Top 10 Best Rice Cookers | Pressure Cookers to Buy in 2018 – Rice Cooker | Pressure Cooker Review

Top 10 Best Rice Cookers | Pressure Cookers to Buy in 2018 – Rice Cooker | Pressure Cooker Review

Last year I reviewed instant pots
and this year the manufacturer introduces instant pop IP duo. They made
a few improvements over the last model so let me show you what those are.
First I added a couple of slots in the handles so you can hold the lid. When
you’re finished making dinner no more trying to figure out where or how to put
the lid on the counter. They’ve also included a new low profile steamer rack,
which makes it with handles which makes it easier to lower and raise the foods
from the pressure cooker. The digital display is 30% larger which means it’s
easier to read from across the kitchen and let me turn instant potter on i’m
going to show you a couple more improvements and they include a little
rack for the cord so it doesn’t accidentally go underneath the cooker in
a condensation collector to prevent any leakage. And one more thing i noticed
this right away when I put instant pot out of the box, it has a slimmer, smaller
body so it takes up less space but it still cooks the same capacity as the
previous model let’s talk about safety now instant pot
has 10 safety features and they include a locking lid, a thermal electrical fuse,
leak detection, lid position alerts overpressure protection, double anti
blockage vents and instant pot is also UL certified the underwriters laboratory
set the most stringent pressure cooker safety standards in North America.
Instant pot improved the design of the steam handle, the previous one had too
many positions. This one only has one venting and one sealing position. Also,
the previous one could be put on backwards this one cannot be put on
backwards, it can only be put in place in the right position and here’s an
interesting technical tidbit, inside the steam release handle; most electric
pressure cooker manufacturers make a little cone out of plastic or metal
instant pot has made this cone out of silicone and that’s to make a tighter
seal and prevent any steam leakage instant pots new model detects the
position of the lid. If the lid is in the correct position for the cooking program,
the display will say lids and it also makes a little sound when the lid is
closed, open and removed What I like about instant pot is its
convenience. You could really set it and forget it. That’s because it has a
microprocessor, it’s like a digital brain that regulates time, temperature and
pressure. Instant pot makes rice, multi grains, it steams vegetables and seafood
and it also makes yogurt but it can also slow cook and saute and speaking of
sauteing this is a browning function and this function can be used before
pressure cooking and after pressure cooking. Let’s compare each of these
functions, because of pressure instant pot steams faster than a conventional
steamer and unlike most slow cookers you can saute and brown the ingredients
before slow cooking in the same pot. The slow cooker program can be set anywhere
from 30 minutes to 20 hours and you can choose low medium or high temperature
and speaking of browning you could saute in one of three temperatures as well and
browning can be done before cooking and you can use the same button to reduce
liquids after pressure cooking. You can pressure cook at two levels now low and
high pressure. Low pressure is about seven PSI and high pressure about eleven. But here’s my favorite new function, the yogurt button you could pasteurize milk
or make yogurt with the same button and you can make either the yogurt directly
in the instant pot or in little vases and I’m going to show you how this works
a little bit later. These new seven functions mean no more standing around
or waiting at the stove. It’s truly a set it and forget it cooking appliance.
Instant pot comes with a stainless steel inner pot. It’s solid durable and doesn’t
have any nonstick coating you have to worry about peeling off. The base has an
aluminum sandwich that means between the base and this outer cap there’s an
aluminum disk to help distribute heat evenly the aluminum is never in contact
with the food. It’s actually a high polished stainless steel, which makes it
easy to clean and dishwasher safe too instant pot comes in two sizes
the five and a six liter I recommend the readers of hit to
go with the larger size for the taller cooking area for when you want to
pressure cook more than one thing at once I’m gonna show you how to use the
instant pot now first you add the food and ingredients for this demonstration
I’m gonna use water then you twist on the lid and choose the
correct steam handle position for the pressure cooking programs we put sealing and slow cooking programs venting don’t worry you don’t have to remember all of
this it’s written in the QuickStart guide. Now all there’s left to do is choose a cooking program I’m going to turn this
around a little bit so I could see it each cooking program has also two other
adjustments, you can push the adjust button to see the other suggestions for
the cooking program or you can manually change the cooking time by pushing the
plus or minus buttons. You can push it one at a time for each minute or you
press and hold to have it go through minutes much more quickly. In a few
seconds instant pot will beep and that will tell you it knows what to do and
it’s going to start doing it and then you can walk away. At first the food
inside the instant pot will be brought to a boil this will produce steam which
right now is pushing air out of instant pot. Once enough air is pushed out of the
instant pot and enough steam is generated instant pot will begin to
build pressure. This signal will pop up to lock the lid completely closed and
once the lid is locked and the contents are under pressure there’s no way to
open the pressure cooker. When the steam stops coming out of the instant pot, the
cooking program will begin. Once the program starts the cooking time begins
to count down when pressure cooking is finished instant pot will go into the
keep warm mode. The display will begin counting up with a little L that means
your food will be kept warm and at a safe temperature for up to 10 hours or
just until you’re ready to serve dinner there are two ways to open an instant
pot the first one is with natural release and that just means you turn off
the cooker and wait for the to come down by itself, the second way is
the quick release and that means you just turn the steam release handle to
the venting position, once pressure is released you can remove the lid and
enjoy dinner you can make almost anything in the
instant pot IP duo from soups to chilies stews, steamed vegetables and meats, rissotos, fall-off-the-bone meat and desserts too. Making one pot meals is a
snap and are quick as well. The instant pot IP duo takes place over a
conventional steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, pressure cooker and

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