Superfood Smoothie Ingredients

Superfood Smoothie Ingredients

hi I'm Allison from Health Net your certified nutritional consultant today we're going to talk about smoothies and we're going to talk about some of the more creative ingredients that we can put in a smoothie to up its nutritional content whether that is protein fat or carbohydrates we're going to go through many different choices that are appropriate for the Paleo and for our body diet so let's talk about some ways to add protein to our smoothie without using the typical protein powders that we find on store shelves one of my favorite ways is by using gelatin and gelatin actually contains six grams of protein per tablespoon it has no carbs and no fat and actually it is a powerhouse of nutrition it is extremely good for our joints bones collagen production and it is derived from those same things in an animal so you want to make sure to get very high quality gelatin such as this Great Lakes brand and the other trick is when you add it to your smoothie you need to bloom it first which means adding it to water so you take about three tablespoons of water sprinkle your tablespoon of gelatin in it and just leave it for a minute or two you don't even need to mix it and it'll absorb the water and you can just put that right into your smoothie this helps keep it from having any sort of texture and you won't even know that it's in there it has no flavor no texture the other item that I really like to add our nutritional yeast flakes they have a lot of nutrition and these are not the typical yeast that you'd find to make bread with this is a completely different product also known as brewers yeast now in this brand that I got it only has 8 grams of protein for one and a half tablespoons it also has 7 grams of carbs and 6 grams of fiber which help cancel out those carbs now this will not add any flavor or texture to your smoothie you will not even know it's there you will just get the nutritional benefits from more protein options cottage cheese makes a great replacement for whey protein powder not only is it more inexpensive it's also more of a whole foods 1/4 cup contains 7 grams of protein 2 and a half grams of fat and one and a half grams of carbs now if you're not a big fan of the flavor of cottage cheese put it in your smoothie you won't even taste it in there keep in mind that cottage cheese has quite a bit of salt so you don't want to add more than 1/4 to 1/2 cup to your smoothie nut butters are a great way to not only get flavor fat and protein in your smoothie this is 2 tablespoons of peanut butter which has 7 grams of protein 16 grams of fat and 6 grams of carbs now if you are worried about that much fat then you can always try using this powdered peanut butter it has 5 grams of protein 5 grams of carbs and 1 and a half grams of fat in that same two tablespoons it also has a really peanut buttery flavor that you will love these next two protein options are for those of you who are hardcore Bruce Lee types about raw superfoods they are not for the squeamish so first we're gonna start off with our raw beef liver now make sure before eating any raw beef liver that you've frozen it for at least 14 days to kill off any parasites now liver is a fabulous source of protein iron vitamin and E copper zinc and more and four ounces contains 23 grams of protein now in our shake we're only going to put about this much which is only a half of an ounce so we're not getting a lot of protein from this only two and a quarter grams however because it's so full of those wonderful nutrients it is a great place to sneak in liver one of my tricks is that I like to add chocolate carob powder or something dark maybe blueberries to my shake so that I don't know that it's in there another wonderful superfood are yoke's now you may notice that I have not included raw egg whites and that's because they contain an enzyme called avidin that acts as an anti nutrient the yolks are where all of the wonderful nutrients are stored including choline one of the only natural resources of choline are actually egg yolks and choline protects the liver from accumulating fat in case you didn't know we need to have lean livers okay let's talk about fats now it's my favorite part of a smoothie because it's what keeps us full for a long time if we just have protein then you're not going to feel full for longer than an hour too so it's important to add the fat the other reason it's important to add fat is because if you eat a very high diet of protein and you don't have your fat with it it depletes vitamin A stores rapidly and we need vitamin A which is also in that liver we just talked about let's take a look at our fats now you all if you've watched my other videos you know my favorite favorite fat to put in this movie is avocado just a quarter of an avocado makes it so smooth and creamy and it also adds staying power another ingredient that I really like our young coconuts you don't want to use a mature coconut you can watch my other video about that you want this young coconut that is more pliable kind of rubbery it blends up nicely in a smoothie and it adds a little bit of flavor and some really nice rich fat another ingredient if you don't have that young coconut is just plain old coconut oil and coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid that helps you to digest and absorb minerals and nutrients so just a couple teaspoons of this in your shake is going to add staying power it's going to taste good and it also is going to make it nice and creamy let's talk a little bit about sweeteners now if you are adding fruit to your smoothie then you likely won't need a sweetener of any kind however if you're a 4-hour body diet then you do not eat fruit so about the only choice out there for you is stevia and I'm in particular like liquid stevia you can get some high quality green powder stevia as well however this is quick and easy for a smoothie now Paleo Diet Earth honey is a fabulous choice especially raw honey and you want to make sure that you get it from a reputable source because much of the honey out there right now is being cut with high fructose corn syrup and it's also not necessarily raw so if you know where it's coming from then you're gonna get a honey that is absolutely wonderful for you high in antioxidants and tastes great as well I hope that you'll give one or all of these various ingredients to try in your next smoothie please leave your favorite combinations in the comment section below and if you need a little bit of inspiration check out some of my other smoothie videos to your health

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  1. Thanks so much for the information. I've been doing a smoothie for breakfast for years and these ideas will get me out of my "rut" ….Awes

  2. I use coconut palm sugar as well. It's awesome! There is some talk of it not being "sustainable" so it's good that you're getting organic. I really trust any coconut product from Wilderness Family Naturals or Radiant Life.

  3. thanks so much for getting back to me. now l know lm doing the right thing. l had another question for sweetners i dont really like the the taste of stevia,so l dont use it. l just bought a new sweetener in my grocery store its organic coconut palm sugar. thats what lve been using and l absolutely love it.just was wondering if you know about it and would you recommend says its made from dried coconut palm nectar,and its 16 calories per tsp. thank you again.

  4. It's absolutely NOT too much stuff. You have a variety of wonderful antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. So much healthier than whey protein powder and ice!

  5. very informative video. l have to try some of the ingredients you have they sound good. my smoothie today had almond milk,avocado,small banana,rasberries,2tbps peanut butter and 4tbs of hemp powder and 2tbs of greek yogurt. l know thats a lot. what do you think its a good smoothie or its just too much stuff. please let me know.

  6. I love all your recipes!! Do you think this could be considered a slow carb smoothie?
    Thanks for all your recipes and insights!

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