THE ORIGINAL DIRTY RICE RECIPE: How to Make Spanish Arros Brut

THE ORIGINAL DIRTY RICE RECIPE: How to Make Spanish Arros Brut

today we are making the original dirty rice
known here in Spain as Arroz Suzio or as they call it in Valencia ¨arros brut¨
this is a dish that dates back hundreds of years ago
and it originates in Valencia in eastern Spain guys this is seriously
such a stunning dish loaded with an array of flavors uses simple ingredients
and it’s done in under an hour you need this dish in your life it is that
good really quick before we get started three things for the first one make sure
you use round rice very similar to medium grain rice for the second thing use a
good quality broth this is gonna help flavor the dish and last but not least make
sure you use some real saffron don’t use the imitation stuff for this recipe I’m
using saffron threads from Golden saffron this is truly some grade one
high quality premium saffron you know with all the imitation saffron that’s
out there it’s kind of hard to find a brand you can trust the folks over at
golden saffron are doing an awesome job link in the description box below
where you guys can get this amazing Golden saffron all right guys we’re gonna begin by grabbing two cups of tightly packed bagged
spinach and giving it a rough chop next up we’re gonna grab one tomato
and finely grate it we’ll grab four cloves of garlic and finely mince them now we’re gonna grab two fresh artichokes
and cut each one into four quarters we’ll begin by removing the outer leaves after removing
the leaves and you reach the ones that have a pale yellow color
let’s go ahead and cut off about one inch from the top we’ll rub it with a
little bit of lemon you know artichokes they turn black
really quick and the lemon cuts that from happening we’re gonna peel off some
of the skin from the stem I like to keep the stem on there you know this connects
to the artichoke heart full of flavor guys again guy’s rub that stem with
the lemon otherwise it’s gonna turn black now we’re going to cut this into
four quarters and for the final step we want to get
rid of this fibrous stuff in there just using a spoon you can scrape it off and again guys as you finish each one make
sure that you rub it with lemon that way the artichoke does not turn brown
okay guys let’s start cooking our dish I’m gonna be using a paella pan to make this
dirty rice but you can use any type of frying pan that you like let’s heat this
with a medium high heat add in 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil and add in the
minced garlic and start mixing it around with the extra virgin olive oil
about 30 seconds after adding in the garlic into the pan and it’s nice and fragrant let’s
go ahead and add in our chopped spinach and again continue to mix this together once the spinach has welted
let´s add in our grated tomato I’m gonna add in half a cup of frozen broad beans
these are already precooked also 1/2 cup of frozen lima beans
again these are also precooked 1 tsp of sweet smoked Spanish paprika season it all
with sea salt and some freshly cracked black pepper and mix it together until
everything is well combined once everything is well mixed we’re
gonna add in 4 cups of a good-quality vegetable broth pinch in half a teaspoon of saffron threads and again lightly season with a little sea salt once our broth comes to a boil
let’s add our artichokes in there and we’re gonna boil our artichokes
for about five minutes after boiling our artichokes for about five minutes
I’m gonna add in one cup of round rice and we’ll give this a gentle mix
that way everything’s evenly distributed nine minutes after adding the rice into the pan
and you can see that a lot of that broth is starting to
integrate into the rice let’s go ahead and lower this to a low medium heat at
this point I’m not gonna stir the rice anymore but you can give the pan quick
shake once in a while after simmering our rice for about four minutes and you guys
can see there’s not a lot of broth left but you still want to leave a little bit on there this dish is done let’s go ahead and
remove the pan from the heat and we’re gonna cover the pan with a dish cloth
and let it rest between four to five minutes after four minutes our dirty
rice should be perfectly cooked let’s go and uncover it seriously the aromas in this dish are out of this world
here we go such a beautiful flavor
to this dish that rice is perfectly cooked along with all the vegetables they´re
nice and tender the beans the artichokes beautiful combination you know this is
naturally a vegan dish but thanks to the beans the artichokes it´s got a beautiful meaty texture
to it this is the real deal folks easy to make done in under one hour
before I go I´d like thank one of my patreons Robert Jefferson aka the Kamakura gardener
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