The Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Hot Dogs

The Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Hot Dogs

No backyard barbecue is complete without hot
dogs on the scene. There’s something distinctly satisfying about
chomping into the perfect one. Turn up the heat on your hot dog game by avoiding
these common mistakes. For starters, the best way to cook hot dogs
is on the grill, not boiled in water. “I’ve been reusing the hotdog water so it
gets more flavor. It’s only gonna keep getting better.” But you don’t want to neglect preparing your
grill before tossing the hot dogs on top. Make sure the grates are clean and free of
gunk from previous grill sessions. If you’re worried about the franks sticking
to the grates, spray them with a nonstick cooking spray, then preheat the grill for
a few minutes before you start cooking. The heat level also matters when it comes
to cooking hot dogs. While you shouldn’t shy away from high heat
since you want to achieve that coveted char on the outside, you also don’t want to burn
the franks before the insides have cooked all the way through. To avoid undercooking or overcooking your
hot dogs, place them on the grill grate in indirect heat away from the flames. Doing so allows you to cook the hot dogs quickly
and effectively without any chance of going too far. While hot dogs belong in the category of casual
foods, that doesn’t mean you should opt for the cheapest options available. As a rule of thumb, the simpler the dish,
the more the quality of the ingredients you choose matters. From chicken and turkey to pork and beef,
you’ll quickly discover that there are a wide array of hot dogs available to you at the
supermarket. With all the choices out there, go with your
taste preference. But don’t just pick the cheapest ones. The inexpensive varieties tend to come without
casings and are made using a hodgepodge of meats, tons of sodium, and lots of preservatives. Some of them are barely worthy to even be
called hot dogs. “Not hot dog?” “Wait, what the f—?” Moreover, higher-quality beef franks just
taste better all around. With more nuanced flavor and fewer shady additives
to contend with, you can just sit back, fire up the grill, and enjoy the crisp snap of
biting into a perfectly cooked hot dog. While some might argue that splitting a hot
dog partway down the center or making small slashes on top keeps the casing from bursting
and lets the frank cook all the way through, it’s usually an unnecessary step. Since most store-bought hot dogs are precooked
anyway, they’re already cooked through. Splitting them open lets out all the juices
that make the meat tender and moist. If you’re working with encased hot dogs that
have been precooked, skip the butterflying. However, if you’re using raw hot dogs you
get at the butcher’s, you might find that splitting them open helps them cook more thoroughly. Hot dogs are small portions of meat, so they
cook quicker than you think. Because they can burn or cook unevenly, it’s
crucial that you pay attention to them during cooking. Using tongs or a spatula, be sure to move
the hot dogs frequently, rolling them around continuously so every side gets touched by
the heat source. You also want to place them just right so
you get those stunning grill marks. Arrange your hot dogs perpendicular to the
grill grates, spacing them apart. By doing so, you should be guaranteed grill
mark victory with all the franks. The hot dogs are as important as the buns
that hold them. Hot dogs are a classic food, so don’t treat
them like any other meat and bread combo. It’s not a hoagie, so you don’t want a bun
that’s overly firm. For the ideal hot dog presentation, choose
buns that are similar in texture to the most exquisite burger buns. These should be soft, squishy, and just the
right length for the hot dogs you’ve chosen to pair them with. “It’s not good for my buns unless you like
‘em soggy.” You’ve come too far to not toast the buns
for your perfectly cooked hot dogs. To toast your bun, simply brush both cut sides
with a small amount of butter and plop them on the grill or the pan for a few minutes. By taking the extra time to do so, you get
to enjoy all the layers of textures that can be tasted in a truly satisfying hot dog. “Did you… Did you just take a bite of yourself?” “Actually, yeah. I’m pretty delicious.”

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  1. Cheap super market hot dogs are gross. 👎 get premium brands with beef or no cheap ingredients. Many chains offer buy 1 get 1 at least 2 times a month.

  2. Sorry MASHED, but you are completely giving bogus info here. Hotdogs should be SYEAMED in a pro Hotdog steamer. Buns likewise. Grilling on a flat grill or on a bbq grill is a method dreamed up because the pro steamer was not in their kitchen inventory.
    Call grilled dogs CHAR DOGS or SEARED DOGS but please not a HOTDOG.

  3. So, you want to get good quality ingredients when buying hotdogs? What the hell do you call those red hotdogs??? Those are nasty!

  4. I agree with most said, however I follow the chef's method.
    1- place hotdogs in cold water, add a couple shakes of worcestershire sauce and bring to a boil. 2- remove from the water (NOT using a fork) and place on a pre-heated HD roller for 5 minutes, more if you like "knarley dogs." 3- place dogs on a pre-heated (wrapped in a paper towel then in a microwave for 11 seconds) roll and apply MUSTARD to the dog, not the bun. Oh yeah, ketshup goes well with fries, not Dogs.
    BTW it's almost impossible to bring a dog to 152 degrees on a grill without burning the skin and leaving the inside cold and mushy. You can pre heat using the water method (as above) and then add to the grill for that woodsy taste. But steam the bun, this ain't no burger!

  5. as you scroll down amongst the comments, notice how nobody mentions sauerkraut as a condiment. i suddenly feel very German and out-of-place.

  6. I like hot dogs boiled…. They remind me of the carts in NY . I only like the red pork and beef hotdogs though, with chili mustard ketchup and slaw

  7. Idk what people's problem ketchup is on a damn hotdog is. So many people seem to despise it. It's not steak, chill the hell out. Ketchup on hotbogs is an absolute standard, just as mustard and relish is to some.

    I like ketchup and/or yellow mustard best on mine. Nothing wrong with either.

  8. Around here the best dogs are from a family owned company
    I got no idea what’s in there but they are great
    Martins potatoe hotdog rolls are the best
    Ketchup on a hotdog is for little kids

  9. Always use hot dogs with a natural casing. Always grill them or fry them in a pan or on a flat top griddle. Never boil or steam them. Always use a top split (aka new england style) bun. Always put whatever toppings you like. I like brown mustard, raw onions, and chili.

  10. This video reminds me of bsing my essays in high school. Filled with unnecessary content that doesn't even follow the title.

  11. nope you little cunt: just dip them in oil and voilà they dont get sticky/ you dont have to buy shit chemical products i know you're a fat lazy shit but trust me do it like this

  12. This is really dumb. I think they just wanted to show movies. Gordon Ramsay cooking burgers too, such a useless and silly video. Its all common sense, got zero out of it

  13. Whats next, "you've been pouring water wrong?" …….Its not a gourmet food!….theres no wrong way!….drunk/high people have been eating them straight from the package….FOR YEARS!, and the taste fantastic!

  14. The fact that there's even a video on how to cook hot dogs is ridiculous. That's how sad Society is today where they need tutorials on how to cook a goddamn hot dog

  15. I just duck tape 'em to the exhaust pipe on my truck,make a quck trip to the beer store,when I get back – tadaa,dinner time !

  16. You tell us grilling is better than boiling, but you don't say why. Cooking times for grocery store hotdogs are irrelevant. Hot dogs from a store, which is what most people eat, are already cooked. Most of the things you mentioned are personal choices, not the best way to cook hotdogs. Grilling makes them too salty, I prefer boiling.

  17. Hot dogs are spur of the moment things. Usually I eat them cold out of the package with or without bun. When I do cook hot dogs, usually by boiling (because my micro annihilates them even for a few seconds) I must have something like soup, potato salad, pickles, or chips to go with it. Lately I've been on a raw hot dog kick.

  18. An all-beef Schneiders Juicy Jumbo wiener boiled and then grilled and in a lightly toasted bun, with bacon, cheese, mustard, raw onions and fresh (not pickled) jalapeños. 😋 Brilliant!

  19. Boar's Head Hot Dogs with casings are wonderfully delicious! Just do not boil them. Grilled or convection oven are the best way to prepare these Hot dogs.

  20. I love peanut butter sandwiches with honey and when I got that money I put some of that Smuckers strawberry jam on it that's some good s*** right there

  21. My version is to cook the hotdogs on the bread warmer above the grill surface while the hamburgers are on the grill. Once the hamburgers come off, the hotdogs are cooked and just need a little bit of time on the grill surface for some grill marks. Perfect every time!

  22. You've got to be kidding. People, dogs go into the water, add some Worcester (a few drops) bring water to boil (brings internal temp up) take the whole pot to the grill and grill those babies! Grill when you need them, leave the rest in the pot to wait their turn – enjoy

  23. I’m so passionate about hotdogs I couldn’t sleep without writing this post: any legitimate hot dog doesn’t need condiments. I eat my hot dogs condiment free and I believe others should too!

    As an aside the best hotdog I ever ate was a red hot 1” diameter 7” long ( literally red casing) sold by Tops from 1978 to 1984. Pork 40% veal 30% beef 20% snouts, ears etc 10% and special spices.I must have eaten a few thousand of them

  24. Not 1 mention of deep frying hotdogs. In my opinion, the best way to cook them. Also it's the way most commercial entities cook them. Must be in a cast iron skillet though. And using a seasoned vegetable or canola oil.

  25. On my favorite night of the week Saturday night I give myself my favorite foods to consume. I have a plate of hotdogs and sausages along with a fresh loaf of bread and condiments, pass the loaf!

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