100 thoughts on “Trump brutally mocks Democratic candidates ahead of Nevada caucus”

  1. Mini Mike , Joe Byeden and Pocahontas Warren give him so much material to work with. Just think he is just getting warmed up.

  2. This guy is so happy it's a freak show that's running our country .. what kind of bs news anchor is this guy .. why is it great to have a show as a presidential campaigne? Vote for Sanders he's not here for a show or comedy Central stand up he's here for us

  3. The Demonratic part is SO freakin’ stupid and backwards. They are not smart enough to realize that EVERY time one of their candidates opens their mouth during a ‘debate’ that they give Trump another 10 votes for 2020? These people are like watching the Comedy Channel. They not only hate Trump, they hate EACH OTHER!

  4. Trump loves to have rallies more than he does debates…no one checks your facts at rallies….Whipping up a frenzy with dog-whistles and hate speech is the Trump way lol…And his base laps it up without a thought in their heads…Keep America White and dumb lol….only a trumpet can ignore the lies, conspiracy lunacy and constant hate speech as normal.

  5. List of my favorite Socialist Programs. The American Military for our mutual defense(social benifit). The Interstate Highways, The Hoover Dam, NASA, Route 66, TVA, The National Parks, Smithsonian Museums, all Socialist Programs.

  6. The opposition know he’s funny and think he’s funny but can’t laugh for fear of losing their lively hood. The left have been silenced by there own minority of anarchists, socialists, communists, etc. and they have no one to blame but themselves.

  7. AMERICA. TRUMP 2020. HIS ANALYSIS OF each democratic rival is spot on. so much anger and venom coming from the left. excellent summary piece by the best President ever!!.

  8. I support Trump, but he is in no place to body shame people. Shame them for their views not looks or height. That's Jr. High stuff.

  9. Lol lol liberals clown this fool every day, it's not hard, every late night talk show make trump the butt of their jokes every night, they do have a sense of humor.

  10. Finally someone who says properly "Democrat", "Democrats", "Democrat party" while the other knuckleheads keep mimicking the "Democratic Party" BS.. It is Demon-crat not Democratic…. yes they are icy ticks but that is not their name!!!

  11. funtoolbar1

    16 hours ago

    The Five is so much easy to watch without Juan or Donna!!!


    colin-man yeates-clan

    1 second ago

    OMG, YES YES YES… thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  12. funtoolbar1

    16 hours ago

    The Five is so much easy to watch without Juan or Donna!!!

    OMG, YES YES YES… thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  13. funtoolbar1

    16 hours ago

    The Five is so much easy to watch without Juan or Donna!!!

    OMG, YES YES YES… thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  14. In British English slang, 'to trump' means 'to make a gaseous emission through the back passage', which about sums up the quality of Mr Trump's pronouncements.

  15. Gerardo need to replace Juan Williams permanently.i don't watch the show cause of Juan and his stupid comments.and when they have the Brazil woman is worst.

  16. 2q2q trump train get out vote get ridd of as many demon craps as possible no poco hontus hallarious great president TRUMP SHOW AN WORK HORSE..

  17. Tulsi Gabbard would be the only one of the democ/RATs, who could become dangerous to DJT. But they will mess it up again. Tulsi has a big problem: she's not dirty enough for the democ/RATs. DNC: Deplorables national congress!

  18. You will have to live with your vote for someone who calls climate change a hoax. Rising temperatures are affecting wildlife and their habitats. Vanishing ice has challenged species such as the Adélie penguin in Antarctica, where some populations on the western peninsula have collapsed by 90 percent or more.

  19. Hundreds of cold empty chairs at the MAGA nightmare party. Even the ridiculous baby hat is made in China. Hilarious and humiliating..

  20. ****I have a feeling that the only other president that made ppl honestly laugh like trump was probably teddy rosevelt. the very rare examples we have of hi m on old tape is him laughing smiling an joking I bet he made ppl laugh like trump lol***********


  22. It's all about his charisma and his love for the people. The democrats don't have either and they can't replicate it and come off sounding sincere because quite frankly, they're insincere about their intentions. They know they've got to lie to the people because we're smarter than they give us credit for or they even realize! 😆

  23. …defends and praises putin, attacks our allies and our own intelligence agencies, keeps ranting against anyone opposing russian expansion, that komrade trump sure is loyal to his russian backers!!!

  24. It is a sad, sad day. The president has no class whatsoever. This is what our kids are looking up to. My family and I have been Republicans forever. NOT anymore. How would you like your kids, grandchildren your mom and dad or grandparents being bully or being call names by a looser by a hypocrite by a criminal like potus.
    I bet you can find more class in a ghetto. You should be ashamed fox no good news.

  25. President Trump changed the dead and deceptive richuals of pretends and lies of bad actors traditions, and turned it to vibrant living, based on true discussions of valuable information's and science of reality facts. Please wake up to participate in improving lives of others, and give your true inventive ideas for better future on planet earth.

  26. Smart people can tell when he's joking. But more importantly, they know what's not a joke, and that is that PRESIDENT TRUMP CARES ABOUT AMERICA ☆☆☆☆☆

  27. Dear Fox, please keep Geraldo who is both intelligent and well centered in his reason for an alternative view, and send Juan Williams to CNN to blather with the rest of the far left imbeciles. Thank you.

  28. This guy is beyond hilarious lmao i can't wait to see that idiot mike get bio-obliterated when he debates Trump! Trump 2020!!

  29. Trump a bully? He's the wreaking ball we need to drain the swamp. Shut up Geraldo R. I used to respect you but not anymore. You should hear how stupid you sound.

  30. Honey I Shrunk The Bloomberg.
    Boot of Fudge
    Constipated Berne’s Sanders straining with a red face
    Pok-A-Ugly was thinking she’s God himself

  31. I dont agree gutfield trump is making it a show he is enjoying his time on the podium just bask in the glory of our president and what more better to do but to tease the hell out out of these radical dems Republicans have not much too worry about anymore just sit back and enjoy the president rip them new assholes

  32. VERY UNBECOMING of a president to stand up on a stage & MOCK American citizens what example is he setting for the nations youth ? its ok to bully & hate ?

  33. Tammy Bruce mentioned that Trump caricatures his opponents. This is true. And we Trump supporters love it.
    Given the horrendous way in which the mass fake-stream media and his political opponents have worked together to caricature HIM non-stop, it is such a pleasure when he caricatures right back at them ! They deserve that. And more!

  34. Trump, a regular billionaire. Trump speaks openly, carries & uses the big stick, and then stumps on you with his boots: what a president.

  35. One thing the entire panel failed to mention, they need to repeat this as often as possible: Bernie Sanders is a SOCIALIST! Don't you people get this? There is no difference between Communism and Socialism. WAKE UP!

  36. Pro-Trump teenagers posting on YouTube were sadly not Aborted, but there’s still plenty of good reasons to stab their racist parents with coat-hangers.

  37. Trump is that guy you always hated, and then got to understand their abilities and meaning and they end up on your team to much success that you end up being glad you get to have them on your team.

  38. Trying to impeach Trump without proper reason was, like that Toby Kieth song. Trump represents America! and a mighty sucker punch (the democrats) came flying in at Trump. Now that he can see clearly through his big black eye, he's lighting up the democrats like the 4TH OF JULLLYYYYYY!!!!

  39. Trump had a lot to say with no content. Mocking people is not a good argument why Trump should be President. Well, if I wanted a someone who was silly and funny, I chose someone on the standup circuit. I want someone who will solve problems like a top heavy economy where 1% own 90% of the wealth and 1% own 50% of the stock market. That leaves you and me scrambling in the dust for the contents of a pinata. I want someone who cares if I live or die. That person is Bernie Sanders who wants to give everyone health care so we don't continue to have poor health outcomes for pregnant mothers and their babies. I believe we come in 14th internationally! We need someone like Bernie who believes in democracy. We don't want Putin picking our Presidents, we don't want him picking Trump's opponents. We get to chose and we chose Bernie because he can take on Trump's bullying. Bernie knows who he is and what he wants. He has a movement behind him. If Putin thinks Trump can beat Bernie he just made a big mistake because Bernie can win, will win, and he is no Putin Fan. Bernie thinks Putin is a thug. Indeed he is. He also believes in people power not rich guy power. No Bloomberg, Steyer or Trump is good enough, we want Bernie. He believes that the ordinary person knows what they need. We know that we are paying too much for shelter, for health care and we cannot get out of debt because our wages are too low and don't stretch far enough no matter how thrifty we are. We know why we need Bernie and the rich guys who think they can buy the presidency are out of favor! Take that FOX News!!!

  40. Would anyone want their kids to emulate Trump? His whole approach is to shame and name call. Disgusting man in every way. A Bully at the pulpit and a coward face to face like all bullies.

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