TSP’s Nawab Sahab | खोज का बोझ

TSP’s Nawab Sahab | खोज का बोझ

God only gave a chance to celebrate
mankind to people. That’s why some people
find ways to celebrate. And some for no reason. Listen, Pan Villas boxes for the guests. And saffron water for gargle. And listen, last time Kiran Bedi was called by
putting a poster of Falguni Pathak. This time don’t call any local
brother instead of Sanju baba. And how come you’re still washing utensils? Guests have arrived.
When are you going to prepare food? Make it fast. And these clothes… …why these clothes are lying here? Who’s suppose to put this.
Who’s the in charge of decorations? Decoration is nice. It’s beautiful. Who said it? C’mon. Get back to work. This was not any festival or something.
It was 30th birthday of Nawab sir. And amongst the Nawabs, 30th
birthday had a big importance. It’s in their tradition that… …you’ve to invent something for the
good of humanity before you turn 30. Otherwise you cannot be… …I mean you can’t be a Nawab And if not then? The title of a Nawab
is taken away or what? Not only title? Land, properties, clothes, women…
Everything is taken away. So what do you think? Will the Nawab
LX be able to invent anything. Invention is running like
a fluid in Nawab’s body. He can flush it out
whenever he wants. See. Invention is in process. Come. Let’s check. The cause of this unwavering faith of
the people was the ancestors of the Nawab. Who used to change the world
with his new inventions. Like an example,
Nawab LX’s great-grandfather Nawab FX, who was a mighty warrior, often sour tooth of enemies. Due to this,
he started liking the sourness. And started squeezing
lemon in everything. And when he squeezed lemon in the milk, it turned into ricotta. To this invention, the entire
world calls it as cottage cheese. Similarly,
his great-grand father Nawab RDX, the Britishers begin to tremble… …after hearing the sound
of domestic explosives. He often used to test their
bombs in their courtyards. But when he started limping on one leg, the atmosphere changed in the courtyard. To get rid of this problem, he invented the world famous game… …hopscotch. And he was Nawab LX’s father. Nawab Chillax. He was a very relaxed person. But he used to visit the city
everytime to arrange the resources. To get rid of this problem, he invented bong. And the picture over here was of Nawab D… …I mean… …Uncle DX. Neither he invented anything
nor anyone remembered him. And now it was the turn of Nawab
LX to introduce his newness. Being modern, Nawab sir wanted
his stories to be in a memory card, and not in the pages of history. He used to capture all his
achievements on a camera. Like celebration, graduation, vacation,
loose motion, shirshasan etc. After all crazy pursuit is a big thing. And when it was about invetion, it was ready a week in advance. Because of his penchant for writing,
he invented an electric pen. This amazing pen works on electricity. And the special thing about this pen
is it only works on paper. Really? What are you saying? Let me check. – Only on paper.
– Wow! This pen is really amazing. Nawab sir had the shock of defeat, but Lallan was screaming
because he was electrocuted. Everybody make mistakes. He is creative, is proud
of, fu*ked my ear. But that doesn’t
mean he has lost. Nawab LX has already started
preparing for the next invention. So then what will be the next invention? What? What will be the next invention? No, no. I don’t eat banana. Nawab LX was an expert in wooing girls. But for the youth of Nawabganj,
girlfriend and dinosaur were same. About whom they had just heard about. Boys often get rejected on the first date. Lallan sir was also beaten once. Beaten and all. You go and give her this. Sit quietly and write the biography. Don’t just go and say it. Due to lack of sex, – a kid like Lallan…
-… You won’t listen, right? To get rid of this problem of youth, Nawab LX invented a supernatural perfume, which means ADI deo. Using which,
he can easily impress any girl. And when that supernatural
was tested on Lallan, it was worth watching. – Lallan.
– Yes? Nothing like that.
Perfume had great power. But people will not be able to withstand. Well, still we’ve 5 to 6 days.
Let’s see what happens. In the next three days,
Nawab made many things. Like banana peeler, square ball,
elastic spoon, waterproof towel etc. And watching the videos of
such infructuous inventors, Lallan’s laughs were echoing
throughout the mansion. I already told this guy
that he’s a very weird man. The work that apple did for Newton, Lallan’s laugh did it for Nawab. And finally that evening has come. For which only Nawabganj was eagerly waiting. Nawab sir’s morale was truly praiseworthy. Because this time without testing,
he gathered the whole public. Thank you all for coming here. So I’ve invented a machine, who’s going to read your mind. Yes. Mind reader. Whatever you’re thinking right
now, this machine will tell us. So tell me, from this beautiful crowd, who wants to come and give us a
demo of this machine. Who wants to come? Nawab sir, I want to come. You come. Lallan, you come.
Don’t look there. Come here. – No, no. He was coming.
– Please come. – He was coming.
– It’s awesome. So now this machine is going to
tell us what Lallan thinks. First invention he exploded my ears,
second a bull was behind me, third… What are you saying?
Have you gone mad? Nawab sir,
these are not my words. I even give cuss
words to you in my mind. Have you gone mad?
What rubbish are you talking? Nawab sir, I think there’s
some technical issue. There’s no technical issue.
You think something else. Why should I think? You should think about a good invention. No hair left on his head. What else
he can do as Nawab at the age of 30. And who invents a banana peeler? She’s lying. I’m telling you she’s lying. You please don’t worry.
I know that these are not your words. This was just a joke. – It was a joke.
– Yes. It was a joke… … It was a just a casual joke. And you know that he likes cracking jokes. And Nawab sir,
there’s nothing more than passion. That mean’s this invention has also failed. It has been invented. And this invention is enjoyed in the
country, the world and in Dombivali. Before us our ancestors have made many
inventions for the public interest. Similarly, I’ve done this invention
of public interest for my people. Which is known as ‘Pranks.’ Through this invention,
you can make people dumb. And capture it in camera and
create an atmosphere of laughter. In this progressive society, you,
me, Lallan have forgotten to… …laugh at each other. And this invention gives you the power
to make everyone laugh in the world. Along with time, many other forms
of mischievous moments got revealed. Like Dalal’s prank, Radio Murga,
Chupi Rustom and many more. Someone said it right that
passion is a big thing. Now he was very much fond of making videos
of Nawab sir, who saved the title of Nawab, And gave birth to a practice
that would save and haunt… …the human race and it will make
people laugh for ages.

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