Thunder Show: Flying carrier

Thunder Show: Flying carrier

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Tank ninja
Attention deficit
Flying carrier Before we start this episode, i would like to tell you about the Youtube’s new notification system. Want to be among the first to see our new videos? Click on the bell icon to be notified of our content instantly! Do you want to submit your video to our show? Finish watching the episode to find out how! Welcome to Thunder Show! Attacking the Hetzer SPG head-on is not a very wise move, even if you have a gun as powerful as the M18 does. Brute force alone is not enough for this one, you’ll have to show some cunning, too. I guess we’ve all seen those movies where some ninja is hiding in the rafters, while his unsuspecting enemies can’t see him. “I would definitely see that coming” most of you thought watching those scenes, right? Now, the author of this clip decided to use that old trick in War Thunder. Turns out, it works! The Hetzer lost the Hellcat, after the latter scaled this large rock. Hm, could the movies be true about that after all? Many thanks to the author of this clip by the original name of fuiwfnbhui` nufjehnfojui …yes, that name on the screen. Have your Eagles, please! Bots! We all know that feeling, when you fly a fighter and come across several bomber bots, that don’t fight nearly as hard as real players. The sheer satisfaction of taking out several targets at once, some free RP and Lions, too! You just can’t stop once you start. I mean, it’s not like you have time for a break with all your allies trying to get in on the action too! Now, imagine the face on that Mustang’s pilot when he tailed SIX, I mean seriously, SIX enemy targets SO FIXATED on those bots, they did not even fight back. That must have felt so much better than taking out bots, i reckon. Come on, fellas! I know that you don’t spit on a free frag, but please, do look around! Wotan cz thank you for your submission, enjoy your prize! Obstacles and troubles are food for your spirit, they all harden it and make you a better person in the end. Critical damage of your aircraft can be a real test of courage, i know. Taking out a foe just seconds before you hit the ground is something to be praised. However, the author of this clip went further and made a whole 5 minute video out of precisely such situations, that happened to him! A shot down plane is not a reason enough to lose for some people, i suppose! Nic0Lapin0u allow me to shake your hand and give you these 5000 Golden Eagles! Last week we received a very special and original submission. Mr.NoobTubes and no other than PhlyDaily himself decided to land a plane on another plane. My comments would just be in the way here, you just got to see it. Looks like the BV-238 is not just the biggest aircraft, the deadliest cutter of the game, it’s also it’s first flying aircraft carrier! Mr.NoobTubes you have my respect, sir, now claim your prize! Now it’s time for the best comment of the past week: Drumming Ace says: Fighter pilot: How many kills did you get? Oh wait, you dont need to answer that. Pe 8 pilot: Ya, cause we dont want to hurt your feelings by telling you! This comment has just earned its author 1000 Golden Eagles! Please, respond to your original comment with your in-game nickname and email address, so we can send you your prize! Please, be advised that the prize eagles may take up to five business days to be added to your in-game account. Thank you for watching Thunder Show! Ok, let’s recap the three simple steps on how to submit your video to Thunder Show: STEP 1. Record and put together a video up to 3 minutes long, which corresponds to one of the four categories mentioned earlier. ATTENTION: The submitted video must be made by you, must be published for the first time, must have public access for viewers and must not violate any copyright laws. STEP 2. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and hit he like button below this video. STEP 3. Upload your video to Youtube and send us a direct link to [email protected] The covering email should contain the desired category for your video, your in-game nickname and the email address registered with your game account, so we can send you the reward should your submission win! Every week, each winner in every category of the show will get 5000 Golden Eagles! We will also be awarding the best comment of the week. So, get your creative juices flowing, make some content, send it to us, or simply watch and comment, either way – we’ve got plenty freebies to go around! Good luck and see you in a week!

100 thoughts on “Thunder Show: Flying carrier”

  1. it was phly daily that made the video not noob how did he get 5000 eagles if he did not made the video now that is so mean guys


  3. flying carriors of doom thats what they are thats what the bombers are my buds as a bomber aircraft/fighter (yeah the ones on my side)

  4. landing on a plane after which update was it possible ? i tried it very often in the past but with the contact you where just instant death

  5. that critical wing damage and fire and going down happend to me too in a SB 2M-105 i think, but i still destroyed a hard concrete pillbox

  6. You play WAY to much War Thunder if you can make a five minute video of you killing planes when you've been killed already.

  7. Hey Gaijin, please add compass to the game with numbers up to 360 so its easier to get the enemy using squad members instead of a map, since that takes a bit longer. Please add it, also keep up the excellent work.

  8. on the bombing run,Pilot:hey bombadier,did you drop the bomb in the right Base?
    Bombadier:No,Pilot:Why no?,Bombadier:Becasuse you fly the plane into our base!
    Pilot:and why did you drop the BOMB!.


  9. there once was a newbie flying a small plane /w bombs and thought that i (tank destroyer ZIS-30) would be a good bombing practice so i just shot it down with a single armor piercing shell, but it crashed into me

  10. Me:It seems you have lost you wings mabye land ….
    Pilot: lemme just shoot a couple of enemies down before I die.
    Me: That is not possible ow waait WHAT HOW ????

  11. The M18 clip really happened to me but I was in a IS-2 and a hellcat climb over a rock infront of me and killed me and my friend, it was epic, I didn't saved the clip tho

  12. Abrams Commander: Abrams better cuz speed and armour.
    T80 Commander: T80 better cuz smaller and better gun.

    PE-8 Bombs both

    Pe-8 Pilot: Don’t worry about teamkill T-80 eazier to make.

  13. You are looking for the 5:50 mark right?

    I'm selling them Unlimited in stock

    5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50

  14. I love how they embraced a cheating platform that allows planes to fly with 1 wing half gone with keyboard & mouse but not with Joystick which most people use.

  15. Many people have tried to land on my BV 238. Strangely their gear always clips through the wing and causes mayhem. Maybe the elevator is different or it is just a really close formation.

  16. If i wanna send the clip, do i just send the file? Or should i record it first and send it to you which i cant :v

  17. "Yes, that name on the screen" sigh you could have also just said "Dave". It works even better, and is battle tested.. by none other than the Mighty Jingles himself

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