The Try Guys’ Naked Sushi Prank

The Try Guys’ Naked Sushi Prank

– Zach, are you rolling? – [Zach] Yeah. – Okay, great. So, we just
realized we didn’t tell the office that we are doing
this naked sushi thing today. So I thought, “Let’s just
not tell them, and then “it’ll be a prank, and then
we’ll do a prank video.” – Are we seriously getting this? – Yeah, I just got to– – No. All the users–
– [Keith] I just got to tell HR, to make sure it’s okay. – Are you rolling right now? – [Zach] Yeah! – Gene’s on board. – No. – [Keith] Zach’s is on board. Right Zach is on board.
– [Eugene] We should just finish the set up. – I’m on board. – [Keith] Everybody’s on board! I’m going to go ask Melissa. – [Man in grey sweatshirt] No! Keith, no! – [Eugene] Bring the sound equipment! Let’s go! Let’s go! – [Zach] Eugene! – What are we doing? – [Zach] Eugene! – She’s not there We’re doing this sushi thing today. We are going to be naked and
putting sushi on our bodies, but we didn’t tell anybody. Is that okay? – Ah, you’re going to do what? – Okay, cool! He’s good! He loves the idea. He was in on it. He’s like, “You’re going
to do what?” It’s funny. – So we didn’t actually
get the go-ahead from HR, but we got the go-ahead from David, who sits next to HR,
which is just as good! – It’s not just as good. – So the sushi people
will be here at noon. – [Zach] No, they are here already. – They’re here already?
– [Ned] What! They’re here? I’m going to email Peggy and
tell her about the “lunch.” – [Zach] Ah, Eugene, any final thoughts? – I’m just excited to
ruin sushi for everybody. – (laughs) This guy
chopped my glasses off! (Eugene laughs) – We are going to be
covered in sushi, naked. And then we are going to surprise our co-workers with our
delicious bodies (laughs). – S0, first, what do you do? – I put sushi on naked women. – Wow! – He just lays it all out there for you. – It seems like this practice
might be controversial. – The women are willing participants. We treat them not as objects, but as art. – They can’t touch you. They
can’t ask you sexual questions. – I feel like it is very artistic. It’s beautiful. One Tuesday,
it just depends on the day, but sometimes there are flowers, there’s banana leafs
and it’s really pretty. – Do we need more tape for my nipples? – [Ned] What advice do you have for us? – They told me it’s better
to be hairless for this. We don’t have time for that. – Do you make the makeup a little more Asian for sushi models? – [Makeup Artist] I wouldn’t
say Asian, in particular, but, I mean, obviously
the influence is there. – So basically, you had to put
a lot of makeup on the other try guys, but I just have to show my face. – You have to be quiet, so
you can’t really talk to them. – I’m not good at keeping my mouth shut. – I feel like I would giggle a lot. – I have no gauge for who can actually physically be still and quiet. – I think I’m going to be the best. – [Eugene] No you’re not (laughs). – (laughs) Okay, okay. – [Eugene] Did you just kiss your cast? – Yeah – [Eugene] What is that? – [Ned] I am really energetic and I am going to have a
hard time staying still. What’s your advice for me? – Maybe you can do your
back side or your butt, so that everything’s on your
butt and your back side, because then you’re laying flat
instead of on your stomach, so it makes it a little bit easier. – That sounds like a pretty
great experience to me. People eating sushi off my butt. – [Keith] Are you concerned about farting? (Ned sighs) Did you think about that? – [Ned] No. – I do think that the
whole thing is going to be torture for me, because I love sushi. I love eating sushi so much! – My body runs really warm.
I feel like I’m going to heat it up very quickly, and
it will be just baked fish. – I’m looking forward to
being in an art exhibit. I am really excited about flipping the script and letting
woman eat off of me. – [Keith] Can you call it
the California roll reversal? – There’s like a California roll reverse. – [Keith] Boom! Nailed it! – It’s a California roll reversal. – That was my joke! – [Ned] So, what’s this stuff down here? – This is daikon. – Daikon? – That we shred off. – (laughs) It’s so cold! – [Ned] It’s so cold! Oh no! (sighs) – [Euguene] Please try the
sashimi. It’s delicious. This is why you go to the gym, so you can hold sushi on your naked
body in really awkward poses. – It feels kind of relaxing. – I’m taking a selfie. – Yeah, that’s a good idea. – I can hear people outside. They want this food. They hungry. – [Keith] They think they want it. – We got a line of people at the door and here I am complaining about
how there’s sushi on my butt. I think it’s going to
be very uncomfortable having my friends and
co-workers eat sushi off me. – I was walking into work and
I got an email on my phone. – I was told that I was
going to be having sushi. – So I didn’t do anything for
lunch because I wanted sushi. – I was like yes. Yes! – God damn it! – Welcome! – Alright, they said we were
going to have free sushi, but they left out the whole naked thing. – They said it was coming at noon. Then it wasn’t coming until one. Then at one, people started to line up because they were starving. (woman screams) – I know the people that are laying here, that’s what makes it weird. – You guys brought a woman in here. – I was like, “This is not acceptable.” First of all, I think it’s illegal. You can put this in the video.
I think it’s fully illegal. – [Woman] This is horrible. Oh my god! – I actually kind of dug it. It wasn’t like you were pulling
sushi out of someone’s butt, it was more like you were
pulling it off of their butt. It’s so good. – Keith is the most attractive dude ever, so he is pretty much the
quintessential human sushi platter. Ah, Zach had a lot of hair. – So I walked up to Zach and
then I picked off a piece that I thought looked the
best, without taking note that it was just on his crouch, and I was like, “Oh my gosh,
(laughs) I didn’t realize I just picked it up off your penis. Can I put it back? (laughs) – The sashimi from Eugene’s nether regions actually may have been the freshest. – And then Eugene pops out at me. (Eugene barks) (people laughing) – (singing) We have a weird
job. We have a weird job. – You see your naked co-workers and a naked woman, who I
thought was our intern. I took the most sushi from the lady, because I trusted her more. – Lots of people were
more interested in getting the sushi off of the real model then us. – I think my butt sashimi wasn’t
that appetizing to people. It’s interesting how people
judge the sushi by the platter. – I think the worst part was not being able to eat, and I was very patient. He said not to eat. I did not eat. And then I look over and then Eugene ate all their sushi, and
that’s some bullshit. – I will say I might try
going home, stripping naked, and putting pizza on my naked
body and eat it off of myself. – I’d do it with pizza. – Oh man! Yes! – I’d do it with like roasted veggies. – Lobster ravioli. – Oh damn! – I felt like an art
exhibit. I really did. Keith, that’s ours. – [Keith] No bro, it’s everybody’s. – [Interviewer] Do you
think it was a good prank? – Yeah. – Hey! – [Eugene] That was on
Ned’s butt, it’s ours. – [Zach] Who cares? – [Keith] I don’t care.
I don’t know what it is. Can we split it? Just bite part of it and put the other part in my mouth.

100 thoughts on “The Try Guys’ Naked Sushi Prank”

  1. I kinda feel like working at Buzzfeed, seeing he try guys sneaking around with a camera and looking for HR would be a terrifying experience.

  2. Friendship goals is being able to eat food off each others naked bodies and not making it weird or awkward.

  3. Keith: tells eugine a joke to say
    Eugine: says joke
    Also Keith: gets mad about eugine saying his joke

  4. i lOVEd the try guys when they were on buzzed and now I totally support that they now have their own corporation. Ps who’s coming from the sushi vid on their channel⁉️😂

  5. Imagine trying to eat the sushi from Zachs using only by your mouth and you accidentaly ate his penis😂😂

  6. What's the purpose of a sushi model? Like just for pictures or do people actually pay to eat it off of her?

  7. Look; im not saying anything, but Zack was the only one who's peen was long enough to poke out from under the albino pale spagetti. Now im not necessarily saying that he has the biggest peen in the try guys but i mean, all the pieces are there. Make of that what you will.

  8. Okay, A) guys, she though the woman was an underaged intern, that’s why she thought it was illegal. B) The Try Guys aren’t professional sushi models, that’s probably why she didn’t trust the guys. She probably trusted the model who does this often more than the guys who pranked them.

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