48 thoughts on “The Daily Show – The Snacks of Life”

  1. i miss the daily show, it was nice being able to count on it. no offense to Trevor he does an alright job, he just is not Jon. Wish he came back around for the 2020 election.

  2. Honestly, when I was younger I never watched much of Jon Stewart, but now, in 2019, here I am watching old videos for the first time, and laughing my ass off wishing this guy was still part of the daily show. Trevor Noah is down right awesome, but Jon Stewart has this "Jon Stewart Zing" that makes it so damn hilarious.

  3. Am I the only one who stays away from not only Kraft (because it is NOT CHEESE and NEVER HAS BEEN CHEESE) but fast food restaurants. I avoid them like the plague. My parents hate me because I refuse to eat fast food–I don't even eat pizza unless I make it.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trevor Noah and he has done a great job filling in Jon’s big shoes but God, I miss this man! There is truly no one like him.

  5. this is a rare "i don't agree with john" moment. while i don't like the way that food gets pushed on tv, we really don't have to watch ads. and ultimately what you eat is up to you, just like you get to see what you look like whenever you want. while i'm not a fan of ayn rand this is a circumstance where its your own damn fault most of the time, and you have been warned about it for a LONG time now. its like being angry at the cigarette industry for being addicted to cigs while living in america. you were probably warned from birth. i'm a bleeding heart liberal and i am saying: "grow the fuck up"

  6. Ah back when the Daily Show had actual jokes and there wasn't a million of these political-comedy shows. Jon set the bar too high

  7. Who still in 2019 likes to come on Youtube and just watch one old Jon Stewart Daily Show video after another once in a while?

  8. Trevor sucks and these clips reassure me that I continually make the right choice by not watching the daily show anymore.

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