Triple Meat Korean Rice Bowl Challenge w/ Beef, Chicken, & Pork!!

Triple Meat Korean Rice Bowl Challenge w/ Beef, Chicken, & Pork!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel,
“Atlas,” and I am very very excited today! i am for the first time in Largo, Florida
which is just to the north of St. Petersburg, Florida. I am at Kogi Grill, and I am very very excited because I’m about to take on,
it’s named after me, the Randy Santel Kogi Bowl Challenge. They have a Triple
Bowl, so I’m basically eating three Triple Bowls. Each one of those triple
bowls has pretty much about 1 pound of their meats, each with a different marinade – chicken, pork, and beef, so 3 pounds of meat, and then the base layer- they’ve got a short grain rice, 2 pounds of that, and then we’ve got 1 lb of healthy vegetables! It’s a mix of cabbages, lettuce, and then on the top we’ve got green onions, and we’ve got some raw fresh jalapenos. So we’ve only got 30
minutes to finish everything here. I am the very first person to take on this
challenge, so if I win, I’ll be the first person on their wall of fame. I will get my $40 meal for free, and I will get a sweet t-shirt, so let’s get this challenge
started! (cheering) Alright, big thanks to Carl and everybody here at Kogi Grill in Largo, Florida for having me down, to help them
start off this challenge. It looks amazing! Haven’t had Korean food in a while, so
let’s shut up and eat, and just enjoy all of this deliciousness – about 6 lbs total, thirty minutes to finish. 1, 2, 3. . . Boom!! Alright!! I’ve got chicken, pork, and beef. I’ll start over here with the beef. Oh yeah! This is their Kogi sauce. The sauce is good, yeah it’s their special signature sauce! (crowd) Let’s go Randy! Come on Randy! Four and a half minutes in. I’m pretty much around 1/3 done I’d say. I’m done with the beef side. Luckily I’ve got 30 minutes! (crowd laughing) (person in crowd) Bigger than it looks, huh? (Randy) No, more chewing involved. (Another person in crowd) Come on, kick it into Atlas mode bro! (Randy) Atlas has aged along with Randy! (laughing) We are 10 minutes and 12 seconds in,
still have pretty much 2/3 of the time left. I’m over halfway through. This is amazing. I’ve done all of the beef, most of the pork. Now we’re working on
the chicken. and then some of all the healthy vegetables and rice on the
bottom, but let’s keep going and become the first winner! I’m trying to mix this up this time. I was going slow the other way, trying to keep it all pretty and neat. More Kogi Sauce! (crowd) Kogi Randy! Kogi Randy! We are just under 17 minutes in. We’re
getting there! [Young kid] Can I try it next?
[Randy] Yeah, if your dad is willing to sponsor you! Just a few bites left! (person in crowd) Tell us what you’re thinking about? I’m thinking about my 14 weeks off to start 2020 and how much I appreciate you guys all being here! (person in crowd) Is that the last one right there? (Randy laughing) No. (crowd) Here we go, that’s it, last bite! (crowd cheering) I’m the very first person to win the
“Randy Santel” Kogi Bowl Challenge here at Kogi Bowl in Largo, Florida! So I’ve got the new record! That food was so good. I loved all 3 of those meats. I really thought I was gonna finish way faster just looking at everything. I was almost worried about, since we helped them create this challenge, the time limit being too long, but that is definitely not the case! Thanks again to everybody here, Carl and his team here at Kogi Grill in Largo, Florida. Thank you guys all for coming!! I look forward to meeting you guys all after this, but thank you guys for watching too! It was overall win #814!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! It was great to have some more delicious Korean food!! BIG thanks to everyone who watched this past Friday's video that focused on my nutrition and food plan during this 12-week Sexification 2020 that I'm currently halfway done with. 6 more weeks to go and then I will be back to touring and doing food challenges again!! For those interested, here is the link to watch that video:

  2. Hello Randy great video Im kinda new but have been watching for a while just want to say appreciate your videos I enjoy them much take care my friend !!

  3. I am not even going to lie man year to date this looks the best thing you have eaten 😁😁😁😁🤪🤪🤪😁😁

  4. Randy Santel : [ uploads a food challenge video ]
    No one :
    Absolutely no one :
    Youtube Comments : MaTt StOnIe CoUlD dO iT fAsTeR


  6. Nice win Randy! I like how you make sure you eat everything on the plate! Make sure you didn't leave a grain of rice behind lol! Awesome job!

  7. Name is Willie, I have cancer in the stomach, you eat alot, what type of urbers will help me out, I have had cancer now since 2016, still hanging in there but its getting worse, just asking

  8. I am so glad people are making new challenges for Randy. I can't travel much so i hope places in my state create new ones too.

  9. Randy, can i ask, when you do your food challenge you are obviously taking in a lot of calories. Do you then stretch the remaining meal calorific value across the day?
    Ie you’re on you weight loss plan, this meal is say 2-3000cal. Do you then eat little and often to say up to 4-5000 calories for the day in total but include a good workout too?

    I would be really interested to hear how you manage your day.

    Great video as always


  10. You realize you cannot do food challenges and try to lose weight simultaneously?… Dude, you have mental damage from football or something.

  11. Korean food is the best, love Korean beef with rice! I need to get to Kogi Grill in Largo, Florida ASAP! It's only 1,300 miles I think if I leave now I can be there for supper tomorrow!

  12. That looks so good. I would sprinkle some shredded cheese on that bad boy!😉👍🏽 Great job Randy👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  13. WTG, man! I may need to start eating competitively to keep pace with you! Can't wait until you hit Fresno! If you need an eating partner, I'm your man!

  14. I get so damn excited every time I see you post something new! Thanks bro! Be safe, Healthy and keep doing you! Good luck on your sexification!

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