The Best Way To Eat Sushi

The Best Way To Eat Sushi

(slapping noise) (swinging hinge noise) (upbeat music) (bell rings) – Do I put it upside
down to dip just the… – [Voiceover} yeah
– will it fall off? – Dip only the fish part into the sauce. – Okay, and I put the
whole thing into my mouth? – Oh, this feels so sexual already. – Ummm – It’s delicious, no matter what you do. – (laughs) – Zero percent different
from how I usually eat sushi. – It’s fun to eat things
with your hands though. – And putting the fish right on my tongue, kind of enhance the taste experience, because it was straight to the taste buds. – When you put it in rice first, the rice bits are gonna fall down, and so you’ll just be picking
them out of the soy sauce. – Dip control is important
in sushi. (laughs) (upbeat music) – How are you supposed to eat ginger, is there a certain way? – [Voiceover] No
– Like upside down? (laughter)

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  1. if you want wasabi, take off the fish, put a dot of wasabi on the rice, then put the fish back on 🍙🍘🍣

  2. You're not supposed to dip the fish in soy sauce. If the chef has not applied soy sauce to your sushi already, use the shoga (pickled ginger) as a sort of brush by dipping it in the soy sauce and then brushing the Sushi. Also, chopsticks are allowed.

  3. The pickled ginger is actually a pallette cleanser between each type of sushi

  4. thats not how to it sushi properly im at japan we use chopstick its called nigiri not sushi you buzzfeed you broke uor tradition in japan!!! 🖕

  5. Can someone give respect to that person about to eat sushi and that salmon sushi that was slapped out of his hand when he was doing it properly?

  6. The Intro is kinda mean lol. And this is kinda useless. I'll explain with this little conversation.

    A: Grabs a Sushi with chopsticks
    B: Slaps it down
    B: You're eating it wrong even tho it will just go to your mouth just like how you're about to do it

  7. Sushi is supposed to be bite-sized FOR WOMEN. The pieces of Nigiri in this video have too much rice, so the eater's mouth looks overstuffed.

  8. best way to eat sushi with hands? with all the fat and wtf has been there into sushi and just no sticks good its easy and best way

  9. hi i’m late, but the best way to eat sushi if you don’t want to use your hands (or whatever reason you have)? well, take off the fish, dip it in the soy sauce, return to rice, then eat!

  10. So this is the video I have to blame for all the BS that's been floating around. This might fly in the US, but don't flip your sushi piece when you go for sushi in Japan.

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