Shun Most Beautiful  Yanagiba Sushi Knife

Shun Most Beautiful Yanagiba Sushi Knife

yes I know one of my videos I have said that Yanagi Bazar the knife that you have to have at least one of but once you have one you have to buy another one and another one and so it’s one of those knives that you don’t use very often but you just can’t help but want one in the kitchen or one in your knife drawer because they’re that beautiful you’ll see what I’m talking about a little product manual I’m actually very excited to open this thing right now and you’ll see why in a second have you ever seen something more beautiful than this thing I mean it is just the most stunning example of knifes craftsmanship I mean it is I can’t really say much about this thing but I can but I’m just gonna ruin the moment by talking too much all right so let’s just stop with the wing and ahhing and just go through some of the some of the specs of this knife first me just right off the bat it looked like somebody took liquid metal and just drizzle liquid metal on the right side of this blade and then just polish it with a very high gloss polish which I don’t even know how you do because the the metal the liquid metal you know I call it liquid metal let’s just call it liquid metal right the liquid metal finish is slightly raised and so it’s actually embossed and so is a logo the logo itself is embossed ooh and I don’t know how you would actually polish this knife once you have that liquid metal finish on top of it now the problem I see with this knife now okay and it is a problem is how do I sharpen it okay because here’s here’s the thing if you guys have sharpened your Naga bars in the past is you have your shinobi line okay normally you lay the knife on the shinobi line and then you simply chop it away but the shinobi line is a high polish I mean this thing is got this is like a twenty thousand grit polish here to polish a knife to sharpen this knife you have to ruin the shinobi line that the you know the manufacturers spend so much time and effort putting on for you so I don’t know how to use this knife I mean it’s just it’s it’s too beautiful to use I mean does that make any sense I mean maybe I won’t use it and I don’t know it’s just maybe I’ll just give it away because that way I won’t see it get ruined in my kitchen all right so let’s just move on here so the toil itself very well rounded just like you expect a knife of this caliber I mean all the chef’s knives that I’ve used have really nice rounded soils and all of them have a really nice polish around them you I mean they just invest so much time and effort into polishing their knives one thing that’s actually quite interesting about your Nagi bus is they they are not very late thin they are very thick in the spine that gives them that’s the ability to cut through me and also because of the shape it helps helps that meat kind of fall off roll off of the knife itself and though so even though the spine itself is actually quite thick as you guys can see here the it tapers down to it just a wicked wicked thin razor-sharp edge so even though you’re not gonna buzz tend to have a really thick spine and it’s thick all the way to the to the last you know couple millimeters of this of the edge here it’s thick all the way down so this is the ebony pecker handle which is a really nice handle I find them to have sons that have some of the best handles at this point in terms of the fit and finish of their handles now the farro is a full Metallica a full stainless steel farro that is fully well integrated with the handle itself there is ZERO step I mean you literally you can feel there is a change in texture but there is no bump or any step between the farro and the handle itself which is really difficult to do in many cases you have this nice some weight metallic weight back here that is consistent with how the shun pros look but also adds a nice balance to this length because your Naga bows tend to be very blade heavy and so sometimes we have a knife that’s too blade heavy it’s easy to lose control of it and so to have a metallic handle or to have handle with the metal end here it’ll help balance the knife a little bit gives you a little bit more stability now the sharpness of the night this knife is it is definitely a ten I mean it is just razor razor sharp and it really is no point me doing a cut test but I will do one all right this is really crappy paper but you guys can see I mean this thing is sharp and typically I don’t really care too much about out-of-the-box sharpness because I sharpen all my knives anyways and I don’t always sharpen them the day I get them but usually within a week of me buying a knife I will sharpen that knife I really can just sit here and look at this thing all day and just admire it it is just so unbelievably beautiful everything from the handle the finish of the spine the toil I mean this liquid metal I mean is that offensive to call this thing liquid metal I mean what will shun say if somebody emails and you know sentence of this video said you’ve poured liquid metal on your blade and you polished it I’m sure there is a name for this type of finish but I don’t know what that name is it just looks like the liquid metal to me and you guys just really have to see it and up close to understand what this finish looks like it is just absolutely stunning I will use it because it would not be right to buy a knife and not use it right right I mean I will also be giving it away oh I need to stop because I can just I can’t I don’t know where else to go from here and yeah I start losing some subscribers and I keep on talking so anyways thank you guys for watching and I’ll catch you guys in the next video

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  1. I have a bit a of a problem this knife, their Usuba is the same. It is absolutely stunning, you can't take that away but as you hint at, how does one sharpen it and hope to replicate that level of polish on the Blade Road? I couldn't do that and I can't help but think that the Shun knife designer and Shun Sharpener should have got together and thought this out looking forward. I would be making sure the customer is aware of the results of sharpening it properly. It really is a beautiful work or art but it's beauty is temporary assuming it would be used. I remember being in a dream knife Japanese store in NYC (not Korin) and looking at a $3,500 Yanagiba and the same thought struck me then, the moment that knife meets a water stone it will look different. The Manager of the store told me that the Chefs who purchase those knives and sharpen them don't care about that, they are concerned only with the level of sharpness of the knife and see anything else such as imperfections on the sharpened blade road as battle scars.
    Keep up the great work, it's motivating.

  2. just bought one through your link
    I agree, the great thing about this, it's amazing beauty, is the thing that is also it's weakness. How can we keep it as pristine as it is in this video? I'm good at sharpening, but I can't do a mirror finish and if we are even a half a degree off it will really show. It's so beautiful that I have to have it, though.

    Thanks for your great and instructive videos.

  3. Which would be the first one to get you would recommend? This one or Masamoto KS? If Masamoto KS, where do you find them and recommend getting from? Your link on Amazon not bringing anything up. Thanks

  4. I'm pretty sure that design is an etch. They put the design on with some sort of resist and than etch it in acid. Then they polish it I could be wrong but I have seen similar designs put on like that. Very beautiful knife. Truly a piece of art.

  5. So they actually add that "liquid metal" by doing etching. So they use what's called a resist, non-pros use something like nail polish. Definitely not what shun would use but u get the idea, they then make the design they want and logo. After that they throw it in a acid like ferric chloride to eat the metal everywhere but where the resist was put on… they probably have it in the ferric chloride for a good amount of time if u can actually feel where it was etched…

    It's kinda like what they do to bring out the Damascus pattern, except on Damascus the "resist" is actually in the billet and is nickel… so the steel is black and the nickel stays silver giving it that two tone…

    Sorry, I make knives and it's a passion 🙂 anyway love ur videos!

  6. Shun actually looks still pretty good after sharpening, I had to sharpen mine as I recently got one of my victorinoxs sharper than the shun out of the box. The sharpening process, oh boy, was LLLOOONNNGGG, because Shun made the micro bevel too big, I had to remove a crap ton of material from both sides to off set the micro bevel, took me at 3-4 hours to do that on some rough water stones and other things. Also an interesting find is that one of my wet stones given by my grandfather from china is actually higher grit than the Shun 1000/6000's 6000 side(I figured it out by feel, there wasn't a label on the stone). I will get some fish soon and see how the shun cut after it has been sharpened :p And I figured out that victorinox can be sharp enough to make sashimi :p

  7. I got this for my girl..she is a sushi master I LOVE HER!!!so..yeah you may destroy the look of the blade and is sad,but,what ,.you don't know, is that you get this awesome metal!!that last,.. everyone is happy at the end.

  8. Liquid metal made me smile. I do not think they were spraying liquid metal on the knife. I know that nail polish and acid etching give similar look. not saying they are using nail polish but the some sort of etching might be what they have done.

  9. Check the warranty on Shun… They will resharpen most of their better knives. Touch up with your Snow White hone or a polishing Shapton more than sharpen.

  10. Usually to sharpen a shun knife, you send it off to shun and they sharpen it. Then you are guaranteed that mirror polish. I trust nobody else for a sharper edge than the shun's default edge. Sadly, the day before thanksgiving day, 2013, my shun edo knife slid off my cutting board and the first 1/2 inch broke off. I have cried on two days in my life: the day my dog died and the day my shun broke. Both are equally terrifying to think about.

  11. hi – i love youre channel so much!!! could you tell me how to polish the surface of this knife?

  12. Do you sent this in to shun to sharp? I got one and sent it to a local place to sharp but was not very sharp… I would hate to lose the polish finishing if I attempt to sharp it myself

  13. To sharpen the knife use your diamond lapping plates. Don't let it get sharp lol. You can get blade flats with a mirror, then micro bevel the flats.

  14. The answer to your question is an 18k stone, or a synthetic 20k, I would have to see to know which one, but both leave an edge like the polished finish on a proper katana. The synthetic loses the life of the steel but it makes a mirror.

  15. I think Miyabi 7000 MCD series is the most beautiful knife in the world. Unfortunately, I cant get it anymore…

  16. it might be a damascus billet that was forged with small amounts of iron which, when etched, turn very dark. So maybe the billet had big chunks of high carbon and a little iron which then looks like streeks if you forge it right. Otherwise i cant understand the color of those "drops", since high carbon, even with nailpolish on it would still look lighter and less dark. Just my opinion and im not an expert.

  17. isnt that just pattern welded steel or "damascus" steel?
    if you like that, check out alec steele
    he is the deffinition of a damascus steel porn artist XD

  18. Question. What is your opinion on mizuyama 1000 and 6000 stone from Korin? Thinking of buying them.

  19. i bought my first whetstone today…. from watching one of your video…. i realize my knives, most chinese cleaver is dull af.

  20. I love Shun knifes the only brand I use. Worth the time it takes to have them professionally sharpened. I have two utility/chefs knifes so I always have one on hand. Wife totally afraid of them.

  21. Shun knives are the most overpriced, overrated chef knives on the market. Not saying they're of poor quality or craftsmanship, but for the $$ prospective chef knife buyers can do much, much better.

  22. That pattern has been etched (actually everything but the pattern, or the 'liquid metal' part, was etched) into the blade.

    You can do this by using nail polish as a resist to the acid and pant any design you want. Then put it in acid — something like ferric chloride is usually used — and after maybe 10-30 minutes or however long depending on how diluted the acid is as well as how deep you want the etch to be, take it out and clean on the nail polish with acetone, then simply buff to a high polish.

    Usually I'm not a fan when design are etched into blades as it seems pretty "gimmicky", but in this case this particular blade does look pretty neat with it, IMHO 😉

  23. 5:39 "It just looks like liquid metal to me" proceeds to make a squirting toothpaste motion over the knife.
    Very funny! Awesome Video as always.

  24. I'm sure they would care more about the fact that you are calling their knives shun instead of the correct pronunciation: shoon; than about you saying "liquid metal" 😉

  25. Just give me any of your yanagiba or usuba. I would pay for the shipping cost here in the Philippines. I love Japanese knives. I felt the same when I got my first munekage yanagiba.

  26. Dude, I don't want to sound gay, but I love you! Haha. Knives like that are so beautiful! I want one but I don't think I would use it often.

  27. Liquid metal, hehe… no, i guess it's edged out via acid and then polished. I like the damast steel knives best. I can't remember the name, but it was made with six different steel variants. From extreme hard to slidely soft. It's folded many times as damast is, but in this case right in the middle it contains the hardest steel, then soft,hard,softer hard…etc. It got something like 1020 something layers, but the center layer is the hardest. With the same steel they did a sword and hit a 5 liter barrel beer and cut it in half in one clear cut and one man could stand on it while the sword was resting between two blocks of wood. There wasn't a price tag for it, but I guess I would have to sell my whole life for it.

  28. I bought the Damascus Chef's set of Knives from Shun and gave them as a wedding gift. The groom took them to work and showed them to his business partners because he liked them so much. Amazing knives.

  29. I think it's first drizzled with liquid metal, then everything gets polished to a satin finish, probably not with a stone, but with something soft, so it also touches the lowered parts between the drizzle, and then the finishing mirror polish is done with a flat, hard surface. This way only the raised parts get the fine polish and the lowered parts are spared. Does that make sense? Also if anybody can repolish a mirror finish after sharpening, it's probably you.
    I would love a knife like that.

  30. Problem with shun, is they don't make a left handed version (both in the D handle or the bevel side). Really for the price you could get a SG2 steel blade (which is superior to the VG10 steel used in the Shun pro knives)

  31. Great video. I know video a bit old. But I'll take the knife if you still have it. I'm process to put together a nice set for the kitchen and I will display it and use it when I Truly need to.
    Heck I'll take any knife to start my setup. Lol.
    Your videos are great and I've learned a lot.

    Great videos keep them coming.
    I'm thinking of buying this knife or one like it.

    If you ever decide to give one away. I got a place for a few.

  32. One of my biggest complaints with knife makers is that their knives are beautiful, but, they don't typically send a knife sheath with their knives. Quality knives should be sent from their producers with a quality knife sheath. I like that Dalstrong has a pretty nice sheath.

  33. I am not sure about a mono-steel yanagiba being the most beautiful knife I love a big-10 mirror polish but something about the look of a well sharpened single bevel with the variance of a core steel really adds to its beauty

  34. Have you tried the Wasabi Black Yanagiba from KAI? More specifically how does it fare against the Shun Yanagibas. Im also quite curious to see how all the "same class" knives from Kai compare, so i guess there goes an idea for an episode.

  35. I have been inquiring about getting into the knife review videos. Where do I start? I have some nice knives of my own like the miyabi. If you want to give away one or two I'd love to review them on my own

  36. I am currently using a yanagiba 21 cm….. it’s pretty comfortable ….. but this one looks crazy good…. can’t wait to test it out

  37. Just making a suggestion. Could you do a review on the Minonokuni knives. They are also hand forged by individual craftsmen in Japan and sold buy the Knifemerchant guys. I’m definitely getting one and I thought it would be something you be interested in.

  38. I personally don’t like shun, they’re very blocky and heavy which isn’t what I’m looking for in a Japanese blade

  39. The thing with Shuns is that you send it back to them and they will sharpen it for you for free, for life. That particular knife is not something you would sharpen yourself.

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