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  1. Hey Doc–i heard that Dandelion is superb for your liver, u should look into that because im curious to see what would come up in the research

  2. sulforaphane, is that related to organic crystalline sulfur?>>> 

    & does blending ir juicing = glow stick activating?

  3. Now, this is information I can use and find interesting.  Can I steam the Broccoli or must I eat it raw? I love it both ways, but find steaming easier.


  4. Note to self; Never watch Dr.Greger's videos while your high. It will blow your mind.
    Hey !!! All kidding aside… I want to know know more about Amla and Bitter Gourd. These things taste nasty and I am eating them because I stumbled on to your videos. If I don't live longer, I am going to come after you. 

  5. Do you really believe  herbivores are the only one to eat broccoli..stop being food nazi……had side dish of broc and cauliflower sprinkled with a bit of Parmesan cheese with my big fat flank STEAK…grilled to perfection…

  6. vegandorsky- clearly SixandafterMusica can speak enough English to post a message, but what if they are trying to show this to someone who does not speak English? Would you rather someone go without proper information? You, sir/madam are rather rude. 

  7. So if you eat 4 cups of Broccoli sprouts a day or even just sometimes, you would be doing ur body damage? Just wondering because i was confused with the wording for that. Thanks 🙂

  8. I have been dehydrating Broccoli sprouts and putting it in pills (Because the strong Radish taste is too much for me),Sooo…This is implying that cooked broccoli would not provide one with sulforaphane, as this specific Enzyme would be destroyed at about 125 degrees or so…
    How ever I believe that the bodies own enzymes will convert the glucoraphanin into sulforaphane ,as they do a good job digesting most foods we consume…am I correct?
    And so dehydrated Broccoli sprouts (in a pill) would still be quite beneficial even if they were blanched to stop the rotting action of its enzyme.

  9. I love this doctor!! He present this information so well and makes it fun and understandable. Thank you Dr. Gregor!

  10. whole world say detox ur body with drinking lemon, becoz citrus in it is able to remove toxins, u says broccoli, u r wrong

  11. Broccoli Sprouts actually have WAY more Sulforaphane than regular broccoli. easy to grow at home too.

    Dr. Rhonda Patrick has some good information on it.

  12. If chewing Broccoli is what produces the sulforaphane, would blending up a chunk of broccoli in a smoothie produce even more?

  13. Your funny ideas with language and meaning and the useful content make your videos 100% raw great material! Congratulations!

  14. What if you chopp in tinny peaces a glicosinolate source (like broccoli) and then cook it? Is it a good way to get more sulforaphanes?

  15. I just now eat spinage for like 2d time in my life and it tastes fantastic with some beans, champion, pasta sauce mix with condiments + some organic ketchup!

  16. chooze it or looze it … LOL
    Dr. Greger, you am my go to guy for nutritional info …
    You am de mythbusters of nutritional information …

  17. Its not what you take its what you eliminate from your diet that detoxifies you over time, It takes years and years to detoxify down to the cellular level. This is easily demonstrated by not suffering a single solitary ailment for at LEAST five years in a row, I'm talking sore throat, cough, acne, stomach ache, cold, flu, headache, cold sore, runny nose stuffy nose, diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach, waking up tired, heck ANYTHING. You can eat all the broccoli you like but if you don't get rid of all the "other foods" that most people eat to "sustain" themselves then forget it. It's all cheap talk. "Detoxify" is meaningless unless it DOES SOMETHING! How about perfect health for ten, fifteen, twenty five years in a row., Then you know that you are actually getting it right!

  18. Tell me though, why do we need to mask the taste of our food? No other animal in nature does this. I think that if it doesnt taste good in its most raw natural state, it's not human food! Fruit would be our optimal food since it tastes amazing raw in nature. Perhaps some nuts and seeds and tender greens too. But broccoli… I dont think so…

  19. actually, i think in some of his other videos on broccoli, dr.gregor said that in order to get sulforaphane you either chop the broccoli up and wait 40mins before cooking or eating it, or alternatively you can start by cooking the broccoli and then just add raw greens or raw cruciferous (mustard powder also works for example, because mustard is a cruciferous) to your cooked broccoli.. so, based on his other videos on broccoli, if you don't do one of these techniques, you won't get any sulforaphane, but now in this video he doesn't even mention those techniques >w< maybe just because this video is older

  20. I thought beets were also a great detox food via the liver? I feel sorry for those folks with no teeth! I guess they can put it in a blender first.

  21. Mycotoxins and aflatoxins in Beans, Corn, Coffee, Nuts, especially PEANUTS, apple cider vinegar, mushrooms, grains and dried dates, prunes and raisins would make a great video. Also mold poisoning and detoxing of the cytoxins that cause CIRS chronic inflammatory response syndrome.

  22. I didn't understand? He said that Broccoli raw contained 500% less than Broccoli? WHAT? Somebody help me? Isn't it the same thing??

  23. Omg , all the people who want to blend your broccoli into a smoothie… I salute you! Its the nastiest tasting thing in a smoothie, I tried it once. That was before I even saw this. But no way would I again ruin a smoothie. Sorry not sorry. Ill chew.

  24. Dr Esslystein also covers the lost art of chewy food and reasons why. All these detoxers and their Bro science fads which can cost a small fortune in many cases yes i fell for a detox fad as well when steaming some broccoli and chewing it gets great results for those searchers wanting to detox Broccoli up🤙🤙🤙great vid Dr Greger.

  25. Do we see the same benefit in cooked broccoli as I am unlikely to eat it raw?

    Also, does a pinch of bicarbonate of soda destroy the vitamin C within the broccoli?

    A pinch of bicarbonate helps greens retain their colour.

  26. Isn't this effect when the broccoli is still on attached to the plant. Does it still react in this way when bought from the shop?

  27. It's been noted that by steaming broccoli its calcium content is magnified and will also render more vitamin C than tomato.

  28. At 54 seconds…Broccoli "raw"??? produces 500% less than Broccoli? Or is it Broccoli Rob/Rabe? Which I've never heard of until I looked it up based on what it sounded like what he might be saying? What is he saying? Makes no sense he has a picture of Broccoli there…and the word after Broccoli sounds like raw or rob but I don't understand what he's saying…

  29. I blend a couple broccoli (frozen) into smoothies. I remember another video saying frozen (pre-cooked) won't make sulforaphane unless you sprinkle a bit of mustard seed on it. So I add a dash of mustard into the mix but damn is it awful stuff. Tastes like a chemical in my mouth. Fortunately fruit and date sugar deplete the taste. Hope it's working

  30. dr gregor you said you cant get enough vit d from the sun in winter even in greece if u sunbathed all day naked… and you also said there isnt enough b12 on unwashed organic produce…. can we please delve into this further cause youve really messed my life up saying that stuff

  31. Great video as always! 🥇 Could you do a video about fruitarianism, there is so much contradicting information out there it’s confusing!

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