The Try Guys Bake Cakes Without A Recipe

The Try Guys Bake Cakes Without A Recipe

– [Ned] Let’s have some fun! – We’re back in the Try Guys Test Kitchen. – [Zach Voiceover] No recipes, no hope. This is the ultimate– – Without a Recipe challenge. Roy Choi, Rosanna Pansino, us. – Oh, Jesus. – Oh, my God! – All the other episodes
have been battles, but this is the war. (cheering) (dramatic music)
– Be right back, I can’t swallow. I can’t swallow it. Oh, my god, I’m so sorry! – Next up, it’s time for
us to have our cakes, and eat ’em too. – I’m not made for YouTube, man. (laughing) I’m not made for this (beep), man. (triumphant music) – [Narrator] The Try Guys
are back in the test kitchen for the season finale of Without a Recipe. – What’s the difference
between baking powder and baking soda? – This one’s got a
little girl on the front. – [Narrator] Their final challenge? Birthday cakes. – It’s a party. – [Narrator] Each baker will
have five hours to bake a cake of their choice and present
it to our panel of judges. – This is the season
finale of Without a Recipe and we’re gonna be judging cakes. I’m Rosanna Pansino, and I have the largest
baking channel on YouTube and I’ve been baking since I was four. – Hi, I’m Roy Choi and I’m qualified
because I have birthdays. (laughter) – Hey, I’m Jonny Manganello, and I’m qualified to judge cakes ’cause I bake a lot of cakes and eat some too. I love cakes. I love memories that I’ve
made when eating cakes. It’s so much more than just the food, it’s about the whole day,
about the whole party, about the whole experience. I work on my cakes as if
they’re little works of art. Cakes need to be just the right texture. They need to be light and airy, but they also need to be moist and soft. Also you’re playing with a
lot of different ingredients. You have to deal with raising agents, creaming butter and sugar together. It’s just a technically more
advanced dessert to get right. If you’re baking a cake without a recipe, you need a lot of luck
because it’s a science and if you mess one thing
up, the science won’t work. Wow, I’m so knowledgeable. My science teachers are gonna be proud. – Birthday cakes. I’ve never made a single tier cake before. I don’t even think I’ve made box cake. I don’t love cake. I like brownies. – Look, it’s been really
tough doing so well on all these episodes. The other guys are saying, oh, it’s not fair, Ned like
knows how to bake bread already. He’s just using what he’s
learned over like a year of hard work and developing a hobby like for his family or whatever. – I have made a birthday
cake for no one ever. Not once in my life. How is that possible? It could be a total disaster. I don’t know anything. – If you make a cake, you have to make a
statement with it as well. I think my strongest suit
is doing inventive flavors with really strong presentation, so I think this is my challenge to lose. – I don’t need to win, I
just can’t keep losing. – Happy birthday! Eugene and I, we’re front runners. You’re looking at the
winner’s bracket right here. – I’m going for broke today. I’m leaving it all on this counter. I’m the big boy! This is my birthday. – Same. – [Producer] All right bakers:
three, two, one, try to bake. – [Both] Bake! – You missed my hands. – Bake! You missed my hands. – All right, let’s go, let’s go, okay. This episode, I will be making
a funfetti birthday cake. This is for my son, Wes, and I think it’s just a
really fun cake for a kid. It sounded easy and I
hope I’m right about that. – Without a Recipe is the
format that I developed for the Try Guys exclusively
to allow me to win more videos. This series has been tough. I came in last. Zach’s the only other
one with last places. Today, I will be honoring my father by recreating my daddy’s favorite cake, a cinnamon raisin pecan coffee cake. Which we referred to as
daddy cake growing up. – I did tell them that my
favorite cake is cookie cake, they said we already did a cookie episode, that’d be cheating. And I said that’s the point. They said no. So I’m making carrot cake today. I’m gonna, I have to do okay. – I was inspired to do a rum cake, then I realized I was too standard. So instead I’m gonna infuse mine with a bunch of Asian Tea. An Indian and a Chinese person and a Japanese person walk into a cake. They get drunk and they’re all gay. That’s my cake. – (giggles) That’s the punchline. – [Narrator] To start, the
bakers will have one hour to make their cake batter. – You know what Keith, I’m willing to work together today as needed. – 100 percent. Maybe I’ll start with, well, I accidentally poured it all in, so I guess I’m gonna start with that. – First you’re going to cream your butter and sugar together. Just because you want to
incorporate as much air into the this part of
the cake as possible. – Butter, I’ll put this in the freezer, you know, just ’cause. – You want to use
room-temperature ingredients. The ingredients won’t incorporate as well together if they’re cold. – How am I gonna mash up this butter? It’s all cold and shit. – I think this will help. It is 8:00 a.m. – We’re gonna do 3 cups of flour. Think I already (beep) up.
– How so? – Because I know from Tasty that they do butter and
sugar together, no flour. – I did like a two to one
ratio of flour to sugar. – [Jonny Voiceover] You
don’t want to be adding flour right now. It would completely deflate that mixture. – One cup of flour. – Something’s telling me to start over. – You could start over. Dude, do it. It’s not too late, do it. Be the guy who does it. Nobody’s ever started over in this show. Yes, Zach, pour it all over the counter. Yes, Zach! – (beep) it.
– Yes! That’s my boy. – Wasting food! – We’re trying again. Nice, Zach! – Halve your eggs into
this mixture one by one as to not deflate this beautiful, airy, buttery mixture you’ve created. – One egg, two eggs, four eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs. – [Jonny Voiceover] You can definitely add too many eggs to a cake. – I think I got some shell in there. – Oh no. – Oh well, eggs. (beep) it. – [Jonny Voiceover] But,
the more eggs you add, the denser it’s gonna be. – [Eugene] Is that enough eggs? I feel like, I’m just
gonna put more stuff in it. – Okay, they always say to mix your wet and you mix your dry separately,
so let’s, we’ll do that. – What would winning mean for your dad? – Oh it would be probably
the greatest joy. He was a mining engineer
but he always let his love of the arts shine through
as he always drove me to my french horn lessons. He was just always so present and helpful and now everyone’s like
Keith, you’re being so funny, you know, trying to honor
your daddy with your desserts, but I truly, you know, love my daddy. – Love your daddy. Dude, I am just eradicating
this ginger over here. – I love things that
are vanilla-y but also a little bit of lemon. – So next I’m gonna start to mix together all of the dry ingredients. For this recipe, we’re
going to mix baking powder and baking soda, cake flour, and we’re also gonna add some salt to counteract the sweet flavor. – Little pinch of salt. Two tablespoons of cinnamon to start. I’ll say that my flavors
so far in the competition have been spot on, but
the texture’s wrong, or you didn’t bake it enough. I’m gonna do butter, eggs and coffee and add that into the flour, and I think that’s gonna be good. – I probably shouldn’t put
in just one type of rum. – Eugene! – Sad thing it’s gonna be delicious. – Now is the tricky part. We’re going to mix the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients into the butter. – It’s a little thick. Might’ve put maybe a
whole box of cake flour. It was too much flour. – But we’re gonna alternate it. You add dry first and you add dry last. Gotta do that or the
structural integrity of the batter just isn’t gonna be there. – To flavor my cakes, I’m
doing different tea flavors from across Asia. I’m gonna boil in the tea
flavor directly into the milk. This is my Indian layer. It’s chai and cinnamon and tumeric. Let me make sure this
really tastes like India, so I’m just gonna put a
little more masala in. – Time for the funfetti sprinkles. All right, I’m chopping up
gummy bears because I think a little bit of gummies will be fun. Funfetti! – Matcha! – If you’re going to
color or flavor the batter at this point, do so very gently. – This competition’s told me anything, putting your favorite
foods inside your foods is a good move. This is ginger and pecans. – You putting pineapple in there? – [Zach] Yeah! We’re gonna put some chocolate in here. – [Keith] Are you adding just milk? – And finally, shredded coconut. I kinda forgot until this second that I’m making a carrot cake. (laughs) So I’m gonna have to get
carrots up in here at one point. – At this stage sometimes what I do if I feel like I’m running
the risk of over mixing is I’ll mix it by hand. – Ugh, god, it tastes great. – [Jonny Voiceover] Don’t over mix this! I repeat, do not over mix this. If you can’t see the flour, if you can’t see the wet ingredients, if everything feels
incorporated to the eye, I say stop. – Oh shit! Oh shit. – What?
– Oh shit. – Oh no, your matcha!
– Matcha no! Oh, sorry, the whole stove
is covered in matcha. – [Jonny Voiceover] Remember
baking is a science. It’s crucial that you don’t over mix this. – This is fun. It’s like playing with power tools. (cheerful orchestral music) – [Narrator] Bad decisions
aside, it’s time for the bakers to throw their cakes in the oven. – If my cooking show
expertise tells me anything, it’s at least 40 minutes. – Oo, mine’s bubbling! It looks like a cake a little
quicker than I’d want it to, which is potentially troubling. – Kinda look like I’m making brownies. – Well, brownies are good. – But my dad loves brownies. – It’s daddy’s favorite. – (beep) You know what we forgot. – What? – We forgot to put butter on our pans. – Oh, so it doesn’t stick? – (beep) The cakes are
gonna be really sticky. – This never goes well in baking (beep). Why are we whispering? – ’cause Keith’s right there.
– Oh yeah. – Well, these are gonna go
great, I’m really excited. – Oh mine is rising,
just only on one side. It’s really rising on one side. – Oh my god, it’s got a bubble. – Oo they’re rising a little bit. – Yours look perfect. Mine look suspicious. – All three of mine are raising at rapidly different speeds. – Maybe I’ll serve it on it’s
side so it looks like a belly. Dad bod cake! You know, use what you got,
be creative, go with the flow. Mistakes are just choices
you haven’t made yet. – And I’ve made a lot of choices. – Every cake is different,
every recipe is different, but for this recipe I’m gonna say anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes. – Okay it’s been 30 minutes, we’re gonna get these bad boys outta here! – Close it, close it, close
it, close it, Ned, go go! – It’s hot! – You’ll know when it’s
done because you’re gonna check it with a toothpick
and when you pull that toothpick out, you should only have a few moist crumbs. – Dry, it’s dry. – All of my countries have been cooled. This is Japan. I think Japan’s done. That smells so much like me. – Smells like carrot cake. – It smells like carrot cake! Guys, I think we’re doin’ it! – I am hoping that– – Yours looks good. – It looks like it used to
be risen and then it fell. It’s just dense, I just think
it’s gonna be too dense. – But that’s good, it’s
a yummy cake, call it a– – No, it sucks! – What if we call it a pound cake? – That’s not how pound cakes work. – Here’s the thing, Keith, I
really wanna do well this time, but I don’t wanna do well
because you didn’t do well. – I can’t handle another fourth place. – Dude, trust me, it stinks, every time. – I saw Ned’s cake, it rose like a cake. – Do you want a hug? You can close your eyes
and pretend I’m daddy. – You’re way smaller than my dad. – Well you get down on your knees. – Okay. – Now hug me, like I’m your daddy. – Thanks, daddy. – (laughs) What do you put in your hair? It smells nice. – I didn’t wash it today. – Wow, you smell kinda like Maggie. (lively big band music) – [Narrator] After the guys
get their cakes out of the pan. – Hyah! – That was fun, though. – Do you smack the bottom? – Gonna try and excavate mine. – Do it, Eugene. – There it is.
(cheering) – I feel like I’m sawing this. – [Narrator] And make their icing. – Hold the phone, look at
mister fancy pants over here. – It’s delicioso. – Yeah, you really killed this, Keith. – [Narrator] It’s
finally time to decorate. – I’m excited, I’m not exactly
sure what I’m going to do but we have three hours
for me to figure it out. It’s gonna be intense, we
got lots of colors here, lots of nozzles. – At this point, you want
to pipe your buttercream so that you get a nice
even spread of buttercream in between each layer. – I think I’m just gonna
try to ice it so perfectly that it looks like a professional did it. And then somehow indicate
what’s inside of each one and really represent the
countries from whence they came. – This is not impressive. – But it tastes so good. – [Zach Voiceover] I ‘m not exactly sure how I’m gonna decorate it. I have a sort of design idea.
– Oh my god! – [Zach Voiceover] This is my last chance to really wow the judges so I’m gonna try and figure out something cool. – Now you’re gonna level it. I use this fancy cake level. – I do think if I want my
cake to be really even, gonna need to cut a
little bit off the dome. – It’s got like the Friar
Tuck thing going for it. – Yeah, it’s got just a halo. – I’m going to be making an illusion cake and the illusion I will
be creating with my cake is a bowl of raisin bran,
my dad’s favorite cereal. – (laughs) Oh my god,
that’s what you’re doing? – Yeah, I’m making a bowl–
– I didn’t understand it. – Of cereal! – This is the fun part because you can add any decorations you want. I like to use chocolate ganache, I like to use fondant detailing. – All right, who ordered
the quarter pounder? Quarter pounder here. – Number 97? – [Zach] Aesthetics was
never my strong suit. – Mine is a funfetti cake, so I’m gonna keep my vanilla
buttercream frosting. Nice white base. I’ll have to figure out how
to stack these properly. And then I’m gonna cover it with sprinkles but for my lettering I’m
going to put words on with little magnets and
then remove the magnets so that the negative space creates the words happy birthday. – Keith, this is crazy looking. I would have never have
guessed that this plan would be so aesthetically pleasing, but you’re really killing it right now. – It works! – What happened to my icing? – Oh wow, it’s all wet. – Put this on my cake. – Is this why they
developed the word rustic? I dunno, it just looks so cheap. It looks like your aunt’s 50th wedding. – 50th wedding? – I’m gonna completely
scrap what I was doing. – So you’re starting over? – I’m starting over. I’m so sorry. – Ten minutes left, bakers! – Oh, I get Bake Off now! They always look so surprised. – Oh my god, it’s like the
elevator in The Shining. – I feel like this is a trend for me. Where have I done this before? – Pecans! – Wow, it kinda looks
like a million cockroaches are climbing up your cake. – I like to think of it as a fancy bowl. – I’m just re-approaching
this entire cake design. – If I thought I could do any better, I would also start over. (laughs) Why is it so ugly? It’s unbelievable how ugly it is. – Good morning! It’s time for my daddy’s favorite cereal. – Hah. Hah. – Oh, look at that! – [Producer] Two minutes! – Eugene, you’ve made a lot of progress in a short amount of
time, it’s unbelievable. – Yes, I completely changed
the direction of the cake. So I’m trying to embrace
how spicy these cakes are, so I’m gonna try to show
elements of it on the outside so the bottom layer that is Chinese has a lot of cinnamon flavor. So I’ll do the top with matcha. I’m hoping that this is way
more than interesting looking than the other one. – [Zach] Did you just cut that out? – [Eugene] Dude, that is brilliant. – [Keith] I feel so good. – Ned! Birthday! – Literally just decided
to write on these leaves the words tea in Japanese,
Hindi, and Mandarin. – [Producer] Three, two, one, that’s it, that’s it,
okay, hands up, bakers! (all grunting) – Congratulations on a great season guys! – Yes, congrats! – [Ned] I fear that the
design, or lack there of, is going to really hurt me in the judging. (dramatic choral music) – We are judging these cakes on presentation, taste, creativity, and is it a birthday cake? – Instantly when you
think of birthday cakes, you think of the white with the sprinkles, but I always surprised and delighted when the cake isn’t that. – I think part of what’s fun about cakes is that sometimes they’re imperfect. I kinda like it when bakers
have their signature touch. – Cakes make me nostalgic
because we always used to eat them when we were
celebrating something. It brings back all those memories of milestones and good times. – My favorite flavor is delicious. ♪Happy Birthday to you ♪ – [Jonny] Oh, it’s harmonized. – [Roy] Wow. – Oh!
– This is my cake. I have a young son named Wes,
so this is what I imagine would be for Wes. It’s a funfetti cake. When I was growing up, I used to love getting funfetti cakes, things that are bright, colorful. So, yeah, please enjoy. – [Jonny] It’s gorgeous. (clapping)
– Okay! – I’m so impressed. This is beautiful! And the lettering up top is fantastic. – [Rosanna] Very detailed.
– [Jonny] Right? – I really wanted to play
with the negative space of the sprinkles.
– [Jonny] Yeah. – Oh my gosh, it’s so personal, too. Happy birthday, Wes, and
like family, nostalgia. Okay, do you want to cut into it? – [Jonny] I do.
– [Rosanna] Okay. As you’re cutting, does it feel good? – [Jonny] It does. Oh, yeah, I guess we haven’t
seen the inside yet, huh? Wow! Look at that. – It’s a vanilla batter
with a hint of lemon and the funfetti sprinkles throughout with also a couple of hidden gummies. – How many gummy bears
did you put in here? – Only a few. – ’cause I did some experimenting
with baking gummy bears and some candies you can bake, some… Mmm! – It’s a really good cake,
a lot of great flavor. I think it’s a little bit dense. And maybe, because it’s so big, the proporiton of frosting
to cake is a little off but, I mean, the flavors are out of the park. – I like the taste. I actually really like the lemon, I like that it’s strong lemon flavor. And it is a dense cake. I don’t mind that actually. The texture’s outstanding. – [Rosanna] My favorite is a fluffy cake. This is a good dense cake, though. – What do you think about the creativity? – Ding ding ding ding. Off the charts for me. – Yeah, you added lemon and you did a lot of detailed design at the top. You took a classic and, I don’t know, you put your own little twist on it. – Made me smile. – Me, too. – Yeah, right, you know,
that was a beautiful moment. Just looking at it makes you smile. – Is it a birthday cake? – Yeah, it says happy birthday on it. (laughing) – [Roy] Feels like there’s
a lot of love in this cake. It’s almost like you baked it for Wes and not the contest. – Not only is it a birthday cake but it’s quintessential birthday cake that I would imagine to be in a cartoon. – I mean, it’s great, it’s wonderful. – (clapping) Great start. – Thank you, judges. – [Eugene Voiceover] I am very pleased with my last minute
decision to totally change the entire visual concept of the cake. I think this actually looks better than what I would’ve done to begin with. – May I present, what’s the tea cake. A pan-asian journey. (applause) – [Rosanna] I love it! – [Jonny] It feels like a cake
I would find on an island. – There’s three different
layers and each layer is a totally different batter. So, the top leaf says tea in Japanese, it’s a matcha flavored cake. The middle layer says tea in Hindi and that’s a chai flavored cake, and the bottom says tea in Mandarin and that’s an oolong flavored cake. So, I put in a lot of different spices and some untraditional flavors. Also a lot of rum which
is my pan-asian journey. (laughter) – It’s not smooth. – You know, the Asian journey
is rough, it’s a rocky road for many of us.
– (laughs) It’s a rough road. – I wasn’t expecting a tiered cake today, so points for that. It certainly is uneven and rustic at best. But actually, if this cake
was perfectly frosted, it wouldn’t have the same impact. What’s wet? What’s wet on this cake? – You know, what isn’t wet? – I haven’t even looked,
does it look good? (laughs) – Honestly, I’m sorry,
it looks like flesh. Doesn’t it? – [Rosanna] It looks like cheesecake. – [Jonny] You know, I
think cheesecake is kind. – It looks like mochi,
did you use rice flour? – [Eugene] I think I
used all purpose flour. I used a shit ton of eggs. – How many eggs? – [Eugene] Maybe a dozen. Asians love eggs. – It feels like very warm Swiss cheese. I’ve never been scared
to eat a cake before. – [Rosanna] I’m ready.
– Okay. (laughter)
– [Eugene] Oh god, they love it, they love it. Roy loves it! – [Rosanna] You broke him! – [Jonny] International chef– – I’m not made for YouTube, man. I’m not made for this shit, man. – Roy Choi is in shock,
he loves it so much. – Roy’s an internationally renowned chef. – I’m laughing and crying. (laughs) – [Eugene] Did I make south Asia proud? – I don’t want to speak for south Asia. (laughter) – [Rosanna] It’s really
got an after taste. – It’s weird. – [Rosanna] It lingers. – [Roy] You ever leave
something in your car and come back the next morning? – [Rosanna] It’s sour. Let me taste another bit. I’m gonna do the matcha. – Yeah, I dumped a whole
bag of matcha in there. – Oh my god. – [Jonny] That’s not, that’s not right. – My fear is that flavors
don’t come through enough. – Oh, ick, my whole body is overwhelmed. – Have you ever gotten
an MRI or a CT scan? They make you drink this chalky drink, has anybody ever gotten one? – I’ll be right back. I can’t swallow, I can’t swallow it. – Just the floor.
– Medic? – The floor is fine. – Oh my god, I’ll be right
back, oh my god, I’m so sorry! – [Eugene] She loves it so much, she just wants to treasure it. – Has anyone ever had to jump off? – Yeah, normally it’s my fault. – Okay, so sorry, so sorry. Oh yeah, take a bite. – [Jonny] You taking a picture? – Yes, I have to remember
one of the worst moments of my life. (laughter) Back to the point of creativity, you did create something
that never existed in this Earth before. – Oh, it’s creative, let me not– (laughter) – [Zach] Is it a birthday cake? – Uh, no. – What is cake? But, no, it’s not this. – Eugene, I love you and
I don’t want to say this, but I think this might’ve been the weirdest tasting cake I’ve ever had. – (claps) Thank you, thank you. – [Keith Voiceover] I’m
feeling really amazing about this cake, I sent a
picture of it to my dad, ’cause I know Rosanna
Pansino does a lot of heavy decorated cakes so I
think she’s gonna be impressed, and I think the flavor is
very dad so I think that Roy Choi is gonna be like,
yes, this is what dads like. I’m very happy. – Growing up, every day, my dad had a bowl of raisin bran for breakfast. He loved cinnamon raisin
flavors, and he also loved a coffee cake that we
affectionately called daddy cake. This is my dad’s breakfast birthday cake, also known as daddy’s favorite. I have served this flavor
every round of Without a Recipe this season and I have not won, at all. But, I hope with this, with
the two scoops of raisins, one in yogurt, and one
in chocolate on the side, and the cinnamon caramel
brown sugar coffee cake inside that I have finally done it. Make a wish. I know what my wish is. – I just blew cereal out. – [Keith] It’s okay. – Wow. Daddy cake. It looks like a bowl of
cereal, which is really cool. It’s like the cake is inverted. I feel like it’s gonna
collapse in on itself, which is fun and thrilling. – Birthday cakes are
supposed to be personal, so I feel like this cake is
very personal for your dad. If this was my favorite cereal,
this would make me laugh, and it’s very creative, and
it’s shaped like a bowl, I’ve never done that before,
I mean, this is kinda cool. – You should be aww-ing very
loudly, this is incredible. I feel like you’re very
tempered right now, and I expected explosions of excitement. – Sorry. – I just, you really loved
Ned’s and I think this took a lot more effort. – I’m just, I’m taking it all in. – [Roy] You can tell it’s
great, the pecans as a mosaic. At first it looks a bit
crazy, but then as you go to each level, there
is attention to detail. – Let’s get us a slice. – Might need to stand up. – Let’s put some gravity on it. Oh my, um. – [Keith] It’s a dense cake. – I mean, whoa. Whoa.
– Get in there. Get in there. Nice and strong, he loves a strong– – It’s just like Eugene’s. – It’s not. – Take a look. Take a look, it literally
looks identical to Eugene’s. – Are you (beep) outta your mind?! – [Rosanna] It looks like
you copied his recipe. – I didn’t, it was
obviously a different cake, just taste it! – [Rosanna] Well, look at it. It’s the same key– – [Keith] Just taste it.
– [Rosanna] situation here. – [Keith] just taste it. Give it some (beep) chances. You come in with these aggressive, you didn’t react to it at all! It’s a freaking bowl! How cool is that?! – [Rosanna] It’s really cool! – You didn’t say it was cool! You’re like, oh that’s
neat, that’s interesting. I guess if you look at
it close, it’s nice. It’s impressive. – It’s really cool, it’s
just also like, look at it. – They did love Ned’s,
they have that capacity. – Just taste it, though. – Okay, here we go. – [Keith] So there are
different types of raisins in between each layer. – The flavor is better than Eugene’s. – I told you. – The texture is somehow worse. – Wow! Well, try a different, try a different, there’s a lot of different cakes in there. – This is a physical reaction
to the bite that I had. – You had one bite, you
had a ton of Eugene’s, that’s Eugene’s demon inside of you. – I think it might be a team effort. – Looks like, you know those dog bakeries that they have out there? It feels like a cake that
would be sold at a dog bakery. – I wouldn’t fee this to my dog. So here’s a fun tip at home. Don’t over mix cake batters. – Judges, is it a birthday cake? – If you had given me this and I didn’t know it
was supposed to be cake, I wouldn’t think it was cake. – What would you think it is? – Quiche. – Only your dad or a dog
would consider it (laughs) a birthday cake, so, yes. – Does it bounce? I mean, it looks like it bounces. – I think it’s not that bad. – It’s not that bad. – It’s not that bad. It’s not good but it’s not that bad. – What kind of birthday cakes
were you getting growing up? – [Zach Voiceover] This
is my last chance to show that I’m not a total
(beep) up in the kitchen. I’m really confident in my cake. I think I did a great job. – [Eugene] Looks nice, Zach. Happy birthday, big boy? – Don’t you blow out mother (beep). Happy birthday, big boy. This is my big boy cake. I kinda wanted to bring
it back to childhood, but make you feel like, larger than life so that when you do this
you’re like a monster, towering through the city,
knocking down buildings. This is a carrot cake,
one of my favorite cakes, but I added ginger, pineapple, coconut, and some cinnamon, so I hope you enjoy. (clapping) – When you brought it over
here, I was thinking of that Dr. Seuss book, “Oh
the Places You’ll Go.” I actually think the
stripes are impressive. – It looks like a cake
that you would see in a Who in Whosville. Lots of candles, that’s fun. – It is a little lopsided and I agree, maybe it’s charming if it’s supposed to be a Who down in Whoville cake. – It was a weird sensation cutting it. – Yeah, it definitely, I
think the pineapple released a lot of moisture. – Wait, Roy, what was the
sensation like, cutting it? – I hate to bring up the canine again, but it felt like stepping in dog shit. You know that moment, that feeling you get right when the sole hits, and then– – Carrot cake is a different cake. – It is a different cake, but it was, this is not for humor,
it was really weird. – Shall we taste? – No. – I’m most afraid to try this. – Really? Give it a smell. – I really like carrot cake. I’m just debating, why do
I have such a big bite? Everyone has a small bite. – No. (beep) Sorry, no, um– – What?! – [Rosanna] Oh it’s a lot going on. – Really? – [Rosanna] It’s really mushy. – I’m really trying to
separate the flavors from the texture because
the texture is unbelievable. – Thank you. – No, not good unbelievable. – [Roy] The flavors were not terrible. – This is solely texture. It’s like almost wet inside,
like either under baked or just extremely moist. – Roy agrees. – Yes. It feels like snot. – [Rosanna] It is very creative, you’re taking a classic cake and then you’re adding a fruit element which I’ve never done that before. – [Zach] Roy, do you think
it’s creative, the flavors? – No, um, no. Any other questions? – Is it cake? – [Judges] Yes, yeah, yes. – [Jonny] I’m not sold. It tastes like batter. – Think I took it out too early? – I think that might be one of the many things you’ve done here. If this were a bread pudding competition, you’d do fine (laughs) probably. – Thank you for your time, judges. – We’ll see you after you deliberate to announce who the winner
is and who is last place. (dramatic music)
– [Jonny] Obviously, we have a clear winner. – So now, our decision
is, who is the worst? Really, it’s a race to the bottom. – I think it all boils down, for me, to which one could you possible finish? – I liked that Eugene
used a lot of creativity, especially in selling his cake, even though I may have liked
his flavor profile better. – I like that it was a bowl. It’s hard for me because I
love both of their creativity. I think actually they were
both the most creative. With carrot cakes, they’re
already naturally very moist, so this just went too far. Okay, we have made our final decision. (uptempo dramatic music) – Guys, no matter what happens, it’s been really fun this
season, I’ve learned a lot, it’s been a good time. – Thanks for coming back. All right, do you want to start us off? – Yeah, we’re actually
gonna go in reverse order. (pensive dramatic music) – We’ve done this once. – So, of course I’m not gonna
stretch it out any longer. Ned, your cake was by far
superior to everybody else’s. It wasn’t just fine, it was
actually a really good cake. – But like I’m in third
place a lot last season, so this is huge for me. Wow, you guys, my cake was so good! This was crazy! – In second place, we have (vocalizes) Zach. (applauding)
– Really? – Yes. – That’s like a win. – Zach’s never gotten above third place. – [Judges] Really? – [Zach] Even my third had a
big ol’ asterisk next to it. Oh my god, you guys! – [Judges] Congratulations! – I can’t believe it,
I think I’m gonna cry. Thank you, judges. I was gonna ask you all the
things I did wonderfully but, it’s okay, it’s in my heart, thank you. – So now, the grand finale. Two cakes that seemed like
they had resembled each other and came from the same land. – [Eugene Voiceover] A pan-asian journey. – [Roy] Were both very
personal and very thoughtful. – [Keith Voiceover] Love
my daddy, love my daddy. – The tough part was
that they were both bad. And the tough part was we had to eat ’em. The winner of the, no,
loser of the winner of, the winner of last, the worst cake is, I don’t want to say it because I’m scared. I’m really scared to say this. – [Rosanna] Do you want
to say it together? – Yes, or– – Number three, Eugene,
number four, that’s Keith! – [Roy] Eugene, you did not lose. (clapping) – Oh, I’m really scared. – [Rosanna] Deep breaths.
– Are you… – [Rosanna] Take a deep
breath, take a deep breath, take a deep breath. – (beep) kidding me?! I made a bowl of cereal. – [Rosanna] We love you, Keith. – I made a bowl. I made a (beep) bowl of cereal! It doesn’t (beep) bounce! This is the stupidest show! I hate this show, Without a Recipe! (beep) it all! I hate this show, I hate
Ned’s perfect (beep) cake! Happy birthday, Wes! Well, needless to say, I’m pretty bummed, but we’ll see ya next
time on Without a Recipe! Bye! (crying) – Who’s daddy’s favorite? – Oh, you’re daddy’s favorite. – [Narrator] Big thanks to Patreon and all of our Patrons for
making Without a Recipe the series possible. – I’m gonna finish this whole piece. – Oh, Keith, don’t do that. No, no, no, no no no, no no no, no no no no no no no no
no no no no no no no! Keith. (grunts) – YouTube’s not for me.

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