64 thoughts on “Sophie Pittman & Eddie Hoyt Perform to “Sushi” by Merk & Kremont | Season 16 Ep. 10 | SYTYCD”

  1. I adore Eddie I think he is ADORABLE, he has such an infectious personality reminds me a lot of Kent from Season 7. Unfortunately Eddie's Achilles heal is his technique, and that is where he lacks compared to some of the other very, very strong men we have on the show this season, I'm a little worried that he could get over-shadowed. I hope American votes for him cause I'd like to see how he does in other styles.

  2. Sophie did amazing and she’s gorgeous. Eddie did really well too, I just noticed that he didn’t seem like his head was in the dance too well. But he still did way better than I could

  3. Would have loved to see Sophie perform this with an all star like Brandon Bryant! Definitely would have elevated Friedman’s choreography.

  4. Eddie was… idk… off. It’s like he’s thinking through the whole routine and not really going with the flow. Sophie killed it tho

  5. i was really upset that sophie made it through at first but she totally redeemed herself here!! definitely liked her more than anna

  6. He encouraged a whole world of kids to audition next season. Something is strange this season. There must have been production team & timing conflicts or something. Why isn't SYTYCD more elevated at this point? I mean, y'all helped the game change.

  7. I actually like Eddie, he does need to improve with the facial expression and confidence, you got this Eddie, but I don't like the song or choreography

  8. Ouch at the dislikes. I think, individually they're not strong enough to come together as a solid couple. I didn't even know what they were doing for a lot of this dance. I'm disappointed in Eddy, because he looked like he gave up and his negative emotions showed, but I think Sophie at least tried to be good. But hey, this is the cast the judges pushed for. I've supported Eddie but in this case I would keep Sophie.

  9. Not sure why everyone is down on Eddie. One thing the judges keep saying is that this is more than just about technique. The dancers have to deliver on personality. In this routine, they both found the fun, and told the story. In some other routines, they may have a bit more skill, but the movement is cold.

  10. Her skirt was too big and distracting. Sophie was definitely sassier than Eddie. I'd rather seen how this routine would be done with Brian in Eddie's spot or previous contestants like Robert or Jacob

  11. Brian Friedman has killer choreography. I especially loved his season 14 jazz routine featuring Allison & Logan and his heels routine for Jensen & Hannahlei!

  12. Ever. One is saying eddie in anna are both bad but i think they both are there own both were paired with great dancers

  13. I knew a reveal was coming with that huge tutu.. it didn't quite work it covered too much of her body to see all the movements

  14. Eddie did good but I noticed judges zoom on a dancer and trash him until they get rid of him/her …. Sophie was ok the color distract from any mistake she might have made

  15. I didn't like either of them. This routine was bad!!! His choreography last season to Dem Beats with Jensen and Hannaleigh was wayyyyy better….. The dancers were also wayyyyy better

  16. Maybe its just me, but I am just not interested in this season. Im not wow'd by pretty much anyone this season. I do like Bailey, though.

  17. I'm confused. Why continue to only pair boys with girls. So homophobic. This dance could easily have been done by two men.

  18. Uhh…I LOVE Eddie's Auditions this year, and even his solos: Having said that, watching him perform THIS piece was like watching CONAN O'BRIEN trying to get "jiggy" with it. ( yeah, THAT lame!)

  19. Ok I'll be the one to say it. The reason it's uncomfortable is the routine is about a guy picking up a girl, but with Eddie being so effeminate it makes the routine just really uncomfortable.

  20. Err… Costumes were awful and distracting, there was zero chemistry, and I dunno, feels like they were trying to inject story into an otherwise cookie cutter jazz piece that just didn't work. It felt… distracted. All of it. Off-putting.

  21. Ugh…the music, the choreography, and poor Eddie. He’s a great tapper, and she’s throwing as much into it as possible but it’s not good.

  22. Honestly, I liked this piece, but it centered around Sophie & drew attention away from Eddie. The judges said stuff like he didn't connect with the piece well, & here I am thinking well of course he didn't this was mostly for Sophie. I'm willing to bet that Eddie will be leaving because the judges already decided they didn't like him… Love Eddie, wish he stays til the end!

  23. Eddie didn't have extension, angles or snap. He delivered two deadly sloppy moves at 00:16 and 00:20, and didn't get better from there. It's as if he didn't practice and wasn't serious. Hated his "sassy-face," because I knew if he got cute, he would rely on it.

    When she shed that big fluffy skirt, it was a relief — couldn't see her moves in that thing. It should have gone sooner.

  24. Sophie is just emanating snarky sexuality, as intended for her character. Eddie looks like a freaking clown. Duckface….

  25. Sorry, Eddie. You’re not that into the routine while Sophie is killing it out there. Sorry, buddy, but things happen…. It was a little awkward for me when you had the weird facial expression. This is how many people agree:

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