Vegan eats meat, cries tears of joy

Vegan eats meat, cries tears of joy

yeah my name is Karl I’ve been vegan for several years and I just feel like my body needs this so I’m about to take a bite of some meat some sausage it’s just so good I just feel my protein division seem just melting away good beautiful my life has changed I’m Mike and today I’m sorry but I just I could not resist making fun of all this anti vegan content out there whether it’s a vegan being tricked into eating meat all those articles on vegan child endangerment a vegan flipping out because there’s cheese on its pizza sauce or how a vegan happened to die on Mount Everest it’s everywhere but if you came here to see a vegan eat some animal meat and yes that was vegan sausage earlier this is the time that you can hit the dislike button or you can stick around for a while because today we are gonna talk about why you might have clicked on this video more specifically why people like to see vegans fail we’re gonna look in particular at a viral vegan content why virtually all of it is anti vegan we’re deagan’s are the butt of jokes or they showcase a vegan failure before we whip out some studies on viral psychology let’s look a little bit closer at some of the examples of this starting with the vegan eats meat prank this dude tricked his girlfriend into thinking she was eating real meat of course it has over 2 million views and is clear by the comments that people just came and watched it to reinforce their own beliefs with a ton of comments about how she said that she enjoyed the meat of course they didn’t watch to the end where they revealed that it was actually fake sausage anyway then there was all that fuss about the vegan who lost it after realizing his pizza sauce head cheese um do you have any cheese or eggs or any animal products in your sauce yeah this manna sauce this video of pouch simian has about two and a half million views so of his 1,400 videos over a third of his total channel views are from people coming to reassure themselves that vegans are completely crazy oh and comment about how much meat they’re gonna eat of course the actual anti vegan content here was the dozens of articles that were essentially priming people to go to the video and hate but one story that bothers me even more than those is the case of the vegan that died climbing Everest proving that vegans are weak and people love that story but as I mentioned on my facebook about a week ago nobody is talking about this vegan dude who just climbed Everest successfully and also survived the deadliest day of Everest history where 16 people died a couple years back but for most people that just isn’t news it doesn’t make them feel good and they don’t want to share it all right now let’s look for some answers by looking at the science of viral content particularly how it applies to all of these anti vegan videos and articles this study found something that you may already know that positive content is more likely to be viral and sad content is significantly less likely to be shared so it’s no wonder that all this vegan content about the sad Treatment of Animals is not shared that widely which in itself is pretty sad and this is my personal experience too because my only really melancholy video my one on carnism is also one of my least viewed videos despite it resonating with enough people to be translated into several languages but back to the anti vegan content despite it being negative for vegans of course for 98% of the people that aren’t vegan it is positive and therefore very shareable another more nuanced reason people might share some anti vegan content is that it falls into the category of content that can be used as a virtual social currency this study found that the same area of the brain lights up when you find media content enjoyable as when you determine something has a higher value one of those areas of the brain is the ventral striatum which lights up more when thinking about winning more money it’s like the lottery center of your brain so it could be from anthropological perspective that when somebody stumbles upon an anti vegan video they determined that it has value and they want to share that value with their tribe which of course is 95 percent meat-eating all right let’s move past this viral research to what I simply believe is the main reason that people share anti vegan content and that is that the existence of vegans itself challenges the very way of life that is commonly held in the Western world I think there’s a bit of a battle raging inside of people with more people becoming vegan making it a more well-traveled path with vegans having better health states like that meta-analysis showing that vegans have 15% less cancer the Adventists to studies showing they have about 15 percent less mortality and 78 percent less diabetes not to mention all the environmental benefits and of course the animal benefits these are all chipping away at the case for continuing to eat animals and their byproducts seems like every week there’s another blow whether it’s the w-h-o saying that a lot of the meat out there is carcinogenic or the u.s. is only male weightlifter at the Olympics being vegan or who knows maybe your favorite hip hop mogul just came out with a vegan book so now more than ever if you’re eating animal products you need to hear regular reinforcement that it’s still the right thing to do and that in many cases comes in the form of anti vegan content and this mass effect creates viral videos with several million views so all of this I think begs the question is it possible to have Pro vegan viral content and I would say absolutely yes the toh video by PETA is a perfect example people have been sharing that with me that are not vegan lately again as Thanksgiving rolls around this year the video is funny enough and shocking in a way that people who eat meat will still share it however I do want to mention quickly there is some graphic brutal negative content out there that is vegan and goes viral and that brings me back to the study earlier about how positive stuff is shared more and sad stuff is shared less it actually also said that aggressive and shocking stuff is also shared more so some animal cruelty stuff is new enough in its content and shocking and brutal enough and it’s too livery it could very well go viral too so in the end as you may have guessed I was going to say all of this anti vegan content is really just good news for your bad habits and to the one maybe two people that came here to watch a week and eat some animal meat and are still watching I just have to ask do you really want to be the kind of person that gets enjoyment from watching vegans you generally want to reduce animal death and suffering fail no I don’t think it’s a good use of energy you do love animals right now to end on a positive note for us vegans a few days ago I actually heard a non vegan say that making fun of vegans is played out that it’s essentially getting old so maybe times are changing I don’t know all right back to the fuzz B footage thank you for watching and see you next time oh I feel great right now I the protein is going to my brain veins I am electric I think I’m high on cholesterol my cholesterol is really high [Music] oh

100 thoughts on “Vegan eats meat, cries tears of joy”

  1. The people who finished watching probably watched your videos before and understood the maturity in your practice. No one who is so well educated in what they do on a daily would throw it away in one video.

  2. I'm not vegan and I've tasted that vegan imitation of a sausage and, my god, is it fucking terrible.
    Why do you vegans eat that? I can understand like eating clean vegetables and fruits etc. but why this fake shit that tastes like leather made of shit?
    And it's expensive af too. Which vegetables are not and they are much tastier.

  3. i have nothing against vegans but if u try and turn me into a vegan then i'll have something to say, not hate talk but to simply say "hey man, u have your opinions i have mine, lets just find a middle ground and accept each other's differences" then i'd show them all the problems with everyone being a vegan and all the problems with everyone being a meat eater

  4. The reason that Matthew Blunt got bad feedback isn't necessarily because he was a vegan, it was more because of his entitled, superior and condescending attitude. Also he threw a $500 phone that he possibly didn't buy himself or it came too easy, cos if he worked hard for it and was a little more mature he might have more self control?! There are a lot of let's say, young privileged people out there that are doing good things or trying to but come across as jumped up and preachy. Nobody likes being mocked by a "bratty kid that doesn't know suffering" or is unrelatable. That I believe is why there is a lot of vegan bashing. Maybe if the vegan message was a little more inclusive and a little less militant? Like how do celebrity chefs get so popular? They're likeable and make their posts/ideas/recipes/message interesting and alluring. They sell. Be a capitalist for a cause! It's not wrong if you're doing it for the right reasons?! Anyway, that's my genuine answer to your question. I hope it helps? And I was lead here from an article on Matthew Blunt. You know the net, down the rabbit hole. Good luck! I'm not a vegan but I respect n admire anyone who is. 😊

  5. I’m really sick of vegan hate! lol Just because we decide to eat a certain way people give copious hatred! Lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Haha I knew that wasn’t really meat😏 if you were actually vegan you could never go back to animal products. I know I couldn’t.

  7. To be honest, I think you should do more videos with similar headlines to get nonvegans mad. It's funny when those rage-induced psychopaths flip out. Meat eaters are crazy, and I know a lot of them.

  8. I truly do not care if people eat meat or not. I love meat, but I don't have a problem with those who don't. What I do have a problem with is people who get so fucking toxic at people who eat meat.

  9. something i have found is that i can easily say that i'm vegan when i'm talking to people that have a "higher education", they genuinely ask question and are interested as to why I went vegan. (That has been my experience in germany anyways) 😌 and since are mainly the people I hang out with anyways it's all very chill, some of my friends have even informed themselves about it some more and went vegan as well

  10. 3.6K insecure meattards wanted to see a vegan fail so that they can feel better about the fact that they fund the murder of innocent beings for nothing but their taste pleasure.

  11. I knew from the start that wasn't a real sausage, because I've never seen any real meat which looks that disgusting.

  12. i’m vegan and love animals. i absolutely love the points you gave in this video!

    also, a side note, i was happy PETA had that video that went viral, but at the same time, i hate PETA. an awful organization. kills most of the animals it’s supposed to ‘protect’.

  13. Several years ago, I actually ate meat, this is when I was a preteen and it actually made me feel sick. I think it’s because I didn’t eat meat for so long that after a while my body was just like: ”no thanks” or maybe it was more of a psychological thing where I understood what I was actually eating to the point where it made me feel sick. So that “vegan eats meat” type of content really has shock value for me at least, just ‘cause it baffles me why someone would just eat meat for a video after all those years of trying to eat better.

  14. Humans lived on plants and animals thats the only reason how we survived as a species if shit goes bad tomorrow you think you can stay vegan

  15. I find Dairy is Scary a very useful video to point people at when they ask why I've gone vegan. It's short enough to not require too much time commitment and covers all the main points well.

  16. To me, this wave of anti vegan content is a good sign. It shows that the vegan movement is gaining strength. As we grow it is impossible not to have to go through this stage, which will logically intensify as veganism gets wider spread.

  17. Lolz, Mic. I always get a good laugh out of your animal-empathy. Commercial animal production is gross-iky-nasty and high meat consumption is unhealthy, but … animal-empathy will always be a weird emotion that I don't feel … are there genetic studies on animal-loving vegans? Maybe you guys have animal-love-nucleus localised encephalitis.

  18. I'm not even a vegan but all the vegan hate out there is just pathetic and sad, like an alcoholic calling a sober person a looser for not drinking.

  19. Vegan dies from eating meat! Love it! I am sick of non vegans making fun of me in person, too. It is not just online that it happens and I am looking forward to the day when it will no longer be cool to eat a big fat steak in front of a vegan while loud lip smacking noises fill up the room.

  20. LOL it's funny because most of the dislikes are probably from meat eaters that came here to feel good about themselves . BYE

  21. I don't enjoy watching people fail when it comes to being a vegan or vegetarian. I do however enjoy watching people try things they haven't and see the joy of those who end up liking it. This ties into my desire to relate to people who like meat, definitely not a desire to convert anyone. I do however feel people should try something before deciding to exclude it entirely, unless it is known to cause provable and quantifiable problems. If it is against your beliefs then that is a fair prerogative but as humanitarian as some people try to be, they are in fact going against the dietary evidence of our ancestors as to what is actually normal and healthy.

  22. i watched the whole video and i still want vegans to fail because i love meat and if humans had natural predator it would be ok for predator to kill us that is truth. even if that predator doesn't need to kill humans for survival he would eat us because we have good taste(this is assimilation i don't eat humans so i dont know taste).

  23. why would anyone choose to value the opinions of people who make fun of vegans? I am confused? (me not vegan yet but hope to transition)

  24. Such commitment to actually bang his head on the table.
    So many dislikes proves how many people felt duped looking for some sweet vegan failure.

  25. Now I knew this would be a joke, but I would’ve stilled watched it if it wasn’t just to dislike and be a little piece of vegan crap in the comments.

  26. Yor beard is the same colour, as you hair ,what are you doing now ,do you diet change color of you beard

  27. The reason people want to see vegans fail is because of the "moral superiority" that vegans seem to promote over meat eaters. Meat eaters could care less about vegans eating vegetables. But keep it to yourself. Why is it your identity? Why are vegans so evangelistic about being vegan?

  28. Ill never go vegan any way.. prob 90% veggies, 10 % plant but never vegan. theres no point really.

  29. The hardest thing for me is my son's father and his family always feeds him lots of meat… 🙁 I'm vegan and it sucks. I have said how I feel but unless I kept him from them, it's going to continue. Hopefully, with education and awareness my son will choose veganism on his own. He eats vegan with me anyways.

  30. Being vegan is retarded why would there be so many wonderfull animals with so much tasty Meat if it wasn't ment for us to eat it's just like saying hey guys theres a beautiful woman how about we don't rape her

  31. As a vegan if i get unknowingly served dairy, i dont get angry.
    I panic and look for the nearest toilet.
    my dairy alergy is brutal….

  32. I knew it was vegan food from the start of the video all vegan meat looks like poop you guys cant fool me yet. XDDD

  33. I really wonder why I still currently see a lot of weird comments about being an ex-vegan, losing their eye sight and feeling more alive after incorporating meat again. I understand it might be because they were always calorie deficient or not eating enough fats, but even so I'm still trying to understand how some people get sick during their vegan years. I should be more open to others' views and lifestyles so I/we don't feel attacked, but I'm just super curious!

  34. Vegan eats meat for the first time and instantaneously feels better and instantaneously dies of cholesterol. Lol

  35. People really want to see vegans/vegetarians fail. They will always ask if you want meat or dairy, sometimes push things in your face and always try to tell you how unhealthy/unnatural it is… It is just annoying

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