– Ugh, oh God.
This is not normal seaweed. – This was really good, actually. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we are going
under the sea to try some different
flavored seaweed. – Oh God, I hate seaweed.
I’ve only ever had it in sushi and that’s the main reason
why I don’t like sushi is because there’s seaweed
in it. – What?
Okay. Oh my God, I love seaweed,
actually, so I’m excited. I’ve had sushi and I’ve had
seaweed snacks or just the sheets of nori. – I’ve had a lot of seaweed
in my life. I am Asian, so it’s kind of
built into my blood. – I like seaweed.
Doesn’t even fill me up, but it just tastes good. – I like just the texture
when it’s crispy. I would rather have seaweed
than potato chips. – I’ve had dried seaweed before
and that was pretty good. Years ago, though,
so we’ll see if I still like it. – I like that it tastes
like the sea. It just feels salty
and yummy. – I’m pretty open minded
to this flavored seaweed, but also a little bit scared.
I don’t know. Is this gonna ruin
my childhood? – (FBE) Here’s your first one.
– Looks pretty standard. I don’t know, but this
may be a normal one. – It literally just looks
like paper. It looks like something you
would put on your walls or something. – Not really getting anything
from that. This just smells like
normal seaweed. Ugh, oh God.
This is not normal seaweed. – Dude.
I think I got it out fast enough, but that
was bad. – It’s spicy.
It’s very spicy. Oh wait, but it already
went away. Wait, what? – That’s spicy and gross. – It’s not a lingering spice.
It goes away pretty quick. I like it. – I’m not really a spicy person,
but it’s good. – (FBE) This one was
roasted wasabi flavored. – Oh, really?
I would have figured it would have been
much, much stronger. – The first one,
I hate you guys. – (FBE) So, this vegan
and gluten free snack contains kelp from South Korea,
which is known for its large leaves
and rich flavor. – Korea.
I’m Korean. – This is vegan and gluten free
and doesn’t have anything in it
and it’s healthy ’cause look how thin that is
and it tastes okay. Kinda tastes like spicy paper,
so if you like eating paper, here’s a nice twist to that. – (FBE) Here is your
next flavor. – It looks like the same one,
honestly. – I guess I assumed
the different flavors to look different. – This one smells kind of
sweet. – It kinda smells like
a Funion. – That’s sweet seaweed.
That’s weird. – Is it sour cream and onion? – It tastes like barbecue chips.
This is really good actually. I’m a fan.
It’s like a sweet and spicy barbecue. – I wanna say it’s onion flavored,
just ’cause it did smell like Funions when I first got it. – (FBE) This is Maui onion.
– Okay. In my head, I was thinking
onion powder. – It kinda tastes like
I’m eating onion rings now that I think about it. – (FBE) They suggest breaking off
a few of these seaweed sheets into your eggs in the morning
to give them a crunchy texture and seasoning.
– Oh, that would be good. I gotta start changing it up.
Oh man. I’m just thinking about that
and my mouth’s watering. – I could put it in
my sandwiches. I can put it in a wrap.
There’s endless possibilities. – (FBE) All right,
here’s your next seaweed. – I see slight seasoning
on this one. It smells kinda like hickory. – It’s lighter and it has
red spots in it, which is a little frightening. – It literally smells like
the red pepper flake dish that you get at a pizza place. – It’s a little spicy.
It’s a different spice, you know? Less nasally. – It’s not as strong
as the wasabi one, but it does linger. – It’s not as spicy
as the wasabi, but it’s kinda building.
I’m trying to think what pepper is red.
Maybe habanero? – I don’t think it’s jalapeno.
I have no idea what it is. – (FBE) This is spicy chipotle.
– See? I knew I smelt some sort
of smokiness to it. – Each batch of SeaSnax
must pass a rigorous taste test preformed by the head of R and D,
who just happens to be the daughter of the founders,
Jin and Ben, so if she doesn’t like it,
it does not get used. – I kinda wanna meet
this person. Why does she like this? – That’s a whole lot of
pressure and this just shows how diverse this daughter’s
taste in seaweed is. That’s cool.
You get to just taste seaweed all day. – (FBE) Okay, here’s
your next seaweed. – Oh, that’s different. – What is this white stuff? – What is that?
It’s like a sandwich. It’s like a little seaweed
sandwich. This one definitely looks
different. There are little things
on the inside and I don’t know if
I wanna eat that. – I kinda don’t like this.
I thought the texture was gonna be really
crunchy, but it’s kinda soft. – It’s seaweed covered coconut.
Is it chocolate? – Interesting.
Just gonna put that back. I feel like the flavors
are just very clashing flavors. I don’t know why you
would ever put those together. – Oh, it’s chocolate?
Oh wow. – (FBE) This one
is coconut and chocolate. – What the–
see, I don’t like coconut, but there’s chocolate
in here too? – (FBE) This new snack
is loaded with coconut flakes layered between two crispy
roasted seaweed strips with Belgian dark chocolate.
– I’m a fan. I never thought of seaweed
as a dessert. – Why would you put
seaweed in that? That sounds so good. – It’s a weird combination,
which is surprising that it’s not terrible,
but I wasn’t expecting this to be good. – (FBE) All right,
here’s your last one. – Okay, now we’re going back
to normal. – I don’t see any seasoning
or anything on this one, so maybe it’s soaked
in something, like marinated? – It’s seaweed.
It’s just seaweed. – See, that one just tasted
kinda plain to me. – That has to be normal
seaweed. – It kinda tastes like ketchup
almost. It has a weird soury
taste and then combined with the seaweed
and the ocean taste. It’s not really a great combo. – It’s not as salty
and crispy and flavorful as I am used to. – (FBE) Well, this one
is teriyaki roasted seaweed. – Where?
This didn’t taste like anything to me. – This isn’t the teriyaki
roasted seaweed that I’ve had. I’ve had some good teriyaki
flavored seaweed. – (FBE) So, this brand
is Ocean’s Halo and it donates 2% of
their profits to the Children’s Education Fund, which makes it
possible for school children to visit the aquarium
for free. – Oh wow.
I love that. This is probably a huge
thing in food production in general, so it’s really great that
they’re donating profits to such a good cause. – (FBE) So, how was eating
seaweed today for you? – I loved it,
’cause I love seaweed and I hadn’t tried any
other flavors before, but I liked them.
They were fun. – Kelp’s really cool, actually.
It’s really good for the environment,
so I’m all for kelp, but eating it is just weird. – All the spicy ones
that I had were really good and I was just imagining
all the dishes that I could have it with.
Oh man. It’s a whole new world
out there. – Thanks for watching
Teens Vs Food on the React Channel. – Don’t miss out.
Subscribe. – What food should we
try next? Let us know in the comments. – Bye, I’m gonna go eat
some more seaweed. – Hey guys, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React Channel. Hey, guess what?
I’m in the comments for the first 30 minutes
of this episode releasing, so subscribe, and you can
be notified and then we can argue about seaweed
in the comments.

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  2. Taiwan has a snack that is a combination of seaweed and sesame
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