Street Food in Karachi | Mazaidar Haleem Making | Most Popular Pakistani Street Food

Street Food in Karachi | Mazaidar Haleem Making | Most Popular Pakistani Street Food

Hope you all are doing fine, its 9pm right now and i am going home from my office and feeling hungry too… so i am thinking to try Mazaidaar Haleem tonight Gulber-Samanbad's haleem is famous in all over Karachi there is a small food street around it as well where there are a lot of food stalls Mazedaar Haleem has also a lot of food variety It has converted to Mazaidar Food from Mazaidar haleem So lets go to gulberg samanad and see whats happening there… Lets Go !! This is Mazaidar Haleem and right opposite to it are a some food stalls This is Gulaab Jamun stall next to it is Shawarma… and here he is making Bun Kababs… here you see this is mazadaar haleem and… adjacent to it is a fish seller too Assalam o alikum uncle! How are you? I am perfectly fine by the grace of Allah… Which fish is this… This is finger from Mushka (a kind of fish) wow, this looks really delicious… Lahori Rabri Milk in Karachi wow, thats great Assalam o alikum Uncle ! walikumsalam Uncle you are selling some hot gulab jamuns? Yes Yes.. Because of Mazaidar Haleem this place has become quite happening… yeah yeah ofcourse You are here since when? I was born here, we are here since year 1960 My father bought this house in just Rs.720/- So this Haleem shop started infront of you? Yeah Yeah, this was started infront of us Can you tell us something abouit them? They started with a small cart from cart they bought a shop then a whole house and then it went on… then Allah blessed them and they progressed… yeah, ma sha Allah, Allah blessed them so much Please have one… You will say for yourself how delicious it is.. This is one gulab jamun which uncle has given us to taste… Wow, amazing, this is awsome Hot gulab jamuns are just awsome… Thank you uncle Thank you so much ! Ok, now lets go inside the Mazedar Haleem We have with me is Mazedar Haleem's manager Haseeb Bhai Haseeb bhai tell us something about Mazedaar Haleem it started in the year 1985 Initially it was just a small cart Then we introduced biryani with it Then we introduced Nihari… Then we launched bbq and fast food as well so now alhamdulillah it has become and empire now Haseeb bhai please show us the kitchen and the work process lets come lets come… Behind me is Mazaidaar Haleem's Kitchen here they are preparing fast food and other dishes Haleem's kitchen is on aanother location They get the cooked haleem here from that kitchen So for now first we will see the bbq, fast and other food dishes here Everything loooks very clean so lets check out… lets go ! Mr. Mohammad Akhter is bbq's master chef… How are you? I am fine what do we have in bbq? These are seekh kababs These are gola kababs, seekh kabab reshmi kabab This is malai boti This is Green chicken tikka Green tikka has the green masala, yogurt, and cream is this spicy? No its not very spicy we can make it more spicy on demand Gola kabab making style is different and seekh kabab making style is different Both kababs have different recipe too this is the take away section next to bbq is the Nihari setup after nihari is the biryani setup… and there is the fast food setup… this ios another kitchen upstairs… here they are baking pizzas this is pizza section and just infront of it is the Chinese food section Shafiq bhai is the chinese master chef this is family hall and here people are in que for roti This is tin pack department This is the food tin pack of Haleem If you have any relatives living abroad or if you are going somewhere then you can easily take this tin pack with you ! This is the Haleem station so Haseeb bhai… How do you make this Haleem ! This Haleem is cooked in a separate kitchen and we bring it here in these tanks… We have seen many kitchens of them Now lets go to the kitchen where they actually cooks it… Lets go ! Now we have come to the Haleem's kitchen from the main restaurant These machines are for the tin pack Its a full on haleem factory here I am now with Khalid bhai who is the Haleem's head chef… I will show you how we cook it.. ok, this is wheat White Lentils split chickpeas and barley whats this? It has all the mixed cereals wheat and other cereals are already mixed in this cauldron and… This is Haleem's qorma check this out ! This is pre cooked haleem's qorma the actual science of Haleem is this qorma.. and Qorma recipe is a secret !? Yes its a secret !! You can't tell that? ummm… yeah !! Now he is mixing this qorma with the cereals carry on.. ok, this is the main thing this is the mixing machine… because for the commercial purposes… you can't mix it manually by your hands… it will take forever then…. i can smell the beautiful aroma of the haleem now… after mixing everything together… and now what? now we are putting the onion oil in it you know tadka? yeah yeah… You mean " baghar lagana" yes ( topping the final cooked thing with hot oil) Ready? Yes its ready now they'll shift it in these tanks and send it to the restaurant its getting weighed now Food is here… its necessary to garnish the haleem we have ginger fried onion chillies lemon and chat masala first we will put some chat masala on it then some ginger fried onions… mint and chillies ok then mix it all together… Amazing, its really amazing This haleem taste cannot be expressed in words You have to come here and taste it for yourself lets try this green tikka aswell we will try it with this chutney this chutney also has a unique taste it is a bit sour and it has mint too and this green masala tikka is a bit creamy and not so spicy this is delicious lets try the haleem with some roti now if you eat it without roti, its taste is different… and when you eat it with hot nan its taste just gets doubled

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  1. Asslamualikum Bhai is dishe ka maan hai daleem haleem Allah ka naam hai plzz not used haleem only daleem🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. I really missed my Pakistani food 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😥⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  4. اپ ماشااللہ نمازی ہیں اپ کو پتہ ہونا چاہیے اس کا نام حلیم نہیں دلیم ہے حلیم اللہ پاک کا نام ہے

  5. Well, brother you are doing some commendable work in taking good food to the world. Appreciation from India.

  6. Bhai aap ne bohut achi video banai hai masha Alkah orr mazedar haleem walo set up bohut bara hai Allah in ko naseeb karey orr taraqi de orr imtihan main kamyaab karey ameen

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