100 thoughts on “Street Food Japan – DANCING SQUID SASHIMI + BEST Seafood and Noodle Tour of Hokkaido, Japan!”

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  2. am i the only person that loves the visual aspect of these videos but is triggered by the fact the commentary adds ABSOLUTELY ZERO production value? also triggered by the fact that he CONSTANTLY says the same thing over and over? maybe working on scripting for the commentary would help out but i feel like the china videos actually had production value and you could learn something about the culture. it feels like im watching some rich guy that gets to travel the world and make videos just to rub it in peoples faces that he gets to do all this cool stuff. I guess he started making a lot of money and just has to pump out mediocre content at high volume now. thoughts?

  3. expression is way too exaggerated and I keep cringing… his way of eating the uni and ramen just makes me cringe over and over.

  4. Love the videos Trevor, but everytime you eat something delicious you don't have to moan like TingTings giving you a handy under the table.

  5. Poor Squid, if that's is in China I am sure the comments will fill with anti Chinese hater. Really disgusting . Are u entertain to see that dancing head. Shame on u food…….🤑

  6. The Soba l;ooks amaing! All of the food here looks so delicious and without The Food Ranger, we wouldn't get to experience such incredible food. Thanks much Trevor.

  7. Wtf is Japan . Man so expensive where you can get that Sea urchin here for $0.10 lmao

  8. In some areas of Hokkaido, you also eat deer, bears and Steller's sea lion.😓

  9. Sodium ions in the soy sauce starting action potentials in the squid's muscles induce movement… sorry I have a physiology exam in 12 hrs that I should really be studying for…..

  10. Once I went to Chinese restaurant in USA I never went back .the smell of fish was horrible. The whole restaurant smell like bad fish .

  11. You need to practice your noodle slurping techniques. On a scale between 1 – 10, 10 being the best, I rate your slurping a solid 3 !!!!!! LOL

  12. I just wanna know one thing. Eating all that food in that short amount of time. How many times do you go poop per day when filming?

  13. Couldn't finish the episode. The fermented beans looked so utterly revolting… then the live squid stuff.. nah bro… just no. Not a huge fan of the "extreme" food stuff… to me it basically just means gross.

  14. Lo siento..
    Este tipo de crueldad no la puedo pasar por alto..
    Los animales que comemos merecen mucho mucho respeto..
    Ese tipo de "cultura" no toma en cuenta que el animal está vivo, sufriendo, sitiendo, viviendo un verdadero infierno..
    Es alimento una vez que su espíritu o lo que sea que le da vida ya no está en su cuerpo..

    Lo siento.. esta vez dejaré un dedo abajo

  15. Sashimi is the opossite of being respectfull with life. Disgusting procedure. Like eating barly living baby mice drowning in soy sauce… wait thats also a thing in asia.

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