This Delicious Braised Beef Short Rib May Raise Some Eyebrows in India

This Delicious Braised Beef Short Rib May Raise Some Eyebrows in India

– You’re gonna have a
lot of this sauce cook – [Jeremy] Yeah.
– and stick to the side. – That’s the stuff sometimes
when I’m cooking, like I sneak a little bit just for myself.
– Oh yeah. – ‘Cuz that tastes so good on its own. – Grab a piece of bread, side
of the pot, that’s how you stay in shape.
(men laughing) (light uplifting music) – Arjun and Nakul of Badmaash
here in Downtown Los Angeles. – Yes sir.
– Yes. – Let’s talk sacrilege for a minute. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. – Why are you guys in an
Indian restaurant cooking beef? – It’s the best. – [Nakul] It’s tasty.
– [Arjun] It’s delicious. – [Nakul] It’s my favorite.
– [Arhun] It’s so good. – But this is banned in India. – That’s the beautiful
part about Los Angeles ‘cuz it’s not banned. – [Nakul] In Los Angeles!
(men laughing) – Why is it something that
people in India don’t eat? – Well when you’re born you’re
nourished, you’re fed by your mother’s milk. The cow becomes your mother,
so it’s the sacred animal. Too tasty, for us to not have here in LA. – But you treat it well, so — – Yeah.
– Very well. – So how do you start off with
Indian-style beef short rib? – Get the pan nice and
hot, get some oil in there. So a nice way to check if the
oil is ready is just to take a little bit of cumin, one or two seeds, and just drop ’em in. As you see they’re foaming up
a little bit and that means the oil’s ready to go. – Let’s go for it.
– [Nakul] Yeah. – [Jeremy] That side down?
– [Nakul] That side down. (meat sizzling) – [Nakul] And I just wanna
massage that in there. – Now you can really start to
smell the beef flavor coming off that as you sear that fat. – Yeah, I’m just gonna flip this over and we’re gonna sear it
off on each and every side. – [Jeremy] Mhm-hmm.
– [Nakul] You see that real caramelization, the crust —
– [Jeremy] Yeah. – You see, I mean that
looks good on its own I’m ready to eat this on its own. (laughing)
– I’m like cool wrap it up. – So this is perfect, I’m
gonna keep this aside. We’re gonna let it rest, and
now we’re ready for cinnamon. Now the more surface
area you have the better, and now the whole room
smells like cinnamon. – Yeah.
– Cumin, so cumin’s gonna cook very quickly and you gotta
have your onions within arm’s reach, you stop the
cooking of the spices by throwing onions or something else in that’s gonna cool everything down. – You’re really letting
them brown and develop in their flavor too.
– Yeah, it’s not too hot right now, the onions are just
gonna cook and cook and cook. Now our onions are nice and
dark, we’re ready for garlic. – [Arjun] Good amount.
– [Nakul] And this is gonna cook fairly quickly as well. – [Jeremy] ‘Cuz there’s
so much sugar in there. – [Nakul] Yeah.
– [Jeremy] And what is the spice that you have here
that you’re about to add in? – [Arjun] This is tumeric,
the most popular — – The golden spice of India. – [Arjun] It’s tumeric everything in LA. – We have cumin here, and all
you need to do is have some at the center of one hand, you
use your other hand to kinda press against it, kinda grind
it like a mortar and pestle. – [Arjun] You’re pretty good at that. – I’ve done this once or twice. (men laughing) – [Arjun] You made it look real easy. – I love that smell. A little bit of chili powder,
so this is nice and hot. This is a North Indian
curry that you’d normally have for lamb, or for goat.
– Mhm-hmm. – And we’ve changed it
a little bit to suit the flavor of beef,
– [Jeremy] Yeah. – as it’s a milder flavor. So that’s paprika, and dried fenugreek, it has a very earthy flavor.
– [Jeremy] Mhm-hmm. – You wanna choose a wine that’s
not crazy heavy on tenants. – [Jeremy] Mhm-hmm.
– [Nakul] So stay away from the Cabernet, you wanna use
a Malbec, maybe a Merlot. Just a table wine would work perfectly. – [Jeremy] Yeah.
– [Nakul] So this is whole peeled tomatoes that we puréed. – [Jeremy] Okay.
– [Nakul] Now we’ll add a little bit of water as we’re gonna let this cook. And you’re gonna want
to add water throughout that whole period. So the beef is back. – [Arjun] Drop ’em in the pool. – You can also cover it at
this point, check back every 10 minutes I would say.
– Mhm-hmm. – So we’re just gonna hang out. (Nakul humming) In the four hours we’ve
been standing here– – [Nakul] Mhm-hmm
– Haven’t talked or anything. – It’s been super awkward.
– Yeah. We’ve been adding water,
we’ve been reducing, we’ve been adding water,
we’ve been reducing. You wanna make sure that when
you’re flipping this over you’re extremely delicate
with it, you can even use a burger flipper
– Yeah. to assist you. You know I’m not finding any
big long pieces of onion. The sauce is good
– [Jeremy] Mhm-hmm. – The weight of the meat
alone is gonna rip this thing apart, have a plate ready,
and you wanna kinda cradle it on the side and lift that out. And this over here, we’re
gonna reduce further. – Get all that goodness
off that side there. (metallic scraping)
– [Arjun] It’s the best part. – How we like to enjoy Indian food is everyone kinda share family style. Put that right over here. You don’t wanna go crazy with this sauce, you don’t want that meat drowning. I always like to showcase
that big hunk of meat. Now we’ve got some very typical garnishes. – [Jeremy] Mhm-hmm.
– [Nakul] We’re gonna do some onion and fresh cilantro. – [Arjun] Let’s do this.
– [Jeremy] Awesome. Yeah let’s eat this sacrilege. Can I get a knife and fork please? – [Nakul] No, you can get a spoon though. (Arjun laughing) – It’s gonna be like butter.
– You first. – Oh, why thank you. – [Nakul] I’m not gonna wait.
(Jeremy laughing) – [Nakul] See, this is my
favorite part, right here. (upbeat rock music) – It’s good.
– That’s awesome. – [Nakul] You see that beautiful fat. – [Jeremy] And it just
melts, like that fat. – Yeah, as soon as you bite
into that, that’s when it just melt all over your palette
and give you that buttery, – You need butter.
– fatty feel. – You know I’ve has short ribs
so many ways but obviously this is the first time
I’ve had it with kinda the Indian spice profile. – Yeah, and you know
it’s timeless cooking. A French technique and Indian flavors. – [Jeremy] This is Badmaash on a plate. – [Nakul] Exactly
– [Arjun] It really is. – [Nakul] It really is. – [Arjun] I agree with that statement. – [Jeremy] Thanks guys.
– Thank you. – It’s great.
– Thank you. – You can finish it now. – Yeah–
– No, it’s not like he’s gonna eat all the fat.
(men laughing) – Cut the camera.

33 thoughts on “This Delicious Braised Beef Short Rib May Raise Some Eyebrows in India”

  1. Not true, Beef isn't banned in all but one state in India. Beef is widely consumed in the south, along the western coast and all of the north east. you'd have very little problem finding beef on the menu in most large cities.
    Chily beef is infact the de facto state dish of kerala, a state in south of India.

  2. I'ld love to eat all kinds of meat… including beef…. but being a Hindu… I sometimes hesitate…. may be when I come to America…. i can eat/try to eat……
    by the way… Hindus not only believe that cows are holy… they know they are holy…..
    that;s the actual difference……. many researchers have provided proof for this claim…….
    don't worry… Hindus won't bite u…… obviously… we have more tolerance than god himself If I may say….

  3. I really hate the stupid questions that the presenter asks, he acts as if the audience is unaware of BASIC culinary knowledg…-_-

  4. Those two chefs always make some damn good stuff. From the spice blend profile I know that dish is wicked good. And I'll definitely be trying that out. But letting it cook away in the oven.

  5. These guys don't use ginger or coriander powder in their recipes??. Would be much better with those ingredients . Thumbs down.

  6. I'm hindu but eat beef, I feel mildly ashamed about it but everything I've seen about punishment regarding beef consumption . . . I won't be reincarnated into something too bad so it's worth it

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