SIMPLE CHINESE TECHNIQUE will reduce hunger cravings and help lose weight! 🌳 Health & Wellness

SIMPLE CHINESE TECHNIQUE will reduce hunger cravings and help lose weight! 🌳 Health & Wellness

How to reduce appetite in 1 minute and lose
weight. The main reason why people are gaining weight
is regular overeating. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Some just have the habit of sitting in front
of the computer or TV, munching on something. Others cannot help but complete each meal
with a dessert. And some constantly seizing stress with eating. In any case, such an addiction leads to constant
thoughts about food. How to deal with it? Today we are going to talk about it. Masters of Chinese qigong gymnastics use the
technique called “Jasper frog drives the waves” to reduce hunger. It is also called “Frog swaying on the wave.” Chinese sages say that by performing this
exercise, you won’t crave for food for a whole day, while you are not eating anything. This technique is recommended to all people
who get used to eat at least 5 times a day. It is also useful for people who practice
diets that involve starvation. First you need to drink a glass of water. Next, lean on something with your elbows,
just like on the picture. A table or chair with a back will work just
fine as a support. The height of the support should be approximately
at the level of your belt, so you could bend your back inward. Make sure it’s comfortable. If you don’t have a chair or a table handy,
the wall will do too. Take a deep breath and pull your stomach inward
as much as possible. Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds. Then you can exhale and relax your abdominal
muscles. In this exercise, breathing does not play
that much of a role, the main thing is to draw the stomach in as much as possible while
inhaling and round it as you exhale, relaxing the muscles. The hunger will disappear in a couple of minutes
after the exercise. That’s why, it is recommended to do this exercise
10-15 minutes before eating. Thus, a feeling of fullness will come much
faster – before you could finish all the food on a plate. The main thing is to stop when you feel full. Do not finish all you have got there. Hunger has already passed after all and there’s
no need to finish the whole thing, isn’t it? So what is the secret of “Jasper frog” technique? Let us explain so you could understand better. When you feel hungry, gastric juice is being
produced. Its acids dissolve food in the stomach. But when you’re hungry and there’s no food,
gastric juice is still there and it begins to irritate the walls of the stomach. You get bad breth as a result and also a risk
of ulcers and gastritis. What a vicious circle right there! When you feel hungry – you eat, when you
eat – you gain weight. And if you don’t eat – stomach issues occur. That is why overeating is dangerous not only
because you add some extra pounds, but it also leads to the destruction of the body,
diseases and complications. It is necessary to fight the urge to eat extra
food. While performing the “Jasper frog”, the abdominal
muscles direct the gastric juice into the intestines, that’s what reduces your appetite. Over time, this bad habit of eating for any
reason will disappear and you will begin to eat only when real hunger kicks in. However, bear in mind that this technique
is not suitable for extreme weight loss due to forcing yourself to starve . Starving with
this exercise is strictly prohibite d. Indeed, in this case, the body will cease
to receive nutrients that only come with food. And you will only worsen your condition and
develop various diseases and complications. Remember, it is very important to carefully
study your diet. It should have enough vegetables and fruits,
proteins and carbohydrates. Only a balanced diet as the basis of life
will help you reduce the number of snacks and the number of servings. And the “Jasper Frog” exercise will help
take your hunger under control and help you cope with the false urge
to eat.

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