83 thoughts on “This Zero-Waste Refill Store Should Be Everywhere”

  1. The concept of refill station is really amazing, like even if you are not following a zero waste movement, you still prevent a lot of plastic containers from ending in the sea.

  2. this is great, but i wish this was more of a thing where i live. i only have access to a whole foods for some dry goods.

  3. I love this concept. This seems like an easier way to achieve as close to a zero waste lifestyle as possible. It doesn't feel intimidating at all. Plus I love the idea of being able to bring in your own containers.

  4. i love this video and all the environmental content goodful posts, but I wish stuff like this was posted on the main buzzfeed page so it could reach a bigger audience.

  5. I can get behind this more than the zero-waste bulk grocery stores. Those are just not practical for people with food intolerances, due to the risk of cross-contamination. I suppose, people with allergies could have problems with bulk home supplies, too.

  6. The big problem with plastic single use containers is that the cost of "disposal" is not baked in the cost of the product. The plastics industry needs to be held responsible for the clean up of the massive amount of plastic that gets tossed into the oceans. Then the true cost of "cheap" plastic will be in line with the real cost of their use.

  7. This looks like too much work. It looks also really inconvenient. I don’t want to go to a store, write a number on a bottle, weigh the bottle, just to get some fucking shampoo.

  8. Would be neat to see a video on zero waste outside of a big city like LA or outside of California. Being from a rural community it’s hard to find zero waste options. I’m lucky and a few Amish shops that provide some items but nothing like this.

  9. You are a well spoken advocate of zero waste. This is like a non-food household product version of a food co-op to some extent. I live an hour away from both Lansing and Grand Rapids. If either city had a store similar to yours, I would gladly travel that far and spread the word about the movement.

  10. I would love to see this concept/store in northern California. It's so simple and I also love that it's easily accessible to the community by including Spanish translations.

  11. This is a new wake up call, all companies should do that same way. REFILL, Im no longer support like BBW and other products that keep stocking up many plastic bottles, hair care, food and etc.

  12. Oh, wow, yes, yes, yes please!!! I sincerely wish that zero waste stores should be everywhere. I'd even settle for a bulk section at the local Kroger's. We have nothing like that where I live and it's so heart breaking to not have this around.

  13. I wish we had something like this near the Clearwater/Tampa area. I'm in love with bringing my own containers to bulk nation these days but soaps, lotions and cleaners would be amazing!!!!!

  14. The concept sounds amazing, however, I wish this store didn't contribute to the gentrification of my past home Highland Park. My family and I were forced out of our childhood home (and then out of the apartment we found) because of the rising rent prices. So many of my friends and family were forced apart to find affordable housing. I was googling places to start doing bulk refills to be more sustainable, but when I found out this place was in highland park I wanted no part of it. My family and friends are now even more against sustainability since a store like Sustain LA contributed to gentrification. When we relocated to South Central I learned a lot of the people I talked to felt the same way about places like Sustain LA. It sucks that this kind of a reputation gets slapped onto a good cause because of one store.

  15. White people this is how you make an inclusive step and help better a community! I love that they recognized the community that was already there and instead of alienating they embraced. If I’m ever in LA I would support this brand 1000%.

  16. Sadly a lot if those skin care and hair care solutions are drying and strip. Totally agree household and food products but how can you get your skincare products you love in a better packaging format?

  17. I’m surprised I didn’t see more bars of things. Bar soap for body and laundry, lotion bars, deodorant bars. There’s just so many things that could come in solid form.

  18. Glad to see the rest of the world catching up with India in terms of Zero-Waste. I was amused to see that the store offers stainless steel food containers as a modern zero waste alternative to plastic and Styrofoam containers, when we Indians have been carrying out steel lunch boxes, aka 'dabbas' everywhere since ages! :p Shoutout to my Indian fam in the comments section! 💙

  19. I love these stores, but the problem is that they’re usually very expensive as they are organic shïts and i don’t have the money for that

  20. It seems every feature like this is in LA. I understand that's where Buzzfeed is based, but I wanna know about stores like this all across the country.

  21. 1:35 What the heck is a "gyres full of plastic soup"??? I do not have sea legs. Am I supposed to be familiar with the name Captain Charles Moore? I'm from LA, but every time I hear Highland Park I immediately think Hancock Park. This is a great concept. I initially saw a different video with the same store concept in Brooklyn. I want to know why companies like Proctor & Gamble and Unilever don't adopt this concept. It would help them reduce costs if everyone just brought in a reusable container and put their Tide detergent in its original bottle. People who shop @ Whole Foods like that bulk aisle. This concept isn't hard to sell. I'm @ a loss on why no one wants to be more sustainable. It's easier than working out.

  22. I love my local refill shop in San Diego!! I fill my shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste tabs, floss, and other small things so far. I’m still finishing up some other household products bought in bulk from Costco but after that I’ll stop repurchasing those and I’ll refill everything I can and hopefully continue to reduce my waste 🙂

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