100 thoughts on “This Is How I Became A Professional Baker”

  1. I love this video, very inspiring. I want to own a bakery of my own someday as well so seeing another woman of color go for their dreams and making it happen is amazing

  2. To do what you like is wonderful. Although I'm a new housewife, I've been loving to cook. My husband enjoys a lot the foods I make and that's so grateful. By now, however I'm on Low Carb diet and if you want to lose weight I made a very simple recipe that you can lose until 8 pounds in a week. Come see and test! If you visit me, leave comment in english so I translate for you! Best regards

  3. watching videos like this inspire me to pursue the things in life that bring me true happiness. Thank you for sharing this challenging endeavor 😃😃

  4. I love this!!! This is me to a "T". <3 I don't have a storefront, nor do I want one at the moment but I do love my little Home Baking Business and feel complete now. <3

  5. I click on this video because of the title. I was totally ready to explain how being a "professional" means nothing more than you make money for what you do and that just because someone pays you, doesn't mean you're good at it. That being said, this video, the cookies, the dedication in her face, that's what important. I don't care about how many people like what you do, I care about how much you like what you do. This is a proper use of dedication. Good job.

  6. I wonder if I'll start a bakery one day ❤ That would be amazing. The other day I had a bad day and came home from work and baked a cheesecake at 11 pm and it's so liberating 😂

  7. I really needed this. My dream is to become a baker but I've always told my self no because it seemed to far out but this made me super happy that it works for people

  8. So inspiring! As a dog baker to be I wish that I can talk about my job the way sher does! I just started taking orders and I'm honestly so happy about it, the fact that people are actually interested in my work. On day I hope I'll be able to afford a building too❤️

  9. as a professional baker myself, I love this! So amazing to see others pursue their dreams. Weigh all your recipes and your life will change. I've been developing recipes while I waited for my stalled legal career to take flight. She should start small with a CFO, like I did, pay everything in cash And promote her brand. But the expense of a lease, equipment, supplies, marketing, employees, insurance, oh and the ever increasing cost of liability insurance is so high that most people choose not to go that route. I've seen 4 businesses close, family businesses that did just that in the last year. One of the only things I agree with Dave Ramsey about. Start small, don't borrow.

  10. Oh damn …i nearly want to give up on my dreams. Maintaining what i like and studying in school is very hard for me. Im study mechanical, no i dont hate this course. There are something up there that i like which is art. I love both but art is something else.

    Im not an excellent student. I do have hard time to understand what I've learn in class. It's so hard and i feel i want to give up. But watching this video inspire me a bit☺️

  11. Can u make a vedio on my aunt she is a very professional chef and she has already passed in master chef India her name is chef Dolcee Bachkaniwala

  12. Okay so I'm in medical school 3 years now…I didn't really wanna be a doctor but when I finished school I didn't know what else to study,I like nothing and I never thought of what job I wanted to do. I've never had a job so I was scared,still am,and I feel like I'm not good at anything. For the past year I've started baking and I really enjoy it,I thing about baking every day but I don't know if I am good enough to be a baker. I don't really like medicine school I feel like I don't belong there. I find some thing interesting but not enough to be motivated to study. Everybody tells me to stay and try to see if I like it but the thing is I don't want to like it,I don't feel like myself and it gives me social anxiety and that makes it even more harder. I don't know what to do…

  13. Being an entrepreneur and starting a business is not easy especially when people don’t believe in you or doubts you. But take this comment or video as a sign that you should do it! Reach for the stars.

  14. This is so beautiful man. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t feel this passionate about their jobs… it’s nice to see someone who is genuinely happy with theirs.

  15. "People think it's a hobby"
    If people are willing to pay for it, It's a job. No matter where you bake, you car, your house, your mom house or my basement. And it's the most wonderful job in the world 😍.

  16. Your fingernails look like my younger brothers and it is fucking disgusting. I wouldn't eat anything after those grimy things touched food that's supposed to be in my mouth.

  17. I'm super proud of you, you found what you love to do and you love doing it. This is very inspiring, I'm always going on and off about being a baker or cook since I was little, and still haven't figured it out. I'm very happy that you found your passion.

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