Uber Eats | Take a Few  Trips with Me | Food Deliver Ride Along

Uber Eats | Take a Few Trips with Me | Food Deliver Ride Along

I um… Look like a BUG! That’s what I look like, a damn bug! But I just picked up that order. I’m ready! Give me a minute! Hold on! What’s up YouTube, it’s Toya and I’m back
and let me start by saying thank you and welcome to all of my new subscribers. i’m talking like it’s 50,000 and it’s only
like three or four but I’m very very grateful, and I mostly do sub for sub so if you have
subscribed to me, look for my sub. I always click that subscribe button so look
for me in your subbies! I’d just like to say thank you again and welcome! So today I am trying out Uber Eats. I went down to the Uber Office here in Atlanta
which a is really nice office. It’s like a loft area. Like not even a loft but like a I guess old
factory that they turned into a really nice really contemporary little office. It’s nice! I went up there and they put me on to the—
I didn’t stop— I’m not—I’m not not driving for— driving passengers for uber, so I’m
driving passengers and delivering food. I’m really, really interested in the Uber
Deliveries. I read somewhere and I was looking on YouTube
and researching like everybody says was researching —- Uber Delivery and what’s gonna start
happening pretty soon is— Uber is gonna start delivering groceries and stuff like
that. Packages basically, maybe not just groceries
but packages. So I’m really interested to see what comes
of that and I want to make sure I’m onboard as soon as that happens. But for now I am still driving for Uber and
also I’m on the Uber Eats platform. I also drive for Lyft, and I’ve been driving
for Postmates for a while I just never— I never really— haven’t done it in a while
and I never really Vlog about it or talk about it, but I am headed to— headed to the Postmates
office now because my Paydex card is expired that’s how long I been with Postmates. so my Paydex card is expired and I didn’t
recognize it until I got onto the app today and they told me I need to go down to the
office and get that taken care of and then I’ll be driving all day and its probably gonna
be—it is only gonna be deliveries today. I don’t feel like— any passenger stuff today. I just— I’m not up for it. So im gonna take you guys with me. Once again thanks to the new subscribers. Stay with me if you want to see how this day
goes and like i said im headed up to the Postmates office to talk to them about my Paydex Card
and I’ll let you guys know what comes of that once I’m done. See you guys in a minute! So as I was en route to the— Postmates office
it was about 12:10 ten after twelve. I got an alert for Uber Eats. Over hear on Cambelton Rd. So I’m gonna go ahead and do that cuz that’s
money That’s guaranteed money so I’m gonna go ahead and do that plus I’ve never delivered
over here. I’m gonna see what its like! Right now I’m on Stanton Rd. I’m en Route to the restaurant and we’ll see
how that goes. So I just picked up the from the order from
the backyard grill and i’m on my way to deliver it. I got my Waze App up and the guy just made
me a proposal. The owner of the store owner of the grill
here just made me a proposal to deliver for him and I want to hear what he’s talking about. So I gave him my number. I gave him my number and he’s gonna call me
and i told him i will be working area today just to see. You know, whatever just to make it sound good
i don’t know if i’m just not completely work the area but it sounds good like it sounds
really good i like if I can deliver and— do what I’m doing with them and then do that
on the side that’s awesome too. I’ll have a full Monday working. While I’m not working my other job. While I’m doing my rideshare So. He was like— what he was doing was trying
to explain to me the mileage and to be honest I don’t want to hear all that because he’s
trying to find a way to get over which lets me know— you know EVERYBODY, EVERYBODY is
going to try to HUSTLE right? everybody got a HUSTLE—everybody— I just
got a text message from LYFT. They want me to come work.I ain’t going to
work for LYFT. I ain’t going to work for y’all! Everybody has a HUSTLE. Everybody trying to get over, so what I don’t
like is people attempting to fast-talk me. I don’t feel like he tried to fast-talk me
but I feel like he tried to sell me on his brand of B.S., which I don’t need. You know if I want to do something I’m gonna
do it. If I feel like it’s a little bullshit involved
(which I feel like it’s a little bullshit involved in just about everything in life)
it depends on the level of bullshit and I may just do it. That’ s just it. So I want to do it. I’m ok with it if he gets a lot of business. I really would like to just see what happens
with it you know? You know? Anyway I’m not gonna ramble and I’m not gonna
keep rambling. I’m going to deliver these people food. lt’ s three plates of like you know grilled
food or BBQ food it smells really good. His restaurant smelled really good. I did want to get me a lil barbecue sandwich
or something out of there but I’m at work so I cant be eating on the job. I just had to come back and tell y’all how
stupid good this food smells right now. This food smells SO GOOD! Oh my god, OH MY GOD! this food smells so
good. Just look at it. Y’all cant smell it but look at it. it’s just in the bag, smelling good!!! The guy from DC— the grill place— DC backyard
grill he called me back to pick up-an order. Not on the APP. I gonna see how this goes. See how much bullshit comes along with it. But like I said I’m open To see what goes
on, see what happens and I definitely let you guys know how that goes. Hi, have a delivery for Lamar. Are you in the beige house with the black
gated door? Yes. Okay I’m at the door. So i’m at my third pick up for today it is
a spot called Grecian Gyro I’m gonna go ahead and pick this up. I have my app already up. My App is up. I’m going to take my phone in, confirm the
order number and I’ll be right back out. I just picked up that order from the gyro
place I’m going to drop it off at it says it’s about eight minutes away it didn’t take
very long— it just had a little– they we’re having come trouble with their register. when I walked in the young lady that was at
the register was counting her money and she was saying that— she was saying that she
was short a couple dollars and as they were— aa they were counting more Uber Eats orders
were coming in! Hell Yea! I’m gonna try and go back over there and see
if I can pick up more runs. This is a pretty decent gig for something
part time (UBER EATS as a Part time job). This for me, being out, in the sun, being
able to talk to people and smile with people different people I don’t know, I don’t know
them they don’t know me different people I don’t know, I don’t know them they don’t know
me All i’m doing is picking up peoples food. And I like food! and i’m just dropping off
their food. I like it Not being in anybodies face for
to long.So Whatever. Its a gig for me! For right now. To make some extra money. So i’m dropping everything off and I will
definitely see you guys at the drop off. so I dropped that off and I am headed back
to the Gyro place. So I’m sitting in the gyro place and they
had a mix- up on the orders. I hope It wasn’t the order that i picked up
prior. It doesn’t seem like it. The girl told me no, it wasn’t mine. I guess the person that came in here before
me they gave her the wrong order. It’s funny because they look like they dont’
know what the hell to do. I’m just sitting here waiting on them to make
this guys order ( my battery on my phone is about to die) They are making the order now. There was a mix up. So they are remaking the guys order that i’m
picking up, because they gave it away. His order got picked up, and I’m just waiting
on the order. Once I get it I’ll let you guys know and I’ll
be on my way!

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  1. Hey toya this Theresa from Atlanta I also do uber uber eats and I do door dash I started this doing door dash this week and I found it to be better than uber eats let me know what you think about it but I get way more money with door dash but you can view my channel as well

  2. Hi Toya I just subscribed to your channel:), I just started with UberEats in the Atl area so ill be watching, Thanks for sharing!

  3. Did the Uber delivery 📦 ever come thru. I was "researching" 👨🏾‍💻 but couldn't find any information.

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