100 thoughts on “Trump on cleaning up California: If they can’t, we’ll do it for them”

  1. California had eight years of Arnold. Instead of taking over and turning Sacramento into a circus like he did sometimes, bring someone into California that will make it the best version of itself not some carbon copy of the other sunbelt states people are moving to

  2. Why did trump just pardon a woman who was involved with defrauding medicare for 205 MILLION dollars? …..she defrauded the mental health community…….

  3. It's become a number one destination for birth tourism and place where drug cartels and Chinese housing market speculators come to have anchor babies buy houses and Jack up the prices and rents and a place where they can sell heroin and meth on the streets with out having to worry about going to jail because law enforcement can't touch them in the "Sanctuary State. There isn't a town,city or sidewalk in the State where I haven't had to step over a used syringe or seen mentally ill sleeping on sidewalks,eating out of dumpsters.Ive also seen a number of elderly sleeping in cars or parks lately. A complete disgrace.

  4. Where in the Constitution is there a right to be a useless, disgusting parasite and live and defecate on public streets. The US is becoming a laughing stock to the civilized world.

  5. Alright but California is the US’s economy. Big tech is the reason America is still an economic powerhouse. Sure, it’s riddled with problems, but if you really hate California that much go ahead and delete YouTube, throw away your iPhone, laptop, and most of the vegetables in your house. If California was a country it would have the 6th largest economy in the world. The US NEEDS California.

  6. Trump's done ZERO in four years.

    What make you think he's NOW telling the truth ?

    Once a liar always a liar.

    He'll say anything to get reelected and the Criminal Mexican Invasion Crisis is his "meal ticket"

  7. if this puppet government can pay out $4,000 a month for more than 58,000 million illegal aliens they should be able to take care of the 20 million u.s. citizens who are homeless

  8. Democrats solution:

    Handover California to the anti-American anti-white rasist criminal thief Hispanic smiley-face-mask sleeper-cell illegal aliens

  9. California will need to be split into 3 different regions if Democrats can't take thier heads out of their behinds. Vote Republican my dudes and dudettes. Show them you're tired of their bull.

  10. Yeah the guy that went bankrupt multiple times is going to fix California. The only thing this guy has fixed is his and his cronies pockets. MAKE AMERICA THINK HARDER WE MISS YANG

  11. This is america, and american citizen shouldn't be living on the streets, and if our greatest president ever, Donald J. Trump take back everything that the immigrants have taken from the Americans citizens, and send all of the immigrants, back to their own countries, after all. we send million dollars to help those's people and their countries. what is their excuse,s. theirs not any, and their leader of their own countries, should take care of their own people, it's not america place to take care of the illegals, that just don't belong here in our great country. immigrants should go back to their country, and start over, and come through the front door the right way. if they won't to be American, can't get any planer then that. send them all back Trump, Americans are depending on you. (Vote )"Tump 2020".

  12. There is a portion of the homeless that choose to live that way. Some are mentally ill, but I believe a lot of the homeless are just lazy as Hell.

  13. Wherever you leave liberals in charge, it is only a short time before total chaos develops….this fact has been repeated over and over again in our country for decades.

  14. Trump , Fix Alabama , Louisiana,, and Mississippi, Those states are so trashy,, California, it’s the fifth world 🌍 economy,, those homeless are from another states ,, they are not Californians

  15. I say fire the governor and get rid of all the liberals in the state and stop allowing illegal imagrants to have food stamps , housing and free health insurance. They have allowed Mexicans to come in and put Americans out of work for cheap labor all so they can send that money to mexico not back into the state. Nancy pelosi's district is the worst.

  16. Tall are dumb at there is a reason why it’s a state within a country some things need to be done at the upmost level and some things should be done at a state level …Fox doesent even state the percentage of homeless from out of states which is the majority

  17. Say it like it is…Democrat Liberals are 100% responsible for the crisis. They do nothing for the citizens, yet want to give everything free to the illegals. Their policies are destructive and a text book example of why they should never hold power again. They have shown what they are really all about, and the nasty squalor that is the major California cities is absolute proof of that. The mask is gone and the Democrat Liberal ugliness is on full display. And they want to do this to the rest of the country.

  18. Funny twist on California… Cali is the only state with non racist 24/7 so no one wants to live outside the west coast… Most the states are fool of boringness with nothing to do… California on the other hand has tons of stuff hence the high population and land value… The rest of the USA is lower value due to lack of diversity.. and lack of reasonable employment.. most jobs u gotta work for a bigot who thinks ur work is fair but never has done the job

  19. Theres no way they will fix California simply because they don't see it as broken.
    Send in the troops now and clean it up! Don't bother waiting it won't happen. Deploy now and clean house!

  20. It's disgusting here in SF, one big toilet. I really hope Trump does come in and clean it up. Newsom has done NOTHING to help taxpayers. Mayor Breed is also no help at all to the homeless or the taxpayers footing the bills allowing them to camp on our streets and receive payment for selling and doing drugs and defecating everywhere. What a mess.

  21. There has been over a half a million people that have left California, and more are leaving including my self. Taxes continue to rise but our pay stays stagnant. The only thing politicians know how to do is take your hard earned dollars. Could you imagine if we could place all that tax money into a retirement fund, we would all be millionaires today. 😠

  22. Man, YouTube is shure pushing these Bloomberg ads.. I'm a TUMP supporter thank you very much, so quit pushing this flakes ads on me/us!!!!!!!

  23. Your all idiots….dems do this …republicans do that…. I work in the city and it is disgusting…homeless urinate everywhere….i gag everymorning as i walk on van ness to go to work….. The smell of poop and urine in the air… …quit blaming each other and get it done ……find a fix….

  24. If trump can't solve the problem of Florida importing drugs in from Port of maimi … Or the crime and elderly being scammed…Then he should shut up

  25. Make landlording and licensing/permits illegal. That would allow people to have homes and businesses without extortion. Big plus for any local economy. Duhhhh.

  26. I support our president on this matter… how about you take the dems with the homeless. It would be a win win. They all have mental issues and need rehabilitation. We are a country of laws and its not right that good tax paying citizens like us are treated with blatant disrespect while certain small groups are encouraged to brake the laws and steel from from the law biding! Working class men and woman of this great country! Time for tuff love no more kitty gloves

  27. I feel like there is a secret mindset to a Democrat belief, and whatever it is , it's not good…in otherwords I'm not speaking on anything, but I dont want to bother other countrys and thier beliefs, we as Americans should protect our country, and if we want to visit other places we respect thier protocol and they need to respect ours …simple as that, as far as trading, heck with cheap garbage from China and other places, we should be even on trade, andnifnyournrich and greedy then naturally that will run its course, otherwords their are people that would rather live without garbage and we use our own resources to absolute tip top best we can .

  28. It’s all lies, the economy isn’t getting any better since bush. It isn’t Obama or trumps fault. It is Bill Clinton and George w. Bush’s. Bill Clinton shipped jobs overseas in the 90s, that’s why his presidency was in surplus.

  29. Give a man a fish he eats for the day, give a man a net he can catch his own. Welfare is political smoke and mirrors and fixes nothing. The left has become the master of virtue signaling to the young but the game is up.

  30. Thank u from Sacramento this state needs new leaders for sure and ones that actually make good changes Arnold f'ing governator did a better job then these fools wtf help America we need it -California

  31. Trump you haven't solved a single issue in America… Welfare is rising and the homeless, not only in California, not to mention drug issues… You are only creating more issues by sparking the racist issue… but hey you are white that is expected…

  32. Sanctuary cities should be considered a national security federal crime. I would love to see the feds round up and jail all those responsible for sanctuary cities. The feds need to start showing their teeth and put their money where their mouth is!

  33. I understand why you would leave California but PLEASE don't bring your democratic vote with you. Democrats are the reason California is the way it is. A lot of the people are moving to Colorado and still wanting to be Democrat which is bringing the problem to us by electing Democrats here. TRUMP 2020

  34. People are fleeing California from leftist policies while these same policies invite droves of illegals to flood in. Then, the leftists get voted in again.

  35. Encinitas California just approved a camp for homeless people. This is basically the Malibu of San Diego… I’ve been working hard all my life to live here. It’s expensive but crime is low and the area is clean. WHAT THE F are politicians thinking????

  36. trump impresses me every day if they dont do it we will do it for them fukin a this dude is smarter then people give him credit for

  37. What a poor example Cali is, like why would there rest of the country look to you when you run all you have into the ground. The only reason the state has a strong economy is because of the natural surroundings and vegetation.

  38. As long as we have illegal invaders. (Liberal)(Uninformed women ) (Liberal) Uninformed black n brown folks(Liberal) All Democratic socialist minded voting it will only get worse. Civil unrest is coming. RAW inverted. We have lots of dumb voters. 🕵

  39. What a facist he is. How can anyone support this guy as he clearly wants to rule the world. I mean come the f on, isn't it obvious? He makes jobs for ppl and passes laws that force ppl to get off welfare and work for a living.
    He calls out states and their officials for not taking proper care of their states and works to solve the problems.
    Only a power hungry dictator acts like that.
    How dare he actually expect ppl to work for their own money and take responsibility for their own actions.
    What an evil, evil man.
    I bet hes directly responsible for the extinction of the wooley mammoth. I think hes been eating the hearts of nearly extinct animal's for tens of thousands of years to make himself immortal.
    Oh and if you live anywhere in the world and you woke up with a back ache or stubbed your toe,… Trump is responsible for that as well.

  40. It's a crisis created by idiot Republicans giving too many tax breaks to the rich and they just grew richer and richer never worrying to lift any of their workers to a livable wage

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