[Socializing CAMP] Eunwoo’s Excited About Eating Sushi, but…! 20170505

[Socializing CAMP] Eunwoo’s Excited About Eating Sushi, but…! 20170505

announcer: please wait the meal will start a bit later wth that scared me, there are three of those cameras here there’s someone coming from the other room, that camera is split between both rooms what would the purpose of this be isn’t this going to suddenly disappear or something? *next door has arrived!* *i’m watching you* wow this looks yummy im hungry *with a leaning ear, the man who hears it all* is there someone laughing next door? yes! i am akdong musician chanhyuk! oh! we can’t eat this yet? no not yet i’m cleaning my hands right now, I can clean my hands at least right? yeah I also cleaned mine waiting is so hard what is the purpose of this? if there was bean paste soup then it would be perfect *same situation different thoughts* announcer: ok ya’ll can eat now thank you for the food ! this isn’t like an eating race between us right? food must be appreciated they’re not timing us right? do we have to eat quickly? if you look up there’s a camera up above they’ve split the camera to show both sides above? i think they’re comparing us to something up, up the camera above is filming each room in halves right now oh rlly? oh that? *oh my gosh!!* you were talking about this right? yeah what do they expect from us? what is this? *#suspense* announcer: were you guys scared? yes!! announcer: this is for the purpose for your relationship to become closer oh….. it was something like this? announcer: with the person next to you, become even closer by eating together ok let’s eat like this hope you eat well you too * a very natural love sushi* haha this was so we can become closer

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  1. 😂😂😂when l was watching "my ID is gangnam beauty" l didn't not see him smile llike this ,am glad l saw his full smile

  2. saw chanhyuk and eunwoo on the same video thats why i clicked it hahaha I love AKMU and ASTRO ❤ The only groups (Akmu and Astro) I love 😍😍😍

  3. Eunwoo please eat with your mouth closed 😔 it doesn’t annoy me but I can hear my sister in the distance screaming at you for lip smacking 😔 as well as for myself 😔

  4. Chanhyuk is like- oh what is gonna happen what is the purpose of this are we doing a meal race
    While Eunwoo – wow food! Red bean paste would make it perfect

  5. Chanhyuk Oppa is so cute😭I miss him so much🤧😭😭Has he finished his military service?And when???

  6. I like it when they’re told the purpose is for them to get along better, they move closer to each other ☺️

  7. I swear if someone told me to have an eating race with Eunwoo, I'll punch them. Being beside Eunwoo will make time precious. BUT – Akdong Musicians' Chanhyuk really has a lovely voice even just speaking~

  8. “what would the purpose of this be” to startle people who have no idea and who are just there to eat.

    i am people

  9. this was probably the most normal reaction and the most calmest too haha. hani and changsub’s made me die 🤣

  10. The food looks tasty😋😋….(음식이 맛있어 보인다 ?🤔🤔)
    I personally love, love, love Japanese and Korean food😋😍😊
    Never been to Korea, is Seoul the place to start?
    Which is the best month to visit Korea?😊
    I love traveling😍😍😍😍

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