Smoked Kofta Biryani Recipe | Rice Recipes by MJ’s Kitchen | subtitled

Smoked Kofta Biryani Recipe | Rice Recipes by MJ’s Kitchen | subtitled

All praises to the Almighty ALLAH, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Peace be unto you Welcome to MJ’s Kitchen Today’s recipe is very delicious Smoked Kofta Biryani in first step we’ll make meatballs let’s start to make meat balls we need: ½ Kg Ground Beef, 2 Slices of Bread, ¼ tsp Turmeric, ½ tsp Cumin, ½ tsp Chili Powder, ½ tsp Garam Masala Powder, ½ tsp Salt, 1 tsp Chicken Tikka Masala, 2 Green Chilies (chopped), 1 tsp Ginger Garlic paste, 1 medium Onion (chopped), 1 tbsp Cream, 1 Egg, & Charcoal to give it a smoky flavor. add all these ingredients in chopper & chop them add ground beef, bread slices (I chopped these with hand), all dry spices, Onion, Ginger garlic & green chili, egg, & cream close the lid & chop them all very well. all the ingredients are very well chopped now apply oil to the hands & make small sized balls turn on the flame & add 3~4 tbsp Oil in pan now fry the meatballs in it meatballs are fried now place a piece of foil in pan charcoal is burning put a little oil on the burning charcoal cover & turn off the flame let it smoke covered for 40~50 seconds remove the foil, smoked meatballs are ready let’s prepare the biryani masala now smoked meatballs are ready, & rice are also ready boiled, I’ll give you the preparation method take 750 gram Sella Rice, soak the rice for 2 hours after wash boiled them adding 1 tbsp Salt & 1 tbsp whole Garam Masala Rice are 75% boiled to make masala for biryani: 2 medium sized Onions (sliced), 3 medium sized Tomatoes (sliced), ¾ cup Yogurt, ½ cup Oil, few drops of Kewera Essence, ¼ tsp Yellow Food color, 1 tsp Salt, ½ tsp Ginger Powder & ½ tsp Garlic Powder, can substitute it with fresh ginger & garlic, 1 tsp Coriander (powder), 1 tsp Chili powder, ½ tsp Garam Masala Powder, & ½ tsp Turmeric turn on the flame & add oil in pan & onion fry the onion until light golden onion is fried to golden now add tomatoes add a little water & cover so the tomatoes gets soften tomatoes are soften, add all dry spices stir fry these for a minute add yogurt now now add meatballs stir fry the meatballs with the gravy so all the flavor of spices gets into meatballs cover it for only 2 minutes Meatballs are ready, now turn off the flame. let’s prepare the rice with these meatballs in layers add water in pan 2 tbsp Oil, add half of the rice in it add prepared meatballs with masala over it add the rice again pour yellow food color over it mixed with water few drops of kewera essence cover it turn the flame to high for first 5 minutes then simmer for 15 minutes at low flame 15 minutes are done, turn off the flame now our smoked kofta biryani is ready let’s transfer it to the serving dish Give it a thumbs up if you like this recipe, share it forward & subscribe to my channel, Good bye.

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