100 thoughts on “Terry Outsmarts Everyone and Wins the Heist – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode Highlight)”

  1. "I thought you studied at the Lee Strasburg institute"
    "Doesn't mean anything, they just take your money"

    Super niche acting joke

  2. I honestly want Boyal to win the next one. People always shoot him down during the heists. It'd be amazing to see him outsmart everyone.

  3. First of all this video spoiled it. And second, how did Terry win?? They specifically said whoever has the item at midnight. It’s clearly still daytime, and they said Terry’s exam was at 6:30

  4. I think a real punch line would be if skully and Hitchcock won one and if instead of some big convoluted plan they were like “I just stood up and grabbed it.”

  5. Jake IS the only two time heist winner. He won the fifth season heist because he was the one who had the "cummerbund" at midnight.

  6. I’m kind of annoyed that everyone is winning one. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Terry won. But the heist is Holt vs Peralta, and in my opinion it just kinda undermines that rivalry to make it a free for all. The Amy one was handled fine, cause they thought it was just them, but since then they’ve gone downhill.

  7. It really hurts me how they treat Bill when all he does is support them when they need it. So he's weird… who isn't?


  8. I think they always take the heist to fare is that a cops jobs is dark world of unimaginable boredom and horror and it’s the stress form all that coming out

  9. This is assuming there are like 4 more seasons which I know there aren’t
    Next season either Rosa Or Charles win probably Rosa
    Then someone who has won before or Kevin
    Doug Judy Or Bill this is a long shot this is only if they are helping anyone
    Hitchcock and Scully (by accident)

  10. Nice spoiler title and thumbnail for everyone who hasn't seen the episode yet. People who live outside the US for example. 😑


    Jk but still. 😂 99!

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