Slow Cooker Winter Vegetable Soup | One Pot Chef

Slow Cooker Winter Vegetable Soup | One Pot Chef

one of the most requested styles of cooking here on the one-pot chef show is slow cooker recipes anything to do with a slow cooker or a crock pot everyone seems to love it it's so simple you just throw things into the pot and it's done how could it be any simpler than that today I'm going to be demonstrating one of my favorite slow cooker recipes is the work of minutes and everyone will love it it's my easy slow-cooked winter vegetable soup on the one pot chef now cooking soup in a slow cooker or a crock-pot is incredibly simple because like most slow cooker meals it's just a matter of chucking everything into the pot putting the lid on and switching it on now if you've never used a slow cooker before essentially this is my rusty old so I cooker it's got quite a lot of use out of that you over the years essentially it's a ceramic pot that sits inside the metal section which is connected to the electricity this heats up which heats up the ceramic very slowly and it maintains a very low but very consistent temperature and so while things cook slower than they would say on a stovetop or whatever it does make a much nicer effect in the end so let's start with our soup first things first we're going to chuck in some potatoes I've got two fairly large potatoes which I've just washed peeled and diced I'm also adding one large carrot same again just peeled and diced and a brown onion which I've just roughly chopped add in some crushed garlic now it all depends on just how much you prefer I'm putting in a few generous spoonfuls because this is going to be a lot of soup so it's not going to overshadow the taste I'm also adding in some mixed soup grains now if you've not seen this before you can get these already pre-mixed at the supermarket in the soup aisle this is a mixture of red lentils split peas barley all sorts of cool stuff like that essentially all you need to do is just tip it in I'm putting in about two cups just chuck it in and they will help to suck up all of that extra liquid that we're going to put in in a minute now it's time to add in the liquid I'm putting in two liters or eight cups of chicken stock I'm not using real chicken stock I'm simply adding in the powdered stuff into some water but of course feel free to use the real stuff if you've got there we go all in all done give that a bit of a stir this is already smelling fantastic a smell the onion and the garlic and the stock is all this is really good stuff now essentially that's all you really need to do as I said if you want it to add some meat in feel free otherwise it's just a matter of popping the lid on and turning on the crock-pot now your choice is between low and high the two settings on your slow cooker if you put it on too low it will need to cook for about five to six hours if you put it on high it'll be about two to three hours I'm going to cook it on low because I find I don't need it immediately I'm just going to let cook slowly and then I'll show you the result this has been cooking away for about six hours unless you've got it on high which case it will be for three hours and let's take a look whoa this smells incredible now first thing you'll notice is it's very thick now compared to the very liquid soup we had initially because most of the potato has broken down there's still a few chunks of potato still in it but all those lentils and barley and those sort of bits and pieces have all sucked up the moisture and have now become this beautiful thick soup and how easy was this to make I mean it was literally chopping vegetables was about as much sort of trouble as you had to go to what's great about this is especially with slow cooker cooking is that you can make this first thing in the morning let it cook all day turn it off after about six hours or so and just leave the lid on and it will keep the temperature so how fantastic is this I hope you've enjoyed this recipe check out my other videos at one-pot chef show com and of course all of the ingredients are in the description below until next time see you later

30 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Winter Vegetable Soup | One Pot Chef”

  1. That looks fabulous. So yummy!!😋 Definitely making this soon. Thanks for sharing. Love your accent too.

  2. Brilliant video thankyou for this im going to make this soup in my slow cooker we all appreciate these hot souos and stews this winter 🙂😚😂

  3. Lovely ..and delicious ..Thank you for sharing

  4. Hey there Handsome, I make slow cooker soup to, it's so nice to throw a few good veggies in to a crock pot let it cook all day and when your ready it's ready too. I love to use something like a chuck roast for this, but my favorite thing to do is use V-8 cocktail juice instead of beef stock. Stewed tomatoes and it makes lovely broth and taste amazing. I wish you'd try this. I know you'd love it as much as I do. I love your show.. keep sending the USA your lovely recipes. Please. Thank you for your time. I enjoy watching you do your thing ,cooking.!

  5. I mistakenly thought this was going to be a video about soup made from winter vegetable. It looks good, anyway.

  6. Thank you for showing what a real crockpot looks like when you actually use one! Great recipe as always

  7. Very impressed…thank you. No frills, anyone can do, easy recipes. God, I need your channel. I'm not very good…but try!

  8. doesn't look like that lentil soup mix was rinsed… I never used to rinse mine , until one day I did and OMG the horrible gunk that comes off it!!! Rinse . repeat

  9. >>> I love this crock-pot more than I can say. I just wish I actually liked cooking to any degree. But I digress… I had considered the insta pots, but the price tag was much more than I felt was warranted given the fact that I’m not all that interested in spending more time planning and cooking meals. So this seemed like the best option for me. And I’m very happy with my purchase. Especially in the cooler weather, it’s nice to be able to drop something in the crock-pot before leaving for work and know dinner will be ready, but not grossly over cooked, when I return home. My old crock-pot was perfectly functional, but I was lured by the keep-warm feature of this one.

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