Top 10 Awful Facts About McDonalds

Top 10 Awful Facts About McDonalds

Top 10 Awful Facts About McDonalds 10. They Ran the Original Owners Out of Business
Just to Spite Them Though today McDonald’s is known for being
a ridiculously powerful global company with more outlets than the Nikola Tesla museum,
it didn’t start out that way. The original owners, the McDonald brothers, were so adverse
to the idea of franchising their restaurants that in 1961 their investor, business partner
and personal friend of Satan, Raymond Kroc, raised 2.7 million dollars to buy them out. In this incredibly favorable deal, Kroc not
only bought exclusive franchising rights for the brand, but the rights to the McDonald’s
name as well. The only thing the McDonald brothers got in return, other than over a
million bucks each, was sole ownership of their first restaurant, which they renamed
Big M. But this didn’t sit right with Kroc, who hated the idea that the McDonald brothers
were still out there doing something that made them happy. So as soon as the ink had
dried on their deal, he opened a brand new McDonald’s restaurant across the road from
Big M just to run it out of business. So, two of the men who started McDonald’s
had the last remaining shred of their company run out of business… by McDonald’s. You
see, McDonald’s? Its stuff like this that makes people assume your entire board of directors
is dressed like M. Bison from Street Fighter. 9. Their Food Doesn’t Rot, Spoil or Go Bad It’s a commonly stated fact that McDonald’s
food just doesn’t go bad, and there are numerous examples of McDonald’s burgers
old enough to remember the first season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still looking
perfectly palatable. As if that wasn’t worrying enough, when McDonald’s food is left out
in the open, even bugs and flies won’t attempt to eat it. It says a lot when creatures known
mostly for converging around piles of horse excrement won’t touch your food. McDonald’s has always maintained that the
reason their burgers enjoy Ric Flair levels of longevity is because there’s very little
moisture in them. While this is accurate, McDonald’s leavse out the reason their food
contains so little moisture. Luckily, actual scientists not wearing golden arches on their
labcoats have a simple answer. McDonald’s food is laden with so much fat, sugar and
salt that they’re effectively immune to the effects of spoilage under normal circumstances.
Meaning that under the right conditions, McDonald’s food could outlive anyone reading this and
still be edible. 8. Their Fries Contain 14 Ingredients Partly in response to stories about what we
just covered, McDonald’s has made a push to convince the public that its food isn’t
as bad as we all believe it is. In other words, McDonald’s would really like it if you ignored
all those stories about people in its factories handling raw meat that’s been dropped on
the floor without gloves. As part of this push, McDonald’s paid Mythubusters
alumni Grant Imahara the exact amount of money it takes to buy someone’s dignity to stand
in front of a camera and say that McDonald’s make “real” food. But it didn’t take
long for critics to note that even in what basically amounted to McDonald’s propaganda,
the company still came out looking bad when they revealed that their fries contain more
chemicals than the Breaking Bad opening credits. This was made worse when it was revealed that
only McDonald’s fries in the United States contain this cocktail of preservatives and
incredibly metal sounding ingredients, while fries being sold in the United Kingdom only
contain potato, oil, salt and sugar. So if you didn’t already feel bad enough when
eating McDonald’s food, now you have to live with the knowledge that some English
guy is probably eating better McDonald’s at the same time. 7. McDonald’s Salad is Worse for You Than
a Big Mac It’s often said that no good story starts
with someone eating a salad. And that’s true… unless you want to tell someone an
amusing story about how you got super-diabetes by eating McDonald’s salad. We’re not saying that salad is unhealthy,
but the crap that McDonald’s piles onto its salads like dressing and fried chicken
makes them so unhealthy that in some situations you’d be better off ordering a Big Mac.
A McDonald’s Southwest Crispy Chicken Salad contains more fat and calories than a bacon
double cheeseburger and fries. In other words, thanks to McDonald’s there
are people out there on diets who are better off ordering a burger coated in cheese, bacon
and an entire second burger than a salad. Which is probably something we should be a
little grateful for, because no other restaurant gives people on a diet that option. 6. They Fought One of the Longest Legal Cases
in History Given that McDonald’s is a terrifyingly
huge and powerful company with enough money to bury any naysayers in enough legal litigation
to ensure that their grandchildren are born holding court documents, it probably won’t
surprise you to learn that McDonald’s was involved in one of the longest cases in English
history. What may surprise you is that not only did McDonald’s lose this 10 year legal
battle, but that they lost against two people. Not two companies or two lawyers representing
multiple people, but two ordinary citizens who didn’t want to let a big corporation
walk all over them. The story started in 1986, when five campaigners
in London began distributing pamphlets outside a London McDonald’s accusing them of destroying
rain forests, targeting children with their ads and exploiting its workers. You know,
standard evil corporation stuff. When McDonald’s got wind of this, they immediately slapped
the group with a libel charge. Three members of the group were so afraid of facing McDonald’s
in court that they immediately apologized, but Helen Steel and David Morris stuck to
their guns and told the billion-dollar company to bring it. In the ensuing legal case, in which Steel
and Morris were forced to represent themselves, McDonald’s spent millions of dollars trying
to force the pair to back down, and after a freaking decade in court, they scraped out
a victory. Due to how bad spending millions of dollars suing two people made them look,
McDonald’s refused to collect the 40,000 pounds awarded to them by the British government,
which was good because Steel and Morris openly declared that they wouldn’t pay up. As if
poking the dragon the first time wasn’t ballsy enough, Steel and Morris then took
the case to the European Court of Human Rights, arguing that it wasn’t fair that they weren’t
allowed to seek legal aid while McDonald’s was free to hire an army of lawyers. The court
agreed, ordering the British government to pay the pair several thousand pounds in damages
for being biased towards McDonald’s. So technically McDonald’s won the case,
but they had to spend millions of dollars and a decade in court to do it. By comparison,
Morris and Steel spent 30,000 pounds and ended up being awarded 57,000 pounds after appealing.
Since Steel and Morris only set out to draw attention to how awful McDonald’s is, we’ll
call that a win. 5. Avoiding Billions in Tax Like any global corporation worth its heart
palpation inducing salt, McDonald’s has used a multitude of loopholes to avoid paying
taxes, all while denying that this is a crime or that they’re doing anything wrong at
all. Amazingly, despite being accused of avoiding paying billions in tax several times over
the last decade, McDonald’s has never once been found guilty. They’ve pretty much played
dumb every time they’ve ever been accused of avoiding taxes, usually claiming that they’re
an honest company who do pay in a timely manner. Which if true would be the most surprising
item on this list. 4. Paying Rappers to Hype the Big Mac For companies like McDonald’s a more media
and tech savvy audience is a frightening thought, because that audience is slowly becoming immune
to traditional advertising methods. As a result, companies are trying to force their way into
people’s personal space in ever more obnoxious and cringe-worthy ways. Perhaps McDonald’s
lowest moment was the time they tried paying a number of hip hop stars to namedrop the
Big Mac in their songs, and every single one turned them down. Under the terms of the deal, rappers stood
to make around five dollars every time a song mentioning the Big Mac was played on the radio.
Despite this being a potentially lucrative offer, no rapper was willing to take McDonald’s
up on it. That becomes doubly sad when you realize that hip hop artists are the biggest
sellouts in the music business, and yet not a single one was willing to admit they ate
at McDonald’s for an easy couple million dollars. 3. They Haven’t Tracked Sold Burgers Since
the ’90s For years, one of the ways McDonald’s advertised
its ever-growing success was the small signs that sat above their restaurants that proudly
announced how many customers had been served worldwide. Over the years these signs went
from one million, to a billion and eventually 99 freaking billion, at which point McDonald’s
stopped keeping track because none of the signs they’d installed could count that
high. As a result, all signs have simply read “billions and billions served” since 1994,
because McDonald’s decided that would be easier than installing a brand new sign on
every restaurant every couple of years. But maybe eventually they’ll hit the trillions
mark, and we can get some ominous new signs. 2. The Fillet-O-Fish was Almost Replaced by
an Awful Burger It’s a fairly well-known fact that the Fillet-O-Fish
was added to the McDonald’s menu to lure devout Roman Catholics, who traditionally
don’t eat meat on Fridays, into a struggling McDonald’s located in a heavily Catholic
suburb. After it proved popular enough to save that particular restaurant, McDonald’s
made it a permanent menu fixture. What’s less well known is that when the
Fillet-O-Fish’s creator first pitched it to Raymond Kroc, he didn’t think it would
sell and was already in the middle of introducing something called a Hula Burger, which was
literally just a slice of pineapple on an uncooked bun. It was only because the Fillet-O-Fish’s
creator suggested a friendly competition between the two burgers that the Fishwich was given
a chance to prove that it kicked way more ass than a slice of sweaty pineapple on dry
piece of bread. 1. Ronald McDonald Actors Weren’t Allowed
to Tell Kids Where the Food Came From Ronald McDonald has been relegated to a tertiary
role in McDonald’s advertising ever since the company wised up to the fact that most
people think clowns are creepy as hell. But a few decades ago, Ronald was one of the most
recognizable and beloved food mascots on Earth. His appearance could cause 20,000 kids to
descend on a restaurant for a chance to meet him. Despite being the literal face of McDonald’s,
actors playing Ronald couldn’t be seen eating McDonald’s food in case it smudged their
make-up. Even worse, actors donning the red fuzzy wig weren’t allowed to tell children
what McDonald’s food was made from, and were on strict orders to say that McDonald’s
burgers and fries were grown whole and picked from a field if any child asked, rather than
saying they were actually made of grimy cow flesh some Chinese guy scraped off the floor. Just in case anyone reading this thinks we’ve
been unfair by repeatedly calling McDonald’s an evil company, here’s a quote from Geoffrey
Giuliano, one of the actors who played Ronald McDonald, to close this piece.

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  1. SUGAR. the "biggest-ever-kept-secret" seemingly. although it is not to be seen as such. caramelization is actually what "glues" and as well keeps moisture out (of e.g. burgers, fries). There are much more real secrets like e.g. sauce and bread recipes.

  2. Bottom line: For once in awhile, I am able to get a delicious hot meal, well-packaged, with napkins, salt, cutlery in under 3
    minutes for a few bucks. No one says to eat this every day. But for a rare treat, I think they deserve their success.
    And btw….I had done my own research and found so much of these anti-McDonalds videos has so much is intentional misinformation.

  3. The 5th “fact” of McDonald’s not paying taxes as a crime is quite false. They do pay taxes but not as much as one would think because McDonald’s uses their revenue to reinvest into the business, buying more land which in return they rent it to their franchisees in order to operate. That is why they have grown so much, they keep growing and in return keep creating jobs and contributing to the economy they get great tax write offs. They have their foot in the fast food and real estate industry, two industries that humans basically need because everyone needs land and everyone needs to eat.

  4. after apocalypse there will be only 2 things of contemporary reality remaining:
    cocroaches and McDonalnd's cocroach reseller

  5. Damn, that creepy thumbnail. I knew there was a reason Ronald McDonald hasn't been seen for awhile, now I know why. He is getting old and his face is literally melting off his skull.

  6. U think McDonald's food is bad? Just wait 5mins after eating it and then decide how disgusting it is. Don't forget the 5gallon drum of diet Coke to wash it down!!

  7. Why is it an awful fact that they have decided not to spend money on changing the signs to reflect how many burgers they have sold? what is awful about that?
    Why is it an awful fact that they company decided to go with the better burger "filet-o-fish" than the worse "hula" burger? what is awful about that?

    You aren't really doing a very good job of researching when you can only find 8 things about McDonalds that can remotely be considered awful.

    Also about not paying tax, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and if they time and again is under scrutiny and not a single time has been found guilty, maybe they are not as guilty as you would like to think? Maybe they are not playing dumb but actually keeping within the tax laws of the countries they are operating in? Just a thought.

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    McDonalds does rot and go bad,
    Hate fast food now
    So bad for you, if you do one thing for your body then stop eating fast food
    Every BITE takes 2 days off your life!
    It is literally killing you! Just stop eating it!!

  11. Hi mr Tenz. Look the reason why McDonalds is so big is that unlike you billions of people like McDonalds. It's like Apple, in the 90's everybody loved Apple because they were the under dogs to Microsoft and PC's. Now they are this huge successful company people are starting to hate the company. Dont be a sheep Mr Tenz. So what if its using loopholes to not pay tax it's a business. Complain to your government to close these loopholes not the companies. I am an accountant. I would never advise my clients to pay more tax.

  12. I get it people , but yeah the food does go bad if you leave it out , so Please don't listen to this uneducated idiot LOL , he's just tricking you to get sick ,

  13. Ronald McDonald, the Clown, in early representations on Commercials… was paid in Fries and Free Tomatoes for his nose. And yeah… the striped suit was free – at least the first one.

    McDonald's has never fully revealed how they disposed of him. Maybe, still a matter of investigation.

    Not sure.

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  18. I remember when my mom cooked 3 times a day meals for us I wasn't fat. THESE days I eat out and gained weight. The bottom line- if you want to eat and stay healthy cook yourself.

  19. If people would stop eating at McDonald's, or at least limit their trips to McD's to once a week (or less) they wouldn't have the health problems they do. Instead of always blaming McDonald's people should just stop eating fast-food so damn much. They all know it's bad for them but still go there anyway and then say how terrible McD's is. Just stop eating there, people. Christ almighty…

  20. In the final words it said "anyone can manipulate a child", perhaps that is why feminism and "climate change" is taught to infants at school, to brain wash the poor kids before they have a chance to learn to think for themselves.

  21. It's interesting what advertising can do. Even subway who is supposed to be a "healthy" alternative fast food has convinced so many people that eating a loaf of bread for lunch is somehow healthy, as Every Damn Day Fitness pointed out. Interesting and appalling to say the least.

  22. We NEVER eat any fast food or big chain restaurants since my wife caught hepatitis from a fast food place. She almost died, and our doctor traced the hepatitis to a fast food restaurant. I’d rather wait and eat at home, or go to a restaurant I know and trust.

  23. There is some pretty stupid propaganda… it says in america fries have lots of chemicals a lot of which sound metal like… then it goes to say in the UK it's just potatoes, oil, salt, and sugar… okay, lets point this thing out here… chemicals make up everything. There are a lot of chemicals that make up potatoes that sound metal like… But guys guess what! McDonald's does scam tf out of you! Here are some facts that I personally researched. The cost to make a big mac is somewhere around 40-70 cents. They charge about $5-$7 for it. Why is this a scam? Well the answer to that is, a mcdouble is around $1-$2.60, depending on where you live, which is almost the same as a big mac except no lettuce, extra piece of bread, or some big mac sauce. The size of the meat patties are the same. Yeah… lettuce, extra bun, and some big mac sauce is soooo worth the extra $3 right? pfft… no. but you can just order a mcdouble with big mac sauce for an extra 50 cents.

  24. "Some English guy"???? Firstly, I'm Scottish and as such part of the UK and not English! Secondly, The way the commutator says this phrase is racist. Sounds bitter because we have better of standards in our food industry. Aw poor Americans, pumped full of chemicals that are unpronounceable that they have to rib on other countries to make themselves feel better.

  25. FYI ….. in Australia the tits of America (McDonalds) are commonly referred to as, roach burgers !!!!!
    Only eaten in the dumps three times in the 80's and threw up each time.
    They're just a corporate poison factory !!!!!

  26. I'm sorry. Is this 10 facts and some rumors? Even food meant to last decades does not. I've seen the food get mold after a week. Maybe don't just scroll through Reddit for your source materials. Thanks.

  27. I stopped eating at McDonalds 15 years ago because they could never fix my burger my way. Now I need to know if Whataburger has the same ingredients problem.

  28. Kruc was just so greed in owning the mcdonalds. I was so disgusted and dissapointed on how quickly he changed from a certain act. As soon as he gets the position he starts yelling on people and acting as if he owns the business. He didn't give any regards of respect from the brothers who gave him the position and eventually kruc turn on them. A lot of people really do believe that it is just business, well for me that was an absolute leech, fraud, greed and a blow from a wolf in sheep's clothing. Pure greed with no ethical values.

  29. This video is as full of crap as the videos that say Coca-Cola is sooooooooo bad for ones health.NOTHING LIKE A BigMac combo with a cold Coke 🙂

  30. Say what you will about McCrap, but their french fries rock! And they were even better when they were fried in beef lard.

  31. John 6: 47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.  Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life.

  32. boring. not shocking. none of these things are awful. Blame the FDA for allowing 14 chemicals in the fries. Just like Coke. They only put High-Fructose in the american soda. in europe it has cane sugar. Its american government that has allowed all of this. long live Ray Croc and capitalism. Feel free to not purchase a mcdonalds burger. no one is forcing you.

  33. Food. Thats a stretch. You can consume it I suppose.
    I practically lived at McDonald's as a teen. Over time it just started to taste worse and worse. The fries turn into great nails if you wait 10 minutes. Combine that with them screwing up a "medium #1 combo with a coke" (i couldnt make the order any simpler) 4 out of every 5 times I went there. NO EXAGGERATION. This has happened in 3 different countries so its the norm apparently.
    McDonald's is disgusting and even my child figured it out rather quickly and wont eat there either.
    I have nothing against the kids who work there as a first job and I took that into consideration for order quality but the brand is just gross.
    Theres a ton of other stuff I can go on about but its pointless. The food is horrible and that alone is enough.

  34. Holy crap. I don't know if I should laugh or cry about all of this. But, as usual, the delivery was hilarious, Simon! Thanks again to your crew for both freaking me out and rolling on the ground laughing! I met a former employee of M who said that he left Chicken Mcnuggets out on the counter and they melted. Liquified! Yuck!

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  36. McDonald's typical customers' weight collectively, over billion pounds. And that is in just a small town of a 1,000 citizens.

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