Taste Testing Slovakian Food [Kult America]

Taste Testing Slovakian Food [Kult America]

This evening I am in a glorious
country of Slovakia to taste test a little bit of Slovakian food. And some fun trivia – I am taste testing at
the place that I spent my honeymoon evening. Maybe meat? Yeah, it can be meat. There’s a nice one pork steak with potato, or ragout, or halushki with spinach. Okay, bring it. And maybe compote and two cups of tea. She said “You eat a lot, you pay a lot”. I like that. That’s how you’ve got to do those taste
testings. You can try just one thing, you have to
try as many things as you can. I’m like a dream client. The tea situation is really good here because
they have given us honey, which goes perfectly with tea. I don’t believe that this is any Slovakian
tea but it looks like it’s good quality. We’re off to a good start. It’s really nice. This compote looks a lot different than the
Polish compote because it is served in a dessert dish. Looks really nice. It’s like a Jolt Cola or something, I mean
it’s so much sugar in there. Not bad. But it’s not my favourite. These are kluski, deer goulash, cheese, and
one more is coming. But just in a moment. I’ve notice that this is totally similar
to Czech food, but kind of their own take on it, for example
we had fried cheese in Czech and it looks totally different than this,
but it’s the same idea, so this is fried cheese
with tartar sauce and french fries. So I guess frying is the main theme, it looks really heavy. The tartar sauce is the thing that really
makes this awesome. I wouldn’t think to dip cheese into sauce. But it works. This is mushroom sauce served with pork wrapped
in bacon and green coloured dough. I’m not really sure why it’s green, sorry
for the lack of information, but it makes a pretty cool taste
when you put it all together. It’s creamy, it’s rich, it’s delicate, it’s subtle. It doesn’t seem too salty. Although I know you can be surprised at times. And the meat is cooked in
a very tender way, so this is… It’s not like jumping of my plate at me,
but it’s really nice and comforting to eat. I like this one a lot, really. So this is a deer stew, and it’s really delicate and amazing,
the sauce smells spicy, but the taste is actually rather subtle and elegant. You deep it in sour cream, a little bit of
cranberry sauce to eat with soggy bread. Soggy is like non-flattering way to describe it, but it’s actually just combines to make a very very delicate nice warm flavour. Perfect for a snowy day. This is a dough served inside of a creamy
sauce with chopped green onions, or shives. Actually I’m not sure which. You can write me in a comment section below. And this is a familiar dish, they had something
very similar in a Czech Republic. But this is way better. I don’t know if that’s the question of
the restaurant, or the nationality preparing the dish. Reminds a little bit of that white sauce you
you’d have on spaghetti, yeah that’s kind of a good way do describe this. It’s like eating spaghetti with the cream
sauce instead of the tomato sauce and served with shives. Alright now the bigger challenge is to eat
all of the food so nothing goes to waste. I don’t think that’s possible, but I’m
spending good money on it. So I’ll give it a try. So I should probably consult a cardiologist
about making these taste testing videos ’cause somehow I don’t think that
that’s healthy to eat for entrees. The second thing is that I can say Slovakian
food is very similar to Czech food, if not exactly the same. But maybe you know better, you can write me
in a comment section below how are Czech and Slovakian
food the same or different. Other than that subscribe to Kult America, reach out to me on Facebook and I will see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Taste Testing Slovakian Food [Kult America]”

  1. hmmmmm
    Czech and Slovakia 😀
    Iam from slovakia and i can told you we are brothers with Czech
    we have maybe little same foods , but we make it better . That food what u eat : onions , beacon, sheep cheese and gnochi we called it Bryndzové halušky. We have got on these patent. And we are also only one state what have bryndza (sheep cheese). Its taste same i know but slovakia get to food they heart. No like Czech what have still they money. We have euro and they have kč.
    its insane i know but our food taste better (on my side) i dont know how other will say. I think czech tradicional drink is beer and our tradicional drink is Borovička :D. Alcoholic drink <3. Czech and Slovakia kitchens is good same. I ate some food from czech and than from us and i can told from some ways they was better and other ways our was better 😀 . so its 50/50 XD

  2. Before traveling to a country you should study it like a person and find that The Czech Republic and Slovakia were the same country and also, not every Eastern European country is Poland. Also before you start talking about a country’s food talk to a Slovakian person and get actual details.

  3. The thing is the Czech republic and Slovakia republic have once in the past been one republic but have been turned into two republics. That's why It's so similar.

  4. Im from Algeria 🇩🇿 France 🇫🇷 n I like Slovakia 🇸🇰 tradition also my gf from three

  5. Confused, you speak kind of polish and kind of slovakian. Pretty sure herbata is tea in polish, čaj is the right word for tea in slovak.

  6. 0:43 … tea in Slovak is very easy… its "čaj" pronounced chay….. Im impressed by the waitress because if you had told me you want "herbata" I would have no idea what youre asking for…. maybe she can speak polish, who knows

  7. Im from Slovakia, Czech and Slovkia…we are brothers a sisters, nothing wont change it. We are family and we always will be.

  8. Slovakia have better food then Czech… And i tell you the difference between slovak and czech… Slovakia is better country!! Czech is shyt country! 😂

  9. Additionally, Be carefull, and don't get a food Coma,.. it almost looked like you did,..! My heritage, Is Polish, German, Russian. Q: Did you know, that in Germany, the yellow part of the eggs, are orange, that one was a shocker, to me,..! I was told this happens, because of what they feed the Chickens,..! I love eggs, and I was just so shocked, to see the color change.

  10. there's a reason most non-med European food isn't popular :X sorry, apart from the fried cheese, the rest looks bland & unappetising :S

  11. Basically Slovakian people were shepherds of sheeps in the hills that why we were more focused on cheese than Czech people. Pork is most eaten meat in both countries and Czech people know to make it slightly better than slovak people. While Czech people are influenced by German cuisine by dumplings and accompanied it with pork dishes Slovakian food is influenced by hungarian cuisine.
    Czech cuisine is very famous for carp fish for centuries while Slovakian streams are famous for rainbow trout.

    But definitely if you are willing to try original food of both countries you should visit occasion of home grown pork slaughter. Fresh products excluded smoked due to time for smoking is the best way to try our cuisines. We were village people and that why village food is most traditional. While British or French cuisine is food of royals. Italian also village and so on…

  12. The difference? You were tasting Czech food on the border with Slovakia – 1st of all. 2nd of all – typical Slovakian food is hungarian. 3rd Slovaks are fkin nazis.

  13. That “dough” seems to be, what’s called “Spätzle” in Germany. Specifically, the small “Knöpfle” version.
    Just look at it like a form of pasta. A bit closer to gnocchi in that it’s thicker than normal pasta, but without potatoes.

  14. Didn’t it used to be Czechaslovakia ? They were one country. So it would make since that the food remained the same..

  15. Fired cheese in Czech Smazeny syr and one of my favorites. The steamed sliced bread is knedliky or dumplings in English, it’s a traditional Czech dish.

  16. Ja som Slovák ako veľa ľudí tu a poviem len to že naše jedlá sú podobné to áno ale len pretože sme predtým boli Československá Republika. A do piče nemľaskaj toľko u toho videa kurva !

  17. Its Slovak not Slovakian actually.. The soggy bread killed me its acutally steamed dumpling or very simiar to dumpling not bread .. Halusky that you discribed as dough in sauce is similar to gnocchi in a sense of using potato inside of the dough and sauce is bryndza- sheep cheese mixed with sour cream and it is our national dish. I am surprised that you had tea you shold have some of the slovak spirits or beers or wines …

  18. Ci boha green dough? it is not green dough it is green cause it is with spinach, and these are halušky, i dont think there is word in english for this.

  19. Kokoti kúpia vo výpredaji konzervové ovocie, kydnú ho do pohára a jebnú do jedálneho lístka ako dezert. Takýmto pseudopodnikateľom by som uťal ruky. Fuj dopiče.

  20. Omg! I am slovakian we have amazing foods there but im in england, there is also a drink called Kofola. It tastes like water but there is a little bit of a fizz in the taste. Caw slovaci !!

  21. What you are is Slovak. Czechs are copying it. For instance, bryndzové halušky is Slovak, not Czech, which might be the reason it was better in that Slovak restaurant.
    Fried cheese is the same in both countries. Only difference is the name of the dish.

  22. Słowacja z Czechami byli kiedyś jednym państwem i stąd to podobieństwo kulinarne.Ja np.lubię czeskie knedle:-)

  23. My grandmother was Slovak and I have one question for you . . . Where's the cabbage? I seem to remember a LOT of cabbage at her house.

  24. The green thing on your plate is called, "spenatove halusky," i think, that's what the waitress said. It's potato dumplings with spinach, therefore the green color. What you've referred to as soggy bread, are actually steamed dumplings. We Slovaks call it knedla. OK, your other dish, with the "white sauce" is actually sheep cheese. It's rich and salty cheese, which nicely compliments the potato dumplings. It's exclusively the Slovak national dish. They top it with fried bacon, and put the spring onions around, but that is optional. 
    Iwas impressed, that you placed your order in Slovak language. Thank you for visiting Slovakia, my native country. I live in the US for quite a while now. God bless!

  25. Everyone saying slovakia and check have almost the same food and language and cuture and I am like bro it literally was the same country a long time ago

  26. The taste of sheep cheese dumplings(the pasta with creamy sauce) very much depends on the ingredients used. For the authentic taste, u have to get that one specific kind of slovak cheese "bryndza" which is made of sheep milk with cow milk and is very salty(like greek feta but a bit softer). The best dumplings are made close to farms ("salaš") which make and sell their own produce and typically have also their restaurant. To make the sauce softer, it is commonly mixed with sour cream.

  27. I'm not from Slovakia, nor from the Czech, but I've tasted French cheese and I can tell you it's very tasty. Don't make quick conclusions based on what you see and haven't tasted. (I am from Serbia). Great respect and salut 😘🙋‍♂️

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