VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS » healthy + easy (bento box)

VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS » healthy + easy (bento box)

hi I'm Sonia a dietitian and nutritionist welcome difficult lines here we go with round 2 of bento box meal ideas today's theme lunch now you don't need bento boxes to make these any lunch containers will do just fine and if you see this little recipe alert sign it means that the recipe already exists up on the pick up lines vlog so I'll leave the link to that in a description box below for you to go and check out now keep in mind these are just ideas for me it was enough for both lunch as well as my afternoon snack but everyone's so individual when it comes to how much they can eat so portion it out in any way that feels right to you for now let's just dive right in shall we all right here we go with lunch number one we're going to start off by making this hummus and avocado sandwich I have this on most days of the week it's just so easy and so delicious I start off by cutting up some veggies I chose to use cucumbers cherry tomatoes and some green olives and about half of a very ripe avocado that I then sliced thinly then on two pieces of whole grain toast I spread on this roasted garlic and red pepper hummus that I batch make on weekends but you can use any store-bought hummus to I top this with some fresh chives and basil but you can use any herbs you have or just skip it if you don't have any and then I added the veggies that I just prepared and I sprinkled on some freshly cracked black pepper which I feel goes really well with the avocado and finally some arugula but you can use any greens you'd like here spinach works especially well too then on the side I included two chocolate fudge brownie bites these are so good and ridiculously easy to make all I do is blend together some nuts dates and cocoa powder until a fudge like consistency is formed now on to making this raspberry and almond salad I just simply slice a quarter of a red onion and coarsely chopped some roasted almonds I place some extremes into the bento box and added some fresh raspberries as well as the almonds and onions just prepared now to make the dressing I just added equal parts of olive oil and red wine vinegar but any vinegar like balsamic will do some pepper and a touch a garlic pattern and mix it to combine you really don't need much dressing at all because the raspberries themselves act like little packets of dressing that release their flavor when bitten into and so that's the completion of lunch box number one for lunch box number two we begin by making this brown rice and green bean miso salad I always soak my brown rice overnight first which cuts down the cooking time by half but if you don't have time to do this or want to know how long it takes to cook the rice check the blog post for this recipe now when cooking this 1/2 cup of rice I also crush in half of a vegetable bouillon cube to give it some extra flavor then when it comes to a boil I reduce to a simmer and partially cover with a lid while the rice is cooking I make the dressing here I added 2 teaspoons of olive oil 1 teaspoon of sesame oil one teaspoon of soy sauce one teaspoon of rice vinegar but you can use any vinegar you'd like two teaspoons of miso paste you can find this from any Asian supermarket and it adds a real depth of flavor a chunk of fresh ginger some black pepper and half of a freshly squeezed lemon although if you have a lime it works really well with this recipe too and now blend it on high until it's completely well combined and set it aside while you prepare the veggies for this I diced 2 medium red bell peppers and chopped about ten long green beans although any beans will work here and mince half of a red onion too after this the rice should be done cooking add the rice and veggies to a large bowl and drizzle on the dressing and toss it all to combine I should mention this entire recipe makes about two servings so enough for two days worth of lunch enjoy it warm or cold it's super delicious either way and then for my afternoon snack I enjoyed this fruit salad and trail mix I just started off with some fruits I had at home a plum a Kiwi orange and some fresh raspberries but I prepared and made ready to eat but feel free to use any fruits you have on hand the amount I made here was also enough for two servings so I've included half of what I just prepared in this bento box and then on the side I served it with his homemade trail mix which was just almonds dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds I also included a couple squares of dairy free dark chocolate because well chocolate and then I sprinkled on some hemp seeds for the healthy Omega fats and extra protein that this offers a super simple and incredibly filling snack this was actually enough for both my morning and afternoon snack on this day and finally lunch box number three we'll start by making this Mediterranean roasted veggie and mashed lentil wrap to begin I prepare the vegetables to be roasted which are three red bell peppers corn sliced two red onions sliced and one zucchini that I cut into cubes then add these vegetables to an oven-safe baking dish lined with baking paper and drizzle on about half a tablespoon of olive oil toss until the vegetables are coated and then add about half a teaspoon of garlic powder half a teaspoon of onion powder and some black pepper or use any herbs you'd like it would be delicious either way toss it again and then bake it at 350 Fahrenheit or 180 Celsius now while the veggies roast we prepare the lentil mash for this we'll need one and a half cups of cooked lentils two heaping tablespoons of tahini half of a lemon that's freshly squeezed and one teaspoon of ground cumin 1/2 a teaspoon of paprika powder and a sprinkle of salt because I made my own lentils from scratch but if you use canned then you can omit the salt if you'd like then mash it until you get a desired consistency and set it aside now the veggies should be done after about 30 to 40 minutes depending on how roasted you like them to make the wrap I first added some garlic chili hot sauce and then the lentil mash followed by the veggies that we just roasted I also like to add a few green olives and some baby spinach but you can add any greens you'd like then wrap it up now I would use a whole-grain wrap if you can but they're really hard to find here in the Netherlands I'm still on the hunt now these roasted veggies and lentil mash make enough for both for wraps all together so enough for two people to enjoy over two days on the side I included these one Bowl peanut butter and chocolate oatmeal cookies you won't believe how healthy these are based on their taste there's no added oil or sugar in this recipe and it takes only 15 minutes to make from start to finish you can enjoy it as a dessert after lunch or as a snack I batch make it on the weekend and freeze to enjoy throughout the week so the wrap is delicious just as it is but I like to serve it with a little bit more of this garlic chili hot sauce on the side and most Asian supermarkets carry this or you can use any hot sauce you like if you like it spicy that is now let's move on to making the afternoon snack this is just a veggie and hummus dip no rocket signs here just use any veggies you have on hand or any veggies that you enjoy chop it up and add it to your lunchbox now this again was enough for two at lunch boxes I served it with this homemade classic garlic and lemon hummus but I also batch make on weekends to enjoy throughout the week but any store-bought hummus will work too I also added some cherry tomatoes and that's a wrap for lunch box number three all right three lunch ideas in the bag how easy was that and as I mentioned in the video there are more than two servings for a lot of these recipes so you could easily use this video as inspiration for the whole week now if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and if I feel enough love I'll be sure to make more videos like this in the future also subscribe if you haven't already alright thanks for watching I'll catch you later you

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  1. For those who have been asking, the bento boxes are from Monbento (I have not been sponsored by them to make these videos). You can find the bento boxes here: ❤

  2. I just made the lentil wrap recipe and loved it! I also made some hummus and added veggies for my snack! The wrap was so easy and I plan to have that for lunch this week. Thank you!!! yum! I just used siracha since it is what I had on hand. it worked good!

  3. I feel like all the healthy & delicious foods require ingredients like Almonds and Avocados which are super bad for the environment 😖

  4. I just came across you channel, thank you YouTube. You make vegan options look amazing and less challenging than other channels I've watched.

  5. New sub here. Love the way you vlog but I can't hardly hear what you are saying. Volume is too low on your old vlogs. 😓

  6. You should not eat raw green beans! They contain toxic proteins and hydrocyanic acids. These are eliminated only by heating the beans for at least 5 minutes

  7. I love your ideas and would love to try making a day or two vegan but I only lasted three days because my gas and bloating was incredibly painful. I don’t do well with legumes and I can’t eat gluten. I love the lunch ideas! Any suggestions?

  8. First Recipe: She says she starts off by cutting some veggies. Then proceeds to cut four different fruits and no veggies.

  9. Please NEVER eat beans raw. They contain toxines, which can be very harmful to humans! Through cooking the toxines go into the water, that's why you should pour it away and don't use it for anything else like soup…

  10. This is my favorite video of yours by far! Stumbled upon your channel a few days ago, and I am slowly making my way through your videos. So soothing and aesthetically pleasing! Most excited to try the lentil mash wrap!

  11. So delicious, easy ish and lunches and snacks that I would very much look forward to, oh yeah😋😁!!!! Thank you!!!! Great recipes and inspiring to change them up to our own tastes!!!! I’m sending lots of positivity and compassionate love to you and the back scene beings, ❤️🙏🏼Kathy

  12. I don t know if you have already found the right wraps but I think (whenever you re still living in the Netherlands) that the supermarket ‘Jumbo’ do have the wraps you are looking for

  13. I love the tiny little "Recipe Alert!" that pops up so we know to check the description! So thoughtful!

  14. Pick up limes: great video, I subscribed to your channel. I'm looking to make a mayan cacao mix as a way to include more cayenne in my diet. Do you have a recommend recipe?

  15. Whole wheat wraps? So this is basically another name for the rotis we make back in India. If im right then the recipe is fairly simple! Just get some whole wheat flour and you can get the recipe from anywhere.

  16. Question: For the second lunch – did you mix the beans raw into the rice? Or did you cook it beforehand?

  17. Hello, i love your recipe ideas and cooking in a very simple,clean and easy method. I have a request could you please do some recipes that can be carried if working during the night and something that is not going bloat stomach after working at night and going back to sleep during daytime. If so it could be really great for a lot of people who work late night or people who end up hungry early hours in the morning.

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