29 thoughts on “Top 10 American Fast Food Chains”

  1. McDonald's burger suck if you what to actually like the taste of beef Burger King is Where it's at its in the name don't doubt it

  2. “Remember Jared from Subway?”

    I mean, probably not for the same reason when they made this video…

  3. Most surveys in the past few years are showing Chick Fil-a or Raising Cane's in the top. Panera Bread is catching up, while Taco Bell and Chipotle are taking a bad tumble.

  4. Despite listings other franchise failings and downsides, you failed to mention Subway's problem with Jared the pedophile, and the fact that a number of studies have found they substitute artificial, yet edible, ingredients for a good percentage of their chicken. It does look like they will weather this storm, but I find it odd you fail to mention this and even show Jared the pedophile in the video and mention his name, but without the pedophile part.

  5. Domino's isn't a good pizza place🙄..none of this junk food chains are good ..but of all of them chipotle is by far the best of them ..

  6. Best restruants
    10 in n out
    9 burger king
    8 KFC
    7 taco bell
    6 dominos pizza
    5 chick fill a
    4 sub way
    3 I don't know what to put here
    2 McDonalds
    1 Krusty crab
    Idk I just put random things in order

  7. My list: no order

    1. McDonald’s
    2. Jack In the box
    3. Chick-fil-A
    4. Little ceasers
    5. Kfc
    6. Wendy’s
    7. Burger King
    8. Taco Bell
    9. Pizza Hut
    10. Taco Bell
    11. Sonic
    12. Dairy Queen
    13. Dominos
    14. Papa Johns
    15. Popeyes
    16. Churches
    17. A&w
    18. Carl’s Jr.
    19. In n out
    20. Smash burger

  8. Where tf is chick fil-a and why dairy queens is not on this list and where is jersey Mike's? Or popeyes

    Like this if this should be on the list.

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