Street Food at Pak-India Border | Bulleh Shah ka Mazar | Famous Andarsay & Falooda | Pakistani Food

Street Food at Pak-India Border | Bulleh Shah ka Mazar | Famous Andarsay & Falooda | Pakistani Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum, My name is Zia Tabarak & currently I’m on Ring Road, Lahore… …and we’re on our way to Kasur. The city of Kasur is a 1.5 hours drive from Lahore. The reason behind our trip to Kasur is because of Baba Bulleh Shah’s Shrine. There’s also the Ganda Singh Border where a Parade takes place. And the famous Andrasay & Falooda of Kasur. People come from different cities just to try out that Falooda. We’re going to check out all of these places… …and show you all of that as well Chalain! Free meal’s being served here. How’re you? I’m good. Is this Langar (free meal)? Yes it is. Right now I’m inside the Shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah… …and behind me is the Mosque… …and the Shrine is on the other side. We’ll go there & recite the prayers. The Great Sufi Saint Baba Bulleh Shah was born in 1680… … and his real name was Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri. Through his Sufi Poetry, Bulleh Shah spread the message of love & peace throughout the world. [Bulleh Shah’s poetry in Punjabi] Right now I’m in the street where the Shrine is. And Kasur is famous for its Falooda & Andrasay. Why the Andrasay are so famous? They’re a specialty of this city. The Andrasay & Falooda are a specialty of this place. So let’s go ahead & check them out. Salam Brother! So what’s the reason Kasur’s Andrasay are so famous? these are made from rice every city has its own speciality It’s available in every city but it’s not like Kasur’s. They taste different. It’s a great gift as well. They’re made from Khoa, Jaggery & Sugar. We also have Sweet Pakora’s They’re made from Rice Flour, Sugar & Wheat Flour. We don’t add any other spices in it. It’s a special gift from Baba Bulleh Shah. Which one’s are these? These are the normal sweet one’s. Which of them are with Khoa? These one’s are. And these are made from Jaggery. The plain one’s are a bit hard & the one’s with jaggery are crispy. …and the one’s with Khoa are soft. We ship it to various cities including Karachi. And how much it will be? The plain one’s are Rs. 180/Kg, with Jaggery Rs. 240/Kg and with Khoa Rs. 250/Kg. So why this Falooda is so famous? It’s a specialty of this city. It’s very refreshing, made from Rabri & Ice. The Rabri is made from milk with Crushed Ice. So does it have Kulfi (Khoya Kulfi) or not? No it’s Kasur’s special Rabri Falooda it doesn’t have Kulfi. How old is your shop? It’s around 20 years old. So this entire street is filled with Falooda shops so you can sit wherever you want. These shops are right in front of the Shrine. We bought the Andrasa from here & we’ll try out the Falooda from here. Let’s try it out. What are these Matki’s for? (Earthenware Jars) These are for parcels. So it deosn’t loose it’s quality in it? Yes it retains its quality for 24 hours. So this is the Falooda… This is Falooda, that’s Rabri & that’s the Syrup. What’s this Rabri made of? It’s made of Milk. It’s made just like Khoa but it stays liquid. For how much this bowl goes for? Rs. 150 & 200. These are the Andrasay and… …and these are Sweet Pakora’s made from Rice flour & Sesame Seeds on top. Crispy from the top & tastes like Firni (aka Kheer). As you can see it’s made from Rice flour. It’s sweet & tastes pretty good. This is the plain Andrasa (made from just sugar). It’s really soft from inside. They both have same ingredients so kinda taste the same. This one’s with Jaggery. They’ve also sprinkled Sesame Seeds on it. The plain Andrasa didn’t have this. This one’s pretty hard & looks crsipy. The previous one was pretty soft like a bun. This one has a biscuit like texture & it’s a bit hard too. This one’s really good. It’s a bit more crispy. And the last one’s with Khoa. This one’s also really soft. This one tastes completely different… …because it’s made from Khoa. This one’s the sweetest along with the Pakora. All 3 of them were great. But comparing their textures I think I like the one with Jaggery. Also because the Sesame Seeds give it a nice flavor. And also it’s really crispy. So this is Kasur’s famous Flooda. By the looks of it it’s pretty good. Because I was trying the Andrasa first some of it’s Ice melted away… …and it’s a bit watery now. But they’ve given us some milk separately as well. So let’s try this. Usually the falooda’s I’ve tried are a bit more sweet. But it has a texture of Khoa & Rabri Milk… It’s good. What are you selling here. Just some Aloo Chaat. How do they taste? They’re good. Now we’re heading from Bulleh Shah’s Shrine to Ganda Singh Border. So that barrier there is the Entry Point for Ganda Singh Border. But it starts at around 5PM & right now it’s 3:30. So we’ll wait a bit at this amazing Dhaba. We’ll check out what’s available here. There are villages & farms all around this place. Overall an amazing environment. So let’s explore this place. What are you making? It’s Chicken. Chicken Karahi? Yes He’s making Roti here. That’s their kitchen & this looks like their Family hall. Karahi is ready & I’ve heard you’re Daal is great as well. This is the Daal. We had ordered Karahi… ..but they’ve told us their Daal is pretty good as well… …so we’ll be trying that out as well. Onions are being fried there for garnish. Our lunch is about to be served. Fresh Roti’s are being made here. So our lunch is here. Looks pretty good. It’s really hot. A storm is about to come here. So a storm is above us right now. It’s also really windy. And they’ve taken our lunch inside. Our lunch is finally here… …and we have Roti’s, Chicken & this special Daal. Also they’ve served some Salad & Raita with it. Daal looks really tempting with the Garnish. It’s really thick & rich. Daal tastes really good. They’ve added some Green Chiiles on it & made it with Ghee & Onions. I think it’s Mix Daal & it tastes so good. It’s so good that I can eat atleast 3-4 Chapati’s with it. Let’s try the Chicken now. They’ve garnished it with Green Chillies. They’ve prepared it in this Pan. Looks really tempting. Whenever you’re on a tour, stopping at these Dhaba’s & having lunch there is a must. This Pickle also looks like Kasur’s specialty. Made from Carrots & Mangoes. It compliments with the Daal really well. We’ll take this Achaar first. And we’ll top it off with this Raita. This will taste so good. So many different flavors are bursting in my mouth. These Pickles are made in Pure Mustard Oil. Really good. So we’ve just finished our lunch. It was really good. Now we’ll have some Doodh Patti Chai. Chai’s really good. Border’s entry is now open & we’re finally going there. The Parade will start at 6 PM. Let’s see what happens. We’re finally at Ganda Singh Border. We’re in Queue right now. Behind me is the Border’s main gate. And from here we’ll be going towards the Border. I was at Ganda Singh Wala in Kasur & infront of me was … Ferozepur’s village Hussainwala. In between was just a single line. Both sides were full of emotions… …with Passion everyone was feeling patriotic by looking at their flags… In a few moments the Parade started. Indians cheered when their soldiers showed their force… …and Pakistani’s cheered when their soldiers showed their force. For a while soldiers from both sides showed their power to each other. and all the time i was thinking that… what if we could’ve been standing here with Lahore’s Naan Khatai… …and they at their side with Amritsar’s Pav Bhaji. they would have tasted our naan khatai… and we would have enjoyed their Pav Bhaji

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