SMOKED Meat Lovers PIZZA Challenge in MONTREAL!!

SMOKED Meat Lovers PIZZA Challenge in MONTREAL!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Extra extra excited today! Going for win #342 and 2nd in Quebec, Canada I’m at Pizza Spano taking on their 18″ Meat Lovers Pizza Challenge! We’ve got this massive 6.5 lb 18″ pizza with bacon, brisket (smoked meat here), tons of cheese, and all kinds of stuff. I’ve got 45 minutes to finish. This is an undefeated challenge and the only one I know of that’s free in the area if I win. If I finish I’ll get the $45 meal free, a sweet shirt, and be the first person up on their Wall of Fame! Lets get this challenge started! Had an easy win last night at El Zazium. Lets get this thing down! One, two, three! Boom! Going to eat a lot of the filling and inside first, do the crust later. 9:00 – halfway through the pizza and it is excellent! Loved everything on here! The meats are just perfect! Along with the cheese and they cooked it perfectly! Still got tons of time! Lets finish it! Just under 15:30 – we got our diet soda to help and it’s coming along! 31:56! First person to win, so obviously the new record!

100 thoughts on “SMOKED Meat Lovers PIZZA Challenge in MONTREAL!!”

  1. You've been discounted to the kitchen/breakroom/storage area??????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Man that pizza looked really good.  Looked like it would be one of my top-5 pizzas…maybe cook like 5 more minutes to get the crust and top a little more done, then.. <3  <3

  3. This pizza looked especially good!
    I could handle this baby in one day!
    My mouth was salivating the whole way through the video! MERCY!
    Every challenge won should be FREE!!!
    Way to put it down, Randy!
    You're the MAN!!!

  4. How can it be no one has completed that challenge before? Is it brand new? I'm no great eater, but that's pretty close to what I eat when I eat pizza. Doesn't look hard at all.

  5. As much as watching these is fun, when it comes to actual eating I would rather eat it slooow.

    Just to relish every bite and let the flavors sink.

  6. It's strange how much I enjoy watching these videos, that I'm cheering for an already taped video for you to complete these challenges. Great job!

  7. LOL did they put you in de back next to de kitchen bro??? looks like it 😛 An de old lady!!!hahaha, she be like…(sacreblue!….)

  8. 1:35 … "going to eat a lot of the filling and inside first … then do the crust later"
    5:57 … three curses only 🙂

  9. The sign in the back .. Soup de jour (Soup of the Day) … .
    "Veg and Noodle Soup"???
    It's Montreal? yes? … why doesn't the sign read ….
    "legumes et soup de nouilles"
    As an Ontarian I know why! … Do you??? 🙂 LOL

  10. Hey Randy, did you ever go to L'auberge du Dragon rouge in Montréal? There is a food challenge there it's called the Gargantua Burger. Usually it's a two man team, but i'm sure you can try it solo! If ever you go plz tell me hehe!

  11. i thought this was ur first win in Montreal but you said u had an easy win yesterday in Montreal huh?

  12. If you don't have gloves on DO NOT TOUVH THE TOPPINGS OF MY PIZZA and if you do touch them don't expect me to pay.

  13. Another good vid, I especially liked the picture of Randy and his buddy posing for the pic. Good friends are hard to come by these days.

  14. Randy santel has there ever been a time that you did a challenge but could not finish because of the taste of the food

  15. I kind of think I could eat that pizza. 😉 I mean I've ordered two large Pizza Hut Pan Pizzas and ate both. The time limit might be the only issue.

  16. im from mtl to randy i know like i say in other post couple chalenge here spicy and big burger chalenge or the 7.5kg poutine to be finish in team 75 $ chalenge if fail i think one or 2 team achieve it if u want can tell u in pvt somewhere u want on social media like fb apreciate u come in my city 🙂

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