] So you just
heated up the oil here and now you’re just breaking an egg straight into the pan, love it. – Super easy. To end this, if you had
peanuts laying around, toasted fried shallots laying around, if you had walnuts–
– You could really up the ante – Yeah, you could just like say hey, you know what, these
have been here for awhile and I need to–
– I need to use them up, yeah. – I need to use them, I
mean it’s what’s great about like stir fries
and fried rice and stuff, it’s like, it’s a way for
you to kind of utilize what’s in your pantry. Anything that you can eat in a bowl sitting on the couch with your TV on is like a win for me, so like
this is exactly the meal. This is exactly that meal. – What is your TV of choice,
when you are doing that? – This is super nerdy but
I watch a lot of cooking, I still watch a lot of food stuff, I do, I watch so much food stuff. – I mean it’s very on brand, that’s fair. – It is, and ask my wife, it gets nerdy and obsessively nerdy. I love this, it’s something that my wife has put me onto also, it’s
kind of like topping things with shredded seaweed.
– Ooh, nice. – [Dale] Yeah, I know. – [Jessie] Where do you
find that, just like at an Asian grocery store? – Yeah, at any Asian grocer
they’ll have this stuff and it adds, to me it adds
another level of umami. – And kind of like yeah,
the salty brininess. – Yeah, really nice
savoriness that you want in dishes and it keeps
you coming back to it. It makes it feel hearty.
– Yeah. – So there’s the final dish. – I’m super excited about this. (calm music) So what do you recommend for kind of like the perfect bite?
– Crack the egg. – Crack the egg. – Crack the egg and
then just kinda dig in, let that yolk kind of get in there and then just jump in. – Watch me very gracefully eat here, okay. (tense music) Oh my god, that is so good. I just got a huge bite of
ginger and it’s delicious. Like I love all the time and effort that you put into getting
like aromatic things in there because I think that
really adds an extra layer of flavor that I don’t get from takeout, and I really, really, really like the seaweed flakes on here. So I think from the, all of our criteria, I think that you get for creativity, I think that you get an
eight out of 10 I would say, ’cause like we’ve got,
well, eight out of 10? Nine out of 10, I think you
get pretty high marks because– – Be honest, yo, I’ve been judged in front of millions and
millions of people before in my lifetime and I can take it. – Okay.
– I got a thick skin. – Okay, I will say for creativity you get a nine out of 10 because I really like all of the amazing different
vegetables in here. Almost none of them are
commonly used in fried rice so I really appreciated
that, and then I think that brings us then to nutrition which is like a 10,000 out
of 10 because we’ve got a really rich, almost
completely vegetable-based dish, we’re getting lots of like antioxidants, lots of nutrients, lots of
anti-inflammatory benefits, lots of fiber which is always crucial, and we’re doing it all
with like a wide variety of vegetables which is great,
plus you get the protein from two different sources,
you’ve got the mushrooms and you have like the double eggs, so really from like three
sources, which again is really impressive and I
think that’ll all come together to keep somebody like
really full and happy. Flavor-wise it’s like
I don’t even, I can’t, like a 10 bajillion out of 10. – Thank you.
– Truly. – Yeah, it’s so good,
like I think the sauce is amazing, I love that you use kimchi. – All my fried rices have kimchi in it. – And then in terms of time and ease, I think we have a real
winner here, I’m really into how quickly this all came together, like literally as soon
as you put it in the pan, like this was done in
like five, seven minutes. The thing about it that like you mentioned at the beginning that makes
it a little bit trickier in terms of the ease factor
is that cutting up vegetables takes forever, by kind
of working with things that you can get at the grocery store that are already like precut for you to really help save on time. It might be slightly more
expensive but I think sometimes like in terms of
like a cost-savings benefit, I personally find it absolutely worth it. – You know. – Overall, just like– – As far as creativity
goes, I wanted to use sunflower seeds, like– – Sunflower seeds instead
of the cauliflower? – Yes, instead of the cauliflower, like sunflower seeds,
cooked in a pressure cooker and then I realized it
was gonna be like $100 worth of sunflower seeds and it would take like two hours to prep the sunflower seeds so while I’m glad I went
with something easier like cauliflower rice,
I think I lost points on creativity because if
this was a sunflower seed fried rice, I think it
would’ve been delicious, but I would’ve gotten knocked on time. Like hey, how do I have three hours to pressure cook sunflower seeds? – But I mean like in your own defense, I’m the judge and I’m defending him, I’m such a weirdo, but I
will say in your own defense like you really brought
back the creativity because you did a lot
with like a pretty tight amount of ingredients,
especially with the sauce. Like with the fact that
the sauce really only had like three ingredients
in it and it was so rich and flavorful and just added so much more to this dish, like I think it just like, you really knocked it out of the park. – Thank you. – Well thank you so much for being here, this was so much fun, I
feel like I learned a ton. – Well thanks for having me. – Yeah, so thank you so much. I’m gonna keep eating this rice, if you like what you saw today
and you want to see more, please subscribe to Well
+ Good and you can watch all of the shows, meanwhile you can just watch us eat this rice. Got a little spoon cheers. (calm music)

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