Thai Food – Street Food At Mangkorn Seafood Bangkok Thailand

Thai Food – Street Food At Mangkorn Seafood Bangkok Thailand

Sawadee Krap from Bangkok and welcome to our
channel there is this beautiful seafood BBQ place and we are here to check
it out for you! Okay yeah this is the place! Look what we
have over here a Banquet of fish: look crabs over here, two different types, we
have some amazing blue prawns I think we got squids here… yes, lot of squids, beautiful! Here lot of clams, oysters and full fish: sea bass I guess This place is called Mangkorn Seafood Market and basically it’s a buffet “All You Can Eat” including soft drinks and desserts! with a huge selection of crabs, prawns mussels and some fishes and even a small
meat corner! So we will begin with a mix of crabs: this one darker… then this one lighter, hope they aren’t alive! A small one and… last this with this beautiful tiger’s color. Back at the table you got your own running charcoal BBQ Let’s drop them on, I really hope they aren’t alive! 1, 2, 3… as last the colorful. Let’s wait the cooking and we’ll taste them. Here there is also Som Tam station: here the ingredients for Papaya Salad and I will make it by myself! Papaya first, already cleaned and cut, fish sauce and 1 chili pepper. peanuts, lime juice…and look now what I got to do! It’s already so juicy..ok done, here is my first Papaya Salad. Here the first crab, we must break it now look at that beautiful it’s so juicy I
like you to keep it not so much cook so I don’t like the
meat when it’s dry. it’s my turn to try the crab it was blue before we cook it
now if you see so pinkish. True fully I never clean crab especially with a knife
but let me try It breaks very easily, now I understand why is blue crab, because the meat look very bluish. I will
try with the sauce, this is basically traditional Thai sauce made by lime and
green chili garlic fish sauce all together to make it very spicy and suitable for the fish the meat still so juicy!
sauce not that spicy Look look how many arrived: very big, wow! Only the legs are blue okay let’s go! They are so beautiful it’s pity to cook them… and I guess like every prawn is
supposed to become pink when cooked Our Prawns are ready… First I take out the head, it’s perfectly cooked. Look so white and juicy inside. Look the inside: pink, white and moisty! A new sauce to try… You understand the prawns were very
fresh, the sauce is a bit sweet not much spicy.
I feel chilly I think there is no garlic strangely. Now my turn to try it and
I will dip it in this traditional green much I like this taste! Noe let’s collect the mussels… Some big ones, some New Zealand mussels, Thai river clams, some snails, OMG this is huge! I love this bamboo clams or razor clams (cannolicchi in Italian) Some little oysters… pick up two of those. How much I love
this place fire and fish: this is the dreamland for the men! Looks like it’s ready yeah we start
with the razor clams. The shell is very hot…I love them! Salty and crunchy but soft at the same time. This is a very mussels taste, but not too fishy. you just feel a little bit of saltiness
which it’s beautiful. My first time to try grilled oysters… I can’t open it! oh yeah I did it. Can you see it’s still steaming?! it’s nice, it taste like grilled oyster!
Now some pink squids, Let’s go and grill them!
Now the fire looks perfect, not so strong as before. This sauce fit everything!
This is so nice! I was scared little bit over cooked but not, it’s
still very soft. The outside a little bit crunchy inside it’s a soft
and melting…and the sauce wow! I can’t judge the food since we cooked it by our-self, but experience here is definitely
beautiful! Yes an amazing experience especially now cause it’s my turn for the
squid and if you’ve been following me for a while you know I love squids. OMG this is so beautiful I love this place, that you can cook by
yourself and make as you want! Another food adventure it’s
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  1. We wanted to try a new, exiting experience and, at the same time, review a very popular place among locals. This "Eat As Much As You Can" seafood buffet was the perfect choice for this. Incredible fresh fish that is constantly added to the iced tanks, a burning charcoal BBQ at the table and lot, lot of fun and appetite! A very unique chance to taste local Thai seafood in a very local Thai environment.

  2. For somtom, you do the mixed sauce first( Lime+fishsauce,palmsugat,chilly,chery tomato. etc.)then put the papaya into the mix .

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